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  1. Hi - just to let anyone who is looking at this thread for help with the address for Monument. I used the address below but my letter has been returned as Royal Mail cannot deliver, so this address must be incorrect. Thanks
  2. Thanks but if they say they don't hold any information on me post 6 years and return my £10 for the SAR then I don't think I can force the info out of them? I would like to know if they put OCS onto my account.
  3. Received my postal order back from caversham from nance with a letter saying they only hold records for 6 years. Is this the end of the road as far as trying to get my SAR from them??
  4. Thanks - I really apprciate your help
  5. Thank you - do you know who I would make the postal order for the £10 fee to?
  6. Can anyone please supply the correct address for to send a SAR to monument (old account) and who do I make the PO payable to please? Thanks in advance
  7. Morning - I have checked on Capital One's PPI online checker to see if I had PPI with an old credit card. They have emailed me back to say I was sold it on 5/12/03 and to complete a form. I had no idea I had this and was unemployed in 2003. They have asked on the form to include a letter from HMRC to prove I was not paying any NI. Has anyone had any success in these circumstances???
  8. Firstly, I apologise for this post!! I am looking for a SAR template letter to send to Brighthouse. I had an account with them many years ago (no paperwork or account number), and would like them to send me any information as I want to know if I was mis-sold PPI. Can someone please direct me in the right direction. I have tried searching the CAG library withou much luck Many thanks T
  9. Lol, surprisngly I knew exactly what the abbreviations meant. I have sent letters to all companies concerned and will take it from there. I am still waiting on replies and will post them once recieved. Thanks again for all your helpful replies
  10. Hi thanks for your reply. I think my dad must have been given probate when my mum died. I know my dad had to go to a solicitor to enable him to have the house transferred into his name and to deal with the estate, etc. The loan was soley in my mum's name. Thanks again...This is probably going to be more hassle than it's worth!!!
  11. Thanks for taking the time and replying and for the very detailed information. My dad had a will and his two brothers were the executor of his will. One of his brother's has passed away, but it would be no problem getting my uncle to deal with this as the remaning executor. I have all documentation required, ie. death, birth certificates, etc so that will not be a problem. My only question would be, since my dad dealt with the estate (through a solicitor) when my mum died, then surely I can approach companies regarding any PPI that my mum may have had in her own name?? Thanks again for all the information you have taken the time to give me
  12. Thanks for your replies - I was not the executor as my mum didn't have a will. My dad dealt with the estate who has now passed on and also there were no debts left to be paid by either parents. I will give it a try...as you say I have nothing to lose. Thanks again.
  13. Hi can anyone tell me if it is possible to claim PPI on my mum and dad's bank loans? My mum died in 1998 and I have come across old paperwork with a First Direct loan with PPI but my mum got paid for being off sick etc. Is it possible to claim this back and also ask Clydesdale and RBOS to look into what other loans they had in the past? TIA
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