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  1. I will hold fire for now then, and see what they come up with next! Thanks.
  2. Dad can barely speak or write after suffering a stroke a couple of years ago. even if I pointed this out to them, would they not go after my mum who was a second applicant on the loan? She is dad's full time carer but they are both pensioners. Do I write to them advising them of this? Or do we just ignore it, and only respond to this if, and when, they launch any proceedings? They were threatening bankruptcy, but dad can barley speak or write after suffering a stroke a couple of years ago, so I'm not sure how far any proceedings would get in those circumstances, although they could then launch proceedings against mum as she was the 2nd applicant.
  3. The first 8 of the 10 pages were all copies of a fax sent in Feb 2006 from what looks like the local branch of Halifax to Halifax Intermediaries, all numbered sequentially at the tops but part of the redacted info - it looks like either Halifax or Intrum have just copied the whole fax and sent it to mum and dad. I can reupload without the fax headers redacted if needed? Based on the the 'agreement' they've sent then, does it fulfil section 77 of the CCA 1974? And would it stand up in court? If not, what would be the best course of action?
  4. Thanks, hopefully all of the pages are there now?
  5. So, after sending off a Section 77 request back in March and receiving the standard 'We're looking into letter', completely out of the blue this week came a copy of the original credit agreement, which I must admit is a bit of a pain as I didn't know the banks were good at keeping records going that far back and/or willing to release them to the buyers of the debt. Anyway, the debt is over £8000 and would be impossible to pay for my mum and dad (dad who is disabled and unable to communicate). The original loan having my dad as 1st applicant and mum as 2nd). My mum and dad are in receipt of pension credit guarantee and my mum is my dad's full time carer. What are the next options - I could probably afford around a quarter of the total due as a full and final settlement to get rid of it to help them (but i'm not sure if they do that any more) or they could afford a token amount every month to stop any further action from commencing. TIA.
  6. Fair enough, you're advice has always been spot on so will hang fire! Many thanks!
  7. The 2 debts are statute barred and one of them has sent a letter to my new address and want them to go away, hence why I want to fire off statute barred letters. My fiancee panicked when one of them wrote to me at our new address (which is the scare tactics they rely on)!
  8. Scotland looks quite attractive now I can certainly answer yes to all of those. Presumably, firing off a statute barred letter which I am doing today, stops them from keep writing to me and contacting me?
  9. Sadly, as well know, most of the DCA's tactics rely on the debtor not knowing the rules of the law. Thanks for your help everyone!
  10. Many thanks, To add to that though, further down in the notes is: "A firm must not continue to demand payment from a customer after the customer has stated that he will not be paying the debt because it is statute barred." Presumably they can't use the line "If the lender or owner has been in regular contact with the customer during the limitation period, the firm may continue to attempt to recover the debt." to continue to contact/harass the customer once they have been made clear the debt is statute barred?
  11. With regards to the notes on Statute Barred debts in this thread: where it states: "If the lender or owner has been in regular contact with the customer during the limitation period, the firm may continue to attempt to recover the debt." am I correct in presuming that the contact has to be "both ways" and not just the lender/owner firing a load of letters that go unanswered?
  12. Many thanks, will send it off this afternoon.
  13. Do i need to add in 'Without Prejudice' to the CCA or anything like that? Or does it not admit anything at this stage?
  14. Ok, will do that this afternoon. Given that FM1 (who they are chasing) wouldn't be able to communicate over the debt, do we send the letter in their name or in the name of FM2 who has POA? However, as FM2 was also jointly responsible for the debt, is this just playing into their hands?
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