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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all I recently got a visit from the field force division of HMRC. They say i owe £4K in fines for not completing tax returns since 2005/6 til present day Ive been employed/self employed/unemployed at various times through that period. I dont really know how to deal with this ... Do i have to pay the fine, submitt 9 years worth of self assessment and then pay any tax on top ..does the £4K get deducted from anything i might owe? How do i get all those bank statemts/dole payment/business accounts? Ive really messed up here and had my head in the sand, any advice on how to get myself out of this mess appreciated/
  2. Hey guys I am 21 year old male. I am a good guy. I help grannies cross the street. I step in if someone is doing something wrong. I do the right thing. But I am a gambling addict. My father before me was a gambling addict and he got me down the same path. It has been a long and painful path. I cant think of a day of my life i have enjoyed the past 2 years. This is where I stand currently: I have £50 to survive to the end of next month ( live with parents ) I have about 6 payday loan companies expecting to take about £300 from my account in a few days. Nothing will be in there. I also have 2 loans of £5000 with santander & nationwide. I feel that both the above companies destroyed their duty of care when they gave me a loan, when I applied I didnt think I had a cat in hell's chance... I already had at least 4 outstanding payday loans, I barely ever paid my phone bill on time, I was on gamblers anonymous forums, I was in contact with gambling charities... if these companies spent 30 seconds looking into me I am certain they would not have given this loan. I also have my car insurance due to come out - I can find a way to pay this - But i may have to pay someone else and get them to pay the car insurance for me - as if i put the money in my bank one of these companies is sure to take it back out? I am seeking help for my gambling, I have quit cannabis but I can never quit gambling... I wanted to go to a rehab, but can only go if i have £10k to spare. LOL! I am so depressed. I am making plans for when I become homeless. I have a car and a job, but nothing else. What should i do? God bless you for reading this
  3. Hey I hope there are some genuine mechanics who can help me with this. I had a new clutch/slave cylinder fitted to my car 16 months ago, 8 months/3000 miles later (I only drive occasionally the 300 miles to see my mother down the A1) the clutch disconnected from the housing or something like that and the whole job was redone, but they said there was no extension to the guarantee of the work done. The clutch was from Mr Clutch, again it has gone back to the nearest branch, after the one in Gateshead (where the work was completed) was closed down. I have driven only a further 3500 miles in 8 months and this time they are saying that the concentric slave cylinder, replaced under the original warranty 8 months ago has failed, however this part only has a 12 month warranty from the original date of purchase of the original unit. The engineer in the garage let slip that I should be expecting to have covered 50000 miles of mostly responsible driving in 8 months to cause this, however their head office argue that this is a perishable product and is not expected to last beyond 12 months and therefore is exempt from the fit for purpose for 6 years rule in the sale of goods act. Now I've been footed a further bill of £300 for the whole lot again being a student I can't afford to have this done twice in less than 2 years. Should a concentric slave cylinder last longer than ~3500 mile/8 months of only motorway driving, might I add I'm 26 I study a medical related course, boy racers irritate me, I don't ride my clutch and I've never had so much as a speeding ticket in my life. If so would you say that a fit for purpose slave cylinder is one that would last for up to 6 years of reasonable style driving, averaging no more than 6000 miles a year? I need to know before I take the removed components to a solicitor. Thank You
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