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  1. Well done Paul...delighted you have managed to resolve this. Andy
  2. Typical defence that you would expect in response...reads rather like a witness statement than a defence. Be wary of point 25 .....are you currently indebted to the agreement ?.....they are relying on CPR 16.6 to use a set off defence. Andy
  3. No......they have already had 33 days in total....no need for 40.
  4. They only get 14 days...that the law......unless its agreed by you. https://www.justice.gov.uk/courts/procedure-rules/civil/rules/part15#15.5
  5. Looks genuine and valid to me if your referring to the one you uploaded at post # 29 ?
  6. Start a new topic in the Garage services Forum. https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/48-garage-services/
  7. Topic moved to the appropriate forum....please continue to post here. Andy
  8. Another option...... https://www.halifax.co.uk/helpcentre/payment-disputes.html
  9. https://www.halifax.co.uk/helpcentre/coronavirus/travel-disruption-faqs.html#:~:text=A chargeback claim must also,may apply in certain situations.
  10. https://www.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/advice/how-do-i-use-chargeback
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