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  1. Just got a NIP in the post recently, 39 in a 30 zone. What's the likelihood of of avoiding 3 pts and being offered the speed awareness course? I'm clean, no points ever, in 30 years driving history. It was from Thames Valley Police in case that has a bearing. Lastly, I'm not sure if it was me or the missus at that time? We share a car and i'm 70% it was me but can't be 100% sure. Under the circumstances, I'm going to supply my details and take the punishment. Anything wrong with this approach? thanks
  2. Phiddius

    Course Costs

    Hi, In Sept 2017 I enrolled on a course at University, at the induction day I signed an agreement for the course costs £2170 payable in 3 parts. I signed a Direct Debit form, and over the coming months all the money was taken from my bank successfully. Job done in my opinion. 8 weeks ago, I received a threatening letter, not far off a screaming banchee coming in the room and demanding £320. "You agreed to accept responsibility for your course fee's and if you don't pay immediately we will pass this to an external debt collection agency" I had no idea what this was about. I called them, and they didn't either, so I was told that something was wrong but they were not sure what, and would look into it. 4 weeks later, Another letter arrived, even more angry than before with more threats. I have, demanded an explanation of why I being asked for £320.00 I feel this is not an unreasonable thing to ask. They say, I was charged the wrong amount, and the correct amount is on the website, it's in the terms and conditions that they are allowed to charge for any mistakes they make, so pay up. "The 2017/18 Tuition Fee Regulations state ‘1.10 The University reserves the right to correct administrative errors identified during invoicing and take action to recover any shortfall in fees in accordance with the published tuition fee listing for the appropriate academic session.’ Our Regulations are published externally in advance of the application cycle" I think I have to pay them, even though its not the amount I agreed to pay, I just think their approach is awful, what if this was a more vulnerable person (as some students can be), they were very iron fist in their approach. Can I legally demand an invoice from them in advance of the £320 payment, as I have asked for them to issue an invoice and they say its only a correction. thanks
  3. Hi everyone Went to sign on today for my Jobseeker’s Allowance and everyone was given one these piece of paper about a 3 week course to switch to UC,anyone else had one of these or know what’s its about,work coach said it’s mandatory,is this true? Thanks
  4. Hi all, I am really sorry but I do not know where to put this. I bought an online course. It had a no refund policy and was based in the USA. After going through it - I have realised that the claims made in the sales pitch were very misleading and some were lies. As what is stated in the course is quite different to what is stated in the salespitch. I asked for a refund and was told flat out that it would not happen and then was told that everything I said was wrong - my perception and the facts and that he could prove it. Then was told he would not respond to anymore messages about it. I have spoken to several other people who have felt mislead too. They have been successful at taking the company to small claims in the USA. In fact there seems to be quite the awful trail if you look for it online. I have contacted my credit card company about this and I am waiting to hear back. The amount was £600. As the company is in the USA - what can I do about this? Will the credit card company help me or do I need to do something else? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I get that they had a no refund policy which would have been fine if the salespitch hadn't basically lied. I know the UK law does specify that marketing should not be misleading etc...however as this is a USA company I am not sure how to deal with it. And yes I know I was dumb and it is the first time I have fallen for this crap and I am disappointed in myself but well live and learn and I know it won't happen again.
  5. Hi all. I'm hoping someone can help me with the below please? I signed up for a trial on a website called alphaprep.net for their CCNA courses on 27th October, tried the service and didn't want to continue beyond the trial. The website informed me upon signup that they would send me an email to remind me to cancel before the trial period was up (see attached screen shot from their website). They didn't do this and then subsequently charged me $259.99 without any other notice. I have since e-mailed them to request a refund and cancellation but they informed me that they won't provide this. Can anyone give me any help on what i should do here? Should i just go to my bank and ask them to chargeback the amount? Just another note to add... I was just reviewing the original email receipt for the trial and it doesn't state anything about cancelling at all. ]
  6. Hello every one I am looking for some advice please as not sure where I stand. In march / April i was forced to do a two weeks Emploability skills course with working links. I completed it and have a city and guilds level one. Now the other day i went to jobcentre the person there said I have to do yet another two weeks course and you receive a certificate yet again but this one is issued by ncfe. The adviser was even asking me strange questions like when did i go to bed etc. i asked if the course was mandatory as i have done the exact same one two months before and the reply was even if it wasn't why would you not want to. also i did advice the person i think its fraud as i all ready have level one in this they said it wasn't also they want me to travel on bus for nearly one hour and a half i have anxiety and depression and this would not help me i just need some advice what to do next i think this is harassment but no idea what to do any help would be appreciated Thank you
  7. Good Evening, My neighbours and I have just discovered that my house's actual water meter is officially registered as my next door neighbours supply. My official water meter is actually 99's. My next door neighbours official water meter is actually number 99's. Number 99's official water meter is actually my next door neighbours. We have all lived in the same houses since they were built and commissioned with water meters in 2011. We are all aware of our water meter serial numbers as per our bills and information sharing. We have carried out testing together and made the following findings: Me - bill useage 455 m3 - actual 256 m3 My next door neighbour - bill useage 256 m3 - actual 844 m3 Number 99 - bill useage 844 m3 - actual 455 m3. Conclusion: I have over paid 200 m3 too much by paying number 99's useage My next door neighbour has under paid by 588 m3 by paying my useage Number 99 has over paid by 389 m3 by paying my next door neighbour useage We all pay by direct debit. We are obviously poised ready to contact the water company but we are unsure wther to do this as a group or as individuals? Am I due a refund? Can I cancel my direct debit? Call the Police? Demand compensation, charge for access to my house if necessary? Call Ofwat? Sue 'em? Is there a course of action that one can take for these types of scenarios? Thanks for your time? Dave
  8. My first contribution to this site. I owe the Co-operative Bank money on a credit card and had problems with repayments. They were being quite unpleasant about it (I had asked for a 'breathing space') in one week claimed to have passed my debt onto a collection agency and then said they were taking me to court. I wrote to the CEO Niall Booker and he sorted things out and I received an apology and a cheque for £75. its worth going straight to the top. I also discovered that Phil Burrows who I received a lot of post from doesn't actually work there anymore! Is this normal for a bank to continue using the name of an ex-employee on their letters? Does Phil Burrows know?
  9. Hi, I'm posting for SWIM but I hope you can offer advice. My friend's been on JSA for nearly 12 months, but the truth of it is she doesn't really want a job. She's in one of those benefit trap positions where she lives in London and gets so much housing benefit that if she were to work then she'd have to move out of her flat, because work wouldn't pay. Yep, crazy I know, but that's the reality. However, now she's coming up to a year of signing on, her adviser has referred her to Work Program and is also threatening some sort of Community Payback gig where she'll have to remove graffiti like some sort of common criminal, or volunteer for some immigrant charity which she disagrees with out of principle. So, she was told that if she went to the doctor and said she felt A&D (which apparently is the buzzword for anxious and depressed) then the GP would give her a sick note she could take to her adviser and claim ESA instead which would get her out of any of the nastiness which is being threatened. Is it really that simple? Just because apparently everyone's doing it, I'm not sure it's right. What about the people who are really depressed?
  10. It's bothered me for some time that I pay for a packaged account with Lloyds. I've had more than my fair share of financial problems and one of the few plus points on my credit score is that I've had my bank account for a long time. I was investigating "free" accounts and came across a number of sites claiming that packaged accounts may have been mis-sold, hence my visit here. I originally signed up to a Gold account in the late 90s because I had asked for an overdraft increase (£2,000) and was told this was the way to get it. I hadn't realised the full "benefits" of the package (probably still don't) although I did use the breakdown service a few times around 2005/6. In 2009, after a period of unemployment and temp employment I went back to University to retrain as a teacher. As the account I had was more expensive than a "student account" and the overdraft was long gone, I applied to Lloyds to change the account to a student account but was told that because I hadn't got the best financial history (returned payments etc during unemployment period) they couldn't change my account. I was, therefore, trapped into continue to paying the £12pm. Do I pursue this for the original mis-selling, or just from the 2009 point where I was trapped into the paying the increased amount? Is there a 6 year limit on this?
  11. Finally managed to find a ES567SJP form online that I have printed off and started to complete. As I have MWA hanging over me, not sure how to answer some of the questions as not sure whether MWA counts as a job opportunity. Question 6 in part one asks - Are you willing and able to change the hours of your course so that they do not overlap with the hours you said you are available for work in your Jobseeker’s Agreement? Now if I answer yes to that will it be claimed I can do MWA and fit college around it? I have attached the form and the guidance they use. If anyone can shed any light then please help. I have a feeling that because I was referred to MWA the same day I found out I had an interview for college then they will use this to say the MWA takes priority and will have to give up the college course Thanks
  12. I started an Access to medicine course (level 3, basically A levels, but a bit easier than A levels) in September last year. I received the highest possible grade in all my modules except one. The possible grades are as follows: pass, merit and distinction. In general for these types of course a pass = above 40%, a distinction = above 70% and a merit is in between. However, instead of % grading they have very subjective grade criteria, from which the marker gets to choose a grade for each criteria and then average them all for the final grade. The module in question was a research paper, in which I got a "pass". The requirements called for a 3,500 research paper. We could have covered anything as long as it was related to medicine. Normally the projects are marked by one particular tutor, but this year another tutor marked half of the projects and the work was split between them. My work was marked by this new tutor, who was my project supervisor. My project supervisor gave me feedback on my final draft on the day of submission, and she did this to at least 3-4 other people. I implemented her suggestions (even though a few of them had nothing to do with the aim of my project - which suggested she didn't know what the aim of my project was). Some of these people got extensions from the course coordinator due to the last day feedback, but as my supervisors suggestions were brief and she never indicated that she thought my project was in trouble, so I submitted it. Throughout the year I got the impression she had not read any of the drafts I had sent her because her feedback often asked why I hadn't included certain information in my project, information that was actually in the draft in her hand - she just didn't read it and had obviously just skimmed it for a minute. Before I handed in my paper, I sent it to an A level extended level project tutor (a very similar piece of work) who went through it for me. She offered me advice on how to improve it, and said in its current form it is worth about an A/A*. I made the suggested improvements and handed it in. When I found out that I got a "pass", I immediately went to my course coordinator to complain. He told me it is very unlikely that it will be remarked by someone else, and kept implying that I just don't like my grade. He took me to see the project to make sure the grades on his clipboard were not just misrecorded, and I had indeed got "passes" in pretty much all the grade descriptors for my research paper. On the back of the grade paper there was a brief 4-5 line comment on my work from the person who marked it. The comments only said positive things. I confronted my course coordinator about this, and he came out with "we focus on the positive here". He looked at it and said "well, looks a bit brief to me. Maybe that is why you got that grade. It seems to be clear and concise with no waffle, but maybe you didn't have enough content. How many words is it?". My paper was 5,652 words (before references and table of contents), 2,152 more than required. We were told we were allowed to go over. He said the most he can do is pass my comments on to the person who marked it, but I'm not getting a remark from a different person. This is another defense he used to avoid giving a remark: We even have an external moderator” I was told, “who looked at a number of the projects”. I suspect their role is mostly to make sure that the college isn’t handing out distinctions to people who don't deserve them (which would devalue the course and course's designer and validator). These external moderators do not do blind, independent regrades of work which are then compared to the original grade to see if they match. GCSEs and A levels also have external moderators, but this is not used as an excuse to not have another person look at work that is in question I opened a formal complaint with the college, which said they would investigate if "our assessment and moderation procedures were followed". I asked if this would include another person who wasn't involved in the dispute taking a look at my research paper, and they responded with "As this is now part of the college complaint process I regret I am unable to discuss any aspect of it." They have not told me the outcome of the investigation yet, but I want to know what my options are once they have responded so that I can prepare.
  13. Around the two-four month mark, my friend eagerly accepted a UC course. Some of it was actually helpful and useful. Other bits were a complete joke. But anyway, the main plus was it came with a 'guaranteed job interview'. Now I am wondering if this is a [problem]. My friend can not find out anything about the job. I was wondering if anyone has experience of these being a [problem] and also what the rules are for declining the job. If it is possible. The job coach has said he has to take it if offered it so long as it is not commission, however if he doesn't like it, then after a month, he can resign. This sounds bizarre to me. Can anyone offer help/insight on this? Thanks
  14. I'm looking for some advice please on how to proceed with regard to a county court claim I received today, courtesy of H&L. Back in 2011 I enrolled on a local college course for the academic year 2011/12. At the time I was unemployed and applied for "mature" student finance. This was ticking along and as the end of the year approached various people also on the same course dropped out as their finance was turned down or their circumstances changed. In January 2012 I was fortunate to secure full time employment and continued on the course, my employers allowing me to attend the college the one day a week necessary. I advised Student Finances of my change in circumstances but was told there would not be a problem - I just had to get evidence from my council that my household had been receiving council tax benefit for a period up until I started the course. I applied to the council for written proof of this, and to date this never came back. The course itself was flawed. The planned course tutor was on long-term sick and the college struggled to cope. As a class we lost countless hours waiting for a tutor, a room, many times just being told to get on with things or read one of the course books. As an example we had a lesson in flash, then never revisited flash for weeks, the same for Adobe Photoshop. Being told to read a course book was OK if you had the book. For those who were unemployed or on low incomes, we certainly couldn't afford all the books, and the college only had 2 or 3 which could be loaned out for limited periods. Things came to a head after the department head randomly came in one evening and asked for feedback. As a class we came together, wrote down our grievances and passed these on, much to the department head's shock and surprise. A class representative was appointed and a meeting was held and we were told things would improve. In the end I couldn't justify taking time off away from my work and I had serious doubts on the value of the course and spending thousands on a 3 year foundation degree for an education that I wasn't getting - one part of the course was fine - the lecturer did her bit but the main IT elements (this was an Internet Business course) were sorely lacking. I left the course in early 2012 and didn't hear anything from the college. No invoice, no calls, no final demand, no default notice .. nothing. In early September 2013 I received the first of well over a dozen of threatening letters from H&L Solicitors and I contacted the college to find out what was going on. H&L had added around £35 to the total apparently although this was not made clear. The debt was for £1207. I emailed the college and eventually received a holding email in October followed by a letter which claimed there had been no issues with the course , and that I had to pay. I replied by letter, which was never acknowledged offering to pay £300 to resolve matters and cover their admin costs, or for them to put me on a new properly managed course for which I would pay. Moving to 2014, after a flurry of threats from H&L I emailed the college again, asking for my complaint to be passed to the principal. Again I offered the £300, or to pay for a new course. This was ignored. Fast forward to 2015 and many months have gone by without any letters from H&L, so I wrongly presumed the college had simply moved on. Three weeks ago I received a threat of legal action from H&L, the same as many they'd sent before and today I received a county court claim. The total is now £1600 including court costs and £80 solicitors fees, and interest. I am in a position to pay but I'm unsure as to how to proceed. My life is more or less back together after an 18 month period of unemployment before 2012 and I'm with the same employer. I don't want to get my credit rating destroyed after I've been slowly building it back up. I have never contacted H&L as my complaint has always been with the college. The H&L letters do not make clear if they bought the debt or if they are acting on the college's behalf. If I defend would I have to pay more if I lose? If I get a judgment against me but pay within a month does that get wiped? Should I counter claim?, offer a part payment? - contact H&L? Since this started I've moved house and only received the claim because my mail is redirected. Any advice you could offer would be much appreciated.
  15. I can't make an interview for a course and I'm worried about what to do? I doesn't say on the letter that I got from the jobcentre that this is mandatory that I attend. I quite happy to change the date.
  16. I'd be really grateful for a bit of information on what my options are now - here is my situation. I was caught speeding (38 in a 30) on 31st December- I thought it was 40 so it wasn't intentional :o) It was with West Midlands Police. I got the letter and admitted the offence and on 5th February got a letter offering me a speed awareness course. My personal situation was a bit difficult at this time - my husband had just moved out because of cheating leaving me in a difficult financial situation - debt :o( I am just getting back up on my feet. The letter said I had 120 days to complete the course - so I went online to book it yesterday as I finally have the money together to pay for it. But it didn't recognise my drivers license. I checked the letter again - I had to book it within 28 days! I am now so worried that I am going to be taken to court. I had every intention of doing the course but I simply misread the letter and thought I had time to get the money together. I have tried calling the TTC direct but they can't do anything. I am going to call the central ticket office tomorrow morning - what options do you think I have? If I explained my mistake, is there any chance I can still get to do the course so long as it's before the 120 days? Or can I accept the points and avoid court? If anyone has accepted the points, what impact has it had on insurance premiums? Any help would be really appreciated xxx
  17. Hi , i am IT student , i did enroll with one of private institute for IT certifications . i did enroll for year course on agreement but they said it may take longer if they dont have sufficient student batch. NOW they took two year but still half of lectures not scheduled . i keep on contacting them they always reply to wait for admin to contact back . few days back called them they says ur course due date passed so they reviewing case why course not scheduled . But i am tired to contacting them . i paid them £6000 but not got only half course lectures scheduled . i have all contract paper and fees proof of payment . Please can someone guild me how can i get this sort out ? thank you for your valuable time.
  18. I started this course last year when I had just split up from my partner, recently had a baby and had to move home! A sales man came out and was saying how I would be guaranteed a plumbing job at the end of it and I would get loads of work as I am a woman and vulnerable groups prefer woman in their homes etc etc he said I could take as long as I wanted to complete and I would pay the college monthly!! As I am currently off work due to a back injury I am struggling to make payments and have contacted the college who have told me they need to see proof which I am gathering! As I felt I would be know longer able to continue due to a back injury and the nature of the job I started looking at the forums! People I know had mentioned these courses as being [problem]s before and saying you cant get a job after you complete it but I didnt realize it was actually true! I have already paid these people nearly 2,000 I have also read that they went into liquidation in 2010! I feel very stupid to be honest and I cant believe I rushed into something without taking time to research properly but now I just need help to get out of it and if possible get my money back! Does anyone have any ideas?? Is anyone any further forward if you have taken action!? Should I just stop paying?
  19. Hi Son is 16, on approved training course. Returned completed form to Child Benefit before the cut off date in August, child benefit stopped. Wrote to Child Tax credits to inform them of approved training course. Tax credits also stopped. Would you advise what to do next? Thanks
  20. my bf is giving up his job next year to care for our Daughter full time ( he lives 300 miles away) I am a full time student. He has three credit cards which he owes nearly 20k - currently paying them at rate of £1,800 a month. I owe my own house and car and he will be reliant on me which I am cool with. What would he tell the credit card companies and what would happen as his income will be nil and he has a joint interest in house with Wife - divorce going ahead next year. Will he send need to send a letter to them three months in advance of him leaving job.
  21. On CWP and 2 weeks ago, we were all taken into a room and asked our details and what jobs we would like, next day the advisor contacted me and said please forward c.v via email as I have a driving job for you. Great I thought as I forwarded my c.v , I added a cheeky p.s of please would you fund my 35 hrs CPC periodic traning then ? So I may legally drive as this is now required since 10th September 2014 for over 3.5t drivers. I again repeated the request to career advisor 1 week later 'in centre' and got your WP advisor will contact you shortly - that was 5 days ago.... Seems they only like to collect in the bonuses and not pay out for training!! As I'm a recovery driver and even the small recovery trucks are around 4.2 tonnes unladen, I thought I had a valid and reasonable request... and she never did give me any details of this supposed job!
  22. hi, im looking for some advice , i left the army in 2005 with no qualifications i decided to take a skills course on I.T and computers i applied for the course i was accepted a guy came to my house with a welcome pack i paid him 125 quid in cash we settled out the relevant paperwork then off he went. i started this course online after a few days i started to feel the course was crap and wasn't for me my wife told me to give it another try , i paid my first months installment on the course and tried again to do this course , the course wasn't for me. i called the main people and asked them to cancel my course and told them it was not what i wanted and it didn't do anything for me. i heard nothing back from them while i was at this address. i moved shortly afterwards due to my wife expecting a baby to which i didn't receive any sort of comeback while being there. we had another baby and moved again to a larger house to where i still live now. out of the blue 6 years later i receive a bill for £3500 and then i am bombarded with letters demanding this money. i spoke to a guy on the phone from cabot finance told him what had gone on and told him im not paying nothing , a few months later another letter from a different collection agency i ignored the letters to be honest i was sick of them. i got numerous letters from different collection people all wanting this cash >? then today i got another letter SHOOSMITHS :-REF ARROW GLOBAL ACCOUNTS MANAGEMENTS LTD saying i was being sent a court pack. the letter explains the original pack was wrong and i should disregard it and that there was another court pack in the post! i never received the first pack to be honest or the second ? what shall i do all advice is welcome im not upto speed with courts and finance ect
  23. i have been "mandated" to a ascension meeting next week and do not wish to attend. i was signing on jsa for a very short time months ago and as soon as i saw this course in the form of an induction i signed off and started self employed work to escape but to my horror they called me every day for two weeks wanting to know what i was doing. i did all i could to avoid them as it was harassment but i finally gave in and gave my details. however i am currently sick and on esa and to my horror they have surfaced again! What happens if i just ignore the letters and dont attend? i guess i get my benefit taken away? but what else might happen? are all future attempts not allowed in terms of claiming? i really want nothing to do with them and there demeaning "course".
  24. work in security and just a standard security officer in a building monitor things etc. The other day a person from a learning centre thing, that work had signed us up too, I asked what is it, they told me Marshalling/stewarding, I said oh no I'm not into that not interested, then they learning place kick off on me saying wait till we tell your supervisor you have to do what ever they say. I contact supervisor and tell him look I'm not doing marshalling or stewarding at all! and he said it needs to be done for audit reasons, I tell him no as they will make us work for the stadiums they just got contracts for, which I'm not doing, I've been on the current site for 3 years and know the contract is still on for another 2 years and have been told my job is safe, but i still would not do the course. They have now told me that if i dont do the course they will take me of the site and lose my hours and I've to now fill in a college question book for maths and english for the course. Dont get me wrong if the course was a benefit e.g. cctv i would but this is not something i want to do or waste time doing. Yes i know it silly but it the fact I know they will move us to the stadium and i do not want this, and I've told them this but still get no we want, but i know they will. Am i within my rights to refuse the course
  25. I started working for a company 4 years ago when times were hard and I had no where else to go, I stayed with them for 4 years and had a good relationship with them, they put me on courses to become a supervisor and a few other courses to suite their needs. I signed an agreement saying i would pay the course fees if i leave within two years. I have now left and i have a £1000 bill to pay. I agreed to give them my week in hand and now i owe £400. When they deducted this amount from my wages, it was from my wage after tax ??? is this right ?? should they not deduct it before the tax is deducted ? ? Also ive worked above and beyond my contracted working agreements on several occasions for no extra money. I have also been made aware that the company will be reimbursed most of the money through grants. One of the courses i attended is still on going and could be for the next 6 months so i have not received the full training im currently being charged for. before i attempt to fight this battle for £400 i just want to know if i have a leg to stand on or if im fighting a losing battle. Surely my employer should of taken this money out of my wage before it was taxed ?? thanks for reading
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