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  1. I don't think its worth going to court over - cos he carried on working as stated he could have taken his holidays if he wanted to, in which case they will have to stop him due to staff shortage or other business reasons. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/holiday-entitlement-and-pay-during-coronavirus-covid-19#holiday-entitlement And considering the holiday year ending 30th March, most business in the UK were fully operational at that time and lock down was after (i think)
  2. So it sounds like you are after the holiday he accrued between 9th Feb and March 30 which you have worked out to be 3.62. Does the company allow holidays to be carried over to the next holiday year? most companies allow 5 days some don't. If your partners company don't allow carry over and he doesn't use his holiday he looses it. However there is a new rule for covid to carry over holidays over the next 2 years - look that up
  3. It definitely has to be 100% or they have pulled a fast one on you - even before the govt clarified on this I found advise to this end that it has to be pre-furlough pay.
  4. I assume your holidays run from March to April or something similar. As far as i know your holidays continue to accrue - covid or not, especially since you kept working they have no leg to stand on.
  5. Thanks Andy, The bill they failed to apply on their system was issued in March 2015 for £600 say finished paying this off in January 2016 in March 2016 i received a new bill say £300 which i finished paying off January 2017. In Sept 2016 i got a revised bill (this is common) saying the real cost is £800 so i was expecting that they would take out the £600 i had already paid and leave me with £200 in addition to new bill in March 2017(£900). Instead my bill stay £800 + £900 = £1700 effectively so to answer the question the revised bill or notification cam e in September 2016 to revise the bill for March 2015.
  6. Thanks Good Sister - my calculation between March 2015 to Sept 2016 gives me 18 months, i didn't question the notice until they gave me a breakdown in March 2017 to say i paid £0 in 2015.
  7. Wrong - you are referring to financial contracts this is not one of such this is a leasehold contract, and does not apply here, read link i put in the original post. Are there any experts here that could shed more light on this? Regards
  8. Hello All, Today i received a letter from my local council leasehold team asking me to pay an outstanding amount within 2wks or face court action. i received what seem like a bill for 2 years in March 2017 i started to query this and they told me it was what was outstanding from a previous year - what year is this? 2015. Before i got to this point it took 2 months and it felt almost like a cover up, eventually someone explained what had happened. In 2015 i was sent a bill £ X, paid by 10 monthly instalments, but instead of applying my payments against the £X they applied it against £0 which meant at the end of the financial year i was in credit of £X 2016 next bill came - bill was less than previous years, i called the council and they told me i have been overpaying and this is why and i should reduce my future payments. 2017 they now want me to cough up for 2015/16 as well as 2017/18 My question is they made a mistake on my account in March 2015 by not applying a debit to my account leaving it at £0, and September 2016 was the first time they wrote about outstanding charges be it they didn't admit any mistake. Can they ask me to pay for something that was meant for 2015 in 2017 and also it has been 19 months after the mistake before they are ask for the payment. Does this section 20B give me a leg to stand on? http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1985/70/section/20B I actually don't mind paying just don't want to be harassed about it. Please if any bit is unclear let me know and i will try and be clearer Regards fro
  9. Anyone know where i can find the TRO? the newshopper link only says Smins not even 5mins
  10. Looks like it, all recent changes as well - money making scheme if you ask me. how does the legislation about 10 mins grace period factor into a 5 min car park?
  11. Hi Jamberson, I assumed i was parked in a pay and display bay as it didn't say free, there is another sign 2 cars behind mine showing hours of operation. Assuming it was during operational hours i would have to pay for 5mins i suppose here is the CPZ for the street - http://www.bromley.gov.uk/directory_record/1213682/east_street_bromley
  12. sorry i didn't take a picture of those conditions but its 2 hours no return if memory serves me right, yes parked by the 5 min sign. Found this under grace period: Deregulation Act 2015 “Grace Period” The Deregulation Act 2015 requires that a “grace period” of 10 minutes be applied to paid for time and free parking bays from 1st April 2015. The grace period is only applicable where the requirements of the bay have been satisfied first i.e. a parking session has been purchased, the vehicle holds the relevant permit, undertaking an exempted activity, etc. If these requirements have not been met the vehicle will be subjected to enforcement in line with the established protocol for that restriction. It’s important to note that the grace period only applies to “designated parking places” and not yellow lines, keep clears, zig-zags, etc. A vehicle parking outside of controlled hours is considered to have parked at a time when no restrictions are in force and therefore no requirements to satisfy. T he 10 minute grace period will apply for the first 10 minutes of the next controlled parking period. For example, if the CPZ hours apply from 8.30am to 6.30pm and the vehicle was parked before 8.30am, the grace period would apply between 8.30am and 8.40am and no PCN should be issued until 8.41am.
  13. Hello, on Saturday evening i thought i'd give the Mrs a break and take us all to a restaurant in Bromley, we arrived and parked at 18:50. Looking at the signs it was a bit confusing i went to check the hours of operation also attached everything looked fine and i was happy that i managed to find parking on a busy evening. The restaurant was really busy and they told us we only have an hour as they have further reservations, we sat down to eat knowing we will be back just after 20:00, but that's besides the point. I am really surprised to be getting a ticket outside of the operation hours, and the 5 mins max stay just doesn't add up. I am appealing just need a bit of help please Regards fro
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