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  1. Well the hearing will only last 15 mins....take it up with the Judge but we dont set the limits
  2. https://www.express.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/1108763/Easter-2019-DWP-government-payment-dates-benefit-payment-Easter-dates Andy
  3. Yes Michael you can claim loss of earnings up to £90 per day ...you may be required to produce evidence you have had to take time off unpaid and of course its only awarded if your application is successful and the amount awarded is at the discretion of the court. Andy
  4. County Court Bailiffs are salaried civil servants employed directly by the court service......there are no further fees PT
  5. This is County Court Bailiffs not HCEO..there is only one fee £110. https://www.gov.uk/make-court-claim-for-money/enforce-a-judgment " I read that you can include all CCJ's in one application - saving money on fees and making just one monthly payment. Irrelevant as total debt has to be below £5k. " Incorrect one CCJ per N245..you can bulk CCJs on to a Time Order/DRO/Bankruptcy
  6. I have not banned anyone connected to the UAE threads.....those who have been moderated should of followed the forum rules and posted with courtesy to the Site Team.
  7. Unfollowing thread...subscription removed
  8. You just stated on your thread you had submitted your defence? And further why is all this advice you refer to by PM and not on the threads ?
  9. Excellent so you dont really need any further ideas or advice or assistance. ?
  10. Quiet...not really your last post was only 17 hours ago.Have you had any further thoughts with regards to your intended defence ? Post a copy of your intended draft here then we can pool some ideas and add to it. Andy
  11. Now you await the court directions with regards to how the claim will proceed...you will have to prepare a further statement and disclosures..you have the advantage of why their application was dismissed and can add/concentrate on that part within your statement.
  12. No problem...plenty of examples of witness statement already here in this forum and the Legal Success forum.
  13. The court will acknowledge receipt of the defence......the process is explained within the acknowledgment of what the claimant must do next if they wish to proceed with the claim. Andy
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