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  1. I saw this and wondered if it was worth posting...? http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/education/7085423/Expats-cough-up-student-loan-repayments
  2. Can some one possibly point me in the right direction, I am looking for information on how things work between retailers and manufactures. If a customer returns that i faulty(?) then can the retailer refer it back to the manufacture? Secondly is this the same for the EU? Trying to find the correct legislation is beginning to be a bit of a head ache! Thanks
  3. Sorry - they called us once (AIC) and we got to have a delightful conversation on the phone that was August 2009, then we found this website and learnt they we shouldnt engage with them on the phone at all... so we didnt, we turned out phones off / didnt pick up after 8.30 then checked the answer phone to see if anything was left. we got the "We are transfering your debt" (or however it was worded) about a 10 months ago, since then the bank wrote to us again to say that their representatives could not contact us and had handed these accounts back to the bank. I google the exact text from the letters as a rule and this is a standard threat-o-gram (in my opinion) nothing as far as I have searched (and trust me I have been trawling the net) can I find anywhere that these were actioned....
  4. Ohhh I had that letter about a year ago..... they then couldnt contact us, so they handed it back to the bank (supposedly)
  5. *Chortles* We have been through the threat-o-gram mill.. All quiet currently - we tend to get sporadic bursts of activity. No phones (bar one and that was over a year ago) the rest have been mass generated letters (I know this as I googled the exact text from some - favorite being AIC). The lastest chancer (IGOR - posisbly?, 3 months ago) said they were sending a debt collector to my door.. Think I remarked that he wanted a cheeky holiday, something or such like.. Have to say I do quiet like Ozzy boys suggestion... perhaps will leave the phone on a dodgy site...
  6. HEY - I have one of those letters.. oh from AIC as well.. For your information, they didnt transfer it they jut handed it back to the bank!!
  7. I spoke to one of those (Law trust I think) and I got the advice, they cant do anything here court wise, DCA could try and chase it but would have no legal standing to do anything through the courts. They said the best thing to do is ignore the DCA and do not acknowledge the debt in any way. Same rules I guess if you were dealing with the UK DCA.
  8. Let us know what the lawyer says - I would be interested in hearing more. Agree with Ozzy point about getting a letter from VEDA saying that as well! Whats the NZ consumer forums address?
  9. recycle letters in green filing cabinet... You know the one with wheels and a lid that flips.. I am in NZ as well... really nothing has happened, and I am not too worried. I keep my own thread updated in anything comes also (Whats next for us in NZ), mine has been going for a good year and other than a few letters, they get bored pretty easily. Just stop talking to them and ignore
  10. I would hope so.... I think the book is being thrown from what I read of the article. I think its scary that DCAs continue to push the boundary of the law and flout them.
  11. http://www.stuff.co.nz/technology/4363600/Debt-collector-takes-to-Facebook I don't know whether this article was worth mentioning or posting, but I guess it something to bear in mind. Has made me very aware who I befriend on FB and how I display my personal information, considering *bottom feeding ***** cough I mean DCAs will try all sorts of cr*p! Also another site (if you ever) want to search yourself and see what others see is; http://www.pipl.com
  12. We have been here in nz for 4 years, but stopped paying 1year and a few months ago.. 2 credit cards and 2 OD in myself and hubbys own names. So far all thats happened is that we have received about 10 letters for various DCAs all computer generated etc, nothing with any weight... .. We tried contacting the bank directly but to no avail.. they totally ignored us! Now holding out waiting for it to be stat barred! We do how ever know our rights and have consulted a soltictor here to make sure and are happy with the advice they have given us
  13. Hi there, Watching with interest. Anyway... I have this about personal data and transfer to other countries that might be of interest for you... http://www.pillsburylaw.com/siteFiles/Publications/53016C2FC6DE909CB7B290880910B8AD.pdf
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