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  1. I agree with this. CFO lending did the same thing to me. Took money out of my account even though I had not given them my new card details and I had already been paying them through my DMP for months. I rang my bank and explained that I did not authorise the payments. The bank refunded my money back the next day. Be persistent as renegadeimp says and don't put the phone down until you get the chargeback
  2. CFO have done the same thing to me last month. After being on a payment plan with CFO through payplan since Aug 2012, then then decided in March to deduct 2*36 payments and 1*25 payment out of my halifax account. Luckily this is not the account where my salary goes in to. Admittedly CFO never 'accepted' my payments with Payplan but were still pocketing the money each month. This left me in an unauthorised overdraft account. I only noticed 3 weeks later when I happened to check my account online. I rang up CFO and they said although they now have accepted my payment plan they wouldn't refund the money they illegally raided from my account even though they didn't have my new card number. I got straight on to Halifax afterwards and to be fair they got a charge back and money was back into my account within 24 hours even though technically I never cancelled a CPA with them beforehand but after listening to my circumstances and hearing that I was regularly paying CFO and that I never gave them my new card details or authority to take money out of my account, they agreed to get the money back I don't know if that is just with Halifax but I think banks are now abiding by the OFT rules regarding CPA's
  3. The last couple of days. I've noticed I've not received my twice daily phone call from PaycheckCredit/NDR/Marshall Hoare. Running scared?! I would like to know what the situation is as I'm due to pay them the usual £34 next month as part of my DMP with Payplan
  4. Thanks Thaiboxer. My first thought is along the same lines as you. They've caused me so much stress and I've not been reasonable at all. I'm not disputing that I owe them what I borrowed but I'm not going to pay them them ridiculous amounts of money. At first I was worried about the constant threats of baliffs visits but now I realise that this is just empty threats. I wish I never got involved with them but you live and you learn.
  5. Hi, This is my first post but I've been reading the posts for a couple of months now. I guess like many of you, I've got myself into a financial mess by living beyond my means and borrowing from payday loan companies. After two years of burying my head in the sand and constantly borrowing month on month and roll over some loans. I eventually got help from payplan and managed to set up a debt management plan. Most of my creditors were reasonable and accepted the plan and all phone call/emails have stopped apart from one... Toothfairy finance. A £400 loan has somehow spiralled to £1846. I've already paid back £236 on it and I reckon I will pay them £600 in total, original loan + 1 months interest plus reasonable amount for default. Also to say I never missed a month paying at least some money to them. Debt now supposedly owned by Marshall Hoare. I'm now aware after reading through the forums that the 3 companies are one and the same. Problem is they refuse to talk to payplan. I'm currently paying £34.20 a month to them (through payplan) and they say they can only accept £40 minimum to freeze charges etc. Technically I could make up the difference but I refuse to as I will then be given them preferential treatment over my other creditors and they have caused me so much stress I won't do it. After weeks after phonecalls from Marshall Hoare where I explained I could only afford £34.20 and they can keep putting charges on because I still won't pay more. I then got a phone call from NDR who said they will accept my £34 a month. I was wary of agreeing to this so I told them to email me the details and I will look over it before I agree to anything. This is what I was sent Dear Pastor 123 I am writing to confirm your conversation with our agents / debt collection agencies regarding your Pay Check Credit Loan* and your agreement to pay: 12.12.12 - £34.00 12.01.13 - £34.00 12.02.13 - £34.00 12.03.13 - £34.00 12.04.13 - £34.00 12.05.13 - £34.00 12.06.13 - £34.00 12.07.13 - £34.00 12.08.13 - £34.00 12.09.13 - £34.00 12.10.13 - £34.00 12.11.13 - £34.00 12.12.13 - £34.00 12.01.14 - £34.00 12.02.14 - £34.00 12.03.14 - £34.00 12.04.14 - £34.00 12.05.14 - £34.00 12.06.14 - £34.00 12.07.14 - £34.00 12.08.14 - £34.00 12.09.14 - £34.00 12.10.14 - £34.00 12.11.14 - £34.00 12.12.14 - £34.00 12.01.15 - £34.00 12.02.15 - £34.00 12.03.15 - £34.00 12.04.15 - £34.00 12.05.15 - £34.00 Total payment of £1,020.00 to be paid by 12.05.15 to close this loan This agreement has been noted on your permanent file. PLEASE NOTE: If YOU fail to HONOUR this agreement, and pay as agreed, our systems will AUTOMATICALLY take the following actions: 1. FULL fees and charges will be added to your account. 2. Full interest will be added retrospectively. 3. An application will be made to the courts for a County Court Judgement to be registered against your name, an application will then be made for a Warrant of Execution to either seize goods and/or obtain an attachment of earnings / benefits. Bailiffs may be instructed. This should be taken seriously. It is ESSENTIAL you honour the agreement you made So basically they want me to pay £1020 on top of the £236 I've already paid, which I'm obviously not going to do. Since this was sent the daily phone calls have stopped. My question is should I not contact them, continue to pay my £34.20 through payplan until the £600 is paid off and then cancel payments? Or contact them and tell them I don't agree to this and will only pay them £600? It is a relief not having to speak to them all the time and have the same conversation, but as I obviously never agreed to THEIR payment plan should I let them know now?
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