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  1. If you managed to book it online, it should still be fine. My problem was when I went online, it was no longer possible for me to actually book it. I had to call the number and get them to put me back on the system. I think that since you are booked on it and you attend, there shouldn't be a problem.
  2. I went to book online at 7am this morning and panicked thinking that I couldn't find any ones in April. So I called the TTC and asked if there was any chance I could be on a last minute call or something if someone didn't turn up. When the chap checked my file, he said I had been awarded 30 extra days so I could complete it until the end of May. Phew!!! So I had the online form up but went ahead with booking it with him as he was on the phone. Now here is the interesting bit - he had about 10 more course dates to offer than what was available online so I got a Sunday slot much closer tha
  3. Thanks to everyone who replied! I called today and well, within 30 seconds of trying to explain what I needed help with, I burst into tears. It was the part where I had to explain my change in circumstances. The lady who answered the call was lovely! She calmed me down, was really patient listening and said it would be okay. So, she put me back on the register and tomorrow I can call the office and arrange a course, asap. Cross fingers I can book one over the next two weeks! I think I was lucky - I hadn't deliberately ignored it and I have not yet received a summons or anythin
  4. I'd be really grateful for a bit of information on what my options are now - here is my situation. I was caught speeding (38 in a 30) on 31st December- I thought it was 40 so it wasn't intentional :o) It was with West Midlands Police. I got the letter and admitted the offence and on 5th February got a letter offering me a speed awareness course. My personal situation was a bit difficult at this time - my husband had just moved out because of cheating leaving me in a difficult financial situation - debt :o( I am just getting back up on my feet. The letter said I had 120 d
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