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  1. I wish I could turn the clock back before I decided to become one of their victims (sorry customers), lesson learned and hindsight is a wonderful thing. I am having serious issues with Brighthouse which hopefully you good folk on CAG can help or advise me?. Back in late October last year I took out a credit agreement for a mobile phone which at the time I could afford as I was working and weekly paid which meant Brighthouse was paid each Friday without fail, fast forward to February this year I was laid off without warning/notice - I went in to my local store and they agr
  2. HI, im new to this service so please bare with me. back in 2016 my partner signed upto brighthouse for a washer dryer combo, we paid £50 inital payment at the sign up and two payment of £30 a fornight there after. after a month had gone by and we still hadnt received the item in question we stopped paying. Shortly after this we had split and was going through courts for custody battle, so didn't have the time to chase this up In 2018 we got back together and decided to chase up the debt that brighthouse owes us, on febuary 22nd 2018 we spoke to a customer ser
  3. Rent-to-own company Brighthouse will close 30 of its stores and cut 350 jobs, shrinking its size by around a tenth. The closures around Britain are due to take place over the next two months, with Brighthouse's 3,000 workforce already informed. https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/news/article-6673493/Rent-firm-Brighthouse-close-30-stores-cut-350-jobs.html?mrn_rm=rta
  4. Hi all, i'm contacting you on behalf of my Sister who's got in to financial trouble with Brighthouse through no fault of her own and is now unable to pay them but doesn't want to hand back the items as they've paid a fair bit off of them! Now, they've been with them for about 6 years and I have all of the contracts available to me I'm hoping that the SAR shouldn't be needed and I can proceed with a claim on their behalf. I'm just wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction on what to write to them, what to put in the letter and where to send it? To be hone
  5. Hello all, long time no post When me and the mrs first signed up to brighthouse the late payment charge was £5. We have missed the last couple of weeks and discovered that the late payment charge has gone from £5 to £12. We've had a lot of phone calls and even a visit from some bloke who said he was from brighthouse. What can i do about the "unfair" late payments etc please. Surely if we signed up for £5 late payments then thats what we should be paying - we'd be happy with that and not £12. Many thanks P
  6. Hello I was wondering if anyone could possibly weigh in and give advice First of all I take any and all responsibility for the stupidity of my youth and lending patterns it has taken a long time to admit that to myself! Back in 2012 I opened a brighthouse account, I was 20 and a new parent (my son was about 8months old) and what I took out was a washing machine and cooker as I was broke as a joke in a new city with no family or friends. I found as I kept going into store to pay they kept pushing items on me, now I was heavily medicated at this time due to mental health probl
  7. hi im new on here i could do with some help regarding brighthouse my marridge broke down 2 years ago and im not proud to say i had to use brighthouse for a tv fridge and washing machine my weekly payments are £48.00 i took out the tv and washing machine in june 2016 and the fridge november 2016 i kept up with payments until september this year when my hours at work were cut by 50 hours pm i contacted my store but they were very rude and would not lower my payments as a result i am constantly in arrears when i phone to make payment there is always a extr
  8. Hi all Not sure if this is the right place to put this but I will try and explain my problem. I got a Laptop from BH about 4 Months ago and it has developed a fault, it keeps freezing and it wont let me factory reset it, keeps saying unable to reset and unable to diagnose any problems. We use it for my Partners business (DJ) and only have the software on it nothing else. We took it in to the Newcastle store today and I think it was the Manager we dealt with. she was very very off with us. She said (about 10 times) that because we didnt take out some Care thing
  9. Rent-to-own retailer BrightHouse has been told to pay £14.8m to 249,000 customers by the financial regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). BrightHouse will compensate customers who had cancelled agreements after one downpayment but had not been refunded. It will also make payments to those who signed up to lending agreements that "may not have been affordable". The FCA said BrightHouse had not acted as a "responsible lender". http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-41732865
  10. Rent-to-own retailer BrightHouse has been told to pay £14.8m to 249,000 customers by the financial regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). BrightHouse will compensate customers who had cancelled agreements after one downpayment but had not been refunded. It will also make payments to those who signed up to lending agreements that "may not have been affordable". The FCA said BrightHouse had not acted as a "responsible lender". http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-41732865
  11. Hi all, Hope all are well. I was looking for advice on brighthouse I took out a TV and a PS3 a few years ago it was stupid but I had just split from my ex wife so was already in debt and her and kids where obviously given most the stuff out house. was desperate with xmas coming up etc. I paid them every four weeks for years recently I have had some payment difficulties. I have asked them not to come to my door albeit on phone and to the guy who has come to the door numerous times, my gf was in bath today and they knocked for 10mins after telling them l
  12. Firstly, I apologise for this post!! I am looking for a SAR template letter to send to Brighthouse. I had an account with them many years ago (no paperwork or account number), and would like them to send me any information as I want to know if I was mis-sold PPI. Can someone please direct me in the right direction. I have tried searching the CAG library withou much luck Many thanks T
  13. Hello, I am looking for some advice concerning Brighthouse and the extra charges they put on top, I think it is called DLC/OSC. Over the years I have purchased several items from them, the last being fully paid up in 2009. Although I have home insurance I was charged these additional fees on top of the goods price. I contacted them a couple of weeks ago asking for all the information they hold for all the purchases I have made, they told me that all customer records are destroyed after 6 years so I wouldn't be able to have them, but they said they could supply
  14. Hi Hope someone can help as I'm confused! Bought a tv last November for 1246.01 at 69.9% at 16 pounds week for 156 weeks no insurance on it they say! so can someone tell me what I should be paying back?
  15. My husband took out a Bright House agreement for a Wii U for our son for his birthday. My question is if the Wii U which cost £472.68 in total (apr and good) for 52 weeks The initial payment was £14.28 then 50 weeks @ £9.09 then the last week at £5.19 My working out is that we have paid in total £473.97 which is £1.29 more than the agreement was for. We went into the store to query this and was told that the £5.19 was the P.I.F. (Payment In Full). But how can this be if the final amount should have been £3.90. Are we missing something obvious. (There was no DLC or OCS ta
  16. Disappointing experience dealing with Brighthouse (Shocking news i know). Ive had an account with them for years. Did the TV/Laptop etc. on it which are all paid off now. Took a mobile phone with them in April, desperate for money in May and sold the phone. I was completely unaware that this was going to result in such drama - nobody had told me i couldnt do this in store but obviously my fault for not reading the fine print. Had a text from the chap i sold it to on Gumtree saying he had tried to sell it on Music Magpie last week and they "red-flagged" it as having finance on it so were h
  17. I've been a customer for a year with BrightHouse and pay around £70 a week which I could afford at time since my daughter has now decided not to carry on with college I'm not getting tax credits so my money has gone down to £110 per week which now means I can't pay what I was paying before to them . I'm not prepared to hand my stuff over as I've paid a lot on them and want to pay what I owe at a cheaper payment until paid off. I don't have thelr insurance or dlc just this 5 star thing which seems to cost you more for the product and takes longer to pay. Do you think if I
  18. A price cap to help consumers who use "rent-to-own" firms to buy goods is a possibility, the head of the City regulator has said. Andrew Bailey, the chief executive of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), said a cap would be considered as part of its inquiry into high-cost credit. Up to 400,000 people use rent-to-own firms to buy household appliances, paying the money back over three years. After interest, they can end up paying three times the original price. It follows a call for a cap from Citizens Advice, which said restrictions imposed on payday lenders two yea
  19. Hello, I went into store to look at getting the MacBook Air as advertised on their website. I went through all the nitty gritty, such as providing proof of income etc, after going through everything it came back that I was accepted, the weekly payment amount I was giving wasn't enough for a "brand new" Macbook Air, the lady in the store mentioned I could go for a "refurbished" one, I was hesitate about this as you don't know the background of the item. asked her if I could look at it first, she said this would be fine, I would need to wait for it to be del
  20. Complaints to the Financial Ombudsman Service since the end of 2013 to date, number 27 of which 21 have been upheld. On a lot of the complaints, BH has failed to respond to the FOS which I think shows their contempt not just for their customers, but for authority as well. This says that if you are having a problem with BH whether it be shoddy goods, (a settee stuffed with towels instead of foam in one case), if you get no satisfaction with a formal complaint to BH, then make a complaint about them to FOS. BH have never denied repeated nuisance calls or sending men around to
  21. hi i was wondering if anyone could please help with some advice we had to move home about 5 weeks ago due to the wifes sister having cancer and we being out of work but actively seeking work the new house is a bit more costs to run and with cuts in our own money we sort of fell into a black hole with our payments to brighthouse when we got a letter a couple of weeks ago we had make choice that way things have been recently we had no option but to call the store n ask if could return the items we had but could i hell get the guy behind the counter
  22. Hi everybodyl, new on here and have a big problem with Brighthouse. I currently have 5 things with them up until recently could afford the weekly payment. 8 months ago found out wasnt really well and currently cannot work Going back to Brighthouse situation, I have explained this in a letter to head office and the store and asked if I could pay what I can. My original payment was 58 per week (so stupid of me to get to that) and I offer 25. I also asked them to send me a detailed breakdown of what I have left to pay on each product. I also said I wanted c
  23. I am a customer of Brighthouse where I was paying £46 per week which were reduced down to £30 per week because of loss of tax credits/child benefit. I ran into problems paying one week due to a demand for my council tax before I ended up in court so I couldn't pay Brighthouse the full £30 so paid half to them. since then I've paid my £30 each week but still owe them that £15. I'd find it really difficult to pay that 15 on top of the £30 so due to me only getting £110 per week now which is to keep me, my partner and daughter. I suggested if they could please take even 50p from yellow mone
  24. Just seen this article and wondered what it means for the customer where it says The rent-to-own retailer is also removing the requirement for customers to pay for insurance coverage as part of the its service package, after being told by some shoppers that they already have insurance cover. Does this now mean I can ask to have this five star cover removed thus lowering what I have to pay back and lessen the weeks to pay? (after all this five star cover has hidden insurance in ) regardless of what Brighthouse says. http://www.retail-week.com/topics/policy/brighthouse-launches
  25. Hello, I'm just looking for a little advice on Brighthouse. I'm a customer with them but I'm continually receiving text messages to my phone even though I've asked them to stop in the store and last week to customer services as the store just kept saying they are automated and they can't do anything about it. I've been getting them since the start of the year and sometimes can be as many as 3 in a day. some say drop in store or its your best day to pay or its your due day to pay, its just getting a bit of a headache now and I'm so annoyed that they keep c
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