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  1. I received a response this morning from my local MP : "Thank you for your letter regarding the Department of Work and Pensions and the trouble you have had with regards to your health, work, and treatment by the DWP. Although I have raised these concerns with the DWP, and asked for a response, I want to make you aware that if you do require a letter of support from myself with regards to any complaint that you wish to make, I will write that letter for you. I understand from your letter that your new job position will have started by now. Congratulations on the position and I hope that
  2. After going around the houses, I've been able to come to arrangement with the agency and sort out referencing/identification (this is a government employment issue, rather than a result of DWP directly). I'm just waiting for a start date now, subject to the DBS check being completed. In the meantime, I had to attend another interview today at the job centre. I highlighted that I'd need financial help to make it to the job, but they cannot provide anything until I have a definitive start date. They are prepared to offer a bus bass for the first week of employment once I do have one. They w
  3. Still waiting on a response from the MP, how long does it typically take? I've also run into a stumbling block with the position I was successful with. The agency handling the vacancy require up to date photographic ID (my passport expired 2 years ago) which I cannot afford due to the sanction.
  4. I am hoping that the job I am about to start will mean I don't have to, as this request would essentially be identical to what I'm already contesting. Their track record of listening to me so far has been...well, they haven't, clearly. Hell, I'm still waiting for a reemploy referral I put in for a month ago and reminded them of two weeks later...
  5. I was on ESA for around 6 months when it was still Jobseekers Allowance. I have made enquiries about it over the last few months, but job centre staff have informed me that it no longer exists, that it's all rolled into Universal Credit now.
  6. Due to my living arrangements, a loss of benefit will not result in either starvation or homelessness. As such, any applications for hardship have been denied. I was able to secure a food parcel once, to assist with my contributions to the household, but obviously that doesn't help with the more immediate issue of needing to fill my time with more meaningful things. The DWP have insisted that they have funds available to help with travel costs to interviews and for new starters to ensure they can both look for work and accept positions, but they've been very vague whenever the subject has
  7. Ok, I've emailed my MP. I guess all I can do is wait now. Does this kind of behaviour often get overturned? As I have been entirely unsuccessful in the past, and I don't see how my situation now is any different to then.
  8. I am hesitant about pursuing it further as it seems like it would be a potentially stressful waste of time for me in light of the outcome given last time. I haven't spoken to anyone outside of DWP and citizens advice yet. What would be the best way to go about looping in the local MP?
  9. I have been claiming universal credit for around 13 months whilst trying to recover from anxiety and depression. I have on several occasions explained to the DWP that these conditions affect my ability to work and attend scheduled appointments, providing as much medical evidence as doctors will provide. Back in March I missed an appointment during a particularly difficult time for me. I wasn't able to talk to anyone or leave the house. I contacted the DWP as soon as I felt able and arranged another appointment, which I later rescheduled myself, against as a result of my condition. Th
  10. I'd done so well for months, completely debt free (many thanks to people on this site that helped during the time) and then landed myself in financial trouble recently after losing my job. I took out a loan with these guys again to cover christmas, but my plan to repay was scuppered by an unexpected medical complication. My due date was last Thursday, for which the direct debit was bounced back. I contacted quickquid that afternoon and came to an arrangement whereby I paid £8.50 then from £31.50 debt, and the remaining balance for £23 (amounts are not exact) today. When I went to ma
  11. They want to settle for £120, they've taken off £180, initial loan was 240, plus interest for 1 month takes it to 300. But that's the point of contention, I'd already paid that interest off. So it's either going to be 120, or 60 depending on how that goes. It would have been so much easier for them if they'd just settled in the first place...
  12. Results are in. PDE have agree that they have treated me unfairly by : ignoring messages that said I couldn't afford the repayment, adding interest back in May when they should have accepted my proposed repayment plan, and that they should not have continued contacting me via telephone/text after I expressly asked them not to. They've agreed to reduce the outstanding balance by a significant amount provided I can stick to my original proposal. The only niggly issue is that their total from which they've subtracted the reduction does not take into account the fact that £60 in interest was
  13. Another update, shouldn't (hopefully) be many more now : FoS have completed their investigation and are just waiting on a final response from PDE, which the lender is dragging its' heels over. PDE were, however, quite happy to send me a text at 8.20 this morning to say that a default was being registered against me. Lovely wake up call. They provided a number to 'discuss how we can help'. Are they able to do this whilst the dispute remains unresolved? UPDATE : And another one, literally, as I'm typing this. It all seems a bit bit desperate from my perspective.
  14. Took them a couple of months, but the Money Shop have now jumped on the bandwagon trying to get in touch with me over the phone despite the communication preference template letter I sent to PDE. They don't even have my correct name. The fos want records of any contact the business makes whilst the investigation is ongoing, so another email sent to them today. Should have a final decision from them in a few more weeks.
  15. Situation resolved. Phoned in (recorded of course) as she needed it dealt with quickly to make early repayment, wasn't in the mood for them dragging heels and adding extra interest for no reason. They tried to argue it at first, but after a couple of minutes of my prettier half not backing down it was passed to management and they sorted it in seconds. In fairness to the frontline operatives, their system for processing payments seems fairly archaic and unfriendly, which is why this happened in the first place. No excuse for using it obviously, it's finances afterall, but it explains wh
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