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  1. No from the date of your request.....12th March 2018
  2. So why are you posting in the middle of dummyneedshelp Thread ?
  3. Noooo we dont do reminders...they are fully aware of their legal obligations and compliance time frame. Claire1979!! if you could start your own thread on this rather than complicate someone else's thread thanks. Andy
  4. Well thats normal procedure for the cases...but any case lasting longer than the normal 2 weeks then as per my last post and he should have voiced is concerns. If they didnt even bother to ask then they have not followed due process.
  5. Then tell the mediator just that when they try to firm up the call.
  6. You haven't got a dispute or a query...you have made a legal request using section 78 pursuant to the CCA1974 .....if they cant comply within 12+2 days they are in default and unable to do anything with the debt legally.... forget them.
  7. Do you not qualify for exemption of court fees ? You really must submit the N245 to get this converted to monthly payment unless you can afford to clear the debt within 28 days otherwise they may take a step further and try to execute the judgment.
  8. Thread moved to Home Insurance Forum...please continue to post here to your thread. Andy
  9. Thread moved to Debt Collection Agencies Forum...please continue to post here to your thread. Andy
  10. You have been paying them for 8 years and nothing materially has changed apart from who collects payments..the charge secures the judgment...why would they have to consider a Full & Final Offer...they have their security anyway ? Andy
  11. Really bad luck that...I have done Jury Service twice now and never had a case last over 2 days Has he actually been selected for this case or simply been told to be prepared ? In most cases, jury service lasts about two weeks, but given the nature of some criminal cases, this cannot be guaranteed. If a trial is likely to last longer than two weeks, Jurors will be asked at court if this will be difficult for them. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/228867/9780108508400.pdf
  12. Credit Reference Agencies As per the top of this page Batty...not sure why you posted it in A Word from the Banks forum.
  13. she said in all probability it was issued! ......ah a probability Judge that works on assumptions. So did they get their claimed amount ? Costs ?
  14. Thread moved to the appropriate forum...please continue to post here to your thread. Andy
  15. Dont think so...just the payee...never assume it makes an ass........ Judgment claimant/Charging Order = Nat West Solicitor to make payment to = Drydens fairfax
  16. Its £100 without hearing and £255 with a hearing...the court will insist on a hearing for this type of application lift the Stay/Strike Out /Summary Judgment. You need to gen up on CPR 24.....this application is separate to the actual court process...a bit like a kangaroo court ...judgment without trial...unless you get your statement in response submitted on time and deals with every point raised in their witness statement. https://www.justice.gov.uk/courts/procedure-rules/civil/rules/part24
  17. So reading between the lines its just the Solicitor that you make payment to that has changed and Natwest still own the debt and Judgment ? You was paying Shakespeare Putman (Nat West was the claimant Shakespeare Putman were the Solicitors) Shakespeare Putman have informed you yo now start paying Drydens fairfax ......and the Judgment claimant remains as Nat West ...or have you actually received a Notice of Assignment from Nat West telling you they have sold the debt toa DCA ? Jointly owned property means it a Restriction type K so the restriction is only placed on your share of the property. Andy
  18. Still showing at point 1. of the agreement ...upload removed.
  19. Oh dear was the Judge in a rush and not interested in the CCA1974 ? If you could expand on the reasons AA so others can benefit from your experience. Chin up Andy
  20. Taking time off work Give a copy of the letter confirming your jury service to your employer. Your employer must let you have time off work but can ask you to delay your jury service if your absence will have a serious effect on business. Wages during jury service Your employer can choose whether or not to pay you during your service. If they do not you can claim for loss of earnings from the court. Problems with your employer You can complain to an employment tribunal if you’re unreasonably refused time off for jury service. If you’re sacked because you do jury service you may be able to claim unfair dismissal. However, if your employer asks you to delay jury service and you refuse, you may not be able to claim unfair dismissal. https://www.gov.uk/jury-service
  21. Who took you to court in 2011 ...was it Nat West themselves ? And who was you paying Nat West Direct or Irwin Mitch / Ascent legal ? The Charging Order remains the same in the name of the Original judgment Claimant until such time the new owner updates it or is required to update it. Give them a ring and make an offer. Andy
  22. It goes in your defence when you submit it...... 1. The Claimant has not complied with paragraph 3 of the PAPDC (Pre Action Protocol) Failed to serve a letter of claim pre claim pursuant to PAPDC changes of the 1st October 2017.It is respectfully requested that the court take this into consideration pursuant to 7.1 PAPDC. But only if you're sure you have never received it.
  23. You word your particulars in a way that states given that the defendant was only able to comply and disclose data from to it is expected that they are able to produce a Certificate of Destruction for the years it has failed to disclose......I wouldn't expect it to be mandatory or pursuant to the GDPR...but it makes life a little awkward to respond to.
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