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Found 3 results

  1. 3 weeks ago I asked for a redemption statement so I could repay my mortgage. The first statement that sent included £195 final repayment charge an interest payment that I couldn't understand how it had been calculated and a monthly payment that had not been credited to the account. I questioned these and was told that Id agreed to the final repayment charge when I took out the mortgage and the interest payment was calculated pursuant to terms id agreed. The next redemption statement was correct save for the interest Of £84 and the £195 fee. I took issue with this again but got no where. I rang the FOS and they contacted Barclays and registered a complaint. Ive just spoken with their complaints dept and they now acknowledge that my mortgage offer did not include a repayment charge and they have failed to justify the £84 interest they've debited and are now saying the two redemption statements were just for illustration purposes. I accused them of Fraud pursuant to section 2 Fraud Act 2006. I await their next response. Naughty, naughty. Regards
  2. Regular opinion polls suggest that over 50% of the population want us to leave the European Union, but even more of us want the referendum to give us a chance to have our say on the matter. Unfortunately the EU and British elite do not want us to have that opportunity. Back in the 70’s it was the same with the “Common Market”, a cover up for economic and political union, or the ‘United States of Europe’. We, the British people were not getting then, and have never got, what we were led to believe we were voting for. The political class, covertly backed by the EU, are trying to mislead us yet again. In short a recycled version of what we thought we were getting back in 1975, but in truth, lies from the establishment. Back then the British establishment knew full well what the implications for our sovereignty were. The then Prime Minister, Ted Heath declared: “through membership of the market we are better able to advance and protect the essence of our sovereignty.” A total lie. An internal government memorandum at the time reads: “We are rather worried about the impact on Parliamentary opinion. The fact of community legislation cannot be disguised. But I feel there is a case for omitting it altogether.” A clear statement of lying to Parliament and the people. The YES campaign then went on to spend 10 times the resources of the NO campaign whereby every UK household was issued, using taxpayers money, a pamphlet encouraging people to vote yes. To quote the Treasurer of the YES campaign, Alastair McAlpine: “The whole thrust of our campaign was to depict the anti marketers as unreliable people – dangerous people who would lead you down the wrong path. It wasn’t so much that it was sensible to stay in, but that anybody who proposed that we came out was off their rocker or virtually Marxist.” And it’s still the same today! Make no mistake, the British establishment are taking steps to try to cheat us again at the upcoming referendum. They are so short of confidence in the logic of their arguments that they will, once again, denigrate their opponents in the most irrational and personal of terms. That is why UKIP is vilified more than any other main party for example and right wing Tory backbenchers are normally labelled as ‘troublemakers’. The single or free trade market was supposed to dismantle or remove existing barriers and tariffs. Instead the EU chose ‘harmonisation’, a long winded, resource consuming and ponderous system which requires a vast army of officials in excess of 30,000 currently. This creates unending new laws and regulations, over 200,000 since its inception. We run a trade deficit of around £50 Billion with the EU but we run a surplus with the rest of the world. For this dubious honour our gross contribution is currently over £55 Million per day, over £2 Million every hour, or OVER £36,000 PER MINUTE OF EVERY DAY. We do not believe that many people in our country would believe this represents good value for money, particularly as monies received from the EU come from us in the first place. The only difference is that the EU, using our own money then tell us how and where to spend it. With respect to trade, the EU’s Common Commercial Policy states that no member state can negotiate its own trade deals or represent itself at the World Trade Organisation (WTO). All member states must conduct all their trade negotiations exclusively through EU institutions which constitutes another massive loss of sovereignty. The European Union has however never tried to hide the “ever closer union” it requires from all member states, unlike our own government who, since 1973 and up to the current day, have consistently lied to us and sought to conceal this fundamental and irrevocable commitment. The British establishment have known this and have consistently hidden the facts from the British public. None of them are to be trusted to tell the truth. This applies to the Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats and Scottish Nationalists. The government is trying to turn the referendum into a plebiscite, which appears to be a referendum but in fact has pretty much been already fixed. Do you remember that when the Irish voted the ‘wrong way’ they had to vote again until they got it right. This government and its allies are already talking about ‘renegotiation’, ‘grabbing back powers’ or ‘obtaining a new deal’ which they will claim they have won before asking the slanted question (not a straight forward in/out) for you to vote in favour of remaining in the EU. Likewise with Greece the EU desperately fears its departure as others would then follow, so our potential exit would be the start of the unravelling of the entire political project which is the EU. The EU and UK political classes are trying to collude in the same way as in 1974/5 by saying they have negotiated just enough to keep us under the thrall of the EU and within the ‘club’. This referendum must be honest and equal in every way with equal publicity and monetary spend for each viewpoint. Anything else would be undemocratic in the extreme. The central policy of the EU is that of ever closer union and integration. This must inevitably lead to the creation of a European state with total loss of sovereignty and the loss of control over every aspect of our daily lives. These officials have never been voted for and are totally outside of the law when it comes to redress. Financial accounting has not been signed off now for 20 years with fraud, corruption and wastage being rife within its institutions. For yourself, your children, grandchildren and all future generations a NO vote is the only democratic way forward.
  3. I was on the bus when ticket inspectors got on clicked my oyster card and asked for my ID card as I a discount card due to being unemployed. I did not have my card he asked for my address and name which I gave him he checked with his operator and asked if I had any other ID which I did not I normally carry all my cards but on this occasion had left them indoors. He issues me with a penalty of 80 reduced to 40 if paid before 21 days. My card is rgistered and they had my name and address but still issued the fine is this fair? Mashmallow
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