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  1. I completely agree with you regarding the police response. No issue with that. It is the report to the police and data protection breach on false grounds that is wrong.
  2. I can't agree. Sharing a feeling is not the same thing as a statement of intent such as "I am going to kill myself" or "I am killing myself" for one thing. Then, that was shared one month earlier with no further contact until the police phone call. There was no actual help, it just left him feeling quite bad therefore his welfare was made worse. It was only luck that he answered the phone or he would have had the police banging on his door. Finally, since when did this become a police issue. Why not simply send the number of a helpline to call if he felt the need? Therefore something he shared within a confidential letter as a way to express a bad service, a figure of speech, became a recorded police matter - how is that not an unnecessary data breach.
  3. Yes the issue was over a debt and a the loan company had been messing him around for well over a year. Don't understand how it can possibly be a police matter. And how this can not be a breach of data protection. Cold, heartless, company.
  4. Sorry to hear that Labrat... Hope you doin ok. Life on Earth can be a bumpy old journey.
  5. Its a loan company. Sorry not a work thing. My older training is that he should have been sent an email sympathetic or not, clarifying the statement and/or offering suitable helplines eg. Samaritans. This would sometimes occur on live calls where I used to work. We would NEVER put the phone down and call the police. WTF?? 1984. Plus in this instance the police rung ONE MONTH after the letter was sent. I thought it must be breach of data protection because something he said as a passing comment within a confidential letter, really as expressing a bad service, has been breached and is now on police record! He wants to make a complaint. Not only does he feel violated and as though it was a form of bullying - it had the potential to make things worse and made him feel like a criminal. It was really, really cold and devoid of any real help.
  6. I have a friend who has been messed around by a company for over a year regarding a potential debt issue when he expressed that the added strain of the length of time he had been waiting for their replies and dealing with the issue and misinformation he had been given had made him feel suicidal. He was expressing how bad their service was. A month later, after he sent the letter, he received a call from the police. He had to explain that he was not going to kill himself and had never had that intention either and when was this a police issue?. The company had coldly reported him and not sent any warning of this to my friend. He just received the call out of the blue. If he had not happened to have been around, apparently a police car would have been sent around. He was distressed by this and has never had anything to do with the police before and certainly not police cars outside his home. He said it felt like an act of bullying on the companies behalf. Not only was this a breach of data protection during a conversation with a company, but surely this can't be the correct thing to do?
  7. Thank you for that. Yes, you describe the situation accurately. I thought that there was a timeline on renovating properties these days and that they could not just leave them derelict like that due to new government rules. His problem is greed and a lack of morality and neighbourly duty. I think bringing the situation to light is the best way forward. I will think on it, now I have a clearer picture of the legalities. Once again, thank you.
  8. Thank you for drawing my attention to this thread again. I am not being alerted to replies. My tenant is also my friend and so I don't think it matters, lodger or tenant to us. I was just making sure that I would still receive the tax free allowance and was not breaking any tax rules etc. if I had a "tenant" rather than a "lodger". Many thanks.
  9. It has been left derelict for 20 years and it is questionable that the so called work going on there is real. There has been a lot of banging going on there however it is a tiny property and it should have been complete years ago. This "work" stopped over a year ago when they realised the owner of the adjoining home was not there anymore to be intimidated by it. Hope that clarifies it. I thought there must be something to prevent this type of harassment as I am acting on behalf of someone who has endured years of tactical bullying as they want her land.
  10. I thought I heard that if a house has been left derelict for a lengthy time eg 20 years that something could be forced?
  11. Apologies for not making it clearer. Lived in house is owned by occupant. House attached next door is derelict.
  12. When this goes on for over a decade and there are home owners adjoined, when there has been deliberate harassment of noise and mess left around that home owner to try to force them out - what can be done in terms of getting the landlord to finish renovating the property in a timely manner? Thanks
  13. Thank you. Yes of course. I just wondered how much they deduct from the rent - to see if it is worth bothering with all the abuse to claim esa. Thank you. Yes, of course. I just wondered how much is deducted to see if it worth all of the abuse when claiming esa. I don't think my post is showing up. Just checking. posting seems to be faulty. just seeing if this works. moderators - could you delete these OT posts that hav all come though at once due to tech prob etc.
  14. Hi I decided I would rent a room out in my home to a friend to help me out. I think I have made an error as I just used a standard tenancy agreement and just read that this is different to the rent-a-room-tax scheme... Also I am in need to claim esa, or would the rent payments exempt me. Hoping someone can clarify. So disappointe in myself for making a hash of this.
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