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  1. Hi people I bought some shopping for under ten pounds on my contactless Monzocard.The next morning at around six o’clock in the morning. I got a notification from monzo that my account was now overdrawn. I checked and noticed that my Tesco transaction had been processed twice causing me to be overdrawn. I am aware that Tesco had a payment issue in the past. but this had been resolved. I phoned Tesco customer services who were very professional. The gentleman told me, I had a monzo card and I never even mentioned monzo. I explained what happened and he advised me this i
  2. I have just looked at the iPad and the pressure marks are mainly on the left hand side also at the top and bottom. when I took the iPad to the shop it had the original button in with fingerprint id working, but the button would not click it also had a new rubber gasket. Thank you for all of your help with this I will email the store and tell him I want it sorting out I have loaded an image of my screen
  3. Thank you for your help the iPad is a iPad 5 2017 cellular model they cost around £235 second hand. When the iPad was taken in to the stop there was a top glass fitted but it was not glued down and there was no damage to the main lcd and it was clean. The shop owner has tried to help as every time he has to change the top glass screen. but now the button does not work at all and is very loose.this is because he has not put a simple rubber gasket on. As for the lcd screen there is permeant damage from clamps being applied to the screen this was caused by the store. The only way would be to rep
  4. Hello I am looking for some advice please. my iPad screen got cracked I decided to try and repair it my self but the new glass was faulty. I decided it was best to pay to have it fixed properly then decided to take it to to a local repair shop who claims to be certified by apple (Trained by ) apple for repairs and uses apple parts. the shop owner says he would fit a new apple screen not after market one and a new home button this would cost £80 I agreed and returned to pick iPad up. The home button was working fine and screen was working howe
  5. Thanks for the replies people I spoke to the council and they said we should not be put on universal credit but the job coach said we would be. the coach tends to not tell you the truth looks like I will have to find the dwp internal guidance and prove him wrong he will probably be trying to reach more targets Thanks again for replies people
  6. Thank you for taking the time to reply. The only thing that would change is the house number. the postcode is the same its the same type of house in the same street
  7. Hello Everyone I am currently on a joint claim for jobseekers allowance my and my partner are going to be moving only a few doors down the jobcentre coach says that we have to claim universal credit if we do move. I don't trust them and think they are not telling the truth we would rather settle in first. can anyone tell me if they are telling the truth? I found a document that's called (What-triggers-a-claim-for-Universal-Credit) and it looks like we don't but still unsure Thank you for any advice
  8. company do claim money from us using my signature but its quite hard to understand how they work as they do not make it easy I have a next stage complain pending and am contacting mp also at some stage
  9. Hello people Thank you for all of your replies I have the form and uploadedit below, it is a data consent form. what it means is that they can contact me by phone ,sms,email also they can contact an ((employer)), when you find work. what i gather is that if the form is not signed the person will not be able to stay on the course, as they cant pass your information on to the college to fund the course just got told this last week. I think this is how they are paid but unsure all i was bothered about was them pestering me and contacting an employer was very bad in my optio
  10. Hello I was on a training course provided by a training provider on behalf of dwp while on course i did not sign their data consent form as, I did not agree to what was on it I only put the date on it. I received contact from the company by phone and email also text message so i emailed them telling them to stop contacting me No reply. i decided to contact them via an ico letter asking why they contacted and they provided me a copy of the form and said as ,I signed it they could contact me. on looking at the form my signature has been forged and also my name has been writte
  11. Hi Thank you for taking time to reply Not sure what next port of call would be i was considering a bill letter maybe giving the person 30 days before action but i need to find exact set. if the tools say cost £30 does any one know what charges i can add on at fist i intend to just ask for replacement but after the time is up. i wont pay fees but no idea if you can charge them or not or interest as this has been going on since 2014 I am having issues as i do not like the person Thank you for any help
  12. Hello Every one I am Not sure what to do and i am looking for your advice on what i should do here is the story In July 2014 I borrowed a neighbour a tool set for the day and i asked him many times to return it but he said he hasn't finished with it that was a few months after he borrowed it. Then he stopped speaking to me now the other day my partner asked him to return it and he said he did not have it or not sure where it is, or some one he let in house stole it ( I do not think heis telling the truth and think he wants to keep my tools ) I was going to leave it at that
  13. hello I have been in to the office to se them again and they claim that the course is new and only for the long term unemployed I have shown them the (pwp ) post work program internal stuff and advised that the previous coach tried to get us on mwp but because the dwp did not do it sooner we did not have to do it. I have been self employed for around three months around one year ago and the person still says i am long term unemployed. I now have to go and se the training provider and probably have to do tests yet again. I did ask for a Decision maker but the person was not interested
  14. Hi thank you for you replies I have worked in the past even been self employed before I have been on esa before but got placed back on jsa this was many years a go so not sure also fit notes stress me out so unsure but its an option. I spoke to city and guilds and the jobcentre and providers change the names and alter units to get people on these. I will ask agin if its mandatory and ask to be referred to a decision maker I do not like people taking advantage of people when they feel vulnerable they should be sacked I even seen the Dea (Disability employment adviser ) had a very bad exper
  15. Hello every one I am looking for some advice please as not sure where I stand. In march / April i was forced to do a two weeks Emploability skills course with working links. I completed it and have a city and guilds level one. Now the other day i went to jobcentre the person there said I have to do yet another two weeks course and you receive a certificate yet again but this one is issued by ncfe. The adviser was even asking me strange questions like when did i go to bed etc. i asked if the course was mandatory as i have done the exact same one two months before and the reply was ev
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