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  1. Well we know, thanks to those draconian anti-terror laws, that BT HAS to store the data of who phones who for several years. I have found that there is a vast gap between what big companies CAN do and what they WANT to do. Doing some research it has become clear the phone companies have absolutly no interest in stopping harasment or crimes (RE stolen mobile charges) and want the maximium amount of money for the least amount of work. So the trick is to be such a pain in the ass to them, that they give you what they SOULD give you, just to get rid of you.
  2. Does anyone have any ideas on how to get BT to provide me with a list of incoming phone calls to me? Can I ask for one under a SAR?
  3. Thanks for telling me about that case. Very interesting indeed "It was notable that the Act did not provide any defence for “accidental” harassment. It was difficult to think of a policy reason why large corporations should be exonerated for conduct which, if carried out by an individual, would amount to harassment." "the Court of Appeal accepted that there can be liability for harassment even if the material is automatically generated such, as in this case, by computer" Thank you very much
  4. Sorry, reading back through my post I see I didn't state that I had followed this forums advice and reduced the amounts to the surgested levels.
  5. Firms don't HAVE to charge £10 for SARs, so I'm want to see what they say, they can't use the time to stall acording to ICO. I've got a fairly good log of them calling (thank you OCDishness), by I'm also requesting a full list of telephone numbers that have called me from BT (Anyone have any advice on how to do this best?) Plus I want to compare Anglians list of calls to my list of calls, so if they lie and leave some out then it makes them look even worse to the court. No matter what their actions, this is going to court eventually, if only to protect other people from having to go thro
  6. Another nice thing about them, the spam emails they are sending out don't have any link to unsubscribe, and if you go to the email senders page, you can't unsubscribe. This I believe is actualy illegal. Also the Anglian page the spam sends you to isn't HMTL ( with text and clickable links), it's a single HUGE jpg picture file. The whole impression Anglian gives with this is so dodgy that even Del Boy would want nothinhg to do with them.
  7. Anglian have been told to stop it repeatly. Anglian have been told how much it will cost them if they don't. Now they have a chance to come clean and state ALL there calls to me. And why they didn't stop when I (politely) asked. And if they don't..... Legal action is the next step.
  8. To tell you the truth, I turned off the ringer on my phone to stop them. I want to get full details from them, so I'm sending them this letter, (I know you are reading this Anglian, or rather your paid forum reader) DATE:- 29th March 2015 Subject Access Request Letter under the Data Protection Act 1998 Dear Anglian Windows/ Anglian Home Improvements, Please supply me with ALL data that you hold on me, the telephone number (occasional_mongoose's phone number) and the email address (occasional_mongoose's email). This includes in particular, but is
  9. So, let me get this right? Instead of a situation where you have only my phone number and don't know my name or address, You'd like to go to a sitaution where you know my phone number AND my full name AND full address, and emailing this infomation to you will resulst in a totally different endstate from the dozen times I VERABLLY told you to remove me. AND you TOTALLY won't sell my details onto another person? You can see why I might be doudtfull...
  10. (I'm not exactly sure what forum this should go in, so I'm posting it here, but Mods please feel free to move it.) I'm going to charge Anglian Home Improvements £500 each time they continue to harass/phone me I have reached the Samuel L. Jackson Fury Event Horizion - "Enough is Enough! I have had it up to here with these [edit] Double-glazing salesmen on this [edit] phoneline":-x I'd appreciate some advice on the specific OFCOM guidline and law acts I can use against them. Dear Anglian, I have, over the last 6 months, received dozens of phone call from you,
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