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  1. Yes by all means change it.....I thought you had drafted point 3 and it was correct....but reading it now you have simply copied from another defence that I had previously done for another user. Lowell's did not acquire the debt until 02/04/2019 ...so have they provided a copy of the NOA now ?
  2. Name still showing on NOA 1 and they do state that they have not included the default notices. The agreement is a reconstituted version ......but it looks short of the required prescribes that must be included on a reconstituted version....signatures are not required...but account number s and addresses at the the time of inception, not your current address if you have moved since.
  3. 4.00pm tomorrow is your deadline. Defence edited above to remove references of default notices and CCA1974. Regards Andy
  4. You mean you have not filed or served your statement and evidence in support of your defence ?
  5. https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/saving/article-2612177/Banks-offer-support-customers-make-online-banking-slip-ups.html
  6. Ridiculous isn't it...so he wasn't able to check the claim number on the courts system to tell you the status ...i suppose that would be too easy. I doesn't take 9 weeks...something is seriously amiss here...hopefully it is discontinuance and they have failed to inform you.
  7. Interest This screen will ask you if you want to reserve the right to claim interest. If you wish to claim interest under the County Court Act please select yes. Interest under the County Court Act is charged at 8% per annum. If you select this option please be aware that this will reduce the amount of space left in the main particulars box by six lines. This is because a statement is automatically added explaining you are claiming interest under the County Court Act. You will be able to see the extra information added in the next screen “Summary”.
  8. I have to hide your upload...all the details of the car and your bank details showing......please redact fully. Andy
  9. Can you scan redact and upload a copy of the agreement ?
  10. Hi and Welcome to CAG I have moved your topic to the appropriate forum (Swift Advances) please continue to post here. Andy
  11. COR ? CPR ....does not show stayed on the MCOL dashboard status.....just defence received.
  12. Start a thread in our Financial Legal Issues Forum and we will advise how to defend the claim. https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/121-financial-legal-issues/ Andy
  13. https://www.eonenergy.com/home-heating/affordable-warmth.html
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