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  1. have a unpaid debt with anglian water. ccj granted march 2013 for a debt of £1,341,98. agreed with them to pay debt off at £5 per month. after a financial income check incomings outgoings. we applied to pay this debt by direct debit payment. they said it could not be done. over the period of time we reduced this debt to about £300. for some reason they cancelled the agreement and enforced this with the high court enforcement group who visited me today. informing me they are collecting a debt of £2,041.15 for anglian water. rather annoyed to find that anglian water never told me of there intentions or giving me a chance to put my case to the court. where is the common sense the debt reducing. then they treble the debt to be honest struggle paying this amount. is the court system just got no sense before they decide what actions they take on people. any advice available here please . contacted anglian water waiting for call back.
  2. Anglian Water pays £50,000 after water pollution incident READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/anglian-water-pays-50000-after-water-pollution-incident
  3. HI All Many years ago I moved into a rented property, I rang Anglian Water and in formed them I was the new tenant and I was going to be paying the bills. I received bills every quarter which I paid. 3 years later I moved out and phoned Anglian Water again to make them aware of this and the lady on the phone said you moved out 3 years ago and we have been charging a standing charge and you owe us £1800> I explained that I didn't have that kind of money and I would have to pay it in instalments which they agreed to £52 a month. I have now finally managed to get a deposit together and applied for a mortgage and was declined. on checking my credit file I have 2 defaults and I am 6 payments behind then up to date and then 6 payments behind again for the last 2 years. I have worked out that they have been taking the majority of my monthly payment to clear the debt and not the current bills as promised. I am down to around £300 in arrears that get cleared every 6 months then when the new bill comes the put me 6 months in arrears again. apart from Anglian water I have a near perfect record. Is there any solution to getting these corrected or Adjusted, the mortgage advisor said I might have to wait another 2 years to re-apply. please,please help with whatever info you can thanks in Advance.
  4. I have receive a Court Summons regarding Anglian Water. I had no idea that there was any problem as its paid monthly by direct debit. Its a house I rent out and the paperwork was sent there. now I have to pay the part that was owing from last year and they have included the whole of this year up to April 2018. Plus the court fees and their solicitors charges. Is it fair that the court sends out the original paperwork and does not care if its correctly served? At least they should get a signature to prove service.
  5. Hi. Ive received a MCOL claim from AW for approx £200. Ive been paying them monthly by Standing Order, prob not quite enough each month so arrears have arisen. In September 2016 I received a letter threatening court action for arrears, I phoned them and agreed a payment plan, which I've been paying since. Couple of questions, what or where can I find the T & Cs relating to my contract with AW, where can I find the payment terms ?, are there any ? My original bill says "A payment of £33.10 is due on 2 Apr 16 and further payments are due monthly from 2 May 16 until further notice. The bill amount shown above is included in the installment plan.", is this the legally binding payment plan ?, this appears to me to be just information sent to me as opposed to being something I've agreed with, also as the term is April 2016 - March 2017, am I paying in advance, again, where does the T & C point to this ? Also the above paragraph could be read as the first payment is £33.10 but others may vary. The Claim Form is somewhat vague it states "The Claimant claims the sum set out alongside being the amount due and outstanding from the defendant", is this really good enough ?, should I make an application for further info (CPR 31.14) ?, make an embarrassed defence ?, I aim to make an SAR to get hold of payment dates, and transcripts of phone calls. Would a judge think it acceptable for a company to start a claim where the defendant is making monthly payments, has contacted the company and arranged a payment plan ?, for example if following the above 'plan' of £33.10 per months, Id be only £70 behind this. Final question, Court Fee is £25, Sol Fixed costs (on commencement) £50, now reading CPR 45 I think Im correct in saying there can be no further costs even if the claimant wins with the exception of default/summary judgment costs or possible travel costs ?
  6. 18 Nov 2016 we (stupidly) signed contract with Anglian Home Improvements for a conservatory. It was a four hour sales pitch, in our home. He offered us a special discount if we signed that night. He offered some sort of 'deal' if we used their financing. He offered us extra discount if we would agree to advertising. The meeting was between my husband and I, my mother in law and him (also add in two wired sleep deprived toddlers running around to the mix). Contract came out at 10:30 and he finally left at 11pm. We just wanted to get rid of him. At the appt, we discussed the fact that we were at the full amount we could afford and if anything else came up, extra building works, we would have to cancel. No problem at all he assured us. If we cancelled before 14 days, we would have deposit returned (£500) At worst, we would lose our deposit (£500) after 14 days. We were given the impression Anglian was very reasonable about this. We also discussed the age of our home and possible issues with planning permission. We advised that we were in a heritage area and lived in a home of special interest, as formally defined by the council. Again, he assured us this would not be a problem. 25 Nov, Anglian sent surveyor around. Surveyor flagged possible gaswork pipes issue. My husband rang Anglian to advise that we wanted our file on hold due to this possible issue. My husband again clarified our position that if any extra building issues arose, we would not be proceeding. He again was assured that monies would be returned to us in this eventuality. At no time, either sales rep advised us of any more harsh penalties. We contacted National Grid on our part. Anglian sent round a man to dig up our patio to check for pipes. This confirmed pipes location would not be a problem on the northern wall but we still needed clarification from National Grid as to where the location of the pipes intersected on the western portion of the conservatory foundation. 4 Dec, we received a letter from Anglian advising our file had been passed to CAD drawing stage. I emailed to remind them everything should be on hold. At this point, we were concerned that ancillary building works would be an issue re: the gasworks. We were also concerned with planning, having looked into it further. We also had our neighbour voicing concerns about the build and threatening to object to it. We also felt that we had been manipulated and information had been severely misrepresented. We were also starting to have little confidence in the customer service of Anglian due to their repeatedly pushing things through when we had advised them several times that our file was on hold. We sent a cancellation notice 19 Jan 2016 stating the above. On 22 Jan, we received an email from some women at Anglian telling us we would owe 30% so £7000 some odd if we cancelled. We then received a standard form letter from Anglian dated 21 Jan advising us that they were delighted to confirm their acceptance of conservatory contract (!). Clearly an attempt to bulldoze through to the next stage in order to justify their costs. We emailed back to set all this out again. On 5 Feb 2016 we received a very terse and basic legal letter advising us we owed them £7300 and that we needed to either continue with contract or pay this within ten days. I copied my email again to as many people at Anglian as I could and asked that they respond to our issues by end of day today. Unsurprisingly, we've heard nothing. I have been in touch with Citizens Advice and lodged a complaint with Trading Standards. Does anyone have any helpful words of advice? This has been extremely stressful. Thanks in advance.
  7. (I'm not exactly sure what forum this should go in, so I'm posting it here, but Mods please feel free to move it.) I'm going to charge Anglian Home Improvements £500 each time they continue to harass/phone me I have reached the Samuel L. Jackson Fury Event Horizion - "Enough is Enough! I have had it up to here with these [edit] Double-glazing salesmen on this [edit] phoneline":-x I'd appreciate some advice on the specific OFCOM guidline and law acts I can use against them. Dear Anglian, I have, over the last 6 months, received dozens of phone call from you, some silent and putting the phone down immediately I answer, and some asking to speak to a "Mrs Gardner", presumably the person that had this phone number (REMOVED) before me. I know the calls are from you due to the caller number display. Every single time I request, as is my legal right, that you stop calling me immediately and that you remove my phone number and all other information from your system and never call me again, your phone operator always agrees to do this. Despite this request, you continue to phone me at all hours of the day and night, and even when I inform you that I am not the person you are looking for you still try to sell me something. Let me inform you of some facts: (1) I have NEVER contacted you, requested a quote, had business dealing with you or otherwise made any contact with you previously (2) I am extremely ill, severely disabled and bedbound due to an incurable illness. I often have to rest or sleep during the day or evening. (3) The phone number you keep ringing (REMOVED) is for EMERGENCY use only, and hence each time I hear it ring, I can only assume it is an emergency. This stresses me, and my illness is one that, if I am stressed, my illness gets worse. Hence your insistent calls are causing me actual harm. (4) You have ignored my request to remove my number from your records on EVERY SINGLE OCCASION, thus breaking the OFCOM GUIDELINES ???? and the LAW ACT ???? Protection from Harassment Act 1997 (5) From this date onwards I am applying a schedule of fees for every phone call I receive from you to compensate me for my time and for the damage to my health, and for restitution for the HARASSMENT from you. The fees are as follows; Receiving phone call from yourselves = £500 Receiving SILENT phone call from yourselves = £750 answering email from yourselves = £250 answering unsolicited letter from yourselves = £250 personal visit from yourselves = £1500 Writing letter to yourselves = £77.34p Continued phone contact or extended other communication from yourselves shall be consider acceptance of this schedule of fees. All communication may be recorded and made public. Continued ingnoring of my requests will lead to legal action. Yours sincerely Mr Mongoose
  8. Summary: If you have had a similar experience with Anglian Home Improvements please contact me directly. I am taking them to court and want to get as many witness statements as possible. Detail: Anglain canvassed our area offering free no obligation quotes 50% off. We got a quote for doing our house. We were conned into signing a purchase order which they now want us to pay. We were specifically told the following lies by their representative: We handed over £50 to “guarantee the price of the quote”. This was actually a deposit. We foolishly signed a purchase order. However, we did not know it was a purchase order, in fact were told it “was just a template for measuring the windows”. We were told “we could choose to go through with the purchase at any time for the next 12 months or not if we chose otherwise”. When the representative left our home we had no idea we had committed ourselves to any expenditure. This is of course in the small print of the purchase order (which we were told was not a purchase order). We are now way past the cooling off period and Anglian are demanding we pay the full value to get the windows installed, or 80% and get nothing. This way of getting business is clearly negligent misrepresentation, and I would argue fraudulent misrepresention. If you have been told similar lies by Anglian (even if you never went through with the purchase) I would love to hear from you to help build my case (or indeed strengthen yours if you are going through something similar). I would also be very interested in hearing any success stories from challenging similar contracts. Thanks in advance
  9. Hi this is my first post and I'm in some need of advice please. I owe Anglian Water around £1700 and they have passed the debt onto Marstons, who ill be honest, we have ignored! As you can imagine they have added their fees and now the bill is for £2753! They have obtained a high court writ against us that is dated 8/1/2015. They have called at our property several times but fortunately we haven't been at home. The last letter we received from them said that as the judgement remains unsatisfied, further enforcement will no doubt be taken against us, and this may take the form of a garnishee order against our accounts, a charging order against any equity in any property , an attachment of earnings order if you are employed or in certain circumstances, bankruptcy. The thing is I can get hold of enough money to pay Anglian water the original £1700 but I can't afford to pay the £2700 that Marstons want! I rang Anglian water and offered to pay what I owe, but after the girl spoke to the debt recovery team, I was advised that any payments should be made to Marstons, as they are handling the account. I told them that my partner is pregnant and that we can't afford to pay what Marstons want and that we would just like to clear our account with yourselves today to get it over and done with as the stress is really starting to affect my partner who is 6 months pregnant. And again they said we had to deal with Marstons Could somebody please advise me on what to do next? If I could have paid it sooner I would have done, but I already have attachments on my earnings and really can't afford anymore. I was unemployed for quite a while and got into lots of trouble financially. I have managed to sort all of them except this one. Thanks in advance
  10. My daughter has received Court papers from Anglian Water for her water usage. I looked at the Particulars of Claim and submitted a Defence. The claim is for £2050. I found that they were claiming charges from 2011 to 2015 even though she moved into the property in 2013. There is no account number on the POC. To me this seems a very amateurish attempt to get payment. After AW received her defence she received a letter from their legal department explaining in more detail their claim. (I do not think this was sent to the Court) The letter explained that the debt referred to her previous address from 2011 and her current address even though her previous house was not detailed on the POC. She has a letter from AW dated April 2014 stating that she was £20 in arrears. This letter was submitted as part of her defence I cannot see how they can claim money through the Court for services up to March 2015. Any advice would be appreciated.
  11. In the course of examining our church accounts I noticed that there was a huge difference in water charges for the 2 Anglican churches in our Parish. The lower charge is for the church without mains drainage. The other church has meters water and used only 9 cubic metres last year. As a domestic consumer I use about 110 cubic metres. Because it is classed as non-domestic the church pays a standing charge of £144 pa compared with £87 for me. This seems grossly unfair. Can we challenge this charge?
  12. Marstons, acting with a High Court writ, have amassed over £500 of additional costs on top of the bill for £1,300 (water I never used, faulty meter no doubt but I can't prove it). I have simply been unable to pay - about 8 eviction attempts over the last few years from hideous rip off mortgage lenders and since all my money went to clear those arrears, now an Attachment of Earnings for Council Tax as they want their money now. I have absolutely nothing of any value and I have emailed Marstons to tell them that. No car, 14" TV that I bought secondhand for £25, no iphone, no sound system, no jewellery. Nothing. They have been once (neighbour says a guy knocked on the door) and that cost me £295 more. Should I just let them in to see that I have nothing? Otherwise every time they come back it will presumably be another £300. I am happy to pay a little, but simply cannot afford more. AW refuse to take the debt back. So they are giving money to Marstons which they could have had. Makes absolutely no sense whatsoever to me. And as a woman alone the whole process is terrifying.
  13. I hope this is the right place to ask this question because it is quite complicated. Last year I received a water bill from anglian water for a buy to let property I use to own, the bill was actually dated 2013 but the property was apparently sold by the mortgage company in 2010, I say apparently because their was no formal repossession and i was never signed anything they just gave control to an lpa receiver who managed it badly and it was then sold. I would like to know if anyone knows how anglian water go about getting information on properties and why they haven't got the new owners information. I have emailed anglian water but they take 10 working days to get back to you.
  14. I received a letter from Anglian water threatening recovery action as I 'haven't paid my bill' even though I requested a payment card so I can pay what I can afford and am currently making payments to them. I sent a email of complaint to them (their offices are closed and I'm currently working shifts during their opening hours which is convenient) along with a copy of a letter from my gp stating that I suffer with anxiety and depression. Any extra help/advice would be good as this is causing me a lot of stress which is a shame as I was starting to get back on my feet and start getting more work.
  15. Hello just hoping someone might be able to help me out here anyway Been living in a property for around 6 yrs always paid sewerage and water bill sewerage charge was roughly £260 per yr on talking to a neighbour who has lived here in excess of 15 yrs and we have only just found out, that we should not be paying the sewerage charge or surface water charge as apparently in the village it all goes out to a drain or somewhere after asking anglian water they have agreed to drop the surface water charge (they must have looked at sewerage maps ) and have come back and said yes they will not charge us for the surface water or sewerage But will only backdate to 2013 ??? As per Thank you for your recent email. The backdating policy as per Anglian Water to apply the reduction on your account is as follows: If the property is built after 2000 the customer is entitled to the SWD reduction from their occupation date or 6 years (whichever is later). If the property built before 2000 the SWD reduction should be applied from 01 April 2013 or the start of occupation date whichever is later. As your property is built in 1978, which is before 2000, we can apply the reduction only from 1 April 2013 as per policy. If there’s anything else, please have a look at our website. You might be able to find what you’re looking for with the help of our virtual assistant Amanda. You can also call on 08457 919155 or email us at Regards Customer Services Now how can this be correct they obviously know when the property was built and have obviously looked or know about the incorrect charges that were applied and my neighbour has also got loads of old bills showing that they knew about this but still charged me ??? Can anyone suggest what i can do ?? please
  16. I had Anglian Water contact me at my address kindly telling that I owe over £3000!! I asked how this could be as I had only lived at my partners address since last year and their records indicated I had been there since I think 2010, and I had somehow taken on my partners previous debt? I phoned them and explained everything offered £40 a week but was told that my partners debt's go back to 2005 and I was indicated as living here etc. they wanted proof of my old address/new address which I sent them and then received this email - Dear Mr Anthony **** ** ****** CLOSE NORTHAMPTON Thank you for your recent e-mail. I can confirm that we have now updated our records as per the proof which you have provided and the revised bill should reach you within the next five working days. Unfortunately, however I was unable to contact you or Ms ......... on the numbers provided as the calls went unanswered. The information on the both the accounts are listed below for your reference. Account number Account holder Liability period Current outstanding balance 1362**** Mr Anthony ***** 1 July 2012 – current £369.69 1018**** Miss Theresa **** 21 November 2005 – 30 June 2012 £2,869.63 I have now set up a payment arrangement on the account 1362**** and the new payment booklet should reach you within the next seven working days. The first monthly instalment of £40.00 will be due on 8 June 2013. However we are unable to set up a payment arrangement on the account 1018**** as it has been transferred to SRJ Debt Recoveries Ltd, therefore if you wish to set up a payment arrangement on this account, kindly contact SRJ Debt Recoveries Ltd from the below given contact details. SRJ Debt Recoveries Ltd 3 Genesis Business Park Albert Drive Woking Surrey GU21 5RW Telephone No: 0845 313 7200 Fax No : 01483 714845 If you’ve any further queries, we are here to help. Go to www.anglianwater.co.uk, our virtual assistant, Amanda, can answer many questions and guide you to further help. Customer Services ...................................................................... To which I replied - From the 1st July onwards the account should show as a joint amount as we both live here and are responsible for the water payments. I will not deal with or enter into any negotiations with debt collection agencies unless they can prove that i/we owe them the money with all of the previous statements / meter readings etc. Kind regards, Anthony. ...................................................................... Is there any way we can go about writing off the previous debt? I dont mind being £300 in arrears but not £3000!! My Mrs has said that in and around 2008 she cancelled the direct debit she had with them after they increased it without her knowing and she incurred bank charges - she never paid them again. However most of the debt was from her previous address before 2005!!! What can we do? SAR? Thanks again, Tony.
  17. Hi after some advice, In sep i received a letter from Moorcroft re an address i left in 2004, they are chasing an Anglian Water bill (i originally thought it had been paid when i left), however in 2006 i got a letter and a copy of the bill from another Debt collector and realising my mistake i made a few payments towards the outstanding amount then things changed and i was short of cash so missed the payments and eventually forgot all about it. Now in sep 08 Moorcroft sent a letter for the original amount, so i sent a letter explaining i had no idea what the debt was etc, now they have just written back with the dates of the outstanding bill ending in Oct 04 and no mention of the payments made already. now i left the property in july 04 so a few months before they are claiming (i am in rented property so have my new tennancy ag from july 04 as proof, and my old tennancy ag at the flat in question ended in july 04) In their letter they also state Anglian are unable to provide a copy of the bill due to the age of the account. Now i am not prepared to pay: A: For the 10 weeks or so after i moved out B: If they cannot provide a bill c: For money i have already paid them in the past through another collector. Would it be in my best interest to ignore the letter and see what happens, or send another letter explaining my reasons for not paying, for eg, cant supply a bill how can they prove any debt actually exists? Thanks for your help Sytra
  18. Just been served court papers (via Northampton's court bulk centre) for an outstanding debt to Anglian Water. AW have added £50 solicitor's/£15 court fee. The court fee I can understand, but the £50 sol fee is a bit much. Can I contest the sol fee?
  19. Advice please needed. I have an ongoing problem with Anglian i haven't paid a bill in 6 years, i moved to a new build, sent in appropriate details of change of address and heard nothing. A few years later on i received a bill address to Highfield rd, i'm Highfield place, passed letter on to correct addresse and found out that they'd been putting my bills in the bin( didn't know my address existed). I contacted Anglian by phone and email explaining this and was told someone would call me back, they never did. Bills stopped then suddenly started getting bills for Highfield rd again. Got fed up by this point, so when they finally sorted it out i have now a bill of £2008.64. Which i cannot afford to pay. I will be calling them again but wanted to see where i stand with this, could i get it reduced for their inability to get my address correct, offer a small amount to pay on the arrears as will have to start paying for normal usage. Any advice appreciated
  20. Hi Im not sure if this is the correct place for this but couldn't find anywhere else to put it. We are currently £240 in arrears with Anglian Water, however i got my new bill and on this is states that i have until the 2 April to pay £336 which will be the arrears plus the first half of the years payment. I have set up a DD for this and i thought all was fine. I came home from work yesterday to a postcard that had been left in my letterbox, stating that someone called Denholm had come regarding Anglian Water account and that i was to phone a mobile number to sort payment out. What i am really angry about is the fact that this person has also handwritten my account number on the card and the amount i am in arrears and the amount of my full years bill, there was no need for him to write any of this on the card and indeed there was only spaces available for him to put his name and number. He did NOT put this in a sealed envelope addressed to the occupier, but left it half in and half out of the postbox, i have written a complaint to Anglian water. My question is "is this allowed"? Is this breaching the Data Protection Act, do i have a leg to stand on if i make a formal complaint? As i say it was purely a calling card and i don't believe he should have handwritten my details all over the card, but i would like to know if i am correct in this before i go any further with it. Many thanks for any help you can give.
  21. Today we received a letter from Moorcroft stating that they are collecting a debt for Anglian Water. The bill itself actually stretches back over the past 5yrs, the majority of which I have been unemployed and £11 per fortnight was being taken from JSA to pay towards the debt. We have been in our current property for 3yrs, at the end of 2012/beginning of 2013, while having some remedial work carried out, it came to light that there is an issue with our water meter, being that it seems that our supply is connected to next doors meter, and vice versa, and owing to a dispute between the local council (its a council house) and AW over who initiates the process for solving the problem, the meters are still mis-connected, and ever since we have been on estimated bills. Now, considering that for the best part of 2 years, for all we know, we were being charged for next doors water usage, would we have grounds to dispute the amount they are claiming we owe? And if so, what is the best way to go about it?
  22. Hi all. Had a debt letter from Wescot today claiming £931.00 On behalf of Anglian Water. The bill had both my name and ex wifes name on it. I have no idea why they are contacting me so I called them. Apparently the bill is for an address that my ex lives at and dates back to 2005. He also mentioned something about closure in 2008? My ex still lives at this address so why the hell are they contacting me! I was with my ex in 2005 and I can only asume that it is from a previous property but she dealt with all the bills. What can i do about this? please help Chris
  23. Hello All, I have a debt with Anglian Water for £175.51 which has been handed to a debt collection company called Advantis who sent me a letter about it, [ATTACH=CONFIG]46977[/ATTACH] I initially just screwed the letter up and was about to bin it, when I stopped and thought I'd better deal with it and try to arrange a payment, so I e-mailed them. After a few days, I got a response back saying that they reject my offer of £15 per month, and I should fill in a statement of means including all of my expenses, which I've done. [ATTACH=CONFIG]46978[/ATTACH] I sent them an e-mail back with the statement of means attached, saying that, no, all I can afford to pay them per month is the £15 I offered. What are my rights here? will they come to my home and try to force entry to take my goods? will they take me to court, and if so, what will happen then? Many thanks. Regards Edit: Images appear to be thumbnails, here's a link to both: dropbox[dot]com/sh/zhesvsae49n5fcp/j13bNxRSYv
  24. I missed my last payment - I just overlooked it got a letter dated 28 August saying Overdue Account: £48.55. If you don't pay in full, we may pursue you in the courts and add £65 for legal costs and fees. We will register defaults with CRAs and "impact" your ability to gain credit, etc. [English is not their strong point - impact is not a verb.] Phone us to agree a solution to this "serious issue", etc. I can pay, and will pay, but I feel the rude and aggressive tone deserves a response. I'm considering delaying payment until 28 September and writing to them to say that this is because of the tone of the letter. Why didn't they just write and ask me to pay the overlooked bill? What a repulsive company!
  25. Hi All, I am posting this as I am looking for some advice regarding a CCJ logged on my account. To try and keep the long story short I recently signed up to Experian and I have found that I have a CCJ logged on my previous address which I was unaware of. After speaking to Northampton County Court it was from Anglian Water and for the amount of £227. I rang Anglian Water and explained to them that I had left the address and they still thought I lived there even though I notified them on the phone (unfortunately I dont have proof...), so I sent them a letter with a copy of a letter from the estate agents explaining the dates of my tenancy. They re-issued me a bill which was £105.09 + an £87 County Court Claim fee totalling £192.09. Now that amount conflicts with the amount on my credit file, so I rang Anglian Water and they claim the amount is correct but the additional cost to make it to £227 is from a debt agency they passed the debt onto. After speaking with Northampton County Court they have told me the claim came from Anglian Water not a debt agency. Would this mean I may have a case to get the CCJ set aside? As the amount billed from Anglian Water is conflicting the amount on the claim? Obviously I accept I can't get the CCJ set aside due to moving house and not receiving the letters as I have no proof I notified them of the address change. If anyone can give me some advice that would be great Thanks Rob
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