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  1. Hi my brother claims Jobseeker’s Allowance and signed on today and was told by advisor that management have said he’s got to seen him on non signing day as well,so he’s booked to go again next week Are they changing to weekly signings instead of fortnightly?Anyone had this happen or heard anything about weekly signings? thanks
  2. Received my letter which said I’ve been placed in support group which I was already in,so good news they’ve left it as it was,what a huge relief!
  3. Hi Today was the the day of my assessment but I got a call from them this morning and they said they have cancelled my appointment and I will hear from dwp in a few weeks i thought they were going to give me a new date but he said I no longer need to attend the assessment and repeated. About hearing from dwp in a few weeks. what do think has happened? thanks
  4. I have my assessment on 3rd October.I’m already panicking in case they find me fit for work :( I did go to see my doctor about giving me evidence and she said they have already sent her a form to complete and send back,I hope everything goes my way next Thursday, so scared :(
  5. Sorry,I read that it’s for people who were switched over from sickness benefit to ESA,I think I was claiming ESA at that time would I receive any payment or not? sorry if I’m confusing you
  6. Hi everyone just wanted to know something about the payout dwp are doing for the mistake they made. Is this payout for anyone who was on esa or is it for people who were on incapacity benefit and switched to esa? thanks
  7. Thank you Ruby. how long does it normally take for the decision to come in the post?
  8. Thank you unclebulgaria,my doctor understands my problems,do I ask her to write something for me about the problems I have? Do doctors usually help out thanks
  9. Hi received my letter this morning about assessment for my esa claim :( is it still run by Atos or someone else? Dreading going through all this again :(
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