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  1. Then point 2 must be removed...I will tweak it shortly.
  2. Sure...post your draft here before submitting. Andy
  3. Its normal that the claimant adds the hearing fee to its final costs once the claim has concluded....up until judgment the fee is the claimants responsibility...and none of the defendants concern.
  4. If your joint defendants on the claim ...no you send only 1. Your Notice of Judgment states when it must be paid by ...to avoid it being registered with the Trust/CRAs. Costs are a separate matter and they will get a costs order...which you can pay by arrangement with the claimant...no set time.....no judgment.
  5. If your paying it in full before the 30 days you can request a Notice of Satisfaction. Form N443: Apply for a certificate to show you've paid a court order - GOV.UK WWW.GOV.UK Use Form N443 to tell the court that you've paid the full amount of an order, and apply for a 'certificate of satisfaction' or 'certificate of cancellation'.
  6. Give it to them.....may help in resolving the matter before you have to pay a hearing fee.
  7. Correct.. you can only pay what is demanded on the claim form /Notice of Judgment.
  8. Once a claim has been issued...thats it the clock is ticking....whether you agree to it or dispute or think that one shouldnt have been issued at all. Once a defence has been submitted all claims go to allocation stage (this is the DQ N180) which sets out the details and transfers the claim to your local county court. All claims under 10K will be inevitably heard in the small claim track ...if it was over 10K then it would allocated to the Fast Track..same process. Only mediation (which isn't applicable to this type of claim)or the claimant discontinuing the claim can halt the proc
  9. Please read and complete the following.....copy the Q,s and responses back here for further advice.
  10. In reality it should...it would be a more particularised version of the MCOL PoC...but you ticked the option when you didnt need to. Add whatever you feel that is missing from the MCOL version. .
  11. Thought we had already covered this...your only sending a separate POC because of the error made in ticking the separate POC box which you never needed to do in the first place. So same as your MCOL POC....you can lose the Yours Faithfully...it must finish with a statement of truth and dated. “I believe the that the facts stated in this separate particulars of claim are true. " Signed Dated.
  12. CPR 15.5 is applicable only after the full 28 days...the 14 days they refer to is after acknowledgment of service to submit their defence...not beyond the 28 days. They must have the claimants agreement to extend further and add a further 28 days...56 days max allowed.
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