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  1. Hi again Yorky, admins may merge this as you approached this topic in your other thread, albeit in a thread discussing employment.. I would suspect it would depend on the thresholds if it is available to carers, but honestly, you should just ask the Agency in charge of this, or make the application and find out. Also, sorry to nitpick, please use '?' for your questions, it's difficult to figure out what are your statements and what are your questions, this will assist people trying to help you.
  2. Ok, you said 'usually' in your first post regarding the advice from them.. but it doesn't matter - usually/normally is not definitive Give it time Card
  3. That's a great result Vdto, well done on pleading your case!! This will not affect any applications because nothing will go on the record outside of Tfl, it's simply a warning, essentially you can forget about it, move on and be more careful in future as dx says above. We all make mistakes
  4. That's just the quickest yet seen of a resolution, and someone told you it 'usually' takes, means nothing really.. Sadly, keep waiting, hope you get a resolution soon though
  5. No rush Baz, try to fix scanner there are other options but there's no urgency in uploading. SAR should indeed contain everything, you could politely (or not) remind them they are in breach of the GDPR regulation and the ICO would be interested in such cases, as you stated in your original letter, they are obliged to provide EVERYTHING
  6. Hi Baz, Based on your comments on what you have received it would be worthwhile uploading them for us to see, redact all identifiable info such as acc number and name etc Follow the upload guide carefully Then if/when you get the CCA response, do the same, we can compare a number of those documents because Vanquis should have supplied originals BT
  7. Hi allets, CCA to whoever is the debt owner today, let us know their response, or lack there of, for further guidance Or you could read up other like threads and the advice will be the same, so you'll know what to expect BT
  8. Complaint with FOS? now you've made contact with ICO Check with CRA if closing the troublesome account would help? and do it if so
  9. I don't see any issues with trying to get the judges attention based on what you've said regarding the ruling. Disclaimer: I'm not an expert on court procedure
  10. Post #2 and Post #11 are what you need to do for now, this will prevent DCA's getting involved for many months/years/if ever and will also limit the letters landing on the doorstep. Direct question - Not sure what 'attaching' means, but it doesn't sound good, do not do this and forget that line of thinking all together. "I've read around the site, there is no answer." - I said re-read YOUR thread, everything you need right now is already here
  11. Hello HP, I've tried catching up with your thread. Was there ever a resolution through the courts? are you aware of ongoing/pending litigation remaining here? You've been given much advice on this, and although I don't (nor anyone by the looks) have the answers you seem to want, all I can advise is that you are transparent about everything and allow this to take it's course through the courts. I hope I haven't missed something obvious, just trying to help.
  12. Hey SB Did you make that large drink and have a good read up? Re-read your thread, everything you need is in here already, try not to complicate things just now.
  13. Hi xJohn, welcome to CAG If you've been able to confirm in the TOS what they've said, then it doesn't matter what you feel is missing from the contract, you agreed to it. Specialist - you need to confirm if they are referring to the de-racking process? Transport is none of their business once it's out of their racks.
  14. SAR, yes do both, could be useful for cross referencing The dates you've given for moving abroad also change from your original post so the more info you can gather the better Also, there's quite a few questions you haven't answered that could be useful.
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