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  1. Their Order is somewhat confusing...yes you get your set a side and they will not object. No defence has ever been submitted so it can't stand.(unless you submitted a defence with your application ?) They then state Directions Questionnaires be issued (goes to allocation) and then the next paragraph states the claim is stayed. Anyway the " Schedule " is irrelevant it's the " ordered by consent " part that matters.....claim is stayed. Typical Robbers Way Andy
  2. Many thanks for this alternative advice tomtom Andy
  3. Please let us know when your happy for us to update your thread title.
  4. Well done...so will this be resolved (pardon the pun) to your complete satisfaction ? Andy
  5. Thats the actual order (Basic Paper Order) from the court after both parties have agreed directions....but you get the idea and can take parts from it which are normal directions in Fast Track.It normal for the claimant to draft directions then agree them with the defendant before submitting to court...but make sure the contents as above are included and on par. 6 a & 6 b are not applicable to your type of claim. Exchange of budgets is with regards to costs in the claim more info on Fast Track procedure and relevant CPR https://www.justice.gov.uk/courts/procedure-rules/civil/rules/part28/pd_part28
  6. Its directions agreed between both parties how the claim will proceed in preparation for the hearing...Fast Track Directions are not set by the court as in small claims track.
  7. Was the claim dismissed or struck out ? You keep referring to you " won " you got judgment ...a defendant cant get judgment ? Andy
  8. Yes the N181 Fast Track/Multi track DQ is rather complicated compared to the small claims track N180 DQ......take your time in completing it and drafting your Directions Order.
  9. Yes.... 9.10 How can a party ask the sheriff to make any other orders? (1) A party may ask the sheriff to make any other orders by sending an Incidental Orders Application to the other party. (2) That party must at the same time send the court a copy of the Incidental Orders Application with evidence that it was sent to the other party (for example a postal receipt or a copy of an email).
  10. I would assume the court serves a copy as the claimant must complete part D and return.
  11. Not really ...mediation is part of the process at allocation stage.
  12. Its complete when your satisfied and any snaggings have been corrected and faults rectified to your satisfaction....then you pay the balance
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