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  1. Strange.....give your local CC a ring and inquire...may of been discontinued and they never sent you notice.
  2. It may be that the court does not notify you...procedures change....they have served you with a copy and no doubt the court must have received and processed their copy. Just check with the court again that it is discontinued on their system.
  3. Thread title updated. Your very welcome...please consider making a donation to the forum so we can continue to help others such as yourself.
  4. Its an option I'm not stating thats what you do....depends if you wish to proceed.You dont offer you suggest...only the claimant can arrange a tomlin order..its for you to agree/negotiate it.
  5. Option 1 is not an option as they have not complied with your section 79 request. Option 2 simply means more letters to pick up off your doormat and open to file. Dear Sirs thank you for your letter dated 11th May 2009 of which the contents are noted.However it appears that I am still waiting for a response to my section 79 request dated xxxxx. This may be an oversight on your part now if you cant comply this may be an active choice on your behalf.If you ignore my request I will remind you that pursuant to sections 77-79 of the Credit Consumer Act 1974 you are compelled to comply within 12+2 days.Until such time you can comply please bear in mind.... Section 79 CCA1974 (3)If the owner under an agreement fails to comply with subsection (1)— (a)he is not entitled, while the default continues, to enforce the agreement;F2 Regards
  6. Notice of Sums in Arrears....they are required by the CCA2006 to send you this information regularly. See section 86B of the CCA1974
  7. Your deeds are held by the Mortgagor as security not the LR.....LR only have copies of the original Title Deeds.
  8. Yes its a further breach but you are attempting to correct it....dont let it happen again if you get through this. Dont forget to put it in writing or email them......phone calls stand for nothing when your trying to prove matters and rely on it as evidence.
  9. No point as you know its not true,they know its not true and just a form of intimidation to put pressure on you....wont help in the matter of setting a side keep to the facts. Obviously some desk jockey has looked at the date on the SD rather than the deemed served date. If anything attach it to the SD for the court to see but you make no mention
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