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  1. I started this course last year when I had just split up from my partner, recently had a baby and had to move home! A sales man came out and was saying how I would be guaranteed a plumbing job at the end of it and I would get loads of work as I am a woman and vulnerable groups prefer woman in their homes etc etc he said I could take as long as I wanted to complete and I would pay the college monthly!! As I am currently off work due to a back injury I am struggling to make payments and have contacted the college who have told me they need to see proof which I am gathering! As I felt I would be know longer able to continue due to a back injury and the nature of the job I started looking at the forums! People I know had mentioned these courses as being [problem]s before and saying you cant get a job after you complete it but I didnt realize it was actually true! I have already paid these people nearly 2,000 I have also read that they went into liquidation in 2010! I feel very stupid to be honest and I cant believe I rushed into something without taking time to research properly but now I just need help to get out of it and if possible get my money back! Does anyone have any ideas?? Is anyone any further forward if you have taken action!? Should I just stop paying?
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