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  1. More than half of British households are set to see an increase in the cost of energy in April after the regulator, Ofgem, raised price caps. Ofgem sets maximum prices that can be charged for gas and electricity to those who have not switched suppliers and are on default tariffs. The new cap could see these households typically pay an extra £117 a year. The regulator is allowing suppliers to cover the higher costs they face on the wholesale market. "We can assure these customers that they remain protected from being overcharged for their energy and that these increases are only due
  2. Hello all, My very first post ever on here. Please can I bend ears, pick brains as I'm confused about the letters I've had today. Letters in my maiden name, I was married in 2003. Debt amount 943.43 I understand the letters are stating they are a statement from year 2012 right through to 2018. Stating they haven't applied interest or sent statements and I do understand this with an apology. Original debt citi financial Then it's saying passed or changed to arrow and now cap quest have got the debt. I do recall cap quest contacting me on my mobile a few weeks ago
  3. Victory for consumers as cap on energy tariffs to become law READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/victory-for-consumers-as-cap-on-energy-tariffs-to-become-law
  4. Hello all, Mods please move if in the wrong section? About 8 years ago I had a Debt Relief order against me. I've recently decided to contact all the financial companies I had dealings with and see if I was miss sold PPI any form? I have had Barclays admit they mis sold PPI and compensate me £1075 Hsbc I've not had a reply from yet? However capitol one have stated that they are making a redress payment to me of £ 60:45. Today I got a letter from capitol one saying that they have refunded the full amount and that it was Added to my account to reduce the debt
  5. Hi again. in relation to my debts here https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?485755-From-Fee-Paying-Twinpier-DMP-to-DIY I have received these replies from Frederikson/CAP1 following a CCA request, and wondered if you could give me any advice? Convert Fred.pdf CCA return .pdf
  6. I really need some help with a problem I have. I was on a 4 day touring holidayicon last week in Scotland in my second hand motorhome which I only purchased around 4 months that I have been saving up for years to buy. On the second day in Scotland the service light came on. With only just purchasing it I wanted to get it seen to quickly I booked it into Arnold Clark, Falkirk Road Grangemouth. I told them exactly what type the motorhome was and they said it wasn't a problem they could sort it out for me the following day which was the Wednesday. I took it into t
  7. Evening We took out cap one card in 2002 and have put in a mis-sell complaint that's been rejected. We did receive cheque due to Plevin side of things. Cap one said we ticked the box during the internet application I swear it was application from magazine and tbh I don't even think we had internet but anyway. They say PPI was requested by tick box and if the relevant sections were blank PPI would not have been added to the account. They say no interaction with a cap one representative when PPI was purchased. I had already sent SAR to them and copy of application t
  8. Hi folks, i have posted on the forums before and successfully won in a claim against me. This recent claim against me for an alleged debt of 3,815.60 inclusive of their so called costs..(which to me are ropey). .please bear with with me as i need to refresh my knowledge of certain aspects in compiling my defence... In the claim form particulars . .. there is no mention of when this alleged debt was instigated , i.e. when i am supposed to have defaulted . It is my understanding that this should be there on the claim form..by default...(help with this appreciated).
  9. Hi there I am trying to find out if Lowells did buy the debt are they liable to pay the PPI or is it the Cap One as the Original creditor who is liable to pay this back. I have read it somewhere it is the original creditor who has the right to PPI. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I have a Cap One card with a small balance which would be SBd in a few months. Lowells claimed that they bought the debt but I had a dispute with Cap One for a long while. I have some PPI on that card which I want to claim. Lowell had put a Default Note in my CRA and the account is in their name
  10. Hi Guys, CCA request return - for Capital One, they sent me what purported to be a reconstituted copy of an agreement from 1998 and told me that they were quite confident that it was fully enforcable. I, of course. have no way of knowing whether this copy is accurate or not. Also, I suspect that they have sent a reconstituted copy because they don't have the original. I have sent them a subject access request to try to flush this out. Do you think I should respond to their letter saying that I don't recognise the document and would expect them to produce the a copy of the executed agr
  11. Hi everyone, it's been a while since I've been here. I'm dealing with the above for a family member. I have already acknowledged service on MCOL and ticked defend all. Am I correct in thinking the next steps are CCA to Cap One and CPR31.14 to the solicitor? Do I need to SAR anyone? Name of the Claimant ? Lowell Portfolio Ltd Date of issue – 07 April 2017 What is the claim for – 1. THe defendant entered into a Consumer Credit Act 1974 agreement with Capital One under account reference xxxxxxx (the agreement) 2. The defendant failed to maintain the re
  12. i wonder can anyone help me? i had notice of court action from lowells debt agency for an alleged debt of capitol one dating to 2012. this happened around mid september ..i subsequently complied with the court procedure but have asked for proof of debt plus a cca. . i seem to have received . . a statement of the account.. from capitol one... but nothing else.. here is what they say has been enclosed... it says "statement and notice of assigment received from client. agreement and default notice been requested... ..with respect to Deed of assignment . this i
  13. Hi All, I'm sorry to return but I again need a little bit of advice regarding a letter from Mortimer Clarke in relation to an alleged debt with capital one... I received a claim form from Cabot Financial via Mortimer Clarke.... Details below Claim Form Issue....18/11/2016 Received.... 21/11/2016 AOS Submitted... 29/11/2016 Defend all AOS Received... 30/11/2016 CCA request sent to Cabot...28/11/2016 CCA request received by Cabot and signed for.....30/11/2016 CPR request sent to Mortimer Clarke... 28/11/2016 CPR request received
  14. Early exit charges for people taking money out of their pension pots will be capped at 1%, the financial regulator has confirmed. The new rules will affect anyone taking money out of a personal pension from 1 April 2017. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) said providers who already charge less than 1% will not be allowed to raise their fees. Those taking out new pension contracts will face no early exit charge at all. Workplace pensions will be subject to the same rules, but these will not come into effect until October 2017, http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-379
  15. Just a thought. If you are on ESA and you have not got savings above the threshold of £6000.00. Is it possible to try and save by the help of family members to save for an old age pension, not to be touched until your official retirement age? This is just a general enquiry on behalf of my friend who is already worrying for her retirement, if she lasts that long! Any advice would be welcomed. Thank you, and if it's in the wrong place please move the post to where it should belong. I put it here as she is on ESA. The silly thing here is, she can hardly live on her ESA as
  16. I would be grateful to know if anybody who has been successful in a claim against Santander on the 2008 svr/cap margin issue could explain the grounds on which the claim was made; was it on the basis of breach of contract on the bank's part or the longer-term financial implications of Santander's application of the cap margin increase. Cheers
  17. Hi For a while Arrow and now Drysden Fairfax have been irritating me with a Capital One CC account which was defaulted on. Taken out in 2001. Last payment approx 3 years ago. In May, I CCA'd them, eventually received the attached document. They say they've sent a Recon, quoting a high court decision in 2009. This document is all they sent, despite their letter saying that they have also sent a copy of the terms & conditions. Does not sending the accompanying t&c's mean it's failed CCA reply? More importantly, is the attached CCA enforceable? It's termed a
  18. Hi, Morning everyone, it's finally the weekend! I am looking for some advice regarding this upcoming benefit cap as I want to know if I am going to be affected as I claim Universal Credit. I am single, 29, I live in Burnley, Lancashire, North West and I live in a 1 bedroom flat with an housing association and my weekly rent is £80.62. My Universal Credit payments is as follows: 1. Standard Allowance for me: £317.82 2. Housing Element: £352.56 So, by going of this, will I be affected? I am just worried! Any advice / help would be great, cheers.
  19. Guest

    The Benefit Cap

    I am about to move to an area where my rent will be nearly double what I am paying now. (I get HB) I have just been told I will get the severe disability allowance as I live alone. ( I did not apply for this) This means I will receive in combined benefits...ie: Support group, PIP and housing benefit, which will be more than £350 per week including housing. Am I affected? Can anyone advise? Thank you.
  20. Hi all A couple of years ago I left my work after being diagnosed with 2 neurological illnesses, this meant I could no longer work and am now on a long (3 year) ESA award and am awaiting a PIP assessment in a couple of weeks (thats another story sigh) I owed £300-400 to Capital One and due to the illness, depression, hospital stays and lack of money I just stuck my head in the ground and ignored everything. Today court papers arrived from Lowells (attached) apart from filling them in online what else do I do here? The debt is only 2 years or so old so not stat
  21. Banks should cap unarranged overdraft fees and warn customers before they go overdrawn, the competition watchdog has said. The Competition and Markets Authority says this and other measures could save bank customers £1bn over five years. The provisional conclusions of the 18-month study into personal and business banking suggest competition is weak in the industry. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-36309396
  22. Hi Everyone, After some advice please if you have the time, please reply. My situation as it stands: Court papers received from Lowell Portfolio 1 LTD (assigned from CAP 1) claiming the full amount owed on the credit agreement. I was three weeks off being 6 years since defaulted so clearly this is a final ditch attempt. Had to stop paying 6 years ago as was unemployed with no income and huge debts. Previously requested SAR & CCA from CAP 1 and all they have ever provided is a new copy template agreement, no signed documents. They have repeatedly stated 'this
  23. Name of the Claimant ? Cabot Financial UK Date of issue – . 12 Feb What is the claim for – ? 1.The claimant claims payment of the overdue balance due from the defendant under a contract betwen the defendant and capital one dated on or about april 18 2013 and assigned to the claimant on sep 28 2015 22/01/16 default balance 305.70 What is the value of the claim? 305+costs Is the claim for a current account (Overdraft) or credit/loan account or mobile phone account? credit card When did you enter into the original agreement before or after 2007? After 2
  24. Hi All, after a bit of advice please, OH was sent an invalid default notice and now the account has been terminated, and passed to capquest. what would be the best letter to use to deal with this one.. cheers lets
  25. I received a Northampton generated claim form on Friday for an old capital 1 credit card debt. The total including court fee and legal costs comes to some £800. The claim has been issued by Dryden via Cabot, both of whom i have no direct dealings with but have in recent months received threatening letters and demands for payment etc, i have not acknowledged any of them. The claim states that this account was opened in 2005 and i have failed to repay. I cannot recall when this account was last used but it would of been some considerable time ago and i would im
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