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  1. I have a 2012 Ford Focus that broke down 8 days after the extended Warranty on the Transmission Control Module (TCM) ran out. The local Ford dealer requested that it be treated as a warranty repair but Ford declined. The garage has asked me to contact Ford direct. From my research the TCM for the 2012 Focus is a long standing and known Ford issue. In Australia the warranty extension was to 7 years and in the US, the warranty extension was to 10 years. In the UK it is 5 years. Apart from facing a bill of £600 plus, it is particularly frustrating in that: 1. The car was serviced by my local Ford garage in August (which would have been within the 5 year warranty) and when I took the car in I did request that they investigate a juddering issue. The service desk took notes of the various things that i had asked to be done but apparently this particular issue was not logged. I therefore have no physical evidence that the juddering which is a classic symptom of a TCM issue occurred during the warranty period (I do have a word doc in which i made notes about what i wanted doing, the properties of which show the date of 4th August, but this is not being taking into account). 2. The local garage did actually phone to tell me that the repair would be done under warranty. They are not disputing that they told me this. However, when it came to processing the paperwork, they then informed me that it wasn't a warranty repair. 3. the car was given a software update for the gearbox in 2016 and 2017 services which I understand was to help with juddering on gear changes. So my questions: a. Do I have a case for requesting from Ford that the repair is considered a Goodwill out of warranty gesture? The car has a full ford service history. b. Do i have any case for making a complaint to the local dealer who wrongly informed me that the repair would be covered? c. Is there any way to prove the legality of the word document that contains my notes from the service. It was created and saved on 4th August, on the day I made the appt for the car to be serviced? Forgot to say that the local garage has been helpful albeit not in actually getting the repair accepted under warranty. They have given me a loan car as the repair is now into its 6th week. Another additional note. If this was a regular consumer item like a tap or a TV then I would go down the 1973 sale of goods act that the goods need to be fit for purpose and that there would be a reasonable expectation that the TCM unit would have a longer lifespan than 5 years, in effect there is an implied warranty but it appears from my research so far that the car manufacturers don't back down when this is put to them.
  2. Hello, I would be grateful for some support on a PCN issued by Norwich Traffic Control on 2017. The car park is also for a DR's surgery that I was attending. I parked my car in a car park that was being enforced by NTC on 12/05/17 The entrance for the car park is only wide enough for one car so if you are maneuvering to allow another car to pass, you are not able to read the signs as you enter the car park. Upon parking my car, I went over to the pay and display machine to see if there was anything reading the Dr's surgery, there wasnt, just the usual generic sign. I then went into the Dr's surgery to ask them about the pay and display. They informed me that there were allocated parking spaces and the sign detailing this was only at the entrance for the car park. They also said that I wasnt the only person not to see the signs. I went back out side to move my car however I was met by a NTC Warden who had already issued a parking ticket. I had been away from the car for 1 minute. I explained to the NTC warden and the fact they must have seen me go into the Dr's.... I was informed that it wasnt her problem. Later that day I emailed NTC and explained the situation, they informed me that ticket was still valid. I appealed via the IAS and highlighted that i believed NTC had not complied with the Code of Practice for the IPC as follows; IPC Code of Practice Part B, Clause 2 – Signage Clause 13 – Professionalism Clause 14 – Predatory Tactics Clause 15 – Grace Periods BPA Code of Practice Clause 9 – Professionalism Clause 12 – Requesting registered keeper details Clause 13 – Grace Period The IAS dismissed the apoeal by stating the following; "Whilst having some sympathy with the Appellant, once liability has been established, only the Operator has the discretion to vary or cancel the parking charge based on mitigating circumstances. For the reasons given, the appeal is dismissed." I have today received a County Court Claim from NTC's solicitors claiming £246.06 for the parking ticket. I still believe that NTX did not comply with the Code of Practice for all of the reasons detailed above however I would be grateful for anyone's assistance with this. NTC are notorious for things like this and there are numerous complaints about their methods of operation. Photos.pdf
  3. I have been reading this forum for advice so think I know what to do but I have a few questions. Yesterday I received a 'Notice of Warrant of Control', from my local county court (Chester) asking for £536 or the bailiffs will call 4th Feb. It is for not paying a CCJ judgement from Restons (originally Next). I emailed them in May last year when they got the CCJ asking to pay £15 a month and asking for bank details, no reply and now this. I have other CCJs/debts so never chased up at the time, tbh head is a mess and I forgot. My questions; 1 - Is the debt now owed to bailiffs and not Restons, so I can't speak to them? or should I ring them and ask for a hold too? 2 - Is N245 the best option? 3 - Is the Notice or warrant of control the same as a notice of enforcement? Panicking over a visit, I have kids that I don't need to see baillifs.
  4. Hi all, first time poster so please bear with me and i will do my best to make sense. I moved in to my current property in October, in December I received two letters regrding non payment of council tax for my previous property informing me that a liability order had been made against me in June 2016 and June 2017 and that all their efforts including council enforcement officers had failed and they were looking at getting an attatchment of earnings. I ignored the letters as i was happy for them to have an attatchment of earnings. After speaking with my work I discovered that an atttchment of earnings for both the letters had been obtained (and sure enough money was deducted from January so all well and good I thought) However when I returned home yesterday there was a "control of goods" letter through my door (the letter is dated a week agao) - hand delivered (plese see attatchment) I called the council and this is wht i have discovered - I have 5 liability orders against me! 2014 (attatchment of earnings) 2015 (attachment of earnings) 2016 (set monthly plan up) 2017 (set monthly plan up) 2018 (Newlyns) liability order June 18 I am told for the Newlyns I have to deal with them directly. After doing some reading I believe I should of received some form of correspndance from Newlyns before a control of goods letter ie notice of enforcement etc obviously with the letter through my door it has more than doubled the amount of the originl debt. I know not to let them in and they cant take anything etc (Only have my partners car on the driveway which is registered and owned by her fathers business) I am hoping for some advice on what to do now regarding the Newlys letter Sorry it was long winded, I was trying to give as much detail as I could the debt is for a property I lived at on my own and I have only lived with my partner since November 2018 in a new property - not sure if that is relevent but thought i best add it
  5. Sorry for the short notice and need for help, a family medical emergency kept me away from and I've arrived back to a letter from Worthing County Court. The court have issued a Notice of Issue of Warrant of Control over a debt with Creditor of Cabot Financial. After total panic I've done some searching through my papers and the following is as brief an account as I can give of what I think has happened. Several years ago we had financial troubles and got a credit card (Vanquis) which gradually crept up and up with them constantly increasing the credit limit. It ended up at about £3400. When our problems spiralled I buried my head in the sand and didn't pay. Move forward a few years, not over 6, I and others were being bullied by a boss. The stress of this caused me to become extremely ill with stress and depression. It was going through the Union and looked favourable that I would get helped but events illy my mental health was so bad I just quite the job and the union case just to put an end to it. During this time I am ashamed to admit I pretty much became a recluse and stopped functioning. I suspect at some point around then Vanquis sold the debt to Cabot, who got a CCJ. There is probably paperwork, I don't have any to hand and I didn't go to court. With sheer force of will, I somehow managed to get well again. It's been slow going but in March I was finally able to return to a job part time, money is tight but I'm gradually paying off any debts that happened. But now I am terrified that next week the court will send in bailiffs over this debt which the stigma and stress of, is surely going to send me back into oblivion. It says I can go for a N245 form? I want to do this but need help. I want time to pay back every penny, but it won't be masses of £ at once as I simply can't do it. What can I do?
  6. Hello CAG, I have received Letter Before Claim. Briefly will explain how does it happen. In 2017 23rd December me and my friend decided to do surprise for our fried who lives faraway, more then 140 miles from us. In car park (car par is allocated to block flats where lives our friend) we arrived in late evening around 10pm and park on visitor parking space. Due to late evening and Christmas hustle I did not saw any of Private land parking sign. In a next day 24/12 Christmas day our friend ( flat owner ) released that we need parking permit to stay in visitor parking. She was run out of permits and obviously on Christmas day she could not get any new ones. When I went down stairs to move my car I saw that I have already PCN. Now about LBC (Letter Before Claim ) This letter is from Vehicle Control Services LTD If I do not pay 160 £ they will commence legal proceeding against me without future notice. Principal Debt £160.00 Estimated Interest £7.43 Estimated Court Fees £25.00 Estimated Total £192.43 In the envelope they have enclosed a reply form giving me several options/tick boxes: I agree I owe the debt I owe some of the debt but not all of it I don't know whether I owe the debt I dispute the debt (I can explain why in a separate document) I will pay what I owe now I will pay but need time to pay I am getting or intend to get legal advice And then another section where I can request documents from them e.g. a copy of the written contract for the debt. As with everyone else on this site, I don't agree with the charge. Can anyone advise/help on what I should do next? Thanks, P.S. Below I add form that was recommended to fill in. 1 Date of the infringement – 24/12/2017 2 Date on the NTK – 03/01/2018 3 Date received – 05/01/2018 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? – NO, they did not mention about it. 5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event – No photographic evidence has been provided. 6 Have you appealed? – No, I did not appeal Have you had a response? - N/A 7 Who is the parking company? – Vehicle control Services Limited 8. Where exactly – Car was parked at the postcode - S13 9DP, Sheffield (On PCN letter is Innovation, Sheffield, S13 9DR) For either option, does it say which appeals body they operate under. – They offer appeal through myparkingcharge.co.uk There are two official bodies, the BPA and the IAS. If you are unsure, please check HERE - Vehicle Control Services Ltd 02498820 IPC If you have received any other correspondence, please mention it here. – I have received 8 letters in total (all of them are in PDF file). Letter 1 – 2 from Vehicle Control Services Limited. Letter 3 – 5 from – Debt recovery plus ltd Letter 6 – 7 from Zenith collections Letter 8 from Vehicle Control Services Limited as a Letter before claim.
  7. Hello all. So todayI received a “CONTROL OF GOODS” letter at my house from Newlyn. It was for a PCN which I had received, whilst the car was registered in my mum’s name. Since this January, the car has been registered in my name. Also, the house is in my name, but the car has always been registered at my home address. Cut a long story short, my folks split their time between our house in Spain and the UK. When in the UK, they are based at my address. They wanted £248 paid by the 11/07, but the letter wasn’t received by them until the 22/07, as my folks were away until then. Upon seeing the letter, I paid £98 on the 24/07 and paid the remaining £75 yesterday. My plan was to have it paid by the end of the month. In total, I paid £173 for the PCN. This did not include the £75 compliance charge which I wasn’t going to pay. Although, I was going to send Newlyn a letter asking them to justify their compliance fee. The ticket was from Ealing council and wasn’t the first one I’ve had from them, so I don’t have a problem paying the actual ticket. That was £175. My concern with that is that Ealing council never sent through any notifications that I had forgotten to pay the original PCN. If they had done, it would have been with any post addressed to my mum. And having had tickets in her name before due to my parking, I’d have heard about it  When my folks came back, the first they’d heard about it was when a letter from Newlyn arrived. This is something I need to deal with after as my main concern is Newlyn returning to my house. I believe I need to get my mum to send off a TE7 form to the Traffic Enforcement Centre as at the time, the car was in her name. Am I correct in this ? I’m not contesting the PCN. I received the ticket and never paid for it.However, it seemed to go straight to the enforcement stage. This morning, I received an unsealed, hand delivered letter through my letterbox. It was dated the 17/07/18, which already got alarm bells ringing for me. It was the “control of goods letter” saying to either pay £826 straight away, or have goods removed. I haven’t contacted them yet, as I wanted to get some advice on the matter first. Can my car be clamped, or removed if it’s now in my name and on my drive? I’m self-employed too and use the car for work purposes. Also, can they enter my house forcefully? By that, I mean can they force locks open to get in and remove goods? And if they do turn up, what should I be saying and asking? My plan was to contact the person who left me the letter this morning, as they left a contact number.Also, to contact Newlyn. As far as I’m concerned, the £173 for the PCN has been paid. Anything else is just Newlyn trying to get money from me. What really concerns me is the two-week discrepancy from the date on the letter, to when they posted it through my letterbox. Like I said, I had no problem paying the PCN but £656 in “fees” is just robbery. I’ve been looking over various parts of the forum today to see if others have had similar situations. Seems I’m not alone  I hope that all made sense.
  8. Hi guys, looking for some advice with what to do, my husband has received a letter from the court it’s a warrant of control, giving 7 days for payment, it’s a ccj he didn’t know about as it went to old address, his fault for not giving new address, I was going to fill out the N245 form & send that but after he’s phoned them they said he needs to ring the solicitor to offer payment, it’s Restons, he’s told them I deal with things like this & given authorisation for me to deal on his behalf, he doesn’t understand or deal well with things like this, they told him he can’t stop the bailiffs until he’s made an offer of payment, I need to phone them but not sure what to do or say, do I tell them I’m sending a N245? Do I do this or just offer a monthly payment, can’t afford a lot the debt is £4500, is £50 a month to low, he’s already got another ccj he pays, another letter before claim plus other debts, not sure what to do Hope someone can help & thanks in advance for any replies
  9. Hi, The only time I have faced something like this was when I mistakenly parked in a contract space at Fort Dunlop, Birmingham. I wrote a letter explaining my mistake and the fine was cancelled. I now find myself being threatened with Court action and ultimately a CCJ if I don't pay a PCN charge for "stopping" at Calder Park Estate in Wakefield on the 10th August 2017, somewhere I had never been before. I was sent 3 photographs of me stopping for a total of 29 seconds opposite the turning into my client's car park where I had a reserved space for a meeting. I wrote back and explained that the lid of my coffee (which I had just bought from Starbucks on the edge of the estate) had come off and covered me in scalding coffee. It was unsafe at that time to drive on so I swung the car to the left to pull the hot clothes from my body. If it hadn't been an emergency I had no reason to stop because I had a reserved space in my client's car park. As you can imagine my appeal was rejected. I then did a quick search on the internet and read that I should ignore any correspondence, which I did. After reading more I believe that this has changed. I have now received a Letter of Claim from BW Legal explaining that if I don't pay they have been instructed to take me to the County Court with an estimated claim fee: Principal Debt + Initial Legal Costs £160.00 Estimated Interest £4.36 Estimated Court Fees £25.00 Estimated Solicitors Fees £50.00 Estimated Total £239.36 I need to either pay £160 or explain why I am not paying by the 5th April. Apparently, the client is willing to enter into a payment arrangement which is affordable for my financial circumstances. The £160 is made up of the principal balance - £100 plus £60 debt recovery costs. If payment or a response is not received they will issue a County Court Claim. In the envelope they have enclosed a reply form giving me several options/tick boxes: I agree I owe the debt I owe some of the debt but not all of it I don't know whether I owe the debt I dispute the debt (I can explain why in a separate document) I will pay what I owe now I will pay but need time to pay I am getting or intend to get legal advice And then another section where I can request documents from them e.g. a copy of the written contract for the debt. As with everyone else on this site, I don't agree with the charge and it feels more like extortion. Can anyone advise/help on what I should do next? Thanks,
  10. Hi there Im new to this forum and need some advise please. Heres the story My friend has received a "Issue of warrant of control" letter a few days ago , hes confused as to why this is, we checked on his credit file and noticed a ccj that has been placed by Lowells, how surprising! its weird as some guy knocked asking for my friend a week ago he said he was from resolve call! not sure why as i said he isn't here s the guy just walked off. Not sure if he was connected to Lowells or the same debt. he has never received any court claim forms at all prior to this the debt is with littlewoods online catelogue. Please can you advise on what is his best action. Hes on a low wage only works part time hes worried now as we dont want bailiffs at the door , they would go straight for the car! Any help is much appreciated.
  11. Hi, question - how long is a warrant of control issued for an unpaid council PCN valid for? I thought it was 12 months but the relevant bits of CPR 75.5 have been struck out (I can't post a link as I'm new, but if you google CPR 75 you'll find it) so I think the law might have changed. Any ideas?
  12. New laws pave way for remote control parking in the UK READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/new-laws-pave-way-for-remote-control-parking-in-the-uk
  13. I’ve just received a county court letter from uk parking control with a total for £770 for parking charges. This was for parking in a visitors bay outside my friends flat. Can you please advise me on what I should do next!
  14. Hi. I set up a payment plan for a £300 council tax debt. Managed to pay the first instalment (£20), but due to lack of money missed the second payment. Just had a Schedule 12 Taking Control of Goods letter delivered. They also added £235 for the enforcement fee. Is it possible to contact the council again and renegotiate, and avoid dealing with the bailiff? I also have a motor vehicle outside (old car worth under £500) . I take it's a good idea to park it elsewhere? I'm keeping the doors/windows closed, and refuse to answer the door. But my main concern is that they'll force their way in. Will this happen? Thanks.
  15. Hi, This is my first post here and need some advice please - Had a letter given to me by mum yesterday which I opened to see it was from marstons and a notice of enforcement for HMCTS for £8,900.00. I was given a £11,600 fine last year for a VAT debt from the magistrates ( was to do with no giving security at the time) which was a £500 fine and £11,100 compensation. I have been paying this fine and was being paid every month, I believe the last couple or maybe just 1 (need to check) haven't gone out for some reason. Obviously debt has already gone down by £1700.00 since June last year when imposed. The details on the notice of enforcement state " a warrant of control has been issued by her majesty's courts and tribunal serve, distress warrant and then a date of 17/05/2017. I have read somewhere about it can only be enforced within 180 days of the date? What does that mean? I don't have £8,900.00 to pay marstons and don't know what to do, I have read that they won't accept payment plan? I am already in an IVA as of Feb 2017 which I know this can't go in as is a court fine. Will the court if I call them cancel this down and go back to the original payment plan? Any help would be great. Thanks in advance. Adam
  16. Hi Guys. heres my case. Im not sure what to do. Just pay the £60? 1st got a PCN as Id pulled in (not blocking the road) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- i appealed via myparkingcharge.co.uk as requested on the back of the VCS letter..... To whom it may concern. I have received a "PCN" I am appealing against this as I had to stop my car as I had airport car park booking and was looking for the car park and thought that it was where I stopped. You can check our booking if you email airportparking The booking reference and details are below. Regards, ,,,,,,,. Booking reference:.... Name:.... Car registration:..... Flying from:Liverpool Parking:Imagine Outdoor (for 1 car) Parking from:Fri 12th May 2017 at 3:30 pmParking to:Mon 15th May 2017 at 12:30 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I then received this on 17.6.17 from VCS....... Vehicle Control Services Ltd Central Payment Oce, P.O. Box 4777, Sheeld. S9 9DJ t: 0114 242 1111 f: 0114 244 5299 Registered in England 2498820 VAT No. 755 7800 06 O P E R A T O R A C C R E D I T E D Dear ...., Re: Parking Charge Notice Number ..... (Vehicle: ....) Site: Liverpool John Lennon Airport Issue date: 23/05/2017 We refer to your appeal in respect of the above Charge Notice received on 06/06/2017. Having considered the points you have raised and reviewed our records, we are unable to accept your appeal. Our main reason(s) for this decision are as follows: Whilst we understand your concern at receiving a Notice, it is entirely the motorist's responsibility to ensure that they adhere to the Terms and Conditions of use for the airports private access roads. The roadway in question is part of a high security zone and as such motorists are clearly advised not to park, stop or wait on double yellow lines, red routes zones or roadways at any time. Such actions may also pose an obstruction or danger to other road users. There are numerous warning signs in place along the private access roads. In response to your comments, you have confirmed to us that on the date in question, you stopped your vehicle in a prohibited area while looking for the car park. Whilst we appreciate the circumstances you have described however, you stopped in an area where you could have caused obstruction to other drivers. Please be advised that our signage located throughout the area clearly state "No Stopping at Any Time". It is the motorist's responsibility to ensure that he/she is fully aware and compliant with the Terms and Conditions of this area. We must advise that there are over 70 high profile signs advising drivers of the consequences of not complying with the highway restrictions located throughout the 'Red Route' areas. All signage exceeds the recognised industry standards, with some as large as 2m by 1.1m (6ft 6in by 3ft 7in) on the airport approach road and other surrounding roads. Signs also contain the nationally recognised Highway Code symbol for 'NO STOPPING' (Clearway). Furthermore, the signage on the approach road is reflective and positioned to face oncoming motorists and the text size is relative to the average approach speed of vehicles, which is 30 mph. We are satisfied that the Charge Notice has been issued correctly and your appeal (representations) is therefore rejected. We will not accept any further appeals. 17 June 2017 What you should do next - Either: 1. Pay the Charge Notice: In order to settle the Charge, the payment of £60 to reach us by 01/07/2017 or £100 to reach us by 15/07/2017 must be made. Failure to pay this charge within the stated times, may result in Debt Recovery Action being taken and further costs up to an additional £60 being incurred. Payments can be made online at myparkingcharge.co.uk by following the links for "Pay Now", or over the phone by calling 0845 226 9138 by using a valid Credit or Debit Card. (If paying by Credit Card a surcharge of £1.00 will apply). OR: 2. Appeal to the Independent Appeals Services (IAS):If you believe this decision is incorrect, you are entitled to appeal to the IAS. In order to appeal, the IAS will need the following information (which is also contained in the subject header of this correspondence). Notice Serial No: .... Vehicle Registration Mark: .... Appeals must be submitted to the IAS within 21 days of the date of this correspondence. Please visit the ias website for full details on how to submit an appeal online. It is important you note that if you wish to appeal to the IAS and your appeal is unsuccessful, the discount offer will no longer apply and the full amount of £100 will be pursued. Please be aware that if a payment is made against the PCN prior to lodging an appeal with the IAS, or receiving adjudication from the IAS, and if it is accepted as Full and Final settlement of the PCN, any appeal to the IAS will automatically be dismissed. It important I also highlight that no further appeals will be accepted at this office; any such appeal must be made to the IAS. Please also note that further costs may be incurred should it be necessary for us to subsequently recover any outstanding charge using debt recovery and/or court action. Yours sincerely, Appeals Administration Team CENTRAL PROCESSING OFFICE. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Not sure what to do now. Just pay? thanks in advance people.
  17. Hi, My partner had two credit cards between 2001-2008 - both of which she defaulted on when her husband left - leaving her with two young kids. Unable to pay the mortgage she was forced to move into Council Accommodation. Today, She received a Notice of Issue of Warrant of Control. Creditor: Cabot Financial (UK) Ltd The letter states that if the debt (£857) is not paid by 2nd Feb 2018 then Bailiffs will be call to remove goods for sale at public auction. I work as a bar tender and my partner is disabled and on benefits. No attempt was made to contact my partner in the last 8 years regarding the debt (we still don't know which CC it applies to.) by mail or telephone. She is terrified that the bailiffs will turn up and start ransacking the house. Can anyone give me a clue as to where to begin fighting this?
  18. Hi It's been a long time since I was last in debt and had to deal with bailiffs' and debt collection companies so i'm not sure if things have changed so i'm looking for a bit of advice ? I Went home this lunchtime and a bailiff had left a letter threatening to get a locksmith to break into my house to remove goods with the police possibly present. ..in fact the letter was quite threatening I thought that this was illegal as the debt owed was a personal debt through a county court CCJ not a magistrates fine or debt to any other governmental department, what I need to know is are they allowed to do this. The debt collection company who pursuing this debt is lowells and they have bought a lot of my debts and are trying for CCJ's on all of them and is this how they operate now ? Thanks in advance for any replies
  19. Hi, this is one for people who really know their contract law, specifically the consumer credit act. This is the scenario: I have a builder do me an extension. Our contract states the work will cost £100k. In order to get s75 CCA protection, I get the builder to give me 4 invoices. Invoice 1- foundations, £25k (price shown on the contract) Invoice 2- Roof, £25k (price shown on the contract) Invoice 3- Walls, £25k (price shown on the contract) Invoice 4, decorations £25k (price shown on the contract). £100 was paid for each invoice using a credit card. The transaction I made on each card was for the invoices, not for the contract. Each invoice takes the pricing from the contract. Does anyone, who has a legal mind with a speciality in contract law, know if I can expect cover under s75 CCA in this situation? thanks
  20. ‪Hi Guys. ‬ I received a letter from county Court which say “notice of warrant of control”. Creditor : Lowell portfolio Ltd Re: Lowell financial limited To the debtor : “ You have not made payments under the judgement as you were ordered. The creditor has therefore asked for a warrant to be issued to the bailiff to seize your goods. Unless you pay the amount due in county Court by 24th November. Total to pay (including fees) on this warrant £ 170.25 Balance outstanding (after payment on this warrant) £ 572.57” The problem is I haven’t received any letters from court or Lowell. I have no idea what this debt was for? I am not always on this address as well. How can I stop this warrant,obtain further details about this debt and defend this claim ? Any advice will be welcomed. Thanks ����
  21. I received a notice of issue of warrant of control letter on 21st July. I states that I have until 26th July to pay the amount on the letter or bailiffs will be coming to my house to seize and sell goods. Of course I am panicking about this as I don't want bailiffs coming to my home. I am currently on ESA benefits and cannot afford to pay what they are asking. And they have only given me 5 days to do so! I have been speaking with the creditor Lowell and I arranged to set up a monthly payment plan. However the amount they set was too high as like I said I am on benefits, so they asked me to fill out an expenditure form to show how much I could afford. I emailed this to them and heard nothing back. And forgot about it to be honest. The next thing is I receive this letter! Please help! Any advice is appreciated.
  22. Friend parked at Wilco (Mexborough) on 22 Mar 17 at 8ish in the morning. This was closely followed up with a PCN from FlashPark (Vehicle Control solutions) dated the 24th March. AFAIK, there was no NTD, they have gone straight after the keeper? He has just received the ''Final Notice'' with their invoice escalated to £85 I have copies of the two letters he's received so far, along with three photographs he's taken, of where he was parked, the DYL's that were obscured by leaves, not that it matters, and the side of the Wilco's he was shopping in that has a plastic FlashPark sign attached to it. I'm sure their missives fall foul of any PoFA guidelines, their 'alleged' contravention is ''Permitted parking only''. Told him NOT to ignore them, but am hoping that this can be easily dealt with with one letter, any pointers please, TIA. BB
  23. Hello, just to give some basics. The past couple of years has been seriously bad healthwise and has caused the obvious roll on effect of being skint because i am stupid enough to be self employed. Money being tight and getting even tighter i have allowed myself to get in trouble with my council tax. On my 2016 account i owe £116 + £75 compliance stage fees, this is now with Collect Services. I have agreed to pay £20 per month on this which should get me out of trouble. Unfortunately, and please don't judge me as i have suffered and still am with severe depression along with many "real" ailments ,i have now got into trouble with my 2017 council tax. I received the bill in April with imstallments,but i have not paid any. So far the council for whatever reason have not contacted me, i am going to start paying the minimum amount plus additional to catch up, however i do not see the council accepting this and fully expect it to take the same route as the 2016 account and end up in the hands of the bailiffs ... ANY ADVICE ON HOW TO DEAL WITH THIS WOULD BE GREAT. Thanks Dan
  24. This guy – MarK Rittman https://www.google.fr/search?q=mark+ritter+echo&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-b&gfe_rd=cr&ei=JbxsWM2eJKv_8Afnx6uQAg#q=mark+rittman++echo+kettle managed to program his Amazon Echo to control his Internet connected kettle. I have no idea how to go about this. Does anyone have any idea how to do it? Or how to find all the instructions to do it? Thanks
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