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  1. I've been seeing a lot of ads lately on facebook recently for reclaiming secret commissions from secured loans and mortgages, guessing it's the next big thing after PPI? Anyway, it got me thinking, between 2002 and 2005, I mortgaged, and remortgaged with 3 companies, and had a smaller secured loan with Welcome, is it worth me looking into reclaiming, or am I out of time? The mortgages were for £25k, £60k and £80k, and the Welcome loan was £2.5k, if it makes any difference?
  2. I've juggled my ws around, but cant see that I can refer to their lack of t&c's having now seen there is a sign bearing the terms at the entrance of the car park, so have left that out, and it's not much longer than the original. In the county court at Ipswich Claim number - Claimant National Car Parks Limited -vs- Defendant 1) I, , of am the defendant in this claim. The facts in this statement come from my own knowledge. 2) I make this statement in readiness for the hearing listed for the 23rd May
  3. Having been down and taken photos of the signs, it seems I was wrong and there are two signs with the terms and conditions, and they're the full t&c's. All I can say is I have never noticed them before, there is one on each entrance, although the signs do look to be fairly new, no damage, marks or weathering on them, same with the posts, very new looking galvanised sign posts. Interestingly, in their pack of photos, there isnt a picture of the sign with the full t&c's on https://documentcloud.adobe.com/link/track?uri=urn%3Aaaid%3Ascds%3AUS%3Acc7ba12a-e709-4e0a-811b-7a8a097e
  4. Witness statement In the county court at Ipswich Claim number - Claimant National Car Parks Limited -vs- Defendant 1) I, *****, am the defendant in this claim. The facts in this statement come from my personal knowledge. 2) I make this statement in readiness for the hearing listed for the 23rd May 2019 at 10.00 and in support of my defence. 3) On the 28th August 2017 the claimant alleges that my vehicle was parked in a car park operated by themselves, and that the vehicle was parked with out payment of
  5. Will be writing statement today, so will upload as soon as it is done, will also go and take shots of the signage in the car park, do I need pics of every sign? What should I make of her mistake with the timing? Where she has stated that I left the car park at 17??, I can prove I was elsewhere at that time, some 4 miles away from the car park. Do I ask them to provide the complete ANPR logs?
  6. Not sure if this will work, having issues uploading pdf from phone.... https://documentcloud.adobe.com/link/track?uri=urn%3Aaaid%3Ascds%3AUS%3Addc228f0-52fb-47aa-bed0-a1786596ecb5
  7. Ok, so an update. I have been a bit busy with work etc, but the date for court is 23/05/19, and as such I have received from BW their witness statement. Stupid question time, do I need to do the same and send them a witness statement? They are relying heavily on the ANPR data, and claiming there was no fault with the cameras and have provided ANPR logs for the day. They have also provided the full t&c's, nearly 3 pages, strangely too much too fit on a sign, but again something they are relying on. Also, there is a mistake in the witness statement regard
  8. There was a something at the top telling me I needed to flag the topic to admin in order to be able to reply.
  9. Defence was filed, direction questionnaire received and returned as well. In the mean time I've had 2 letters from BW, one is an offer to settle out of court for a reduced sum, as they believe my defence is unlikely to succeed, so assuming that's scare tactics. The other seems to be a fishing exercise, and apart from explaining their clients contractual rights, they're asking me to prove the vehicle did in fact leave the car park and return later. They've requested I send them this info by 09/10/18, postmark on the letter is 24/10/18...
  10. Little update, I've still to file my defence, this will be done over the weekend as the 33 days ends on Tuesday. I've had a reply from BW regarding cpr request. They've supplied copies of notices from NCP, and it seems I did lodge an appeal with NCP which they of course refused. They haven't provided anything regarding planning permission for the signs and have refused to let me see a contract. Their words being that "I am not obliged sight of the contract and their client will not provide me with a copy".
  11. The one where Proserve gave up would have been about October 2014, and the one where I bounced it back to the haulier would have been around April/May 2015.
  12. Sorry to drag up an old post, but being a regular at Felixstowe docks and surrounding area I thought I might be able to add some details. The pic is of an entrance to either Pentalvers or ACS container yard, and Mr Duff and his merry band of men regularly park their van there. Both container yards (Pentalvers has 2, one on Nicholas Road and the other on Fagbury Road) often struggle with the volume of vehicles using the yards, queues build quite quickly and Proserve seem to manage the queues, sending vehicles to wait elsewhere and giving them a timeslot to return. I myself have fallen
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