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  1. Hi I have received this letter from barclays I don't trust a word they say. They say there's no evidence our details were breached.. sar paperwork did arrive a few days later but it was a printout that was not the same as the other guys sar request mine looked odd and lots was missing it didn't look like my wife's and wrong guys. We went to ico but have had no response on what to do or a guide line. So do you think 100 compensation is a good payout.
  2. Someone from Barclays came into work this week to see my boss usual yearly thing try and sell us stuff anyway they want us to do some webinar stuff to protect the company finances because of cyber crime. Funny thing is he admitted that Barclays are a nightmare for brushing things under the carpet
  3. I did copy some information so I have there name and address and because I didn't hear anything from the bank I've written a letter to them didn't send it yet though. Think I Will send it today then. I just don't trust Barclays.
  4. Hi I sent sar to Barclays for myself and husband for the husband was to see about ppi on Barclaycard and also did one for myself for Barclaycard. So mine came through first and we had ppi on our mortgage which was a shock to say the least because friends have said they had it on their mortgages and I always said nope not us. I've put in a complaint and have received letter to say they need more information you know usual how many hours we worked any illness do we have proof of insurance how much we were earning and I do have all that information to and any information we remember about the policy. On my mortgage paperwork Barclays have put a P.s saying ..we strongly agree you protect everything and if we do want to take this cover to call mortgage specialist, but we didn't take it out. Which I knew we didn't take. Do you think writing that I had evidence showing we didn't take it as I don't want to send paperwork to them? 2nd problem from Barclays.. husbands sar paperwork came by courier signed it opened it up and thank you Mr L for requesting your data I'm going through everything thinking that's odd that doesn't......show same as me and we have someone else's paperwork and its their whole banking with Barclays. so last Friday we went to Barclays to hand it back and they were really not bothered and we haven't heard anything since putting in complaint where husbands data has gone!! Is there any procedure they have to abide to or even say sorry that's why I don't want to send paperwork off to them.
  5. Yes do remember activating the card. But can we still fight against the mis sold claim or take it to ombudsmen now?
  6. Evening We took out cap one card in 2002 and have put in a mis-sell complaint that's been rejected. We did receive cheque due to Plevin side of things. Cap one said we ticked the box during the internet application I swear it was application from magazine and tbh I don't even think we had internet but anyway. They say PPI was requested by tick box and if the relevant sections were blank PPI would not have been added to the account. They say no interaction with a cap one representative when PPI was purchased. I had already sent SAR to them and copy of application they sent me has no tick. We would never have ticked for PPI can anyone advise us on whether we can carry on as I'm thinking shouldn't they be proving they box was ticked ? Any help is appreciated.
  7. Morning Last year I parked in hospital car park by accident and emergency department to collect my son who was being seen by mental health team and there was no spaces so I waited until one was available so I sat waiting. A car pulled out of space so I reversed into it parked paid for dashboard ticket went into see my son when I came out I had a ticket on windscreen for parking in doctor space I didn't see that it was doctors space until I looked under my car and saw the wording on ground because I reversed in I didn't see Marking I have ignored but now getting letters from Gladstone.
  8. Sar has been sent off, TV gone back now feel great for it as well! Thanks everyone on here for your help.
  9. Morning We're taking TV back today we always pay Saturday will we have to make payment today? I'm sure you pay before you receive or collect tv.
  10. Popped in to brighthouse told not a problem terminating so off the wall tonight for tv, pictures will be taken to prove in perfect condition just in case something happens after dropping off to store.
  11. Yes I want to give TV back have nothing with them send SAR and wait
  12. I would like to know if someone who has had arrears in the past what APR they paid compared to someone who has been a good payer because they only show 2 APRS online depending on what you buy.
  13. Morning Will do HB! Thank you I have worked out I think that we are paying back £2.28 per day. My APR is 69.9% per Annum its all very confusing and mind boggling how its done we have been great payers on all the stuff we have bought over the years I have decided to send a SAR request do I send to Caversham address? since looking into all of this I have decided that I don't want to carry on with having stuff from BH I want the product to go back I think we owe about £1456 and I don't want them to have that money from me anymore. can someone advise how we can do this properly without it costing us any more? I have looked up the same TV and at Currys its £649 or different make £379. I have been in touch with FOS so will see what they say. This forum has been great thank you & and if 1 person looks at this forum and changes their mind from buying from BH I would be happy with that!
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