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Found 6 results

  1. Hi can someone please confirm that a balliff can ONLY call at your house IF you have a court order but have NOT paid it?? DCA I think trying to scare me!! if a court order is granted at say £2 pm and is always paid on time each month then nothing DCA's can do??? or if in repayment plan with DCA but NO court order can they send bailiffs, im sure I read ages ago you can only get balliffs if you've not paid your court order each month many thanks
  2. ,i recently recived a balliffs letter saying they had visited my old address chasing up a parking fine, for this visit they seem to be charging around 200 pounds plus another hundred,i had alerted the dvla of my move, so im wondering if im obliged to pay for their visit to my old address,as this fine is 6months old and they visited my old address this month,they are now applying for a warrent of execution for my current address how long does this process take ? and can i fight the charge for the visit to wrong address, im very poor and could really do without paying bone heads money for nothing thanks for any help in advance
  3. Hi everyone just new to this site and hoping you can help me out I have a liabilty order for approx £500 unpaid council tax from a couple of years I have had two arrangements with the council to pay it off in instalments i have defaulted on both of them ( I know I have been stupid ) I then had a change of employment with consideribily less money the council handed this to Rossendales I then had an arrangement with them which again I have defaulted on reason being all of my wages pay the mortgage and we live on my wifes part time job wages which is not a lot. Yesterday Monday night my wife went upstairs and brought a letter that had been posted through the door no knock or ring of the bell saying I now owe £642.30 which needs to be paid in full and he will collect in 24 hours its now Tuesday and he has not been I am past my self with worry and me and the wife as you imagine are not exactly on speaking terms I was reading threads that said the council will take the debt back I phoned them up today and and pleaded my case and spoke to the recovery section and they are not moving just saying contact the baliff direct I have nothing and he wants the lot in full. One thing the council did tell me was they had a levy charge they have never been in the house and they wont get in all I can think ov is the first time he came he spoke to my wife who was getting into my daughters car they must have put a levy on but all the bailiff told my wife was to contact him also they told me there was a van charge I was sitting watching tv no van pullef up and he must of sneaked up the drive as not to be seen to post that letter
  4. Hi, This is my first post but I've been reading the posts for a couple of months now. I guess like many of you, I've got myself into a financial mess by living beyond my means and borrowing from payday loan companies. After two years of burying my head in the sand and constantly borrowing month on month and roll over some loans. I eventually got help from payplan and managed to set up a debt management plan. Most of my creditors were reasonable and accepted the plan and all phone call/emails have stopped apart from one... Toothfairy finance. A £400 loan has somehow spiralled to £1846. I've already paid back £236 on it and I reckon I will pay them £600 in total, original loan + 1 months interest plus reasonable amount for default. Also to say I never missed a month paying at least some money to them. Debt now supposedly owned by Marshall Hoare. I'm now aware after reading through the forums that the 3 companies are one and the same. Problem is they refuse to talk to payplan. I'm currently paying £34.20 a month to them (through payplan) and they say they can only accept £40 minimum to freeze charges etc. Technically I could make up the difference but I refuse to as I will then be given them preferential treatment over my other creditors and they have caused me so much stress I won't do it. After weeks after phonecalls from Marshall Hoare where I explained I could only afford £34.20 and they can keep putting charges on because I still won't pay more. I then got a phone call from NDR who said they will accept my £34 a month. I was wary of agreeing to this so I told them to email me the details and I will look over it before I agree to anything. This is what I was sent Dear Pastor 123 I am writing to confirm your conversation with our agents / debt collection agencies regarding your Pay Check Credit Loan* and your agreement to pay: 12.12.12 - £34.00 12.01.13 - £34.00 12.02.13 - £34.00 12.03.13 - £34.00 12.04.13 - £34.00 12.05.13 - £34.00 12.06.13 - £34.00 12.07.13 - £34.00 12.08.13 - £34.00 12.09.13 - £34.00 12.10.13 - £34.00 12.11.13 - £34.00 12.12.13 - £34.00 12.01.14 - £34.00 12.02.14 - £34.00 12.03.14 - £34.00 12.04.14 - £34.00 12.05.14 - £34.00 12.06.14 - £34.00 12.07.14 - £34.00 12.08.14 - £34.00 12.09.14 - £34.00 12.10.14 - £34.00 12.11.14 - £34.00 12.12.14 - £34.00 12.01.15 - £34.00 12.02.15 - £34.00 12.03.15 - £34.00 12.04.15 - £34.00 12.05.15 - £34.00 Total payment of £1,020.00 to be paid by 12.05.15 to close this loan This agreement has been noted on your permanent file. PLEASE NOTE: If YOU fail to HONOUR this agreement, and pay as agreed, our systems will AUTOMATICALLY take the following actions: 1. FULL fees and charges will be added to your account. 2. Full interest will be added retrospectively. 3. An application will be made to the courts for a County Court Judgement to be registered against your name, an application will then be made for a Warrant of Execution to either seize goods and/or obtain an attachment of earnings / benefits. Bailiffs may be instructed. This should be taken seriously. It is ESSENTIAL you honour the agreement you made So basically they want me to pay £1020 on top of the £236 I've already paid, which I'm obviously not going to do. Since this was sent the daily phone calls have stopped. My question is should I not contact them, continue to pay my £34.20 through payplan until the £600 is paid off and then cancel payments? Or contact them and tell them I don't agree to this and will only pay them £600? It is a relief not having to speak to them all the time and have the same conversation, but as I obviously never agreed to THEIR payment plan should I let them know now?
  5. Hi, I recieved a letter out the blue last week from Philips Baliffs, all it said was "failure to provide veichle information" I email them and I have had this back: We have noted your account with the information you have provided. Thank you for your email, Please see below all the information we have been provided by our client London NE Magistrates. Philips ref number: xxxx Client ref: 09047388R Offence details: Keeper Of A Motor Vehicle Fail To Give Information Offence date: July 20, 2009 Fine amount when issued to Philips: £250.00 Outstanding balance at present: £335.00 Admin Fee 2012: £85.00 If you require any further information please contact our client directly. ____ I replied again as I was out of the country at that time from 2006 until 2011, and they said I should call the court. I did this today, I spoke to Waltham Forest Magistrates Court enforcment which were VERY unhelpful and said that I would need to call the convicting court and I can't get through to them. The advice I am seeking is, I have no idea or clue what this is, as I say I wasn't in the country and can prove it. Firstly I dont know if this is real, are they a dodgyu balliff company?
  6. hello to all could someone advise me of my situation, i received out of the blue a threating text from northern debt recovery stating that if i dont contact them asap they will send baliffs round to empty my house there were other things in the text to, they said i took a loan out on the 12/10/12 thats amazing because i have been unemployed for 6 months now i am an x policeman, i had to leave for medical reasons, so i was shocked to receive this so i replied and guess what it bounced back, so i tried to find out there address and with my contacts i still had trouble simply because they are not where they said they were, these people are invisable, i since had another text and a letter, i have replied to the address that i have found through colleagues research and sent all 3 a kind letter (not) but still had another text saying that they have passed on my file to solicitors and bailiffs, and a doorstep collection would proceed, i cant wait for them to turn up, i am 6'5" and 20 stone, if they turn up i will bury my size 13 foot where the sun dont shine. so after all that has anyone got any idea where these people get off, and a possible address so i can arrange a visit for them ? this makes me laugh but makes my family worry that someone will turn up when i am not there, i have been told to report these muppets to oft but i have trouble finding theses ********s how can oft trace them? thank you all any advice would be great
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