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Found 12 results

  1. Hi, here goes a long story, short. got a cc claim in nov 16 from restons - cap1 c/card for 2k (opened in july 2007) - last payment oct 2011) did the usual request for cca and other doc's - I got nothing submitted defence on the basis of lack of doc's (i think that this is called an embarrassed defence???) got the normal letter from restons and the claim was stayed anyway - heard nothing until 3 months ago when offered in a letter a 50% discount, I did not reply, then cot another discount letter for 70% off - I did not reply. WHY you ask - because they did not have the doc's to back up the claim. Well i got a letter last week containing a cca (which is meant to be mine) I am confused and worried as what to do now, incase restons apply for the stay to be lifted - should i make a settlemet offer?
  2. i wonder can anyone help me? i had notice of court action from lowells debt agency for an alleged debt of capitol one dating to 2012. this happened around mid september ..i subsequently complied with the court procedure but have asked for proof of debt plus a cca. . i seem to have received . . a statement of the account.. from capitol one... but nothing else.. here is what they say has been enclosed... it says "statement and notice of assigment received from client. agreement and default notice been requested... ..with respect to Deed of assignment . this is an agreement between our client and the original creditor containing confidential information. .. and you are not entitled to the information contained in it".... As stated, i requested a cca ... and now. . the court want me to mediate with these people.. but as i say ... i wrote stating .. only on the requested documents being produced... what should i do?
  3. Hi Ok i have received a statutory demand letter delivered by hand to my home address from Hamptons Lega l for an outstanding debt to capital one which has been in dispute since 2008. Back in 2008 i started proccedings against cap one for credit card charges i never got around to filing for court. however i have been chased by numerous debt collecting agencies all linked to each other i may add. I had sent letters off in the past saying the debt is in dispute and they left me alone for a while. Once again they have now re surfaced and served me with this demand. so where do i go from here? Do i defend? if so how? Do i pay up over just under £1000 and then continue against cap one with my claims for charges. ???? And a removal of a default or ignore the demand and continue my claim for charges and take them to court? hope some one can help rob
  4. Hi, I sent a Claim to CAP1 regarding PPI and CPP. They have upheld the PPI but have totally ignored the CPP. According to the Information available so far, I should have received a letter by now but this has not happened. How best should Progress this... CPP began in April 2003 (after cancelling PPI) until finally cancelled in March 2006 Thanks G
  5. Hi All, Got my wife and mine SAR details back from Capital One Wife account opened in 2000, mine was 2002. Both using the 'Application form' type. Noticed that wifes statements contain PPI, started in 2002 until about 2005, plus some 'Annual membership fees' and an 'Upgrade fee'?? Also missing statements from 2000 till 2002. My statements only show some 'late payments fees' and 'over limit fees' - no PPI I will put all of these into two seperate claims using the spreadsheets in the library - which is the best one to use? Is it best to split the PPI out of the claim for my wife as a deperate claim? The statements supplied do not indicate what the APR was - do I need to request this from CAP1? Thanks G
  6. Hi, I have a default from Cap1 that has really done the rounds, so much so that it would probably be easier to list the firms that haven't handled it. Early on I sent out numerous CCA's and no real paperwork appeared just the usual smoke screen. The default celebrates it's sixth birthday next month and as an early present I received a court summons this morning from Lowell for the sum of £1862.62 plus interest of £678.91. The issue date is 11 Jul and as I understand it I have 14 days to respond. I'd really welcome some advice chaps, sorry if there is not much detail but I didn't want to ramble too much.
  7. Hi Guys Been a while since I have been on here and I currently have an outstanding loan with CFO which is capital 750 and interest around 270, so totals 1020. I have already been in a loop of paying off and taking it back out again, or rolling over interest - stupidly, I know. I have been scouring the net and indeed this forum for any hint of people getting success with a repayment plan for CFO - is this even possible?? I can afford to split the entire balance into 4 months, I can't afford to make it any shorter term than that. I am considering cancelling the CPA and advising my bank and then telling CFO. Also telling bank that my details are compromised and will ensure they do not allow CFO to take money from my bank. In anyones experience do you think CFO would accept this form of repayment plan - I know some people struggle and have to offer only token payments, so hoping there is a glimmer of hope that this is not going to completely destroy my life. Thanks
  8. Bit out of the loop with Cap1 I am doing a charges reclaim and would like to know what Cap1 are doing. Are they still settling on the steps of the court? Are they offering a lower settlement after the preliminary letter or after the LBA? Can someone check my figures as well please. Claim Date 7-Feb-2013 Interest Rate (%APR) 34.94% 0.08213% % per day TOTAL CLAIM: 1,140.12 TOTAL AMOUNTS 312.00 828.12 Charge Reason Charge Amount Charge Date Days Interest Overlimit fee 12.00 10-Jan-2008 1852 42.89 Late payment fee 12.00 10-Jan-2008 1852 42.89 Overlimit default sum 12.00 30-Apr-2008 1742 38.15 Late or failure to pay 12.00 11-May-2008 1731 37.70 overlimit default sum 12.00 29-May-2008 1713 36.97 Late or failure to pay 12.00 10-Jun-2008 1702 36.53 overlimit default sum 12.00 29-Jun-2008 1683 35.78 Late or failure to pay 12.00 11-Jul-2008 1671 35.31 overlimit default sum 12.00 29-Jul-2008 1653 34.62 Late or failure to pay 12.00 10-Aug-2008 1642 34.20 overlimit default sum 12.00 29-Aug-2008 1623 33.48 Late or failure to pay 12.00 10-Sep-2008 1612 33.08 overlimit default sum 12.00 29-Sep-2008 1593 32.38 Late or failure to pay 12.00 12-Oct-2008 1580 31.91 overlimit default sum 12.00 29-Oct-2008 1563 31.30 overlimit default sum 12.00 30-Nov-2008 1532 30.21 overlimit default sum 12.00 29-Dec-2008 1503 29.22 overlimit default sum 12.00 29-Jan-2009 1468 28.05 Late or failure to pay 12.00 13-Mar-2009 1424 26.63 overlimit default sum 12.00 13-Mar-2009 1424 26.63 overlimit default sum 12.00 29-Mar-2009 1408 26.12 Late or failure to pay 12.00 10-Apr-2009 1397 25.78 overlimit default sum 12.00 29-Apr-2009 1378 25.20 Late or failure to pay 12.00 11-May-2009 1366 24.83 overlimit default sum 12.00 29-May-2009 1348 24.29 Late or failure to pay 12.00 10-Jun-2009 1337 23.97
  9. So I approached Cap One prior to xmas with a claim on PPI misselling, I reckoned about £100 + interest + 8%, they've offered £90+interest+8%, close enough as not to matter. I have checked all of the statements for this account and there is about £400 in late charges and overlimit charges, ranging from £15, £18 and £20 and dated as far back as 2004. Question: given that this card is long closed and settled, would it be prudent to accept the PPI offer and then go after the charges refund once the cheque has cleared, would they be likely to concede charges as easily as they have PPI?
  10. Hi, bit of support/advice please. Story so far: I have a debt with Cap1 and they have defaulted my account and passed to Credit Solutions (Cougar) for them to collect on Cap1's behalf. Cougar have been ringing and wrote to say they would call. I have sent the CAG letters re no visits and that I would not deal with them on the phone but only in writing, I have also sent CCA letter. I have no response to any of them. Still ringing, another letter confirming a visit and I have now sent Account in dispute letter (Failure to provide a copy of the agreement within the prescribed timescale.) since default notice I have continued to make transfer payments from my bank direct to Cap1 (& they have very kindly refunded all default sums incurred since Aug 2011 without me asking for them and knocked it off the outstanding balance) Should I continue to make the transfer payments direct to Cap1? (I no longer receive statements and cannot access the account online)
  11. Hi. I filled in reply form 8406, which many posters have said is un enforceable. Has anyone had a Northampton CC claim issued against them. I would really appreciate some help with filling in the defence bit of the form. Should I also counterclaim, stress harrassment etc? Really cant afford to loose this one! Regards
  12. Hi I have fallen into arrears with my Capital 1 Card and account has been defaulted etcc.... I have submitted numerous complaints also to Capital One regarding poor customer service and charges etc.... ALL BEEN IGNORED NO RESPONSE yet they have sent letters acknowledging my letter. My account has been passed pillar to post.... first Fredricksons then back to Cap 1 now with Allied International Credit (AIC), yet when you telephone Cap1 they say talk to Debitas. I have attempted to setup repayment arrangements and they get refused. Have sent them harrassment letter which got ignored, I send a 2nd letter informing them I am reporting them and they then replied and immediately removed my telephone numbers. Now when I ring up I cannot complete security as they do not hold any telephone numbers on my record. I rang up Cap1 this evening to request an account statement as my online access has been blocked since xmas, and they passed me onto AIC who said contact Debitas (Cap1 inhouse DCA), Debitas say speak to Cap1 accounts, Cap1 accounts say speak to Debitas or AIC. Any Ideas? all I want is an account statement....they have frozen all charges and interest but I want to get £400 worth of interest and charges removed reason for account statement but not having one since xmas is also poor.
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