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  1. Hi and Welocme to CAG I have moved your thread to the appropriate forum hopefully you will get a response. Regards Andy
  2. Absolutely......file with court a few days before time and serve on the death.
  3. Its an option but normally the court expects you to make an application to request it which would incur a fee.....but if your Order states that the court will strike it out if they fail you can simply request it and the court actions it of its own volition.
  4. Ask the court to impose sanctions if they have failed to comply .....IE Strike out the claim.
  5. The Charging Order remains valid and connected to the assignee..it will require settlement if you were to sell the property. Andy
  6. What date are you supposed to file and exchange statements and evidence ?
  7. As of this date the Claimants have yet to file and serve a copy of their evidence and statement Have you received their witness statement ?
  8. Well the hearing will only last 15 mins....take it up with the Judge but we dont set the limits
  9. https://www.express.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/1108763/Easter-2019-DWP-government-payment-dates-benefit-payment-Easter-dates Andy
  10. Yes Michael you can claim loss of earnings up to £90 per day ...you may be required to produce evidence you have had to take time off unpaid and of course its only awarded if your application is successful and the amount awarded is at the discretion of the court. Andy
  11. County Court Bailiffs are salaried civil servants employed directly by the court service......there are no further fees PT
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