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  1. I will be concise as this is not a confessional, if helpers need more information I will respond promptly. I am 67 years old and have seven creditors, one with CCJ. I followed the advice of CAG and offered what I could, a token £5 a month to each. These payments were set up and have run without apparent fault for about seven years. Since doing this I was evicted from my home of sixteen years (the reluctant CCJ with a very patient landlord) and had no valid postal address for some time. In 2013 I had to move to Germany for family reasons. My only income is my state pension and a very, very small private pension. In short, absolutely no spare cash as the pension has to cover room rent and everything else. My assets fit into two suitcases and have no value My sister who is in the UK received a letter from Robinson Way addressed to me. She has told them to remove her address from my file as I do not and never have lived at that address. They have agreed to do this. They are talking as if this were a recent matter, insisting on the establishment of a repayment plan. Obviously I have nothing to offer them and their threats of legal action are not particularly concerning. When the CCJ was issued the judge noted that the matter would not be pursued unless there were substantial assets, which is oddly reassuring now. I intend to contact RW by email so that everything is recorded but before I do I wanted to gather any advice from you good folks. Incidental to this, I do not know what my credit record looks like now. I have lost my CRA access details and it seems not to be possible to open a new subscription from Germany. Finally, (because it is stupidly embarrassing) I have noticed an error in Robinson Way's payments. When I agreed to the monthly payment I established a standing order which is still running. I periodically check that all payments are going out as they should. What I did not notice was that RW established a direct debit, with the same reference number in addition to the standing order. So they have been receiving and taking twice the payment I agreed and this seems to have been going on for the whole period.
  2. Hi Can anyone advise regarding loan payments. I have a loan agreement with payments that were due as per the credit agreement on: 17/08/18, 21/09/18 and 19/10/18 however I have noticed that payments have been taken late or early by the lender on 20/08/18, 17/09/18 and 12/10/18. Is there any legal standing on this if I make a complaint
  3. Hi there, I have an old student loan from 1996-1999. I informed the SLC/Student Finance that the debt was statues barred three years ago and they left me alone. I started working for the NHS four months ago and today's payslip has a deduction for Student Loan repayment on it. I have never given permission for anyone to do this as I do not acknowledge the debt. Where do I stand? Many thanks, M
  4. Hi just wondering if anyone can help. I am hugely embarrassed to admit that I have claimed child tax credits for 2 years but 8 mnths ago moved in with my new partner and did not notify HMRC. I know that I have done wrong, but at the time was struggling financially and my partner had his own debt issues, so kept our finances separately and was determined to be able to continue to support my son on my own. However as we are more established as couple now, and my son has settled here well, we would like to make our relationship more official, and I would like to 'confess' and pay back those mnths that I shouldn't have claimed, but am so scared of the consequences. Having used their online calculator I don't think we would be eligible as a joint claim as I have had a modest but significant pay rise and my partner, who is self employed, has had things pick up for him too. I have tried calling their help line today but not yet managed to get through so was wondering if appropriate to write a hugely apologetic letter explaining the situation, and ask for an overpayment balance? If my calculations are right it is not a huge amount and could hopefully pay it straight off, but am worried about having a fine on top. I know honesty is the best policy, and have never even had a parking ticket, so am struggling to know how to deal with a. my deceipt and b. the consequences...... Thanks in advance for any advice.
  5. to cut a long story short(ish)... my wife got a car on finance a few years ago from advantage finance. the value of the car was £6,000 ... the amount payable back was £12k my wife at the time was in a well paid job and was able to afford monthly repayments of £260, a year or so after the original start of the agreement my wife started to suffer from various health conditions which involved having a number of major surgical operations that meant she had to take time off work. During these times she had to ask for reduced payments, after much persuasion advantage agreed reduced payments for a few months each time. when my wife went back to work advantage told her that she needed to pay extra each month to reduce the arrears. She agreed to pay £280 every 4 weeks. this amount was quite considerable and on top of petrol, car tax, insurance, mot and repairs it became quite expensive running the car. recently our financial situation has become extremely bad, causing health problems for myself and my wife. in total my wife has already paid over £8,000+ towards the car, but we have also noticed that advantage have added an awful lot of charges onto her account each month.. . one constant one is for being behind with payments!!!! many other ridiculous costs have been added as well. advantage have also claimed my wife is now over £2,000 in arrears!!!! my wife explained her situation to advantage who refused to put the account on hold at first but after 3 letters all explaining her situation they finally agreed. their constant pressure and threats are not helping with our situation, just adding more stress and adding to our debt problems. because our situation got that bad we visited a debt advisor due to the amount being paid on the car our money coming in was far less than what is being paid out. as the CAB was quite rushed we didn't get much info about the car except that we should ask about payments, charges and other costs they have added. now the thing is we previously asked in november 2016 for all the info the had and sent the request with the £10 and got the info on a disc. that was over 8 months ago. the CAB didn't discuss many options what we could do with the car except give it back to advantage. my wife was advised to first send a letter requesting all financial transactions, if they didn't respond within a time frame complain to them, after that if we still was not happy to then go to FOS. the thing is we do not want to be to really be paying another £10 for another sar request. is there a way that we can request all payments, penalty charges and added payment insurance etc from advantage without any cost to ourselves and if so could anyone point me in the direction of a template letter as i am not very good when composing formal letters. at the moment we are in a no win situation...my wife needs a car for work, if she doesn't have a car she can't get to work any advice would be greatly received thank you for your time.
  6. Hey guys and girls a little help if you can please. How do I claim back almost two years of CSA payments and DNA testing. I have just had the DNA results back and have found out I am not the father to James :-x So obviously I want to claim back every penny and make sure in the process that James is provided for by his real father, he should not suffer because of his lying mother after all! So the gist is I paid a few payments through the CSA and then went to direct payment with bank records of each one to his mother. The CSA are saying I can not claim anything back, which I find very very hard to believe because this is basically a kind of fraud and wrongful payment enfoced by the government. Any suggestions please xxxx
  7. Hello everyone, I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this...hope so. I wonder if I share a story, if anyone can offer advice please. 9 years ago, due to illness and family tragedy, my husband got into financial difficulty. Via the CCCS, token repayments to creditors were agreed an interest suspended. Since then, payments have increased in line with affordability. We have reapid a considerable amount, but still have a fair way to go. I know some will say, 'why didn't you try to go the non-cca, unenforceable route' but, all apart from one were helpful (I did get SD set aside re Arrow Global as they wouldn't play ball) so did not want to pursue the fight with the others. Fast forward to now and our circumstances have taken a turn for the worse and, due to a reduction in income (husband self-employed and work slowed, loss of income due to ongoing health issues and hospital visits), we can no longer afford the current repayment levels, so we have written to the remaining creditors to explain the situation (and included an up-to-date I&E). The one I would like to ask advice on is Idem. ORIGINAL DEBT TO MBNA APPROX £7800 APPROX MBNA PAID £4400 APPROX PAID TO IDEM SO FAR £2000 Original Creditor MBNA agreed a repayment programme that, provided we kept to until they were repaid, they would leave us alone (which they did). We continued the payments, then in September 2012, we were advised that they had sold the remaining debt to Idem Capital Securities Ltd, but that the agreement would continue (which it did). We began paying the same payments to Idem but, we cannot afford these now. Idem has written (see letter C) saying that they need express consent to process the information in our letter and I&E, either in writing or by a phone call. As we won't deal with any of this at the telephone, the signed confirmation is the only option. DO WE HAVE TO SIGN AND RETURN THIS? WHAT ARE THE IMPLICATIONS IF WE DO? WHAT IF WE DON'T? What we don't want is for them to 'get heavy' with us, because we can't pay what we can't currently afford. If the repayment programme with MBNA was in place and a default notice never issued as a result (don't have one in file anyway), when the debt was sold to Idem, did that terminate the account and could Idem take us to Court if we can't agree on continued repayments? Any suggestions on how to proceed? Thanks Sorry, forgot how to attach copy letter, it's been so long since I posted on here!! Think this should work. Didn't-too small, sorry. Hoping this works. Can someone let me know if you can see this copy ok. If not, I'll try the other suggested method. Stigman, Thanks for the response. Yes we do have our own house (with equity, I'm afraid). You said send a CCA request (to Idem I presume). Is that n preference to a SAR (to MBNA)? Also, do you know anything about the request to sign the 'express consent' letter and whether we have to do this in order for them to look at our chnge of circumstances/I&E? I've got all the MBNA statements so I can look at them with regard to charges and a possible reclaim. How far can I go back?
  8. Hi guys! I've been reviewing a car credit agreement I am currently paying, I was originally trying to calculate my own settlement figure using the Actuarial method. However, it seemed to me that in the interest figures stated on the Credit Agreement don't quite add up: Payment setup is as follows: 1st Payment of: £250.00 (arrangement fee) 59 payments of: £316.20 Final Payment of: £511.20 (includes credit facility fee) When I calculate the interest due using the 26.98% figure, my total payable is always much less than my agreement says it should be. Who's wrong, me or the agreement? And in any event, what formula is used to calculate interest on this type of finance?
  9. I have a Vanquis card with a limit of £250 initially taken out with Argos on a buy now pay later thing I missed the first repayment due to errors on their website not allowing card payments to go through they called me, I express on the phone I wished the pay the FULL balance off at the end of the month (November 14) and as a gesture of good will they would cancel the fees to my account, brilliant! I call them to make this payment and but within that time more charges had been added and the original charges were not removed nor had any memo been placed on my account then when I questioned this they hung up I instantly wrote an email of complaint regarding this which was not responded too until about 2 weeks later stating they were investigating the matter but this could take x amount of time during which I must continue to make regular payments and interest will still be added I've recently received a reply from Vanquis saying they've listened to both calls, the second saying their operative was not abrupt and they were unable to tell if the disconnection was caused at my end or not. With regards the first call the operative did state she would waiver the charges if I paid in full but as I didn't make a payment of £61 before my agreed final payment date then this was reversed I was not made aware of any interim payments needing paying before making my final payment and have since refused to make any payments while I'm trying to get to bottom of this as I think I've been unfairly treated My current balance now stands at £371 thats now £121 more than I borrowed. Now I more than happy to pay in full the amount I originally agreed but NO more which they keep refusing saying the account has now defaulted, whatever that means? What can I do next? Do I have any rights regards my original verbal agreement I made on the telephone? Thanks in advance
  10. I started working for a company 4 years ago when times were hard and I had no where else to go, I stayed with them for 4 years and had a good relationship with them, they put me on courses to become a supervisor and a few other courses to suite their needs. I signed an agreement saying i would pay the course fees if i leave within two years. I have now left and i have a £1000 bill to pay. I agreed to give them my week in hand and now i owe £400. When they deducted this amount from my wages, it was from my wage after tax ??? is this right ?? should they not deduct it before the tax is deducted ? ? Also ive worked above and beyond my contracted working agreements on several occasions for no extra money. I have also been made aware that the company will be reimbursed most of the money through grants. One of the courses i attended is still on going and could be for the next 6 months so i have not received the full training im currently being charged for. before i attempt to fight this battle for £400 i just want to know if i have a leg to stand on or if im fighting a losing battle. Surely my employer should of taken this money out of my wage before it was taxed ?? thanks for reading
  11. Hi hope someone can help. I had a Goldfish credit card balance £7525.00 that I got into a mess with and this was sold onto Cabot. I have been paying £25 for several years by direct debit. I have now had a letter from cabot saying I am behind with my payments and to contact them immediately. The thing is I'm not behind with the payments. I may have missed the odd payment but nothing recently. I have had a look at my experience credit file and they have been putting down a score of 8 every month for over two years, as if I have missed loads of payments but this £25.00 has been paid each month. Even in the letter they sent it showed the last six months payments had been received. The current balance is £6075.00. The default date was 29/10/08. haven't contacted them as I'm just confused as to why they have put on my credit file that several payments have been missed each year when this is not the case. What do I need to do? Thanks
  12. Dramatic changes in our financial income over the past 3 months have severely affected our ability to keep up with mortgage payments with GE Money. My wife and I have sadly taken the decision to sell our home of 28 years in order to clear the mortgage, pay off debts and move into rental accommodation. GE Money have offered no help whatsoever and we have been plagued with up to 4 calls a day. Each time they call we speak to a new "puppy" and have to go through our life history again and again and again. The house is no on the market and we have virtually no income. It is an exceptionally stressful situation and beginning to affect our health and well being, we are at a loss as to what we should do next. We would welcome any advice as we have found ourselves in a position which is completely alien to us in our later years of life.
  13. Hi, I hope someone can give me a little advice. Back in 1996, hubby had a social fund loan for advance rent and as he was claiming benefit, the repayments were taken at source, as usual. We both understood that the loan was repaid in full as no other communication has ever been made. However, the DWP have now sent him a letter, demanding the 'rest' of the social fund loan to be repaid, as according to their records, just over half remains unpaid. As he didn't find work and sign off for well over a year after the loan was taken out, as far as we remember it was paid in full. They are also trying to claim another amount from him from 2009, called an 'alignment to benefit' - he was working in 2009 and hadn't claimed benefit for a long time. He wrote to the DWP asking for details of these alleged owed amounts, they have sent very scant details and no details on the repayments made to date. Does anyone have any insight or advice? It would be very much appreciated
  14. I have an account with Halifax that has an overdraft costing £1 per day. I didn't pay my monthly fees for a few months or so and kept incurring charges upon charges sometimes £100 per time I wrote to them explaining I am more than happy to repay the OD I've used but will not pay any of the charges and interested and would like to set up a fee free repayment plan They finally replied refunding all charges, next months pending charges and a payment via cheque for any hassle caused Now I need to speak with the collections department and try to arrange a fee free plan but have been informed this is unlikely to happen If this is the case then I'm never going to make any progress on clearing my debts as I can't afford both the daily £1 charge as well as a repayment because currently even if I paid £50 into that account every month ONLY £20 of this would come off my balance with the other £30 being swallowed up How can I make them accept my fee free repayment offer?
  15. Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me with this. The Social Fund have started taking £8.43 a week from my ESA for a loan, which had an outstanding amount of £243, that I had in 2005 when I was (last) on JSA. However, they forcibly took the same amount back out of my Maternity Allowance in 2011 (£9 a week for 6 months) with their only explanation being that it was for when I was on JSA. They have ignored both of my letters requesting that they answer whether I have already repaid this debt and that, in the interim, they reduce my repayments as we cannot afford £8.43 a week. We are in dire straights financially and the £9 a week they took from my Maternity allowance ultimately drove us into homelessness. I have autism spectrum disorder and find bureaucratic mazes like this impossible to deal with, especially as I find talking on the phone extremely difficult and can't afford to dial their 087- numbers anyway (no alternatives on saynoto0870.com), Though I do try. The local mental health liaison service have agreed to communicate with the Social Fund about this on my behalf, but they seem to be giving them the run around and have claimed they have no information about the money they took from my Maternity Allowance. They have agreed to let me pay £3 less a week (which we still can't afford), two weeks after I send a form back to them agreeing to this. Alternatively, they said, I can appeal the repayment amount, which I'm guessing would take even longer. In the meantime, I am extremely anxious about our financial situation because of the rate of money they are taking off my benefit. We are desperately short of money and can't afford to heat our home properly, etc. We've had 2 direct debits fail already, which has resulted in a total of £25's worth of fines. My questions are: 1) What would be the most direct route to getting them to find their records of the money they took out of my Maternity Allowance? 2) What would be the quickest way to get them to reduce the amount of/stop the repayments? I could ask the mental health liaison team to refer me to a CAB specialist (my current CAB rep can't or won't help with this issue), but this again would take time we can't afford. Also, my experience with the CAB, and their insistence on making me wait for phone calls from them, has been extremely stressful and I would prefer, if it's at all possible, to avoid this route.
  16. Hello all! Looking for some advice please... I moved to S.E. Asia 18 months ago, and to date have been managing to make the monthly repayments of approx £400 GBP on my debts. My situation has now changed as I am 5 months pregnant, and health insurance will not cover any of the hospital expenses which I will have to pay in full. Plus the ongoing expense of raising the baby. As such, I would like to know if it is worth contacting the banks to see if they would let me reduce my repayments to something more manageable on an Asian income? I have a credit card with HSBC approx £50 per month A personal loan with Tesco approx £200 per month Overdraft with HSBC approx £100 per month (will be complete in March) Plus approx £50 per month misc interest, student loans etc The credit card and Tesco loan are my main concerns, especially as over £40 per month is to pay interest on the credit card. Please understand that I DO want to repay these debts, just at a more manageable rate. Thank you in advance for any advice
  17. Has anyone else encountered this? Wonga take their repayment in several smaller amounts on one day. Add them up to find they have taken an extra penny ?
  18. I have recently moved from a 2 bed house where i paid £44 a month to Anglian water (not metered)to a brand new second floor flat and suddenly my water bill has gone up to £71 a month (this property is metered)... I cant possible afford that much and written to tell them so and to look at my details again.. I live alone ..No dishwasher i limit my use of washing machine and use the shower not the bath... I am currantly on Employment Support and that water bill is a large chunk out of my meagre benefit.. They have sent me a payment book with £71 a month on each page.... Can i cross that out and pay £50 Appreciate any advice
  19. Hi, This is my first post but I've been reading the posts for a couple of months now. I guess like many of you, I've got myself into a financial mess by living beyond my means and borrowing from payday loan companies. After two years of burying my head in the sand and constantly borrowing month on month and roll over some loans. I eventually got help from payplan and managed to set up a debt management plan. Most of my creditors were reasonable and accepted the plan and all phone call/emails have stopped apart from one... Toothfairy finance. A £400 loan has somehow spiralled to £1846. I've already paid back £236 on it and I reckon I will pay them £600 in total, original loan + 1 months interest plus reasonable amount for default. Also to say I never missed a month paying at least some money to them. Debt now supposedly owned by Marshall Hoare. I'm now aware after reading through the forums that the 3 companies are one and the same. Problem is they refuse to talk to payplan. I'm currently paying £34.20 a month to them (through payplan) and they say they can only accept £40 minimum to freeze charges etc. Technically I could make up the difference but I refuse to as I will then be given them preferential treatment over my other creditors and they have caused me so much stress I won't do it. After weeks after phonecalls from Marshall Hoare where I explained I could only afford £34.20 and they can keep putting charges on because I still won't pay more. I then got a phone call from NDR who said they will accept my £34 a month. I was wary of agreeing to this so I told them to email me the details and I will look over it before I agree to anything. This is what I was sent Dear Pastor 123 I am writing to confirm your conversation with our agents / debt collection agencies regarding your Pay Check Credit Loan* and your agreement to pay: 12.12.12 - £34.00 12.01.13 - £34.00 12.02.13 - £34.00 12.03.13 - £34.00 12.04.13 - £34.00 12.05.13 - £34.00 12.06.13 - £34.00 12.07.13 - £34.00 12.08.13 - £34.00 12.09.13 - £34.00 12.10.13 - £34.00 12.11.13 - £34.00 12.12.13 - £34.00 12.01.14 - £34.00 12.02.14 - £34.00 12.03.14 - £34.00 12.04.14 - £34.00 12.05.14 - £34.00 12.06.14 - £34.00 12.07.14 - £34.00 12.08.14 - £34.00 12.09.14 - £34.00 12.10.14 - £34.00 12.11.14 - £34.00 12.12.14 - £34.00 12.01.15 - £34.00 12.02.15 - £34.00 12.03.15 - £34.00 12.04.15 - £34.00 12.05.15 - £34.00 Total payment of £1,020.00 to be paid by 12.05.15 to close this loan This agreement has been noted on your permanent file. PLEASE NOTE: If YOU fail to HONOUR this agreement, and pay as agreed, our systems will AUTOMATICALLY take the following actions: 1. FULL fees and charges will be added to your account. 2. Full interest will be added retrospectively. 3. An application will be made to the courts for a County Court Judgement to be registered against your name, an application will then be made for a Warrant of Execution to either seize goods and/or obtain an attachment of earnings / benefits. Bailiffs may be instructed. This should be taken seriously. It is ESSENTIAL you honour the agreement you made So basically they want me to pay £1020 on top of the £236 I've already paid, which I'm obviously not going to do. Since this was sent the daily phone calls have stopped. My question is should I not contact them, continue to pay my £34.20 through payplan until the £600 is paid off and then cancel payments? Or contact them and tell them I don't agree to this and will only pay them £600? It is a relief not having to speak to them all the time and have the same conversation, but as I obviously never agreed to THEIR payment plan should I let them know now?
  20. Slow and steady wins the race..i have no more dealings with CFO and the Money shop..Take heart people it can be done x
  21. I have an issue regarding early repayment with Quick Quid. Initially my partner had a loan of £400 with them, which she succesffuly applied for an extension. However, on her next pay date a company bonus meant she was able to afford to pay off more of her loan. The extension fee was automatically taken in the early hours and she then made a payment of £150 towards the rest of the debt. Both of these transactions occured in the early hours of the morning on her due date. Now, my calculations put her outstanding debt for next month at £250 + interest for the month (21.25%), approximately £303. However, Quick Quid have applied the second extension fee before allowing her to make the partial payment and are now demanding £335 on her next due date. She spoke to a rep (recorded of course) to try and clarify how they could justify the cost and asked if the loan would have been cleared had she made a payment of 400 on the due date. The rep stated that it would not. Is this something that they can do, add on additional finance charges before taking into account early repayment?
  22. I saw this and wondered if it was worth posting...? http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/education/7085423/Expats-cough-up-student-loan-repayments
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