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  1. Thank you for your help trebormoinet
  2. Hi just wanted to update you,I took a risk and didn’t bother turning up to the coarse because after what trebormoinet had posted I didn’t think it was mandatory.Went to sign today and they didn’t say anything about not attending so it must not have been mandatory Thank you so much for your help
  3. Thanks for your help really appreciated
  4. Hi again They have not given me any letter saying it’s mandatory just that piece of paper I posted in here,doesn’t even have my name on this paper just the info highlighted with pen and address of the place and the day I have to go with is Monday 16th Just thought if it’s mandatory wouldn’t they have given letter saying so? Thanks again
  5. Thank you for your reply,think I need to find out if its mandatory.just wanted to know if anyone knows anything about it,tried searching but can’t seem to find anything about it
  6. Hi everyone Went to sign on today for my Jobseeker’s Allowance and everyone was given one these piece of paper about a 3 week course to switch to UC,anyone else had one of these or know what’s its about,work coach said it’s mandatory,is this true? Thanks
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