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  1. HI, I recently received a PCN from Rochdale council. I had some document bundles to collect from a solicitors office and used a loading bay at the rear door. Parking at the front was not an option as I would be causing an obstruction. I then had to walk around to the front door, wait for the solicitor to come from her office and walk back to my vehicle. I was away around 8 minutes in total. I have received a PCN for this with the warden having watched my car for 5 mins. The council have rejected my appeal on the grounds I was actually loading my car. Have I got grounds
  2. Article 6 (1)(d) of the GDPR allows them to inform the police "processing is necessary in order to protect the vital interests of the data subject or of another natural person;" I think it was in your friends vital interests that his welfare was made a priority.
  3. If you are 100% sure you wouldn't have been there you could ask for photos and check if it is your vehicle or a clone? The NIPs are sent out relatively swiftly so you should have some idea whether being there was even a slight possibility. The other option is being able to prove you, and more importantly the car, was elsewhere.
  4. Submit a defence including copies of receipt. Also submit a counterclaim for expenses. It is important you do it ASAP so you don't lose by default. If you have the evidence you claim, you shouldn't lose therefore it'll cost nothing. If you lose you may have court costs on top of the 199
  5. My letter states early cancellation charges will apply so if there's a way out without paying I'd like to know. Interestingly they're not likely to charge odd pennies when signing up, and not likely hike prices so chances are new contracts after March will be at old price
  6. Another option may be to write the car off and buy back as a catc c or d. Most likely a d as uneconomical to repair. You could then use the settlement money to pay for the repairs at a cheaper independent garage. I would get the car assessed though for underlying damage at an independent garage
  7. Ok the matter was eventually resolved. Just to clarify, initially she cancelled a joint claim, then submitted a new claim as a single person. The new bank details were put on this. After the initial payment going to the account on the old claim she phoned and was told it would be sorted. Anyway, after a second call got her nowhere, my sister, who is a little more forceful got on the phone and managed to escalate things. Result! A second payment has been made into the new account, and the application will be checked. should the new bank details be on that application, the person who process
  8. My mum threw her partner out 6-8 week ago. She made a fresh benefit claim in her sole name and asked it to be paid into her own account, not the joint one. ( She couldn't get her partner off the joint account so changing banks seemed easier) The last two benefit payments went into the joint account, despite her repeat requests to have them in the new account. She should have been paid today and the benefits went into the joint account, only to be drawn out in the early hours. The ex partner is the only person with another card. Benefits agency told her there is nothing they can do and
  9. You Could Put An Injury Claim In Against The Driver. The Burden Of Proof Would Be Much Less Than Required In A Criminal Court
  10. Try Emailing Royal Mail And Ask Them Is It Normal Procedure. You Don't Have To Go Into Detail. If It Isn't Lodge A Complaint, If It Is Then Send Proof Of Such To The Council
  11. Try Ringing A Few Locksmiths And Price Up Changing Locks. If The Invoice You Have Is Excessively High You Can Argue It.
  12. Hi, has your friend already posted on here relating to this? I remember some months back a post from someone who had received a large item which was damaged and seller was refusing to accept back. They also said this was a large item and they had no p[lace to store it. Tried searching but cant find the post
  13. Was It Definitely Towed From Outside Your Property. Could The Thief Have Taken Your Spate Key, Parked The Car hazardously, Had It Towed And Claimed It Back? Did The Thief Drive Out Of Compound, Or Tow It? This Could Help You Find Out What Happened. Maybe An Error Means The Car Was SoLd, Not Stolen, Ai Believe abandoned Vehicles Can Be Sold On
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