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  1. Hi Andyorch ok, thanks for your advice, I'll respond to them, thanks
  2. Hi Andyorch, thanks for your reply, They have responded to me by sending me a brochure showing the full price last year for the full time study, £4'860, no indication of the part time course costs. I agreed my contract on 6.9.17 for £2'110 part time, then paid it as you are aware. They sent me a copy of an advisory note they sent on 6.9.17, showing cost of the full time course, obviously I didn't see it then as I was not at home, I was in the university signing their agreement and didn't associate the full price with anything I was doing. They also sent me a copy of a new
  3. Hi, thank you for some good advice, appreciated. > Ethel Street "Have you checked what "the published tuition fee listing" for 2017/18 actually says?" Actually, I couldn't find it anywhere, and so I have demanded that they send me a link to that published fee... > ericsbrother along with the unnecessary approach and demanded an apology ... > Andyorch followed by - saying if I do find the published fee online then I may consider paying this additional fee ie produce a new agreement accompanied by an explanation. plus raised a complaint in the hope of prote
  4. Phiddius

    Course Costs

    Hi, In Sept 2017 I enrolled on a course at University, at the induction day I signed an agreement for the course costs £2170 payable in 3 parts. I signed a Direct Debit form, and over the coming months all the money was taken from my bank successfully. Job done in my opinion. 8 weeks ago, I received a threatening letter, not far off a screaming banchee coming in the room and demanding £320. "You agreed to accept responsibility for your course fee's and if you don't pay immediately we will pass this to an external debt collection agency" I had no idea what this was about. I
  5. Hi nuclearshark, stu007 thank you both for your advice, it is greatly appreciated. Firstly, Stu007, I have repeatedly submitted requests to google since January, weekly, I have them all listed in my google webmaster tools app. Each time the request was refused and they would highlight webmail.wirral.net as the problem. nuclearshark, they have just offered me 1 month refund, and no charges whilst I move server, I'm just so annoyed because of they have continually refused to take responsibility, and every support agent has only ever stated the obvious, never a solution, then point
  6. HI I have no problem naming them at all, I only held back incase it was against cags rules .. its heart internet, https://www.heartinternet.uk/ I bought a reseller account so that I could host as many sites as I wanted, https://www.heartinternet.uk/reseller-hosting The account comes with a control panel but its not cpanel, it is not managed. +Webmail is in the package. My point is - the user .. ME .. has no control over webmail other than to add or remove email accounts via the control panel, I cannot alter anything to do with the address webmail.wirral.net
  7. Hi, I maintain several websites for clients as part of a service I provide, to achieve this I rent servers for my clients from a web host company, and point their domains names to that hosting company. Clients emails are provided using an imap client, webmail, provided by this company. Each client has multiple mail boxes attached to their domain name. This service requires a "main domain name" as the owner of the rented server, I used the name wirral.net, this meant that the webmail access would be http://webmail.wirral.net/ In January 2018, I received multiple calls
  8. ok, thanks for the replies, yes I think 1st I'll get it checked out by apple, then hand a letter to them at the shop to clarify my position and copy that to one of their directors, (I found one on CAG) and start a chargeback at the same time, so thanks again
  9. Hi cag, 8th July 2016, I bought an iPhone 6 from CEX, after a few days it developed a fault, I took it back and on the 14th July they swapped it for another iPhone, ok, fine. However, the battery ran out of the new phone, and wouldn't charge up, I took that one back, after making me wait for 3 hours they replaced the battery. after a couple of weeks this new battery has been running out 3-4 times daily, it doesn't hold a charge overnight, and apparently thats not a valid reason for being late to work (no alarm) so, I took it back again, this time, a girl behind the counte
  10. That is truly amazing, I wonder if Costco are aware that they have parking pirates in their back yard, it's so underhanded, anyway, thanks so much, and Ive made a donation I hope that helps thos forum thanks
  11. Hi ericsbrother, thank you, it amazes me, I wonder what people who don't know about CAG do ? its plain robbery of the less knowledgeable (like me), thanks again I really appreciate it
  12. Hi, ok, I got a letter from a "debt resolution specialist", Ultimate Customer Solutions, real company - SolutionLabs LTD, Ive put the letter in this dropbox https://www.dropbox.com/sh/hc3jk751zcwhmle/AAByuWdD2xQNlbaLyaE1yB_va?dl=0 it's up to £120.00 now, any guidance appreciated
  13. Hi ericsbrother, thank you, that's excellent, I really appreciate the advice, and thanks to the other contributors, I will post back if I get anything, thanks
  14. Hi thanks for all these replies, sorry I haven't posted the images yet but Ive just been away for a week, I did reply to them with the most basic of paragraphs, stating I was not the driver and they were not compliant with the PoFA, I addressed it to the company on the PCN, and added the director of S&K names. here's a link (hopefully I can post a link) to photo's of the minuscule signs in that car park, and a dash-cam of driving into the car park and parking without ever coming close to any one of them. I don't know if this makes any difference, but it could be of in
  15. Thanks armadillo71, amazingly the charge started at £15 within 24, then 30 - 60 and yes £18 admin fee, I really appreciate your advice, I will get a photo of the signage tomorrow am, and start lifting cushions and searching pockets for the receipts.. thanks
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