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  1. Thank you.....CPR /CCA requests next Katy. Andy
  2. Its normal process unfortunately...you have to go through the hoops.It is good that you will be in attendance then you can also makes notes of any interference /changes and take pictures. Just go with the process and do as requested......you will succeed. Andy
  3. Topics merged...please do not start new topics on the same issue. Andy
  4. File an N245..fee is £50...you cant reduce the judgment amount. Andy
  5. Correct...it must be the address at the time of inception Andy
  6. Well its getting a bit late now and you really have not done yourself any favours leaving it late but you will be okay submitting a tad late. Tomorrow....Scan redact and upload a copy of :- The agreement &TCs The default notices A copy of their statement And we can see what we can do.....possibly throw a section in of Irresponsible lending by the OC for good measure.
  7. Wow exactly ...I think I would have to suffer really bad postnatal depression to have to agree to that. And they are claiming £505...that includes claim fee and sols fee ?
  8. And your not looking to set a side.....simply accepting judgment and wish to get a formal payment in place and suspend the warrant ?
  9. Well it will have dropped off your credit file now after 6 years...so forget that ..... What is the exact date of this agreement ? What date should the fisrt payment have been made ?
  10. The first default notice. Claim issued 3rd Aug 2019 Default Notice dated 6/10/13 So your 2 months short for SB ? 5 years and 10 months and 7 days ?
  11. The date of the default notice + 14 days according to the recent court case.....always was the first missed contractual payment.
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