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  1. Hi, I recently also bought some goods from China, ( a dog paddling pool which when it arrived was no bigger than a dogs water bowl ) ,I managed to get a refund after about 6 weeks of arguing with the Chinese company. I first emailed them a couple of times saying that they had sent me the wrong item and I wanted a refund, all they would offer was either a 50% discount or I would have to return the item, I then opened a case with PayPal and after a bit of emails back and forth I was offered a full refund if I sent the item back and PayPal offered to pay for
  2. I received I letter from PRA Group this morning saying that they had contacted Halifax for further information, Halifax were unable to provide any additional information or documentation due to the age of the account. PRA have now closed the account and the matter is closed. I’ll keep a hold of the letter just in case.
  3. Thanks, I will do that, I’ll get one typed up this afternoon and sent to them.
  4. I have just received a letter from the PRA Group about money owed to Halifax/Bank of Scotland. 1. I have never had any contact with them before. 2. I have never used Halifax ever. 3. I never used Bank of Scotland for at least 16 years. Should I ignore the letter or send them a CCA S77 request. Any advice welcome. I have attached their letter. PRA 001.pdf
  5. When I received a similar letter I was able to go online and was able to view pictures of the event. I took the speed awareness course, no points on my licence.
  6. Hi, It’s over 10 days since I sent my letter and I’ve not heard anything from them. What do you think I should do next? Thanks
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