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  1. Well I know the laws and loopholes London1971..and I think on that amount and the documents they have produced...they will commence litigation...now if it was an amount of 4K in the Small Claims Track.....obviously my advice would be completely different as you know I dont take prisoners
  2. They will only send a Pre Action Protocol when they are ready to litigate....the OP has already stated they must avoid a CCJ at all costs..I recommend a minimum payment of £25 pm which should keep them at bay..but if they refuse to accept that then I would consider taking them on. But it is Strikes backs choice and whats best for him.
  3. Or make an offer to Lowell and agree a new monthly payment plan...much reduced to what you have been paying...which is manageable and affordable and forgettable Its all very well us telling you yes its enforceable or unenforceable and illegible...a Court may have a different opinion...and you lose with substantial costs (Fast Track) Andy
  4. Hi Nibbles The court will send you your N180 to complete and serve by the dates stated.Check MCOL to the status of the claim to make sure Lowells have in fact submitted their DQ and the status is reading the same. The fact you have submitted a SB defence really dispenses with the need to enter into meditation as there is or shouldn't be anything to mediate over. Here is the DQ to complete on screen when you receive notification from the court to submit it. Looks far more professional than hand written and you can run 3 copies off when completed. Andy
  5. I see.... Im clearer now on why the question of enforceability arises.Well in my opinion what they have provided is questionable but possibly enough to attain a judgment...also you must be aware that as the amount in question is quite considerable should they litigate this will go Fast Track.....risky for you but also expensive for the claimant to litigate on and not be guaranteed recovering its costs should their claim fail. I suppose the question for you and deciding your next move is how imperative that you avoid a CCJ ? Andy
  6. And your currently making payments to Wescot ?....who have now been removed from the equation
  7. https://www.tvlicensing.co.uk/pay-for-your-tv-licence/ways-to-pay
  8. Why not tell us a bit about the loan why you defaulted on it ...was there a dispute with the original creditor etc...does it contain unfair charges...difficult to give advice just because they have sent you what purports to be a copy of the agreement...and an almost illegible copy at that. Andy
  9. Hi truffy and Welcome to CAG Start your thread in the appropriate forum when your ready. Andy
  10. Part of Lloyds Banking Group, providing loans predominantly for the catalogue customers of Littlewoods etc. " Have received another letter from Lowells they say they are giving me until the 31/03 to get in touch with them and arrange repayments or they will start pursuing the debt once more. " Isn't that what there already doing ? Ignore them. Andy
  11. Thread moved to the appropriate forum ..please continue to post here to your thread. Regards Andy
  12. https://www.judiciary.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/experts-guidance-cjc-aug-2014-amended-dec-8.pdf https://www.anthonygold.co.uk/latest/blog/amendment-to-cpr-35-4-costs-budgeting-by-the-back-door/
  13. The case law you can use is Edlington Properties -v JH Fenner. Where a debt/account has been Assigned, the seller has no right to appropriate your money to the third party.(Carboot) You need to write and tell the original creditor this and if they refuse to refund all of the money to you then you are able to issue proceedings in court to force them to refund this money to you. Andy
  14. Hi and Welcome to CAG I have moved your thread to the appropriate forum...please continue to post here to your topic. Regards Andy
  15. Thread moved to the appropriate forum ..please continue to post here to your thread. https://www.mygov.scot/bankruptcy/ Regards Andy
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