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  1. Ah, ok thank you. I shall tell him to do that. Might write to MBNA and ask if they'll remove it anyway on compassionate grounds, probably a waste of time but I suppose it can't hurt...
  2. Hi, Thanks for your reply. I understand that the MBNA are entitled to issue a default if they don't receive the money but (sorry should have said before) Wise 2 Debt did actually send a re-payment proposal to MBNA which they accepted, does that make any difference? Yes the FOS are aware that the money hasn't been repaid - ages and ages ago Lloyd Anderson agreed to pay up but wanted to do it in monthly instalments of £100 which was relayed to us by the FOS. This was declined by us and to be honest I think they had no intention of even paying that, they just
  3. In 2011, MBNA got a bit heavy with my husband by doubling his minimum payments even when he said he couldn't afford them. He got a phone call a week or so later from a company called Wise 2 Debt who claimed to be a government funded debt management company who would deal with the MBNA on his behalf and get the interest frozen and to ignore any letters from MBNA and they would deal with it if he just paid them a fixed amount every month. An agreement was made and the letters kept coming from MBNA but they were ignored, as advised. Eventually h
  4. Hello there, My contract with t Mobile is for 500 minutes and what I thought to be free unlimited landline calls. for £26 a month. This month I received a shock bill for £255. I rang them and they said I had gone over my allowance by 517 minutes. I requested a bill and yes I had gone over my allowance by this many minutes but they have charged me 40p per minute for every minute, landline or otherwise. I can't find my original agreement with them which I guess I can ask for (will they charge me?), but my main question here is whether they are reall
  5. No it's not on my CRA file, nor do I ever remember seeing it on there. Must admit I have only started to check it in the last three or four years when my finances have improved. I did have a ccj on there a few years ago but it wasn't for RW, I think it might have been an old phone bill from when I was a student. I have thought about complaining to the Fos, but thought it might be a drawn out process. Actually I might do that anyway, I have threatened them with reporting them so many times so I'll do that and write to them again and tell them I've reported t
  6. Actually I think I posted the original stuff about Rob Way when the forum was called something else and I had to change my username. I can't remember what the forum was called before..
  7. Hi Citizen B. Yes it is. That one is sorted. I just wrote to them telling them to take it or leave it and they backed off and sent me a new agreement for the same amount I was already paying. Hurrah. I haven't been able to find the one about Rob way though, it was rather a long time ago...
  8. Thanks, for this. Yes I used the CAG template Statute barred letter, sent it this afternoon first class recorded. If they did turn up at the door, I 'd probably look a fool calling the police, I don't think they'd bother with a mere trespassing case when they have bigger fish to fry. How long do you think it will take them to reply? Every other letter I have sent had a deadline for their response on it. If they don't reply at all I will be constantly peering out of the window! Thank you very much for all of your help!
  9. Thanks for your replies. According to my records the last payment was made before 30th Sept 2005. Well before I think as that was the date on the info from GE that they sold the debt to a DC agency (Viking at first I think). It isn't on my credit record and I don't remember it ever being on there. I haven't acknowledged any responsibility for this since the last payment was made over 8 years ago. What do you mean by "much more aggressive"?? Are they entitled send a court order still?? I've already send the statute barred letter this afternoon.
  10. Hi, I did post on here some time ago about this problem with Robinson way but I thought it had been resolved and now I can't find the thread. I'm just abut to write to Robinson way but I need some advice/reassurance before I do so I would be ever so grateful for some! Recap: Got hassled by Robinson way for years (from 2005) until I sought advise and started writing to them and told them I would only deal with them in writing etc etc in about 2010. Asked them to produce my signed credit agreement (2011) to which they replied saying they couldn't, but did
  11. Thanks for your reply. Actually they bought the debt 5 years ago but couldn't pin me down for another 2 years or so... it was from Egg but I no longer have any paperwork from the original account and did wonder about PPI and charges etc, but I didn't really know how to go about it (didn't want to open a can of worms) but i might see if I can track it down and find out. I'll draft up a letter now saying take it or leave it then. Thanks very much for your help!
  12. I have been paying DLC about £40 a month for a 6k debt for 5 years now and haven't missed a payment. I received a letter this morning saying that my current repayment plan has come to an end and needs to be revised. They want me to call them (no fear) and no doubt they want me to pay them much more every month, which I don't want to. They have said "failure to do so could result in the withdrawal of installment rights on the account". As far as I'm concerned they should be grateful I'm paying them at all, as I could have shirked the whole debt had I known then wha
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