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  1. Currently child tax working tax and child benefit
  2. Could someone help me please.we live in an area were it doesn't exist yet.if we move to an area that does universal credit do we have to apply for it by Law
  3. It shouldn't be a problem finding work,her line of work she does is child care and has worked in a care home for a long time. We have said to the Housing that the housing element will not be touched and work shouldn't be an issue. Annoying they offered us the property then rang up 4 hrs later or so to say they are concerned there could be a sanction and may not offer us the property.they said they will speak to the management team and get a decision. Universal credit have said they could not give us an answer about sanctioning but if it did happen we could appeal and we have a very strong case.But again Housing don't want to risk it. Also we cant fill a universal application out until we have moved into the property.
  4. Thanks for reply.we are trying to move back home to be closer to family.my wife has no choice but to leave he job.now the housing are now saying they are unsure if they can offer us the property.reason sanction and possible sanction on housing element that may happen.they did say could have the property and we passed the checks.but now they are unsure.we have given are notice and the landlady has found new tennents,we are basically going to be homeless and jobless because housing have doubts last min
  5. Hello me my wife and kids are trying to movr from Leicester to Chester to be close to family. My brother got cancer and so has my Step dad i can prove that. We have been offered a house by Housing association well we did but now they are worried because they said we would need to claim Universal credits and they are convinced we will be sanctioned due to my wife handing her notice in .how is she meant to travel 3 hrs to work? surely we won't get sanctioned plus the housing said we passed the assessment and the house is basically ours but now have doubts due to being worried we will have no income due to sanction we handed in our notice at our current property
  6. Lady from shop rang me before and said I am owed money and to take my bank statement in tomorrow to show 500 was withdrawn. She insisted tho the amount I said I got was wrong but she can't confirm the exact amount am owed for protection reason. What does all that mean I know am owed 320 but she is saying the figure from the machine don't match. could she just being saying that because she wants to see my statement
  7. yep got flex direct card which shows 500 withdrawal lady in the shop saw the machine go down
  8. I rang them before they said they will look into it as they can see 500 showing on my statement. the lady in the shop said they will check the machine tonight when they close if it shows I am correct they will ring and i can collect my money. i told her right away and the machine said unable to dispense money. how will the machine show her i was right do they have logs or something? My bank said it should be installed with cctv so i should be ok
  9. Went to ATM link cash machine in my local shop .i wanted to withdraw £500 the machine made the right noises £180 came out the cash machine and then the machine came up with an error I then checked my bank statement which showed £500 taken from my bank.now am £320 down what can i do? Lady in the shop said this evening when the shops closes the machine will be checked will i get this money or not my bank has made note of this
  10. Ok i will do but what i want to know is will the 30th June be my eviction date she emailed us saying that date.but she said a letter was sent yesterday recorded delivery telling us we have two months on the tenancy.now that letter has not come today so does that mean the eviction date will move to 1st july?
  11. found this is is it true she cant serve notice on us What are my rights if my landlord has not protected my deposit? Firstly, you are entitled to the return of your deposit and a maximum 3 times penalty. Secondly, your landlord is not permitted to serve notice to leave until your deposit has been registered.
  12. Short hold Assured Tenancy yes it is and no she has not paid our deposit into the scheme never had a letter.. She emailed us with two months notice which ends june 30th she also said she has sent a letter in the post recorded delivery. what would happen if we never took the letter could the date be moved to later
  13. Hello need some advice. Been a tenant for 14 months always paid rent when it was due.Small family myself wife and two kids 4 years old and 3 month old baby, Our landlady decided out the blue to put the house for sale and has gave us two months notice Few questions i have 1) our deposit was never but in a scheme we have never had an issue whre do we stand on this 2) with the house going for sale is she allowed to show up when she likes when she has viewings? 3) anyway we can delay the eviction after two months roughly how long have we got if we stay put 4) we have never had a new tenancy once 6 months where up it just rolled over as much info to help us please
  14. Also how much will i be charged if agreed with this in place debt 1 is £203 debt 2 is 1200 debt 3 is 189 You do not have to pay a fee up-front to make this application. Instead, ten pence is deducted by the court for every pound paid in whilst the consolidated order is in force. worked it out roughly £160 charge to the court if above is correct might aswell keep it how it is going to cost a lot more
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