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  1. Sorry for being thick, but what could this mean please. Mashmallow
  2. Andy, Just to let you know well past 28 days nothing heard or seen in post or on MCOL Thanks Mashmallow
  3. Sorry I am not thinking straight now I will redact it sorry to cause unnecessary problems Thanks mashmallow
  4. Sorry this is a bit late but I managed to get original ticket scanned in for information Thanks Mashmallow georgia pcn.pdf
  5. Guess what they gave him £45 for 2 weeks how can someone survive on this??? Mashmallow
  6. Thanks all you guys for being so helpful I just filed a defence online so fingers and whatever else crossed Mashmallow
  7. Yes Stupid me but I can still get into it Mashmallow
  8. Just went into my MCOL account nothing on there about any income. Mashmallow
  9. Sorry Guys you have all tried to help, I did not get back here till 11.00pm last night after doing my care rounds totally stressed. I was waiting for papers to arrive to defend my case did not receive anything so thought maybe they have dropped it, it is possible?? I defended the claim on MCOL since then not a word has passed. Mashmallow
  10. I defended all on the MCOL and requested CCA and CPR that's all. No paperwork has been sent from anyone. Mashmallow
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