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  1. I will be concise as this is not a confessional, if helpers need more information I will respond promptly. I am 67 years old and have seven creditors, one with CCJ. I followed the advice of CAG and offered what I could, a token £5 a month to each. These payments were set up and have run without apparent fault for about seven years. Since doing this I was evicted from my home of sixteen years (the reluctant CCJ with a very patient landlord) and had no valid postal address for some time. In 2013 I had to move to Germany for family reasons. My only income is my state pension and a very
  2. Hi Can anyone advise regarding loan payments. I have a loan agreement with payments that were due as per the credit agreement on: 17/08/18, 21/09/18 and 19/10/18 however I have noticed that payments have been taken late or early by the lender on 20/08/18, 17/09/18 and 12/10/18. Is there any legal standing on this if I make a complaint
  3. Hi there, I have an old student loan from 1996-1999. I informed the SLC/Student Finance that the debt was statues barred three years ago and they left me alone. I started working for the NHS four months ago and today's payslip has a deduction for Student Loan repayment on it. I have never given permission for anyone to do this as I do not acknowledge the debt. Where do I stand? Many thanks, M
  4. Hi just wondering if anyone can help. I am hugely embarrassed to admit that I have claimed child tax credits for 2 years but 8 mnths ago moved in with my new partner and did not notify HMRC. I know that I have done wrong, but at the time was struggling financially and my partner had his own debt issues, so kept our finances separately and was determined to be able to continue to support my son on my own. However as we are more established as couple now, and my son has settled here well, we would like to make our relationship more official, and I would like to 'confess' and pay b
  5. to cut a long story short(ish)... my wife got a car on finance a few years ago from advantage finance. the value of the car was £6,000 ... the amount payable back was £12k my wife at the time was in a well paid job and was able to afford monthly repayments of £260, a year or so after the original start of the agreement my wife started to suffer from various health conditions which involved having a number of major surgical operations that meant she had to take time off work. During these times she had to ask for reduced payments, after much persuasion advantage agreed reduce
  6. Hey guys and girls a little help if you can please. How do I claim back almost two years of CSA payments and DNA testing. I have just had the DNA results back and have found out I am not the father to James :-x So obviously I want to claim back every penny and make sure in the process that James is provided for by his real father, he should not suffer because of his lying mother after all! So the gist is I paid a few payments through the CSA and then went to direct payment with bank records of each one to his mother. The CSA are saying I can not claim anything back, w
  7. Hello everyone, I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this...hope so. I wonder if I share a story, if anyone can offer advice please. 9 years ago, due to illness and family tragedy, my husband got into financial difficulty. Via the CCCS, token repayments to creditors were agreed an interest suspended. Since then, payments have increased in line with affordability. We have reapid a considerable amount, but still have a fair way to go. I know some will say, 'why didn't you try to go the non-cca, unenforceable route' but, all apart from one were helpful (I
  8. Hi guys! I've been reviewing a car credit agreement I am currently paying, I was originally trying to calculate my own settlement figure using the Actuarial method. However, it seemed to me that in the interest figures stated on the Credit Agreement don't quite add up: Payment setup is as follows: 1st Payment of: £250.00 (arrangement fee) 59 payments of: £316.20 Final Payment of: £511.20 (includes credit facility fee) When I calculate the interest due using the 26.98% figure, my total payable is always much less than my agreement says it should be. Who's wrong, me
  9. I have a Vanquis card with a limit of £250 initially taken out with Argos on a buy now pay later thing I missed the first repayment due to errors on their website not allowing card payments to go through they called me, I express on the phone I wished the pay the FULL balance off at the end of the month (November 14) and as a gesture of good will they would cancel the fees to my account, brilliant! I call them to make this payment and but within that time more charges had been added and the original charges were not removed nor had any memo been placed on my account
  10. I started working for a company 4 years ago when times were hard and I had no where else to go, I stayed with them for 4 years and had a good relationship with them, they put me on courses to become a supervisor and a few other courses to suite their needs. I signed an agreement saying i would pay the course fees if i leave within two years. I have now left and i have a £1000 bill to pay. I agreed to give them my week in hand and now i owe £400. When they deducted this amount from my wages, it was from my wage after tax ??? is this right ?? should they not deduct it before the tax is deducted
  11. Hi hope someone can help. I had a Goldfish credit card balance £7525.00 that I got into a mess with and this was sold onto Cabot. I have been paying £25 for several years by direct debit. I have now had a letter from cabot saying I am behind with my payments and to contact them immediately. The thing is I'm not behind with the payments. I may have missed the odd payment but nothing recently. I have had a look at my experience credit file and they have been putting down a score of 8 every month for over two years, as if I have missed loads of paymen
  12. Dramatic changes in our financial income over the past 3 months have severely affected our ability to keep up with mortgage payments with GE Money. My wife and I have sadly taken the decision to sell our home of 28 years in order to clear the mortgage, pay off debts and move into rental accommodation. GE Money have offered no help whatsoever and we have been plagued with up to 4 calls a day. Each time they call we speak to a new "puppy" and have to go through our life history again and again and again. The house is no on the market and we have virtually no income. It is an exceptionally
  13. Hi, I hope someone can give me a little advice. Back in 1996, hubby had a social fund loan for advance rent and as he was claiming benefit, the repayments were taken at source, as usual. We both understood that the loan was repaid in full as no other communication has ever been made. However, the DWP have now sent him a letter, demanding the 'rest' of the social fund loan to be repaid, as according to their records, just over half remains unpaid. As he didn't find work and sign off for well over a year after the loan was taken out, as far as we remember it was paid in full. They ar
  14. How much will your mortgage cost you overall? http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/borrowing/mortgages/10289257/Mortgage-calculator-Total-cost-of-repayments.html
  15. I have an account with Halifax that has an overdraft costing £1 per day. I didn't pay my monthly fees for a few months or so and kept incurring charges upon charges sometimes £100 per time I wrote to them explaining I am more than happy to repay the OD I've used but will not pay any of the charges and interested and would like to set up a fee free repayment plan They finally replied refunding all charges, next months pending charges and a payment via cheque for any hassle caused Now I need to speak with the collections department and try to arrange a fee free plan but have been
  16. Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me with this. The Social Fund have started taking £8.43 a week from my ESA for a loan, which had an outstanding amount of £243, that I had in 2005 when I was (last) on JSA. However, they forcibly took the same amount back out of my Maternity Allowance in 2011 (£9 a week for 6 months) with their only explanation being that it was for when I was on JSA. They have ignored both of my letters requesting that they answer whether I have already repaid this debt and that, in the interim, they reduce my repayments as we cannot afford £8.43 a week. We
  17. Hello all! Looking for some advice please... I moved to S.E. Asia 18 months ago, and to date have been managing to make the monthly repayments of approx £400 GBP on my debts. My situation has now changed as I am 5 months pregnant, and health insurance will not cover any of the hospital expenses which I will have to pay in full. Plus the ongoing expense of raising the baby. As such, I would like to know if it is worth contacting the banks to see if they would let me reduce my repayments to something more manageable on an Asian income? I have a credit card with HSBC approx £5
  18. Has anyone else encountered this? Wonga take their repayment in several smaller amounts on one day. Add them up to find they have taken an extra penny ?
  19. I have recently moved from a 2 bed house where i paid £44 a month to Anglian water (not metered)to a brand new second floor flat and suddenly my water bill has gone up to £71 a month (this property is metered)... I cant possible afford that much and written to tell them so and to look at my details again.. I live alone ..No dishwasher i limit my use of washing machine and use the shower not the bath... I am currantly on Employment Support and that water bill is a large chunk out of my meagre benefit.. They have sent me a payment book with £71 a month on each page.... Can i cross
  20. BBA figures show that April was the first month of 2013 where bank customers borrowed more than they paid off Consumer appetite for taking on new borrowing is still limited, according to the BBA. Photograph: Image Source/Alamy Consumers made more use of overdrafts in April than at any time this year, with borrowing outstripping repayments to the tune of £297m, according to figures from the British Bankers' Association (BBA). April was the first month of 2013 that bank customers borrowed more than they paid off and the largest figure for net borrowing since August 2011, with the exception
  21. I am an aged widower in good health with credit card debt as a result of helping two members of my family. They had a laudable ambition in their 40s to work for useful mature student degrees while cutting down to part-time jobs. They were very successful and now have far better jobs. I can service the monthly payments to the credit card companies in excess of the minimum but am finding the rates of interest a disgrace. How can I come to some sort of deal to pay off this debt? G. P., Suffolk. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/experts/article-2324818/I-gave-relatives-money-improv
  22. Hi, This is my first post but I've been reading the posts for a couple of months now. I guess like many of you, I've got myself into a financial mess by living beyond my means and borrowing from payday loan companies. After two years of burying my head in the sand and constantly borrowing month on month and roll over some loans. I eventually got help from payplan and managed to set up a debt management plan. Most of my creditors were reasonable and accepted the plan and all phone call/emails have stopped apart from one... Toothfairy finance. A £400 loan has somehow spiralled
  23. Mortgage costs for thousands of borrowers will jump from tomorrow when one of the country's biggest lenders raises its standard variable rate (SVR). Santander's 0.5 percentage point rise in its SVR to 4.74pc will result in an average increase of £26 a month or £312 a year for a typical £100,000 mortgage. The switch is expected to affect hundreds of thousands of customers, although Santander has not disclosed the figure.Santander's SVR change, announced in August, is one of a number by lenders in recent months, dashing hopes that households will see some benefit from the Bank of England's
  24. Slow and steady wins the race..i have no more dealings with CFO and the Money shop..Take heart people it can be done x
  25. I have an issue regarding early repayment with Quick Quid. Initially my partner had a loan of £400 with them, which she succesffuly applied for an extension. However, on her next pay date a company bonus meant she was able to afford to pay off more of her loan. The extension fee was automatically taken in the early hours and she then made a payment of £150 towards the rest of the debt. Both of these transactions occured in the early hours of the morning on her due date. Now, my calculations put her outstanding debt for next month at £250 + interest for the month (21.25%), approximately £3
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