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  1. I have now received word back from AXA declining my claim. Can anyone please advice on the next steps to take to complain about their decision please?
  2. London, thanks very much. I will do just that and get back on here for more advice if needed. Thanks again and to dx100
  3. dx100uk I checked the SAR from Vanquis last night and as you say, the CCA is the exact same as the one from Lowell. I can't seem to find the interest rate charged. Does anyone know the average cap1 rate please?
  4. The default amount was £3406 and the amount now owned is £2456 £12 x 5 over limit charge £12 x 4 late payment charge
  5. Will it help if I upload what I received from Vanquis? sorry for sounding thick...T&C’s blank of my details?
  6. Hi the attachment is a CCA request from Lowell but I also requested a SAR from vanquis which I received a week ago
  7. Thank you. I will await Andyorch & dx100uk advice and will ignore Lowell. Thank you for replying London1971
  8. Hi Is anyone able to advice on the attachments please? Before I start getting hounded by Lowell again. Many thanks
  9. I've just realised they have included a statement also and have a lot of the following on it: Example: £23.20 BILLED DEFERRED FINANCE CHARGES 09-02-2015 £77.42 BILLED FINANCE CHARGES 09-02-2015 £12.00 LATE PAYMENT CHARGE Finance charges are different amounts. Is this meant to be interest charged? I can't understand the two different amounts on the same dates. I have a lot of these on the statement (all different amounts)
  10. Good morning, I now have the requested documents from Lowell which I have uploaded. If someone could go over these for me and advice me further I would be grateful. Digital signature.pdf CCA.pdf
  11. Thank you for your help. I have forwarded on the email to AXA and let them know that I have not responded to the email.
  12. Can anyone please advise? I was unwell last year and admitted to hospital overnight. I was due to go to Florida a few weeks after and called Bank of Scotland who my travel insurance was through. I told them about my hospital stay and was told that was fine and I was still insured to go on holiday. on arrival I took unwell and had to visit hospital in Orlando and was given a CT. I was discharged a few hours later. I never heard back from AXA insurance until earlier this year when they wanted permission to contact my GP for my medical records, however I completed all paperwork for this
  13. The 12+2 days will be up for the Vanquis CCA on Thursday. What are my next steps if they don’t have it by then? I have stopped the DD but in the meantime they wrote to say they have suspended all payments until I receive the CCA anyway
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