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  1. Hi All From recent activity and instilled confidence boost - going through all my SAR's and have literally hundreds ££ of charges to be reclaimed. SO - Initially Thinking of reclaiming unfair charges for a Lloyds CURRENT a/c running through Sep 2001 till 2007. The current account is now closed and has been sold to DCA. Just wanted to confirm ( as not many recent threads on this subject ) is the best route to take ( as over six years old claim ) is : - 1 ) Court Action ( MCOL Claim ) ? including Pre-Action protocol. Just read from from an old post c.2013 from Slick132 - Getting charges back on a bank current a/c is not likely unless :- 1. There is Financial Difficulty (or hardship) involved, and there is lending (eg an overdraft) in which case you could use The Lending Code to reclaim charges from March 2011 onwards. Is this still the case ? Many Thanks
  2. Good afternoon all I have taken a very vital case against Lloyds and this time it will be us (consumers) who are in a stronger position than the Bank. I have taken them to court and despite the fact that they have tried everything to drop the case; the Judge has given us a date. They are throwing money at me to stop the case "as a gesture of goodwill" I am a very specialised Financial analyst and I believe that I caught them in a fine line which will potentially cost them millions of pounds hence wise they are trying to close all the back doors for others to follow me and changed their T&Cs in legal phrases. Now can anyone please explain to me what is the difference between "Planned" and "Arranged" in legal terms? the phrase in banking term will be "planned overdraft" vs "arranged overdraft" Secondly can anyone please guide me where it is referenced on Government's websites for the phrase of "Business Days/working days" as well as "Bank Holidays" Thank you in advance for your help Regards
  3. Does anyone know of a website that I can use to refund my money from a dormant back account as I had an old TSB bank account now Lloyds which has a small amount of money which has since been closed (tried mylostaccount.org before). I've already been in my local Lloyds branch today and they advised to me to reclaim the money. Thanks
  4. One of the Data Subject Access Team’s CSAs, has recently advised one of our Caggers that LBG customers can now submit SARs online. This is done via an Online DSAR Form. https://apply.lloydsbank.co.uk/personal/a/gforms?formId=F010&prodTy pe=GN PROs You do not have to pay the £10 statutory fee, it’s free! He has used this new service twice and says that it is much quicker in comparison to the conventional route of submission (i.e. recorded delivery directly to the DSAR Team or via your local branch in person). CONs Once you complete the Online DSAR Form, it moves to the next screen and tells you that you have successfully submitted the Form. However, it doesn’t give you a URN to prove this, and it doesn’t send you a copy of the Form to your email address.You then literally have to wait for the DSAR Team at LBG to write to you and acknowledge receipt of your DSAR. No one is saying this is the best thing since slice bread, but certainly another option for us consumers! They don’t advertise this new SARicon submission route, and even there CSAs aren’t aware of it. Of course, as we are discovering that Lloyds bank is a serial breacher of their statutory obligations under the Data Protection Act, it will be interesting to see if they have had a culture change as well- - and maybe some better staff development. Thank you to Cagger: Redmountie for this
  5. Can I ask some one please let me know if it is too late to claim any bank charges (O/D and other late payments etc). Many thanks
  6. I've read many inspiring stories on this sub-forum of people choosing to resolve their debt problems, and more inspiringly I've come across the unwavering support that other members offer to virtual strangers in their pursuits - so I've decided I wanted to share my problems, in a bid to help others. My problem concerns the issue of being chased for a debt that you simply do not owe i.e. a debt that arose because you were victim of fraud. For almost a decade I was harassed by a Bank and various Debt Collection Agencies (to the point I had a nervous breakdown) for a ~£3,800 debt that a fraudster had racked up in my name. Now, in 2017 I've nearly had my issues resolved (there are still costs that I have incurred that are to be reclaimed) and I wanted to share my story on how I did it.
  7. Hi Despite notifying Lloyds that I was experiencing financial hardship they keep applying charges upon charges. Two months ago they charged o/d interest from the previous month which resulted in my account being 38pence o/d. Now its £174.00 o/d solely from charges and interest from the 38p. At the time I contacted Lloyds to explain that I wouldn't be able to credit the account until payday almost 3 weeks later and by then i would have accrued more charges so please could the 38pence be voided leaving my balance at nil but they replied that due to a previous good will gesture/charge being reversed they couln't do anything. Where do I go from here? Do I just accrue hundreds of pounds of charges on charges originating from -38p which was from a charge thanks
  8. I opened a Club Lloyds account prior to Xmas, primarily for the benefits it advertised. Under doctor’s orders, I am currently abroad to reduce my stress levels. I have a large sum of money in my account, and have been trying to use the time to move this to other accounts I have that it will earn interest on. Each time I try to make a transaction, either using online banking or via debit card, to other accounts in my name which are already set up with my online banking, Lloyds block them and make me call their Fraud Team. I am making the calls from abroad, I think the shortest call to date has been around 30 minutes, each time I am made to answer questions from my credit file and a trace is left on my file each time they make me do this. Yesterday, at circa 3pm, I tried for the second time to move a large sum to an account I hold with RCI bank, the payment, for the second time was blocked. The call time I made to the Fraud team was in excess of 1 hour. The end result of the call was that my account is totally blocked and Lloyds are forcing me to return to the UK to present myself and ID to a Lloyds branch before I can access my money. This is my normal day-to-day banking account which I can no longer access, check that payments are being made into it, or make ad hoc bill payments or move money. The guy I spoke to in the fraud team, his attitude towards me inflamed the situation, he refused to let me speak to a manager, pass the call to a manager, or get a manager to call me back. He lied to me and told me he would put me through to customer services to make a complaint, he didn’t he put me back into the long queue to wait again for the Fraud team. Directly after this, I called the Complaints team. again a long wait to speak to someone., before starting on a 2-hour call with them. After they liaised with Fraud I was told that there was no block on my online banking (with me accessing my account while they were still on the line to ensure this was the case) that all I had to do was call Fraud again to go through more credit file checks to get the payment authorised. The complaint I had changed from initially being about the block on my account and enforced return to the UK, to about the conduct and attitude with ....., the Fraud team member. I was offered compensation of £160 to cover the cost of in excess of 3 hours of international mobile calls. I did not accept this to close the complaint, I elevated the complaint to a higher level (.......), where we went over everything, double-checked everything, and it was left in his hands to investigate further while I was left to go through the rigmarole regarding my transfer with the Fraud team again. This whole scenario which started at 3pm, concluded with the termination of this call after 6pm. 9 am this morning I went online to check my bank account before getting up the courage to tackle another call with the Fraud dept…..my online access was blocked. The start of many phone calls was to the complaints department to speak to either of the two people from the day before, this was not possible and I was put into the ‘care’ of a lady called ..... informed me that my account was blocked and that I would have to return to the UK, etc, before it would be unblocked. To cut a long story short, she confirmed with me the address of 3 branches in Edinburgh that I could do so, with me informing her that I wanted to make face-to-face contact with the manager of the branch to address my issues, and that I would be pursing costs for flights, transfers, accom, time off work etc. She refused my request to speak with someone senior and she terminated the call with me. started to look at flights to find the first available one is not until next Saturday, a week away. started to try to get contact details for the branch so I could phone to ensure a manager would be there, to make sure they could do everything that had to be done (from their side and from mine), and to make an appointment. You would think this would be easy, but being Lloyds, no it is not… .there is only an 0845 no provided, extortionate to call from abroad, and I was forced to call the call center. On doing so I was informed that there are in fact no Lloyds branches in Scotland, that the branch we were looking at was a Bank of Scotland one, with no telephone number for customers, as are all branches apparently, that I cannot talk to anyone in branch directly and that if I wished to make contact I had to do it via an agent in the call center, who then tried to call it for me with no joy. This call terminated after 1pm today, another 4 hours of my life wasted.
  9. I think this is bit like closing the stable door after the horse has bolted but hey ho! in brief, credit card I haven't paid anything on since beginning of this year. SCM/Lloyds took me to court in August, I didn't defend so Judgement for Claimant ordering a monthly payment that I can't afford so haven't been paying. Meanwhile SAR sent to Lloyds in September, info due next week. This hasn't been acknowledged by Lloyds, and track and trace can't give me delivery details but I do know it has been received. Letter from SCM now observing I'm not making regular payments and therefore instructed to enforce Judgement Order by either Warrant of Execution, Attachment of Earnings or Charging Order. Once I get the requested info I know this credit card had PPI (I'm self employed) my claim will more than cover this debt. Is there anyway that I can delay any action without applying to the court for a set aside ? It's purely my own fault for not dealing with it at the time. I have no available funds to pay for a set aside.
  10. It's bothered me for some time that I pay for a packaged account with Lloyds. I've had more than my fair share of financial problems and one of the few plus points on my credit score is that I've had my bank account for a long time. I was investigating "free" accounts and came across a number of sites claiming that packaged accounts may have been mis-sold, hence my visit here. I originally signed up to a Gold account in the late 90s because I had asked for an overdraft increase (£2,000) and was told this was the way to get it. I hadn't realised the full "benefits" of the package (probably still don't) although I did use the breakdown service a few times around 2005/6. In 2009, after a period of unemployment and temp employment I went back to University to retrain as a teacher. As the account I had was more expensive than a "student account" and the overdraft was long gone, I applied to Lloyds to change the account to a student account but was told that because I hadn't got the best financial history (returned payments etc during unemployment period) they couldn't change my account. I was, therefore, trapped into continue to paying the £12pm. Do I pursue this for the original mis-selling, or just from the 2009 point where I was trapped into the paying the increased amount? Is there a 6 year limit on this?
  11. Hello, I just hope i can find some help here, I live in the USA, On 25th of september I wired 4500USD from my BANK fInancial center credit union to Lloyd Bank UK, After one month plus. As i came in from travel.. I found out that there was a mistake in the Account name . (wrong Account name ) which i had to run back to my Bank for the correction. after 1week my bank told me that the money has been credited to the Account number that has wrong name, Now i keep wondering how come a Llyod bank will credit an Account with wrong data.. its up to 2months now I have no clue on how to get this solved .. i do not know whos lying here My bank or Lloyd bank or the Account holder . please i need advice.. because I have all the Information from My bank in the USA..
  12. There are so many threads on here that I don't know where to start. I'm looking for the details of a mortgage I was sold in 1994/5 by Lloyds as a 25yr fixed term mortgage. I was charged a redemption fee of £4,000 to end the contract. I was banking with Lloyds since I left school in 1985 and this account may have been the same one that I paid the mortgage with, however at some point it did change to Lloyds TSB. Does anyone know what's the best steps for me to take to get the information I need. Kind regards Italia68
  13. Back when I was younger and stupid, I got myself into a world of financial trouble which all stemmed with this rotten lot. I ended up being charged £90 for being O/D by a couple of quid, struggled to pay this back and kept going O/D because they were authorising payments to allow me to do so. I had to, needed fuel etc to get to work. This spiralled to the point that charges totalled £1,500 but they kept increasing my O/D limit to cover it every time, they must have done this about 8 times and whacked interest on top. There were times I was being charged £234 in one month, my income was £800 and with other things to pay I just got stuck in a massive debt spiral that led to me being granted a DRO in Feb 2011. At the time the balance was £1,408. Would I have a case to claim any money back from them, possibly on irresponsible grounds? Yes, I was very stupid at the time (also had a CC with them which I was struggling with so they offered me a loan to pay back instead!) all these charges I was never going to pay off because of extra interest on top. They rejected a bank charges claim from me in 2009, wondering if it's an idea to go down this route and will the DRO scupper anything? Balance is 0 with CRAs,
  14. When my Business relationship manager informed me that the management structure would change from "personal" to a call centre somewhere in the Midlands or Edinburgh (we operate in Devon), he said not to worry as queries would be handled by a specialized team that would deal with any enquires / needs as they arose and probably more efficiently. I used this service yesterday. After some 25 minutes of listening to ("all our operators are busy etc"."your call is important etc." etc.etc.) and the incessant layers of security (Because they and the next layer of operators haven't a clue who you are) finallyyou reach your "Specialized Operator / Relationship manager" to be told he can't give you a decision and would Post a note on your Account for some other "Faceless" Specialist (clearly beyond their "Layer" and unapproachable) directly make a decision when they look at your account and History etc. No doubt a button pusher in a dark office. LLOYDS... THIS IS AS BAD AND AS SHORT SIGHTED A MOVE AS I'VE EVER SEEN!!.. SMALL BUSINESSES ARE LIKE SEEDS THAT NEED HELP AND GUIDANCE TO GROW AND PROSPER... YOU ARE A PARTNER IN THEIR ENTERPRISE!!!..THEIR SUCCESS IS ALSO YOUR OWN. I have banked with Lloyds both personally and in Business for nearly 40 Years and I have witnessed this sorry demise in service (foretold by my 1st Manager as he retired). They were profitable then what's the excuse now? The only way it seems to make the Banks and Corporations listen is if we all SHOUT!!!collectively.Are there any Groups / Forums out there that are starting to shout?....Are there any Banks giving better, more personal service?..Please Post... I am seriously considering switching!!! I would be happy to share my improved prosperity with a bank that helped in achieving it. Not leaving me with a feeling of growing suspicion and concern as to their motives toward me and others. BTW. I am not ranting because I am facing the wall, far from it. I work hard and would like to have a partner that works with me and our fellow businesses to achieve our goals not having to watch our backs with suspicion....I have built my business upon the service I give to my valued clients and achieve higher than average prices because of this. The Customer should be everything...... To quote from the 60s series "The Prisoner"...."I AM NOT A NUMBER" Please don't treat me as one. Phew Thank you for reading...Please Post, we may start something.....
  15. Morning all, I have had ongoing problems with Lloyds since last year since they decided to split things, I was told I would no longer be under one manager who I had direct contact with through the North Midlands Agriculture ofice as this would be closing and I would have to deal with the call centre managers, for the last year I have had no sense out of them when contacting them and not even a letter of acknowledgement when writing to them never mind a reply, anyway to the crux of the matter, things have been tight on the business last couple of months and I have gone over the overdraft a few times, however despite me trying to talk to them about it nothing has been resolved and now they have started bouncing direct debits and cheques if they would take it over, however when applying thier own charges they have allowed these to take it over which I will then be charged on again no doubt, any advice appreciated, getting sense out of a call centre manager is like getting blood out of a stone!
  16. Quick One Story; £2500 worth of Bank Charges taken between 2007 and 2011. Want to reclaim based upon financial hardship. Was with Lloyds TSB. Left before the split. Been told account was moved to TSB, but Lloyds banking group as an entity imposed the charges. Who is responsible for a refund now?
  17. Hi Guys Between 2007 and 2012 I was a Lloyds TSB customer, I earned less that £14000 a year during that period and was getting hefty bank charges. These would swallow up nearly a third of my salary every month. It almost totalled to £2500... How would i reclaim this?
  18. Following an endowment maturity I tried to make a large overpayment to my C&G mortgage this week. I'm in the position where the mortgage is in base rate plus and non-fixed so figured a payment of £25,000 would take me close to almost completing my mortgage - certainly on taget to sort it over the next 2 years. I call C&G get given the bank account and sort code to pay into, go onto my online banking and get a can't pay using this method. Call C&G again get told I can go into branch and make the payment using my debit card... so off I go. Branch say I can't make that amount of payment using my debit card and I should go to my bank and get them to make the payment. Go to my bank they tell me the sort code 30-00-00 will not accept CHAP payments above £5k Call C&G explain the run-a-bout and they can take a payment over the phone by debit card until I tell them the amount... Oh. I ask if I can make separate payments of £5k and yes I can do that, if I do one per day. C&G's advice go take the cash from my bank and take it to their bank to pay it in... Welcome back to 1980!!! Should I wear a sign saying mug me too? So, seriously is their best advice to go pay my mortgage in cash? I asked about cheque payment and yes I can do that if I make it out to CASH and write my mortgage account number on it. Really!? I have to get through two factor security for online banking, security questions for phone banking, but to pay a large amount of money I must use two of the weakest methods of fund transfer! Not even funny.
  19. Hi. I would like some help please. My daughter has had seen payment taken from her account by companies who she has never had dealings with. She complained to the bank and they told her that 1: All Direct debits would be cancelled. 2: She would be refunded the money for fraudulent use. 3: Any charges would be waived for matters arising from this. Unsurprisingly they lied. We believe that somebody hacked/stole details and put them on a loan companies search website. My daughter does not use loans as she has me as her loan facility if needed. The bank subsequent to this destroyed my daughters card and issued another. Then we were told that they were going to claw back approx £140 of the fraudulent transactions. They then bounced a DD TV Licence (after informing us they had cancelled them all) So this took her overdrawn and they apply a penalty charge of £10 per day. They have now authorised another £140 (of fraudulent payments) on this account. My daughter is a single parent with 2 Children living on DLA and benefits and housing allowance all of which the bank is either paying to fraudsters or gobbling up in charges. Assistance would be greatly be appreciated
  20. ive been out of work for 5 months living on my over draft of £1500 i always had this under control when i was working and was hardly in it, now the bank keeps putting £31 a month interest on top which has now put me in a unplanned over draft of £132.00 totalling my overdraft now to £1632.00 I had lloyds tsb send me a letter saying i must settle £132.00 by this day and if i dont they will pass it on to solictiors etc. i phoned them saying i can make a payment of £5.00 per month until i get back into work but they said no. their solicitors want me to pay the full £1632.00 and state daily interest will occur as well now i feel there is no way out for me what is the point in me making an offfer of repyament if these are sticking daily charges on top of it until it is out of control. Now they are demanding i pay the full amount within 14 days Lloyds TSb even made me fill out an Income and expenditure form then didn't bother replying back to me then i get this letter. What can i do ? end of the day they should freeze all interest and charges so this can be cleared.
  21. PENSION DISPUTE WITH CLERICAL MEDICAL (PART OF THE LLOYDS TSB GROUP) AND THE HANDLING OF THE COMPLAINT BY THE FOS AND FCA In 1993 I transferred my final salary scheme fund to a pension fund with Clerical Medical (CM), a Lloyds affiliate, under a Section 32 Buyout Plan. I had been provided with a ‘Product Guide’ by CM with a BSI kitemark on the cover which stated- ‘CLARITY APPROVED BY PLAIN ENGLISH CAMPAIGN’. The relevant clause in the ‘Product Guide’ stated:- ‘If the transfer payment comes from a scheme which was contracted out of the State Earnings Related Pension Scheme (SERPS) where a ‘Guaranteed Minimum Pension’ (GMP) was to be provided, then you will have to invest enough money in the With-Profits Fund for us to provide this guarantee. However, once you have provided for the GMP, you can invest the remaining amount in our Account, in the funds of your choice.’ On that basis I signed a Contract which stated:- ‘I request that any amount not required to provide GMP and any other fixed benefits is applied to the investment funds as shown below:-’ Clerical Medical’s acceptance of the fund was under a Section 32 Buyout Plan, which according to subsequent legal advice I received, was subject to Government regulations under British law:- ‘I must confirm at the outset that your Clerical Medical pension is not a personal pension, but a Section 32 Buyout Plan. Although this plan is not a final salary scheme, the pension funds held in this plan are the result of a transfer from an old occupational scheme as you note in your letter. A portion of the fund is made up of contacted-out benefits from that employment, known as Guaranteed Minimum Pension or GMP. As the name implies, GMP guarantees to pay you a certain level of pension income in respect of the contracted-out portion of your pension funds.’ All very clear, plain, straightforward and simple. However, when I retired, CM insisted that a further document which had only been available on an ‘on-request’ basis totally contradicted the issued documents and the contract I signed in good faith, and maintained that they could use the ‘Investment Funds’ to supplement the payment of the GMP, resulting in a significant financial loss. According to the above legal advice the only term at the discretion of CM was to quantify and define that portion of the fund containing the ‘contracted-out portion’, and on that basis CM had no legal right to use the other portion of the fund to supplement the payment of a GMP; I understand that non-compliance with Government regulations under British law would be classed as a criminal offence. The FOS ‘decision’ upheld CM’s view yet, based upon the above legal advice, the FOS in my opinion appear to be condoning a criminal offence. According to the FOS:- ‘…our ombudsmen have a statutory duty to reach a decision they consider to be fair and reasonable in all the circumstances of the case.’ The FOS Independent Assessor also stated that:- ‘… whilst Ombudsmen have to take account of the law they are not bound by it.’ In my opinion I find it difficult to believe that ombudsmen have the authority to allow a firm to commit what appears to be a criminal offence and how such an offence can be considered to be ‘fair and reasonable’! The actual statement by the former ‘Economic Secretary at HM Treasury’ was:- ‘Accordingly the Ombudsman is not required to follow the approach which a court might take to evidential matters although he must “take into account the relevant law”.’ If you take the law into account then surely there is only one option – you must abide by it. The FOS subsequently sought legal advice at the insistence of my former MP but refused to provide a copy of Counsel’s assessment claiming legal privilege; I finally acquired a copy after 3 years under threat of the FOI Act. On receipt of Counsel’s assessment I complained that the FOS had misled and misinformed Counsel and did not provide him with a copy of the ‘Product Guide’, but the FOS refuse to comment. The assessment stated that:- ‘Naturally, if my instructing Solicitor has any queries arising out of this Opinion, seeks advice on any other aspects of Mr …..’s complaints or wishes to discuss the matter, she should not hesitate to contact me in Chambers , by telephone or email’. The assessment also stated that:- The FOS ‘General Counsel’s Department’ were ‘Solicitors for the Intended Claimant’. Yet I was never consulted, and my requests that a corrected assessment should be obtained where I am fully represented and allowed to ensure my evidence is taken into consideration have been continually rejected. The FOS website clearly states that:- ‘As in any organisation, things can sometimes go wrong, if this happens, we want to know about it, so we can try to put things right.’ Yet when my current MP raised my concerns with the FOS, the Chief Ombudsman simply refused to provide answers because he maintained that their final decision ‘…marks the end of our complaints handling process’. My MP stated:- ‘As your Member of Parliament I can ask the regulatory authorities to review how they have handled a case and reconsider if the correct outcome has been reached. I am not in a position, nor should I be, to insist or force the authority to come to a different decision’. Surely an MP has every right to insist that a Government agency responsible to Parliament review their ‘decision’, particularly if there is evidence that they may be condoning a criminal offence. The response from the ‘Chair’ of the Public Accounts Committee was that they are ‘precluded from investigating individual cases’ despite the fact that between 2010 and 2012 there were 3,771 complaints against CM related solely to ‘Decumulation, life and pensions’. Furthermore, when I retired CM refused to allow access to my pension fund unless I signed a disclaimer absolving CM from all future claims, which also caused both considerable financial loss and significant stress. I was obviously not prepared to sign a disclaimer under the above conditions as I was still attempting to pursue my complaint via my MP, the FOS, the FCA and other routes. The FCA subsequently issued a directive which declared that the contract was unfair and instructed CM to remove the disclaimer clause, but CM again refused to compensate for the loss of income and unnecessary stress. The ‘decision’ by the FOS, who must follow FCA regulations, was that it was my fault because it was ‘fair and reasonable’ for a consumer to sign a disclaimer which the FCA had declared was ‘unfair’! The ludicrous part is that had I previously signed a disclaimer I would have been unable to raise this complaint! Complaints to the FCA are rejected because they do not consider pre 1995 contracts even though they inherited the role of earlier regulators, and because it is considered to be an ‘individual’ complaint. Yet the FCA website showed that between 2010, when CM ceased selling new policies, and 2012 there have been 3,771 complaints against CM related solely to ‘Decumulation, life and pensions’, Also, according to the FCA:- ‘The FCA’s Supervisory activity focuses primarily on the manner in which and the extent to which firms it supervises are acting in accordance with the provisions of the relevant handbook, rather than the application of “British Law”.’ Yet again it would appear that an agency appointed by the British Government does not have to apply British Law! The usual trite comment is that an individual pensioner can always take legal action against a financial conglomerate although, of course, they are fully aware of the fact that it is way beyond the means of most pensioners, and no individual within the Lloyds TSB group will be personally financially liable. Has anyone else had similar problems as in my opinion the whole episode has been little short of disgraceful.
  22. Hi, I'm planning to start a Lloyds PPI claim and I would be grateful for any help on process. I had a personal load from 1998 I think and finally paid off in 2004/2005 through full and final settlement, plus two credit card with them which I finally paid off (the last in March 2011) throught DCA. I have the account no for the loan and the credit card nos. If it's possible I would like to claim back any money since they put me through a lot plus have to wait six years to clean my credit my file. My quetions are:- 1) Can I claim back the PPIs for 3 accounts? 2) Do I send a SAR for the agreement details or claim stating the account details? 3) I found some the letter template but not sure the right one and the correct order
  23. Hello, Could somebody please give me some advice. I was involved in claiming back my bank charges from lloyds like a lot of others. I didnt use the account i had with them, but because they wouldnt close the account i accrued an unauthorised overdraft of around £1300 - all charges! I attemted and hoped to get this overdraft wiped clean and to reclaim other previous charges with them. While the court case was going on, i applied to the FOS to have my case looked at through the Financial hardship route - I genuinely couldnt afford the repayments lloyds wanted me to repay the overdraught. Lloyds eventually told me all they could do was to refer my debt to a recovery company. THIS IS THE BIT THAT WORRIES ME - just before Christmas i had a phone call off a company, I think it is Allied International?, i explained that the case was still with the FOS, which at the time it was. I have now had another phone call off this company demanding my employers details so that they can take the £1300 out of my wages. They have asked me if I drive a car that they could take and they have asked how i intend to repay the debt. As well as asking if i have any savings. I have offered to pay a small monthly amount (of which i can afford), until October and then settle the rest of the debt in one payment. (i will be given shares in October that will cover the debt). i have refused to give my employers details at the moment, but the worry is getting to me of what powers they have and what they could do. If anyone has a bit of knowledge or advice about these things i would be very grateful. Thank you Lee
  24. Hi, I'd really appreciate some guidance on the following: I've requested an SAR from Lloyds TSB a couple of weeks ago and yesterday, I received a letter from LTSB requesting a signature and completion of a Data Subject Access Request Form (4 pages of pointless questions as far as I can see). Tackling the form first, can I politely tell them to stick their form as I have already given them ample information in my original SAR letter with the £10 postal order and remind them that the clock is still ticking? Regarding the signature, I can go one of three ways: Continue as before, with a printed name only and enclose the template signature letter. Use the CAG Anti-Tamper signature. Get a mate to sign my name for me. Any advice on the above would be much appreciated. Ta, Krysp
  25. hi there need advice please ... ..received a letter about a week ago from a debt collection company asking me to contact them regarding some information they needed, please note that's all that was mentioned on the letter and did not state what the debt was about, I called this company and was told I had a £4000 debt that was used with the Lloyds tsb back in (almost fell over when they said the year) 1997! I told them I knew nothing what so ever about this and that I had never even had a Lloyds account, to which I was told they did not believe me! I told them well I haven't done this and left it as that as the gentleman was not your friendly kind actually he put the phone down on me!, this morning I received another letter from them now stating the debt and now says I owe £7000 (on the phone he said £4000) and gave me a list of way to pay them. I have not contacted them again so far and have noticed through searching for help on the net people mention SB does this also account for me even though this is not my debt it has been taken out in my name and details im not clued up on all this so your help will be appreciated thanks
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