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Found 14 results

  1. Hi All, Just want some advise on where I stand from a consumer side of things, I purchased a HooverDXCC5962B_BK Washer Dryer in Black from AO on the 01/04/2017 for when we moved into our first home and last week it came up with a heat sensor error code (E11.) It washes but no longer dries (luckily I kept our old dryer in the shed so have been able to dry larger items) I made AO aware about a week ago of the issue and they passed me onto Hoover, so I dealt with Hoover and they sent someone out yesterday to repair the machine. He turned up on time (always nice these days) and replaced the sensor in about 15 minutes, so assuming it was all sorted he left. My partner then put a wash and dry load on before she left the house, on arriving back the error code was still there So back on the phone to AO who this time didn't automatically put me through to Hoover as it was out of their opening hours and I was told I would have to wait for her to call Hoover in the morning to arrange another appointment to have it repaired, I said that's fine and we agreed an appointment. I then asked what happens if this second repair doesn't work where do I stand as I don't want to be waiting days at a time for an appointment as I can't take any time off of work and my partner works shifts so timed / all day appointments can be a bit tricky, I was told that I would have to have Hoover out a "few" times to try and repair it if the previous repairs don't work. In legal / consumer terms what would be considered a "few" times before I can ask them to just replace it as it obviously isn't fit for it's purpose ? It wasn't a cheap machine and I don't want to be passed around in the middle of the two companies trying to get it sorted. Thanks in advance.
  2. Dear whom this may concern, Cut a long story short. I purchased a tumble dryer from Argos it became faulty l had a replacement under warranty believe it or not it happened again I received another replacement then the 3rd machine set my house on fire and made me and my family homeless. The manufacturers insurance company hired a fire investigator 'hawkins' so they can conduct a report after months of chasing the insurance company they have told us that the report says it could have come from outside or inside the machine they will not pay a claim. Me and my family lost everything there is a initial fire report that the London fire brigade took when the incident happened that mentions the fire was caused by the tumble dryer. If anyone can help with some advice or what rights I have it would be greatly appreciated I believe they are diminishing their rights I can't believe they are not paying a claim. Thank you Lyes K.
  3. Bough a Samsung Washer Dryer from AO.com November 2015. It comes with a 2 year warranty. Bought using AO's finance to be paid over 2 years. So 6 months warranty and 6 payments left. A few months ago the dryer started becoming less and less effective. It has also started vibrating badly despite my efforts to relevel it. Then 2 weeks ago half way through a wash it stopped with an error leak sensor detetor. Water trickles out from under the machine and it won't work. Phoned Samsung on the Friday and they sent a 3rd party engineer out on the Wednesday. Engineer says the detergent drawer has been slowly leaking probably from new. There is extensive rust inside the machine and limescale all over everything. Externally the machine still looks like new. The dryer motor is only getting half voltage which has damaged it. Probably due to water going all over the motherboard which also needs replacing. The pressure switch needs replacing. The pump / sump is leaking and needs replacing. The struts have been rubbing against the concrete block and the rubber has completely worn away causing the vibrating. He wanted to order in all these parts from the Netherlands and come back to fix it. I said no I want a new machine, especially as the rusty chassis can't be replaced. Engineer was understanding and said they have to send a report off to Samsung for authorisation and that's the last we heard. He also left the machine in the middle of the room and when I went to move it back I realised its because all the vinyl tile floor underneath is ruined. Where do I go from here? We've had no working machine for 2 weeks now and it's driving us crazy. We are using laundrettes and family but it's starting to get costly and extremely inconvenient. We have 2 young kids and a puppy. We got the most expensive machine on the market at £1100 because we expected reliability and for the big drum size. To be fair the first year it was fantastic my wife says its the best thing we ever bought. This is half a rant and half a what should my next steps be to get this resolved asap? Many thanks
  4. Are you one of the four million Whirlpool tumble dryer owners, sold under the Hotpoint, Indesit and Creda brands, which have been affected by a fault which can cause fires? Are you still waiting for a repair, nearly a year after Whirlpool issued a safety notice? Are you still using it despite London Fire Brigade reccomending customers to stop using them immediately? Well, now a decision by the Ombudsman means that you may be able to obtain a refund from your credit card provider. Unwilling to accept a fire hazard in his home for almost 12 months, one consumer took his case to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS), which has now ruled Nationwide must pay up. Read more
  5. Because of the tumble Dryer recall, my sisters tumble dryer had to be replaced. She paid 59 pounds to get an upgrade of dryer, the Hotpoint Aquarius arrived on 1/9/2016. On the 12/10 she phoned for an engineer to come out. He replaced three parts to the dryer, and left with the dryer not working, saying that she would receive a phone call from Hotpoint. I rang them for her today as she has not heard anything. The engineer is coming out on the 20th October to replace another two parts. This is a brand new dryer, used about 5 times (my sister lives on her own and puts washing on the line to save money). I told Hotpoint this was unacceptable and the dryer should be replaced, but they are refusing. Can we insist on a new dryer?
  6. Hi all, Bought a hotpoint tumble dryer from John Lewis back in December 2012. So far I have had no problems. In december 2015 I received a letter (attached ) stating that the model I have TCFG87C6P, is faulty, a fire hazard and needs modification to make it safe to use. Now I have used the machine many times and gone out leaving it on, only now to find out that it could potentially have burnt the house down. Luckily this has not happened. I am aware the product is out of warranty but am I within my rights to request a new tumble dryer from John Lewis, considering that the one they sold me in the first place was never fit for use of more to the point safe to use. Any help much appreciated. Kind Regards BB John lewis tumble dryer indesit_Redacted.pdf
  7. I signed up for a year of cover on a washer dryer and have just found out that they have been taking the payments since 2011 without me realising or indeed authorising it. I spoke to them and they were incredibly unhelpful - a rude and arrogant woman on the phone who said that they were not regulated by anyone and fundamentally they could do what they liked. They claim to have been sending me renewal notices each year which I have not received - I moved property so cannot verify this. Their main line of defence is that when they sent the first renewal letter it said that unless you cancel then it will automatically renew. I cannot believe that this is allowed?!? Can anyone please help me claim my hundreds of pounds back? I could have purchased about 3 new machines now for the amount they have charged!!! Any help greatly appreciated.
  8. For those that haven't seen this. Some tumble dryers from the Hotpoint- Indesit- Creda range have had a safety alert issued. If you have one of the affected models, complete the form for a free modification. http://safety.hotpoint.eu/ Unfortunately, I am one of those affected
  9. Hi there, I bought a tumble dryer from Brighthouse on November 2014. I was made aware of the dryer recal exactly 12 months later (not by Brighthouse) and I registered it for a repair and have been drying clothes on the radiators since. I have two kids so this is not convenient to say the least. However I finally got a reply from Hotpoint saying at the earliest may for the modifications. So I contacted Brighthouse to see what they were willing to do as I didn't find this acceptable. I'm paying £7 a week for a dryer that is not fit for purpose, I'm aware that the status is that we can use these whilst supervised but I really don't feel this worth the risk of a fire. At the end of the day it's not worth the added risk to my family's likfe not to mention that some items cannot be replaced if there was a fire. Brighthouse offered a loan dryer as I paid for 5* service in with the price, and offered to deliver it the following week. I was more than happy with this. When the men came with the dryer it was tatty and dirty but once again it wasn't important however I noted that it was another Hotpoint, but the me assured me it wasn't one of the ones affected and off they went. I noticed that the sticker near the door had been removed and replaced the a Brighthouse sticker so I looked around the back and found a small one, so I entered the details online and find it too is one of the fire risk machines! At this point i defiantly was no longer laid back about the situation, after paying such a hefty price in the first place and all the new house fire stories. I contacted my local store who told me that they had no other dryer for me and that I could send my dryer back but I would lose out on all the money it had cost so far. The cheek! So I ended the call and contacted trading standards via citizens advice. Citizens advice were like a machine with the complicated info they were telling me at lightning speed, but I'm pretty sure it sounded like I could send my item back and be refunded due to the item not as described at point of purchase and because it's higher purchase? I contacted my local store who told me they would call me back and when they did they offered to give me little bit off a new contract (but not as a refund) and no where near what I had paid, so I refused and they gave me customer service number. When I called them I got a lady who told me it was Hotpoints issue and they were dealing with it and there was nothing they could do, no matter what angle I tied to reason with her I git the same response and that she would log it with a complaint. Trading standards contacted me back today (48 hrs) and said that they did the right thing in offering a loan product which I agreed but when I told her the rest of the story she said would refer it to the trading standards Brighthouse team and left it at that. I'm at my wits end with this. I'm sorry for the really long post but if there is anyone who can help I would appreciate it very much. Thank you in advance
  10. We're looking at buying a tumble dryer from Currys and have been offered a warranty extension for 5 years for £50. Has anyone done this and is it worth it?
  11. Could I ask please. I bought a tumble dryer online from Co Op electrical 4 months ago. A week and a half a go it just stopped working. I called AEG the manufacturer, the chap got me to press several buttons in sequence so he could see what the fault was. Seemed to think circuit board had gone. I called Co op, they said I have to have an engineer sent out to fix it. They were supposed to show today but called to cancel saying the part had not arrived and don't know when it will. I called Co Op again and told someone would call me back, but that did not happen as promised. I tried quoting them the under 6 months old and deemed to have the fault from new and would like it replaced, but they said no has to have an engineer to fix it. So I've waited a week and a half already and no idea how many more weeks before an engineer can visit. I've got wet washing hanging everywhere! Any pointers to how I should proceed with this appreciated. Ideally I just want a new one, if its gone wrong in 4 months it does not bode well. Many thanks
  12. My tumble dryer was delivered by Knowhow on 8/12/14. It worked was. When I tried to use it on 14/12 it would not work, the flashing lights indicating a problem with the thermostat. Currys are now refusing to do anything about it as the dryer was placed in my garage & blame me for misuse. There is no mention in their online specifications that the appliance should not be used in an outside building. The appliance is obviously not fit for purpose or of satisfactory quality as it broke down within 6 days. I'm now left with a useless dryer & Currys refusing to do anything about it. Surely, they are breaking the SOGA? Any advice would be appreciated. Janine
  13. Hi I think Im in a catch 22 ?? My intigrated tumble dryer broke after 4 years 8 months. That was two weeks ago In a panic I rang and agreed to pay Domestic & General £13.99 a month for a service warranty to get the dryer fixed. I knew the timer was broke and that the thermostat was broke because the machine worked but blowed cold air. I explain both faultclearly to the operator and she said she would arrange for an engineer to visit. Engineer arrived with no parts and said hed have to order them. A week later Domestic & General said that the thermostat is not in stock at the Italian warehouse and they dont know when it will be in stock. The estimated earliest date is January 2015 but nothing definate. It could be anytime. She agreed to cancel the contract because they didnt know when they could fix the dryer I re read all the dryer purchase documents and realised I had an extended 5 year warranty for the part only (NO LABOUR) with Baumatic. After numerous telephone calls, I spoke to Hoover Candy (they took over Baumatic in 2013). I asked for the parts but they havent got them in stock and are waiting for them from Italy and again there are none in the Italian warehouse --earliest estimate time that they may arrive is end of December/January but this is only and estimate They wont let me have the parts (when they arrive )unless I pay £119 for their engineer to install them. The warrarnty says the parts should be fitted by a "Baumatic engineer" I really feel annoyed at the time I have spent on the phone with D&G and Hoover Candy and trapped by a useless "parts warranty" waiting with no definate date when the dryer can be fixed My question is how long am I expected to wait for the parts before they are in breach of their warranty? Even if they do arrive at the end of December or early January that will be 5 - 6 weeks Is there anything I can do to avoid the £119 Baumatic engineer payment? I did ask them to send me the parts when they come in and I will get a local engineer (local engineer charges just £45) but they said I would have to pay £89 for the parts if I didnt use their engineer. A new machine costs around £240 ish with free fitting from a local supplier so I think that is what I will do as I really need a dryer in this winter rainy weather. Also the part reference numbers they have given me dont seem to exist per "google" Sorry this message is so long but I was wondering if anyone else has had any problems like this. Or any possible solutions? advice? I am pretty resigned to buying a new integrated dryer but money is a little tight with Christmas in two weeks:sad:
  14. Bought a Hotpoint Condenser Dryer from these "people" back in November 2012, which was delivered and on the contract as NEW, despite the fact it was shop soiled, no manual and flimsily wrapped. Today it gave up the ghost, the drum isn't spinning, was making a loud clicking noise prior to this (only for the past 24 hours). I suspect the bearings have gone in the drum (as did our Hotpoint washing machine, around the same kind of time frame). My question is, with white goods, am I correct in thinking there's some expectation of "lifetime" with these things? Just over 18 months and it's gone, looking at another year plus to pay for this thing which is now useless. Wisely, I didn't bother with the OSC as I understand there is some backup in law towards repairs. I'll make inquiries tomorrow with Trading Standards regarding this but in the meantime, can anyone offer any advice? On a side note, when I pulled it out this morning to see if it was anything obvious I noticed one of the legs had been smashed off the underside. No sign of it where it has been installed in the last 18 months so can only assume it came from BrightHouse like that -- not much I can do that but just proves the crap they sell as new!! Cheers. PS .. this is the Skelmersdale store, who disputed the argument it wasn't new ... oh and also had to refund over £300 in OSC that wasn't removed despite a form being signed by the manager. I smell something fishy!
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