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  1. Care UK faces legal action unless it pays more than £3m in compensation READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/care-uk-faces-legal-action-unless-it-pays-more-than-3m-in-compensation
  2. Fascinatingly complex scenario when you make an effort. After being made unemployed in July I have been trying to do bits and bobs with casual work for three employers whilst I look after my ill mum and look for a more permanent position. I get a nice tax rebate with a pay packet of just one weeks work for one of the employers and therefore do not get any Universal Credit for October because the pay plus the rebate takes me over the threshold of income for that month because the DWP takes tax rebates as pay. Fair enough but they then go and tell my council that my Universal Credit claim
  3. Hello all, This is a request for information on who will have to pay the rent on a LHA property. Me and the wife have rented this property for over 20 years now and have paid the rent on it for most that time, Due to my wifes disabilities she has the high rate motobility and standard car PIP. Because of this I am on carers allowance and also receive Income Support. The house is four bedrooms and we use 1 and our granddaughter uses 1 and her boyfriend uses another 1. So out of four bedrooms we use 3 and have a reduction in HB (14%) for the empty one. My granddaughter (
  4. Anglian Water pays £50,000 after water pollution incident READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/anglian-water-pays-50000-after-water-pollution-incident
  5. Rent-to-own retailer BrightHouse has been told to pay £14.8m to 249,000 customers by the financial regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). BrightHouse will compensate customers who had cancelled agreements after one downpayment but had not been refunded. It will also make payments to those who signed up to lending agreements that "may not have been affordable". The FCA said BrightHouse had not acted as a "responsible lender". http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-41732865
  6. Rent-to-own retailer BrightHouse has been told to pay £14.8m to 249,000 customers by the financial regulator, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). BrightHouse will compensate customers who had cancelled agreements after one downpayment but had not been refunded. It will also make payments to those who signed up to lending agreements that "may not have been affordable". The FCA said BrightHouse had not acted as a "responsible lender". http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-41732865
  7. I bought a £500 graphics card from CCL 15 months ago, it broke, CCL said it has 3 year warranty, but after 12 months you return it to Gigabyte directly. I created an RMA with Gigabyte, they gave 3 options, Pay £15 for a company to deal with the return (at the time I thought this was just to collect the card from me and return it to Gigabyte, as I assumed Gigabyte would pay for the return), Send the card yourself or deliver it in person. I chose option to send it myself as I thought £15 was a lot for a 1 way delivery. I posted the card at the post office, £15.26, grrrr, hindsight!
  8. The countries expert on bailiff law; John Kruse has written in his latest Bulletin about the important subject of bailiff fees when debtors make payment to the creditor (i.e. Magistrate Court, local authority etc). This is a subject that has been discussed often on the forum and thankfully, with the regulations now having been in place for two years, most local authorities understand that if a direct payment is received from a debtor after the account has been forwarded to the enforcement agent, that the Compliance fee of £75 needs to be deducted at source and the balance apportioned on
  9. Hi can anyone tell me who is responsible for the cost of returning a faulty item ?? I bought a watch from an ebay seller that arrived not working. The seller tried to resolve the problem by sending me a new battery but the new battery made no difference the watch is obviously faulty. I have raised a dispute with paypal who have messaged me today saying i am entitled to a refund once the watch is returned using a postal service that is online trackable. Paypal also say i am responsible for the postage costs. I thought the sale of goods act says the seller is responsible ?? Any advice much appre
  10. So I raised a complaint regarding a Cap One Account i paid in full for back in 2014. They promised to update it to Satisfied and failed to do so. I kicked off with their Execs Team and they ended up paying £50 in compo and agreed to correct it. Just remember - DCAs are not FOOLPROOF and YOU CAN get your own back...
  11. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3652449/Irate-father-pays-60-fine-taking-son-eight-school-Majorca-holiday-one-two-pence-pieces.html I thought this was amusing. The following is a video of the moment. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/watch-priceless-moment-irate-dad-8246247
  12. Interesting article appeared on BBC news website in the Scotland section with regards to parking. Just wondering if instead of reaching a settlement and had actually gone through with the court hearing would the outcome have been different. http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-35772704
  13. Just wanted to share this with you guys In November my parents wrote to Barclays instructing them that as from February this year they wanted to cancel 2 direct debits, for TalkTalk and Sky, as they were coming to live with us. They also went into the local branch and explained what they were doing. They are both 82 years old and believe in doing things 'properly' which means writing 'proper' letters. long story short - the bank cancelled DD's with immediate effect which meant both companies contacting them repeatedly to demand payments. (They have never missed
  14. Which Government organisations are responsible for paying the following to people? For example, if you are on JobSeekers Allowance, this comes from the Department of Work + Pensions... JSA = DWP Council Tax = ? Rent = ? Mortgage (Interest Only) = ? Service Charges (for leased flats) = ? Cheers, R
  15. Who pays to get rid of these vermin ? The landlord says I have to pay, and replace all damaged wiring etc. I didn't bring them into the building so surely it is risk the landlord should have managed? Does anyone have any experience of this problem?
  16. Lloyds Banking Group paid 25 of its bankers £1m or more in 2012 as its total bonus payouts hit £365m, according to the BBC. This month Barclays revealed it has 458 employees receiving more than £1m, while HSBC has 204 and Royal Bank of Scotland has 94 staff.Lloyds, which is 39 per cent owned by taxpayers, paid 20 of its bankers between £1m and £2m, while five earned between £2m and £3m. Most bonuses were paid in shares with a £2,000 cap on the maximum cash payment. Lloyds chief executive Antonio Horta-Osorio took home £1.5m in shares as his annual bonus which he will only sell if the Gove
  17. Hi, Just looking for some advice. We requested Lloyds pay an account at Barclays. The account that they have paid is in a completely different name to the one we advised. They have advised that they are not liable as the name apparently is only used as a reference. I can not see that this is correct. If you write a cheque and the name is wrong they will not accept it. Can anyone enlighten me, thanks.
  18. The house I had built in Whyalla South Australia did not have a water meter installed when I took possession. I had to organise an installation with SA Water and they have sent me bill for the meter. who is responsible for this account , myself, or should it have been supplied by the builder when he built the house?
  19. Sunday mirror payday loan company pays no tax name and shame
  20. Nationwide has launched a self-service current account paying more interest than most High Street savings accounts. The new FlexDirect account pays customers 1.6 per cent after tax (2 per cent before) on balances up to £2,500 — a rate well above the average 0.74 per cent (0.92 per cent) payable on easy access deals. However, it has been dubbed a self-service account because you won’t be able to do any of your everyday banking at counters in branches. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/saving/article-2239359/The-Nationwide-bank-account-puts-branches-limits.html#ixzz2DXYAQbOJ
  21. Hi everyone, Hope you can shed some light on this one. Last July, my daughter thought it wise to leave the family home for a year to experience the student life. After seeing the error of her ways, she has now returned, towing with her a water bill for £1000...... I phoned Welsh Water, and they said the bill was correct. My daughter doesn't dispute she owes the money, its the others in the house that do. Five students signed the tenancy agreement back in July 2011. After a couple of months, two students left and were replaced by another two. They did not update the tenan
  22. Citigroup has agreed to pay $590m (£373m) to investors who allege they were misled about the scale of the bank’s ownership of troubled mortgage debt before the financial crisis. The class-action suit, which was filed in New York in 2009, accused Citi of employing a “CDO-related quasi-Ponzi scheme” to conceal the growing risks on its balance sheet from the mortgage-backed debt and collateralised debt obligations (CDOs) it owned. Citi told the investors that the CDOs had been sold when, in fact, the bank still remained liable for any losses the products suffered, the lawsuit claimed. The s
  23. Hi Guys, I have recently replaced the lead water supply pipe in my property as I was receiving poor water pressure. I only got 8l/s and apparently should be getting 12l/s. I applied to Portsmouth Water (my supplier) to do this and they said they will replace the water supply from the road (which I have to replace up to) to the mains supply in the middle of the road. They said they were doing this as it was also lead too, meaning I would then have a lead free supply. They sent me some paper work to fill in about how much water I use. From the calculations it said I n
  24. My wife works as a home carer and needs a car for work. Her last one recently failed it's MOT and was going to cost too much to fix. We went to get a Fiesta last Saturday from a dealer we found via Auto Trader. They are an established second hand dealer, not someone selling outside their own home. It's an 02 Fiesta Mk4 which was only MOT'd the day before. She paid on a Visa Debit card, issued by her building society, bar £100 cash deposit when we first went to see it. She's only had it 6 days... Their own mechanic talked to us to say he had just replaced all the brake pads and given
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