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  1. Hi these are for old, certainly SB’d alleged card debt.
  2. I last posted here in 2017 about my issues with Robinson Way. Fast forward to 2021 and l’ve received 2 very friendly letters from Hoist. Apparently they have given up with Robinsons Way branding and are now Hoist - but nothing to tell me that from them. I bin the letters as this stuff is so old and we’ve done this dance before. Imagine my surprise today when l get a text from Hoist asking me if my contact details are correct. I have never given them my number, they have never used it before, and there is no connection with this number to any previous dealings. l checked my file, no searches from them in years. How did they get my number? And is it legal for them to just text me out of the blue?
  3. Thanks Slick. I held off sending an SB letter on the 2nd account they were chasing, should I leave that for now unless they escalate from the usual letters? This account would also be certainly SB at same time as first.
  4. Hi Slick, sorry I missed your reply. They are saying I paid £5 in December 11. I'm 101% sure I did not pay them anything. I've never sent them postal orders for CCA requests or that sort of thing either.
  5. I've now had a reply from RW on the account they were threatening legal action about. Default date is early 2010 according to them, which would tie in with what would have been on my file. However, they appear to have invented a (very small) payment in late December 2011. What do I do now? I have not made any payments to them.
  6. OK, thanks. I will update as the post comes in
  7. Letters went to RW as they are the ones sending the demands for payment. Should I send also to Hoist? Isn't Hoist the parent company anyway? Do I need to send anything to Howard Cohen? Thanks for any advice you can give.
  8. Yes, SB'd - would be from 2009/10 -no payments or acknowledgements.
  9. Hi all SB letters sent but appear to have crossed with a notice of pending legal action from Howard Cohen which took over a week to arrive looking at date on it. They are going after the smaller of the two accounts. Second one back on the payment plan and discounts carousel. Is there a reason for this? As this is obviously SB and has been for some time, is this them just trying to get a judgement by default thinking I'm not around? I've raised a complaint with the FOS who can contact Robinson Way on my behalf but won't make a final decision until the end of the complaints process from what I've read.. Question is what should I do now? I fired off an email to RW on Monday from a throw away account, confirmed as received but they will respond by post. I'm thinking I need to send something to Howard Cohen. Is it worth sending CCA requests at this stage?
  10. They have my current address although we moved not long ago, so they have updated their records after sending out a usual phishing letter. I would suggest people think about mail redirection though - some how I think Royal Mail gave them my details once a redirection started. No recent searches by them, and no past action on these accounts. I'm thinking now that I've had one of these "pre-legal" letters before, and the letters cycle has just started again. If I write to them telling them it is statutory barred, does anyone know their track history on this - do they ignore?
  11. Hi, this is a lower drawer letter saying they may have to pass to their friends Howard Cohen & Co.
  12. Hi all, I could with some advice on this please; After a prolonged period of sending letters, offering large discounts, going silent and then starting the whole cycle again, Robinson Way have sent me a pre-legal assessment letter today. This refers to an old Barclaycard account and I guess I'll get a second one for another old Barclaycard. Now, the default dates were in 2010 although I suspected they'd actually been 2009. Regardless, I have made no acknowledgement or contacted them, no payments made. These alleged debts are no longer on my credit file and I'm 100% certain they are statute barred. At no point has Robinson Way sent any proof relating to these accounts that were sold to Hoist Portfolio 2. Do I respond right away with a complaint to the FCA? or should I acknowledge this pre-legal assessment letter? I'm unsure on whether or not I should send a "prove it" letter or if this warrants a more strongly worded response.
  13. I'm looking for some advice please . I recently applied for a mortgage, and was asked initially over the phone "have you ever had any CCJS or IVAS". The answer was and is no. I was given an agreement in principle. This has now progressed to full application stage , after passing a full credit check. I have received a check list to sign and return to the lender. One of the first questions asks "Have you ever been subject to county court judgements (CCJs) , defaults or a repossession"? Is this asking if I have had a CCJ, county court default judgement or county court repossession order?, or is it asking if I have ever had credit defaults? The answer to that is yes, all unsecured, all now off my file and statute barred. After an initial panic I believe it is all County Court order related but I would like your opinions please.
  14. Ok , thanks SabreSheep. I will send them a holding letter tomorrow then sort out a PO and send a formal CCA request.
  15. Thanks for the replies. Can I send a prove it style letter to Lowell asking for a copy of the CCA, date last payment made etc. without sending off a PO for the £1. I could send them a cheque but that would have my signature - just with work time to get to the Post Office is limited. I've looked at using pctopaper to send a recorded delivery letter online. Would they simply write back asking for £1 ?
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