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  1. 1 witness to the facts ..thats you...no expert evidence.All defences are supported by a witness statement as evidence...your defence is just your initial response....your statement is the nitty gritty in your own words as to why you are defending the claim. Lowell or Lowells Solicitors if they are named seperateon the claim form.
  2. Thanks Have you received prior notice of a claim being issued pursuant to paragraph 3 of the PAPDC ( Pre Action Protocol) ? Not sure what that is See below Is the debt showing on your credit reference files (Experian/ Equifax /Etc...) ? I havent checked but would assume so Dont assume please check.....it only takes minutes and is important to your claim and the advice we offer Andy
  3. Hi and Welcome to CAG By Friday 4.00pm 29th March Shazam1966 (19 days inc 11th March) If you could complete the claim form link and then we can get you going. Regards Andy
  4. I assume you have had previous address in the UK and was you then on the electoral register ?
  5. I see.....well block their emails...or create a new one and dump the one they have......no the Banks cant divulge your personal data
  6. Appeal the judgment......costly...again you would be wise to attend court and argue your appeal.
  7. Is there any particular reason you wont use Direct Debit fade2grey ? They use to offer a discount for paying by way of DD and Duel fuel. Andy
  8. Hi and Welcome to CAG You have not read the following one... Regards Andy
  9. You mean set a side.....make an application using n244 the fee is £255 and you will have to attend a hearing and state your reasons why you think the court has made an error in judgment
  10. It appears the the District Judge has dispensed with a need to proceed the claim to a trial hearing and has made his deliberation at the CMC. Did you not attend or consult a Mackenzie Friend ? I did previously warn that none attendance normally guarantees the claimant judgment.
  11. The debt is joint and several so both FM1 and FM2 are equally liable should it escalate to litigation.The request should be from FM1 as it responds to their letter and debt. The request simply requires a printed name not signature. No you dont use without prejudice.
  12. Not sure about GDPR laws.....possibly Banking and the Direct Debit guidelines.
  13. Get the section 77 running and see how they respond...that will keep them at bay and respond to their letter above . Andy
  14. So what was the initial dispute with the loan...why did it default ?
  15. Can you please read and complete the following and copy and paste back here for further advice... Regards Andy
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