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  1. Edited above added point 6 as the conclusion as advised
  2. Not at all , email the Claimants Sol a copy and possibly email your local county court a copy or drop it in. Could do with a few tweaks though as this is an application to strike out your defence and separate to the normal process. Add to your intro.....remove your existing I ******, being the Defendant in this case will state as follows; I make this Witness Statement to oppose the claimant application for Strike Out/Summary Judgment in view of my defence submitted to the claim dated 11/08/2016 pursuant to CPR 24.5 (1) a&b. And to your closing paragraph...... 5.Having regard to the above it is respectfully requested that the claimant’s application is denied and the application for strike out/summary judgment is dismissed. In the circumstances the court is invited to conclude that there are reasonable grounds to suppose that I will be able to successfully defend the Claimant’s claim at trial. Regards Andy Andy
  3. Click the word SAR in your post...thread moved to the appropriate forum. Thread title amended Regards Andy
  4. Send them our Statue Barred letter from your executor who dealt at the time. Regards Andy
  5. Onwards and upwards it is then.....now you can disclose the above letter as your evidence.
  6. Good old Capquest ....CCA Report No longer a fee I think they are confusing their CCA requests with GDPRs requests
  7. Im sure the Legal team are pulling the strings though......
  8. " yeah, I was using the template previously used in other successful Barclays SAR cases (eh Shelly). The monetary compensation is not that important to me the key thing is to get them to provide the data which is also requested in the POC. " Yes I am aware not ideal because Shelleys was a part 7 for a monetary claim...but even if you proceed and the court order the disclosure...and they can/cant comply...what then ? Watch out for offers made in full and final settlement...because if they did disclose the data they will know your coming back for more...and once you F&FS you cant go back again.
  9. Please do then we can refer
  10. Possibly......the problem is your not looking for a cash settlement to the value of your claim...but a compensatory award at the discretion of the court. The problem is you submitted a money claim part 7 with a total amount settlement.....really it should have been a part 8 claim with no monetary value but to be decided by the court..IE Compensation. So if you proceed and win you will only get what you requested by way of the part 7 claim......if you add your court fees to the £125..and they agree your no worse off. The court will not give judgment for what your hoping to achieve....only the amount you requested. Andy
  11. Then decline their offer and proceed with your claim.
  12. Add your court fees and then possibly consider discontinuing ? Andy
  13. Because that what the Consumer credit act dictates ...12 days is ample time for the owner of the debt to provide disclosure and show they are legally entitled to enforce the agreement....without an agreement its not going anywhere near a court room.
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