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Found 2 results

  1. (I'm not exactly sure what forum this should go in, so I'm posting it here, but Mods please feel free to move it.) I'm going to charge Anglian Home Improvements £500 each time they continue to harass/phone me I have reached the Samuel L. Jackson Fury Event Horizion - "Enough is Enough! I have had it up to here with these [edit] Double-glazing salesmen on this [edit] phoneline":-x I'd appreciate some advice on the specific OFCOM guidline and law acts I can use against them. Dear Anglian, I have, over the last 6 months, received dozens of phone call from you, some silent and putting the phone down immediately I answer, and some asking to speak to a "Mrs Gardner", presumably the person that had this phone number (REMOVED) before me. I know the calls are from you due to the caller number display. Every single time I request, as is my legal right, that you stop calling me immediately and that you remove my phone number and all other information from your system and never call me again, your phone operator always agrees to do this. Despite this request, you continue to phone me at all hours of the day and night, and even when I inform you that I am not the person you are looking for you still try to sell me something. Let me inform you of some facts: (1) I have NEVER contacted you, requested a quote, had business dealing with you or otherwise made any contact with you previously (2) I am extremely ill, severely disabled and bedbound due to an incurable illness. I often have to rest or sleep during the day or evening. (3) The phone number you keep ringing (REMOVED) is for EMERGENCY use only, and hence each time I hear it ring, I can only assume it is an emergency. This stresses me, and my illness is one that, if I am stressed, my illness gets worse. Hence your insistent calls are causing me actual harm. (4) You have ignored my request to remove my number from your records on EVERY SINGLE OCCASION, thus breaking the OFCOM GUIDELINES ???? and the LAW ACT ???? Protection from Harassment Act 1997 (5) From this date onwards I am applying a schedule of fees for every phone call I receive from you to compensate me for my time and for the damage to my health, and for restitution for the HARASSMENT from you. The fees are as follows; Receiving phone call from yourselves = £500 Receiving SILENT phone call from yourselves = £750 answering email from yourselves = £250 answering unsolicited letter from yourselves = £250 personal visit from yourselves = £1500 Writing letter to yourselves = £77.34p Continued phone contact or extended other communication from yourselves shall be consider acceptance of this schedule of fees. All communication may be recorded and made public. Continued ingnoring of my requests will lead to legal action. Yours sincerely Mr Mongoose
  2. Hi all, I've become yet another victim of the Credit Corp bandwagon recently. Thankfully I've found this forum which has provided a great deal of help, however I was wondering if some one who has been put through the CCG mill could advise me on my next steps. To give you a bit of background to my situation; I lived in Sydney for 4 years until 2007 when I came back to England to live. I had a credit card in Australia too. In the UK I am director of a small public limited company that I run with my girlfriend who is a director too. Earlier today I received an email from Credit Corp asking me to call them. They gave no details, did not specifically mention debt, simply asked for me to call their Sydney office. Somehow they've managed to find my email address, possibly from an ex-colleague in Australia, however I don't believe they have my phone number or home address. They are obviously trying to chase up a debt but I was hesitant to make contact as I didn't want it to be seen as an admission. I then received a second email asking me to call. Again, no specific mention of debt, however this time they gave the address of my accountant and asked if they could send some documents through to that address. As I own a limited company I assume they found his details listed on Companies House. I have yet to reply but obviously I don't want them to send details to my accountant, nor do I want them calling him. More of a concern is that if they found my details, they will also find my girlfriends and her family and I really don't want them involved. So my question is. Should I make contact and find out exactly what I'm supposedly accused of. By doing so, I expect they will stop trying to track my phone number and address and hopefully won't hassle my girlfriend, her family or our accountant. Or, should I ignore them and see what happens? My concern is that eventually they will find my address, hassle my girlfriend and family and start some sort of court proceedings. I really don't want that! My gut says ignore them, but my head says find out exactly what they want, then see if its statute barred and officially dispute it with the FOS. I was thinking that I could provide an International private post box address. That might as least prevent them from finding my actual adress.. Any help would be much appreciated. I'm losing sleep over this.
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