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  1. Hi, I’ve read the above replies but I’m still sure whether to send them a letter or use the PAP paperwork.
  2. Thanks. Is there a standard format for the letter? Or do I reply using their paperwork.
  3. Having heard nothing more CLI I thought that this claim was over and done with, However on 15th November I received a letter from wardhadaway law firm ( Solicitors from Leeds ). I just ignored this letter as another fishing attempt. This morning I received a “signed for “ letter containing a letter of claim sent in accordance with the Pre-Action Protocol asking for various details and several statement of accounts. What do you think I should do next?
  4. The loan was taken out over 11years ago and I think it was over 48 months. The last payment would have been made in June or July 2008. I have not received any letters or emails from the bank.
  5. Hi, I was working in Kuwait and took out a bank loan, I had to leave the country due to a change in circumstances, it would have 12- 18 moths ago I started getting emails from a company in the US asking me to pay off the outstanding loan, I blocked the emails and never heard anything for another 12 months. I started getting letters from Credit Limits which I ignored. Then at the weekend I received a pre action protocol from Credit Limits.
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