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Found 8 results

  1. My niece and her mother were subjected to an arson attack on their home over 4 weeks ago. Police are investigating and the fire brigade have already been and reported that the occupants should not be living in the property due to fire damage and smoke inhalation. They live in a multi-occupancy home, with their home on one side and a neighbours on the other. Their neighbours home also sustained some damage on their doors and smoke inside their home. Hyde has sent numerous contractors to try and clean the soot from the walls but it is still there, electricians to put in temporary battery powered lights and a surveyor as there is structural damage. They have also written a report for Anti social behaviour (which is what they are classing the attack as) but refuse to move them to temporary accommodation and will not provide them will a letter to take to Lewisham Housing. My nieces mother has liver problems and attends A&E frequently due to inhaling the fumes from the soot which is causing her difficulty breathing. Is there anything they can do:?:
  2. Quick note: I was trading as self employed but due to massive downturn in income I made the decision to cease trading. My wife has standard rates PIP for both Care and Mobility so decided to make a claim for the CA. This was done 25th May 2016 just prior to me actually ceasing to trade. So please remember that the claim for CA was made before I ceased trading. I officially ceased trading on the 14th June 2016 as this was the last date I was paid any money from my self employment (SE) and the date which HMRC said was my last trading day when I requested my registration as a self employed person to be removed. This was done on the 5th July 2016 and I also started my claim for IS on the same day. We received a letter from CA around the 5th June 2016 with form requesting account books for 2015/16. This was no problem as we had always kept the books up-to date and they were complete and our self assessment for tax for that trading year had already been submitted to the tax office. So we filled them in got photocopies of the trading books and posted them back to them RM 1st class signed for within 24 hours. On 14th June we received a letter from CA with a request for the accounting books for the period of 2014/2015 so I phoned them to find out why they needed those books and after a lot of faffing about it transpired that the request was due to me asking for the claim to be back-dated and that meant the claim went into the previous years books. OK so I got those books copied and duly sent back (RM 1st class signed for). We had a one week holiday booked and paid for starting 18th June which coincided with my grand daughters last schooling day (She had just sat her exams so the 17th June was her last day of school). And we needed the break as life had not been to kind to us in the previous three years and we had not had a break during all that time. Fast forward to 25th June. On return from holiday we find a letter from CA and thinking it was a decision we opened it to find it was another form requiring filling in for the period 2014/2015, (why the heck this could not on come with the request for the 2014/2015 accounts I will never know. So on Monday 27th June they were sent back (RM 1st Class signed for). We heard nothing more from CA for a while then out the blue on 13th July we get a letter which requested yet more information from us. This was again filled out and posted back next day (again RM 1st class signed for) because of the weekend it arrived back with them on the 18th July. We heard nothing back so I followed up with a phone call just to make sure all the information I sent them was on their system. They stated that they had only got my income account figures for the period of 2015/2016 and had not received my expenditure books for that period. I got them to do a check of the system as I told them that both the income and expenditure copies of the accounts books came in the same envelope and I had a signature stating it had been delivered to them. A few minutes later they found them. Miracles never cease. On August 1st After waiting 13 working days I contacted them again for an update as my local council were now wanting to know what the current situation was with the claims. The first thing the operator says is that they are waiting for the 2014/2015 books to which I couldn't help but say "are you kidding me". I then pointed out that the books had been returned and I had proof that they had been received back at the Mail Handling site in Wolverhampton. Some more searching took place and after about five minutes they FOUND them on the system and a lame duck excuse that the system was not working correctly at the moment. I must also point out that I had attached a letter with one set of my books which clearly informs them that I have ceased trading and am in the process of claiming IS. So hopefully if I do not get the 3 month back dated they will still proceed with my claim on the grounds of my "in between jobs status" LOL at that statement which is now used to identify someone who is unemployed. SO, that's the point I am at with the CA Claim over two months since initial claim and still no result. As for IS. Made claim online on 5th July (did not bother before as we had the holiday booked). Was given an appointment time at local JCP office to go sign forms on 12th July. Arrived at office and to my astonishment was seen immediately. I took my time to read the forms and went over each and every question on it to make sure that the information the form contained was correct. It was apparent that the operator on the other end the phone when I initially answered the questions just did not listen or was having a OFF day as there were errors all the way through it. The person I was seeing was a little bit (shall we say) upset that I was taking so long and took the papers from me and read each and every question out to me and I answered each one. 40 minutes pass and there's a IS claim form in front of me with more corrections in it than there are correctly filled in questions. I offered her evidence of all the bank and saving accounts we have so she could take copies of them to prove the figures which had been quoted on the forms. I actually used them to make sure that all the information on finances was 100% correct but she said she did not need them. (think she was getting a little fed up with me by now as this was not the simple signature/rubber stamp she expected). Eventually I signed it but asked for a complete photocopy of the form which she was reluctant to do. I just said as I had put my name to an official document then I am entitled to have a copy of it. (whether thats true or not I don't know but I got my copy). Fast-forward 13 WORKING days to August 1st and I decide to follow up the IS claim as it was now well beyond the 10 working days which the Gov quote on their website. Lo and behold they are waiting for proof of our banking and finances which I should have supplied when I filled in the form. I politely told them that I had taken this proof of finances with me when I signed the form but the woman at the JCP who dealt with me said they did not require them. So I am now waiting for another form to drop through my letter box which I will promptly attached the printouts to (which have all got printed dates on them relating to the 11th July) I took with me to the JCP. and just to be on the safe side am also going to send ones dated 1st August just in case they want up to date ones. (RM making some money out of me with all this postage). So there we have it CA claim now over two months old and no decision made IS claim should have been completed by now but looks like going to be another xx days before done as waiting for yet another form from them requesting finance details. and my local council pushing for information concerning these claims, I took them a update letter after I finally got some answers from the CA and IS which I got the council to rubber stamp so I had proof that I had handed it in. This is fun....... it's frustrating that the system is faffing me around like this.... but it's fun Motto : don't let the system get you down, grit your teeth, have a laugh at how comical it has become and then do what needs to be done. Will update to to let people know what happens in the future.
  3. Hi there, I'm here seeking advice from anyone willing to help about my issue with my mobile network provider Tmobile. I've been using Tmobile for over 6 years now (3 contractst have passed) and frankly I'm not sure why I'm still with them. SIlly me. i've always taken on big contracts with the full package to avoid worrying going over the limit and I'm pretty much always pay more than I'm supposed to. When I was on £50/month I'd pay £80 and now I'm meant to be on £27 and I've not paid that one single time, always been more than that Now of course some of it might be me, I do have family abroad such as parents so I used to text them but I've completely stopped recently and I just don't understand why I'm still having to pay more. Their itemisation system is absolutely pointless because you can't tell what item actually is and it's pretty much impossible to track down and compare notes between their itemisation and the record of all my texts/calls on my phone. So that's my first issue, I feel like I'm being ripped off every month but can't quite prove it. I may be wrong and it may be all my fault but once again there's no real way for me to say, here's the evidence that you've overcharged me all along. Now my second and Main issue is that I've just recently found out from my dad that every time I texted him on his mobile phone in Belgium he would receive the text message three times in a row!!! I panicked and started asking other relatives abroad, someone in France said the same thing and I tested it out with my partners phone also the same. SO I'm fuming because it can only be down to Tmobile as I've tried it on different devices (Someone said they know for a fact it was also happening over a year ago and I had a different phone back then) and also on different networks. The sickening thing is that no one bothered to tell me thinking it wasn't a big deal but I'm now wondering how long has this been going on?! And the worst thing as mentioned above is that I can't actually prove it. I have screen shots but the itemisation system doesn't show you what the text message said. there will be a record of three text message arriving in one go but it won't prove that they all say the same exact thing. the fees out of my allowance should have normally been only a third of what they actually were. As I never call abroad and nothing else used to make me go out of my allowance (i can prove that) I'm very upset and I want to have a big chat with Tmobile I came on here first to find out whether I have any legs to stand on. Is there even a point in me bringing it up? Aren't they simply going to brush it off as a problem with my phone or as there is very little I can do to prove it they'll simply say they can't do anything about it? What would you recommend I say/do when I speak to them. I've clearly been overcharged because of this issue and I believe the blame lies with them. They're the one constant throughout all the years. The question is how much? I have no idea. Could be £50 could be £200 could be £500. I mean in 6 years I've probably paid over £1000 in out of allowance fees. (doing the maths just now seriously scared me ) so it could easily be any of those figures. I'm hoping to get some sort of compensation but I need help to figure out the right way to go about it. WIll I need to spend hours and hours collecting evidence (not even sure how) or should I just forget about the whole thing, there's no chance I'll get anything out of it. THank you so much for reading and any advice given .
  4. Hello any advice given will be gladly appreciated.....Moved from a flat in August sen NPower meter readings for both gas and electric. They replied telling me i was 748 in credit as I paid my bills at a set amount each month by direct debit. Rang them in September asking where the money they owed me was and they told me the meter was faulty although this is the first I had heard of it. Gave them two weeks and rang again and they said it was now under investigation and I could pass on a complaint to their relevant department which I did. They told me on October 11th they will investigate further and I will hear within 56 days....this is up on the 5th of December. It seems after reading a few comments on the NPower Facebook page that this is a common thing for the company and they like to give people the run around. So my question is after the 56 days are up and if I still haven't heard anything whats can i do is there a process they have to follow legally? Is there a template letter to send ? thank you in advance
  5. On CWP and 2 weeks ago, we were all taken into a room and asked our details and what jobs we would like, next day the advisor contacted me and said please forward c.v via email as I have a driving job for you. Great I thought as I forwarded my c.v , I added a cheeky p.s of please would you fund my 35 hrs CPC periodic traning then ? So I may legally drive as this is now required since 10th September 2014 for over 3.5t drivers. I again repeated the request to career advisor 1 week later 'in centre' and got your WP advisor will contact you shortly - that was 5 days ago.... Seems they only like to collect in the bonuses and not pay out for training!! As I'm a recovery driver and even the small recovery trucks are around 4.2 tonnes unladen, I thought I had a valid and reasonable request... and she never did give me any details of this supposed job!
  6. Hi Guys Needs your help, Im stuck with PaydayUK after someone fraudulently set up a Payday loan in my name. This all from my credit file review for my SC clearance, but after digging deeper the information used doesnt correspond with my Bank account at the time. Attached is a Letter which i have received from them. This has been registered with Actionfraud and all steps taken but they essentially are making it difficult and i dont know what next steps to take as they have referred it to their complaints team. FYI. The person who did this, shot like a lemon when i discovered it and because it was a housemate (Although i knew virtually nothing about him) It was kind of close to where i was living at the time. They claim that the loan was taken out, paid back and then taken out again... This was back in mid 2011. I was frequently out of the country during that year in Spain. Where do i go now? Their complaints team are dragging their heels...Making it difficult.
  7. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/insurance/9853512/Pet-insurance-owners-face-18-month-compensation-delay.html
  8. I wrote to Mbna on the 5th of July this year asking for my ppi payments to be paid back with interest. I received a reply back from them on the 2nd of August, stating that as a good will gesture I would receive £1196 back from them, it states in the letter that I will receive this in the form of a cheque within 28 days this will be up on the 30th August what do I do if I don't receive it by then
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