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  1. Not really ...mediation is part of the process at allocation stage.
  2. Its complete when your satisfied and any snaggings have been corrected and faults rectified to your satisfaction....then you pay the balance
  3. Defended claim not defender Its the Directions Questionnaire n181 for allocation and yes you also submit one...hence the blank form.
  4. You really need to add the background here because if they do make application no one will be able to advise as there is no details re the debt or court claim.
  5. Thats why it was designed that way and intended
  6. Ah okay didn't know there was a court claim...no mention of it here on the thread. If its stayed they make application to lift the stay and proceed...no time frames..
  7. " or after 1 year I apply for the order to be lifted/stayed/removed?? " What Order ?
  8. Probably because you have not completed the form in its entirety ...you must complete A-D https://www.scotcourts.gov.uk/docs/default-source/rules-and-practice/forms/sheriff-court-forms/simple-procedure-forms/form_9g.pdf?sfvrsn=6
  9. Normally after a set a side it is acceptable to submit a fully particularised defence come witness statement style response...we are past the initial defence stage.
  10. It may be futile but all parties are expected to participate in ADR...wont happen anyway so no harm in ticking yes. Retain a copy for your file also Yes to mediation Yes to small claims track 1 witness yourself State your local county court. The rest is self explanatory tick boxes.
  11. So its a Personal Guarantee by you as Director of a lImited Company. Was it given without supporting security being provided by the guarantor or with supporting security such as a legal charge over the guarantor's family home. ?
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