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  1. have a unpaid debt with anglian water. ccj granted march 2013 for a debt of £1,341,98. agreed with them to pay debt off at £5 per month. after a financial income check incomings outgoings. we applied to pay this debt by direct debit payment. they said it could not be done. over the period of time we reduced this debt to about £300. for some reason they cancelled the agreement and enforced this with the high court enforcement group who visited me today. informing me they are collecting a debt of £2,041.15 for anglian water. rather annoyed to find that anglian
  2. Anglian Water pays £50,000 after water pollution incident READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/anglian-water-pays-50000-after-water-pollution-incident
  3. HI All Many years ago I moved into a rented property, I rang Anglian Water and in formed them I was the new tenant and I was going to be paying the bills. I received bills every quarter which I paid. 3 years later I moved out and phoned Anglian Water again to make them aware of this and the lady on the phone said you moved out 3 years ago and we have been charging a standing charge and you owe us £1800> I explained that I didn't have that kind of money and I would have to pay it in instalments which they agreed to £52 a month. I have now finally managed to get a
  4. I have receive a Court Summons regarding Anglian Water. I had no idea that there was any problem as its paid monthly by direct debit. Its a house I rent out and the paperwork was sent there. now I have to pay the part that was owing from last year and they have included the whole of this year up to April 2018. Plus the court fees and their solicitors charges. Is it fair that the court sends out the original paperwork and does not care if its correctly served? At least they should get a signature to prove service.
  5. Hi. Ive received a MCOL claim from AW for approx £200. Ive been paying them monthly by Standing Order, prob not quite enough each month so arrears have arisen. In September 2016 I received a letter threatening court action for arrears, I phoned them and agreed a payment plan, which I've been paying since. Couple of questions, what or where can I find the T & Cs relating to my contract with AW, where can I find the payment terms ?, are there any ? My original bill says "A payment of £33.10 is due on 2 Apr 16 and further payments are due monthly from 2 May 16 unt
  6. 18 Nov 2016 we (stupidly) signed contract with Anglian Home Improvements for a conservatory. It was a four hour sales pitch, in our home. He offered us a special discount if we signed that night. He offered some sort of 'deal' if we used their financing. He offered us extra discount if we would agree to advertising. The meeting was between my husband and I, my mother in law and him (also add in two wired sleep deprived toddlers running around to the mix). Contract came out at 10:30 and he finally left at 11pm. We just wanted to get rid of him. At the appt, we discuss
  7. (I'm not exactly sure what forum this should go in, so I'm posting it here, but Mods please feel free to move it.) I'm going to charge Anglian Home Improvements £500 each time they continue to harass/phone me I have reached the Samuel L. Jackson Fury Event Horizion - "Enough is Enough! I have had it up to here with these [edit] Double-glazing salesmen on this [edit] phoneline":-x I'd appreciate some advice on the specific OFCOM guidline and law acts I can use against them. Dear Anglian, I have, over the last 6 months, received dozens of phone call from you,
  8. Summary: If you have had a similar experience with Anglian Home Improvements please contact me directly. I am taking them to court and want to get as many witness statements as possible. Detail: Anglain canvassed our area offering free no obligation quotes 50% off. We got a quote for doing our house. We were conned into signing a purchase order which they now want us to pay. We were specifically told the following lies by their representative: We handed over £50 to “guarantee the price of the quote”. This was actually a deposit. We foolishly signed a purc
  9. Hi this is my first post and I'm in some need of advice please. I owe Anglian Water around £1700 and they have passed the debt onto Marstons, who ill be honest, we have ignored! As you can imagine they have added their fees and now the bill is for £2753! They have obtained a high court writ against us that is dated 8/1/2015. They have called at our property several times but fortunately we haven't been at home. The last letter we received from them said that as the judgement remains unsatisfied, further enforcement will no doubt be taken against us, and this may ta
  10. My daughter has received Court papers from Anglian Water for her water usage. I looked at the Particulars of Claim and submitted a Defence. The claim is for £2050. I found that they were claiming charges from 2011 to 2015 even though she moved into the property in 2013. There is no account number on the POC. To me this seems a very amateurish attempt to get payment. After AW received her defence she received a letter from their legal department explaining in more detail their claim. (I do not think this was sent to the Court) The letter explained
  11. In the course of examining our church accounts I noticed that there was a huge difference in water charges for the 2 Anglican churches in our Parish. The lower charge is for the church without mains drainage. The other church has meters water and used only 9 cubic metres last year. As a domestic consumer I use about 110 cubic metres. Because it is classed as non-domestic the church pays a standing charge of £144 pa compared with £87 for me. This seems grossly unfair. Can we challenge this charge?
  12. Marstons, acting with a High Court writ, have amassed over £500 of additional costs on top of the bill for £1,300 (water I never used, faulty meter no doubt but I can't prove it). I have simply been unable to pay - about 8 eviction attempts over the last few years from hideous rip off mortgage lenders and since all my money went to clear those arrears, now an Attachment of Earnings for Council Tax as they want their money now. I have absolutely nothing of any value and I have emailed Marstons to tell them that. No car, 14" TV that I bought secondhand for £25, no iphone, no so
  13. I hope this is the right place to ask this question because it is quite complicated. Last year I received a water bill from anglian water for a buy to let property I use to own, the bill was actually dated 2013 but the property was apparently sold by the mortgage company in 2010, I say apparently because their was no formal repossession and i was never signed anything they just gave control to an lpa receiver who managed it badly and it was then sold. I would like to know if anyone knows how anglian water go about getting information on properties and why they hav
  14. I received a letter from Anglian water threatening recovery action as I 'haven't paid my bill' even though I requested a payment card so I can pay what I can afford and am currently making payments to them. I sent a email of complaint to them (their offices are closed and I'm currently working shifts during their opening hours which is convenient) along with a copy of a letter from my gp stating that I suffer with anxiety and depression. Any extra help/advice would be good as this is causing me a lot of stress which is a shame as I was starting to get back on my feet and start
  15. Hello just hoping someone might be able to help me out here anyway Been living in a property for around 6 yrs always paid sewerage and water bill sewerage charge was roughly £260 per yr on talking to a neighbour who has lived here in excess of 15 yrs and we have only just found out, that we should not be paying the sewerage charge or surface water charge as apparently in the village it all goes out to a drain or somewhere after asking anglian water they have agreed to drop the surface water charge (they must have looked at sewerage maps ) and have come back and
  16. I had Anglian Water contact me at my address kindly telling that I owe over £3000!! I asked how this could be as I had only lived at my partners address since last year and their records indicated I had been there since I think 2010, and I had somehow taken on my partners previous debt? I phoned them and explained everything offered £40 a week but was told that my partners debt's go back to 2005 and I was indicated as living here etc. they wanted proof of my old address/new address which I sent them and then received this email - Dear Mr Anthony **** ** ****** C
  17. Hi after some advice, In sep i received a letter from Moorcroft re an address i left in 2004, they are chasing an Anglian Water bill (i originally thought it had been paid when i left), however in 2006 i got a letter and a copy of the bill from another Debt collector and realising my mistake i made a few payments towards the outstanding amount then things changed and i was short of cash so missed the payments and eventually forgot all about it. Now in sep 08 Moorcroft sent a letter for the original amount, so i sent a letter explaining i had no idea what the debt was etc, now they ha
  18. Just been served court papers (via Northampton's court bulk centre) for an outstanding debt to Anglian Water. AW have added £50 solicitor's/£15 court fee. The court fee I can understand, but the £50 sol fee is a bit much. Can I contest the sol fee?
  19. Advice please needed. I have an ongoing problem with Anglian i haven't paid a bill in 6 years, i moved to a new build, sent in appropriate details of change of address and heard nothing. A few years later on i received a bill address to Highfield rd, i'm Highfield place, passed letter on to correct addresse and found out that they'd been putting my bills in the bin( didn't know my address existed). I contacted Anglian by phone and email explaining this and was told someone would call me back, they never did. Bills stopped then s
  20. Hi Im not sure if this is the correct place for this but couldn't find anywhere else to put it. We are currently £240 in arrears with Anglian Water, however i got my new bill and on this is states that i have until the 2 April to pay £336 which will be the arrears plus the first half of the years payment. I have set up a DD for this and i thought all was fine. I came home from work yesterday to a postcard that had been left in my letterbox, stating that someone called Denholm had come regarding Anglian Water account and that i was to phone a mobile number to sor
  21. Today we received a letter from Moorcroft stating that they are collecting a debt for Anglian Water. The bill itself actually stretches back over the past 5yrs, the majority of which I have been unemployed and £11 per fortnight was being taken from JSA to pay towards the debt. We have been in our current property for 3yrs, at the end of 2012/beginning of 2013, while having some remedial work carried out, it came to light that there is an issue with our water meter, being that it seems that our supply is connected to next doors meter, and vice versa, and owing to a
  22. Hi all. Had a debt letter from Wescot today claiming £931.00 On behalf of Anglian Water. The bill had both my name and ex wifes name on it. I have no idea why they are contacting me so I called them. Apparently the bill is for an address that my ex lives at and dates back to 2005. He also mentioned something about closure in 2008? My ex still lives at this address so why the hell are they contacting me! I was with my ex in 2005 and I can only asume that it is from a previous property but she dealt with all the bills. What can i do about this?
  23. Hello All, I have a debt with Anglian Water for £175.51 which has been handed to a debt collection company called Advantis who sent me a letter about it, [ATTACH=CONFIG]46977[/ATTACH] I initially just screwed the letter up and was about to bin it, when I stopped and thought I'd better deal with it and try to arrange a payment, so I e-mailed them. After a few days, I got a response back saying that they reject my offer of £15 per month, and I should fill in a statement of means including all of my expenses, which I've done. [ATTACH=CONFIG]46978[/ATTACH] I sent th
  24. I missed my last payment - I just overlooked it got a letter dated 28 August saying Overdue Account: £48.55. If you don't pay in full, we may pursue you in the courts and add £65 for legal costs and fees. We will register defaults with CRAs and "impact" your ability to gain credit, etc. [English is not their strong point - impact is not a verb.] Phone us to agree a solution to this "serious issue", etc. I can pay, and will pay, but I feel the rude and aggressive tone deserves a response. I'm considering delaying payment until 28 September and writing t
  25. Hi All, I am posting this as I am looking for some advice regarding a CCJ logged on my account. To try and keep the long story short I recently signed up to Experian and I have found that I have a CCJ logged on my previous address which I was unaware of. After speaking to Northampton County Court it was from Anglian Water and for the amount of £227. I rang Anglian Water and explained to them that I had left the address and they still thought I lived there even though I notified them on the phone (unfortunately I dont have proof...), so I sent them a let
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