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  1. Topic merged....please keep to one thread per issue. Andy
  2. If you have the hearing date, you must have the courts Directions so you need to prepare your statement and disclosures. Andy
  3. You can't request a hearing in Scotland because you issued the claim through MCOL under English Jurisdiction.So you either attend the defendants local court....or request a remote hearing or inform the court that you will not be inattendance and will rely on CPR 27.9 https://www.justice.gov.uk/courts/procedure-rules/civil/rules/part27#27.9
  4. Upload unapproved.....please fully redact any identifiable data before uploading documents....including claim numbers etc etc. Andy
  5. To make you think they are proceeding and to make you panic and make an offer of settlement.....wait for the court to send you the DQ....if they proceed.
  6. Check the claim status on MCOL.....it will say if DQs have been dispatched.
  7. Welcome to the forum. I have moved your topic to the relevant forum....please continue to post here. Regards Andy
  8. The DQ is fairly straight forward to complete....post here if there is anything your unsure of.It must be filed at the court by 25th 4.00pm and a copy served on the Solicitor assuming you have conformation by the court that they have been granted permission to act for the defendant by that date.....otherwise do not serve a copy as this could be a breach of the DPA.
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