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  1. Take a read of the following towards the end of the sticky .....Costs.
  2. Costs must be agreed between parties if the court has not stipulated an amount.So stage one is to write as stated an informal request stating your costs and a breakdown..its called a BIll of Costs.If they do not agree or accept .then you move to stage 2 to have the costs summarily assessed with a hearing. If you costs are fair and justified they should accept your first request.
  3. Okay so you simply write an informal letter to the claimants solicitor requesting same with a breakdown/bill of costs referring to the Judgment dated XXXX. Then see what you response you get. Andy
  4. I need to complete N244 and attach draft order and witness statement does this require a hearing? No draft order pursuant to CPR 35.4? This is not exactly an order, what else should be included? Nothing simply state pursuant to CPR 35.4 (you do know how to draft an order? ) witness statement - outline the same reasons as in my previous letter for the scope and requirement of expert report Correct evidence - this is the most ambiguous part, is the report to be submitted with evidence or ONLY evidence to support the reasons why the report is necessary? The Experts statement fees £255?? No..... £100 without hearing Andy
  5. Hi and Welcome to CAG Does your notice of Judgment state that the claimant pay your costs ..you have it in writing ? Andy
  6. Thread moved to Capital One Forum ..please continue to post here to your thread. Andy
  7. Thread moved to General Legal Issues Forum. Andy
  8. Take a read of the following from post #49 onwards Andy
  9. Im not sure its a good idea to clutter your thread with discussions of claiming charges back which have no connection to this thread or court claim. Andy
  10. Being made Bankrupt and issuing a court claim for judgment are two very different things with very different processes
  11. You inform the court in your application to strikeout or defence
  12. It is possible...because as you stated you were i the court for 3 mins as none attendance by the claimant partially resulted in the claim being dismissed.Therefore the claim was never really put to trial and tested.The claimant would have to seek the courts permission to present the claim again based on the same facts and particulars.......it would quite difficult to convince the court of this given that they never bothered to attend on the previous claim. Andy
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