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    Course Costs

    Hi Andyorch ok, thanks for your advice, I'll respond to them, thanks
  2. Phiddius

    Course Costs

    Hi Andyorch, thanks for your reply, They have responded to me by sending me a brochure showing the full price last year for the full time study, £4'860, no indication of the part time course costs. I agreed my contract on 6.9.17 for £2'110 part time, then paid it as you are aware. They sent me a copy of an advisory note they sent on 6.9.17, showing cost of the full time course, obviously I didn't see it then as I was not at home, I was in the university signing their agreement and didn't associate the full price with anything I was doing. They also sent me a copy of a new invoice, they claim was sent to me on 7.2.18 showing a new figure of £2'430 and giving me 30 days to pay it. No explanation of any error. Anyway, I have never seen it until a few days ago. I checked online and this years costs actually show the part time fee, which is now £2'140. I asked about that and they say that the university exercised its right to revise the fees for new entrants joining in 18-19 So basically they made a mistake charging me and want the missing pennies, and say they have the right to do so, even though this years fees are almost what I paid. Thanks gain for any advice.
  3. Phiddius

    Course Costs

    Hi, thank you for some good advice, appreciated. > Ethel Street "Have you checked what "the published tuition fee listing" for 2017/18 actually says?" Actually, I couldn't find it anywhere, and so I have demanded that they send me a link to that published fee... > ericsbrother along with the unnecessary approach and demanded an apology ... > Andyorch followed by - saying if I do find the published fee online then I may consider paying this additional fee ie produce a new agreement accompanied by an explanation. plus raised a complaint in the hope of protecting people in future who may be frightened by this kind of approach. so thank you, I'll let you know how that goes
  4. Phiddius

    Course Costs

    Hi, In Sept 2017 I enrolled on a course at University, at the induction day I signed an agreement for the course costs £2170 payable in 3 parts. I signed a Direct Debit form, and over the coming months all the money was taken from my bank successfully. Job done in my opinion. 8 weeks ago, I received a threatening letter, not far off a screaming banchee coming in the room and demanding £320. "You agreed to accept responsibility for your course fee's and if you don't pay immediately we will pass this to an external debt collection agency" I had no idea what this was about. I called them, and they didn't either, so I was told that something was wrong but they were not sure what, and would look into it. 4 weeks later, Another letter arrived, even more angry than before with more threats. I have, demanded an explanation of why I being asked for £320.00 I feel this is not an unreasonable thing to ask. They say, I was charged the wrong amount, and the correct amount is on the website, it's in the terms and conditions that they are allowed to charge for any mistakes they make, so pay up. "The 2017/18 Tuition Fee Regulations state ‘1.10 The University reserves the right to correct administrative errors identified during invoicing and take action to recover any shortfall in fees in accordance with the published tuition fee listing for the appropriate academic session.’ Our Regulations are published externally in advance of the application cycle" I think I have to pay them, even though its not the amount I agreed to pay, I just think their approach is awful, what if this was a more vulnerable person (as some students can be), they were very iron fist in their approach. Can I legally demand an invoice from them in advance of the £320 payment, as I have asked for them to issue an invoice and they say its only a correction. thanks
  5. Hi nuclearshark, stu007 thank you both for your advice, it is greatly appreciated. Firstly, Stu007, I have repeatedly submitted requests to google since January, weekly, I have them all listed in my google webmaster tools app. Each time the request was refused and they would highlight webmail.wirral.net as the problem. nuclearshark, they have just offered me 1 month refund, and no charges whilst I move server, I'm just so annoyed because of they have continually refused to take responsibility, and every support agent has only ever stated the obvious, never a solution, then pointed the blame at me, another one of my clients sites that was on heart suffered that message from google, I moved that site to a new host, and in the same day the site was clear, this alone speaks volumes to me, and I would suggest it validated my previous 'conjecture'. This drama has caused me so much disruption over many months, I think I will write to their CEO Thank you both again for taking the time to help me.
  6. HI I have no problem naming them at all, I only held back incase it was against cags rules .. its heart internet, https://www.heartinternet.uk/ I bought a reseller account so that I could host as many sites as I wanted, https://www.heartinternet.uk/reseller-hosting The account comes with a control panel but its not cpanel, it is not managed. +Webmail is in the package. My point is - the user .. ME .. has no control over webmail other than to add or remove email accounts via the control panel, I cannot alter anything to do with the address webmail.wirral.net that address is assigned to me by them any more information required please ask I have recorded months of communication from their support ticket system. thanks
  7. Hi, I maintain several websites for clients as part of a service I provide, to achieve this I rent servers for my clients from a web host company, and point their domains names to that hosting company. Clients emails are provided using an imap client, webmail, provided by this company. Each client has multiple mail boxes attached to their domain name. This service requires a "main domain name" as the owner of the rented server, I used the name wirral.net, this meant that the webmail access would be http://webmail.wirral.net/ In January 2018, I received multiple calls from panic stricken clients who could not access their email, instead they faced a big red warning screen from google stating "Malicious Site Ahead, the person who owns this site could steal your bank details" or "Deceptive site ahead" Attackers on X.site may trick you into doing something dangerous. After several attempts to request Google unlock my sites they simply wouldn't. I contacted the web host every day who said it was "something on my sites" and not their fault. Google continued to flag up webmail as malicious. I transferred some clients sites to a new webhost and the problem disappeared immediately. I could not move wirral.net as that was the main account holder and I have not yet completely migrated all of my client sites (the ones who were not affected) as this is a time consuming task. I removed all data from the wirral.net website months ago, the website address is actually clear and accessible. The webmail.wirral.net address remains blocked by google you can see that by hitting the link. I have no control over that address, I cannot do anything about resolving the problem there. The web host does have control over it, but still they do not understand what is wrong, and have continually said its not their responsibility. The last communication (yesterday) stated " they are failing to see how this has anything to do with them", followed by even more conjecture regarding the problem. This has caused me months of disruption, and hours of migrating mail boxes and websites to a new server, is there anything I can do or anywhere I can go for advice on this matter? thanks
  8. ok, thanks for the replies, yes I think 1st I'll get it checked out by apple, then hand a letter to them at the shop to clarify my position and copy that to one of their directors, (I found one on CAG) and start a chargeback at the same time, so thanks again
  9. Hi cag, 8th July 2016, I bought an iPhone 6 from CEX, after a few days it developed a fault, I took it back and on the 14th July they swapped it for another iPhone, ok, fine. However, the battery ran out of the new phone, and wouldn't charge up, I took that one back, after making me wait for 3 hours they replaced the battery. after a couple of weeks this new battery has been running out 3-4 times daily, it doesn't hold a charge overnight, and apparently thats not a valid reason for being late to work (no alarm) so, I took it back again, this time, a girl behind the counter but away from the public, who never engages with the public, "the supervisor", obviously hands out her dirty work to be implemented by the counter staff, sent a message, "the phone has a scratch on the corner of the glass face, we wouldn't have sold it like that, and so that invalidates the warranty, if you want a new battery you'll have to pay for it" ok, it does, I brushed against the wall on my in to my house, I remember it, and bought a heft case the next day. hm, I decided not to enter into a public argument with people who are obviously very used to that, the counter is not a service counter but appears to be the front line for battle with customers, I noticed several other unhappy folk there already arguing. How on earth does a little scratch affect the battery ? duh ! could anyone advise me of the best path forwards? I paid for it by credit card. thanks
  10. That is truly amazing, I wonder if Costco are aware that they have parking pirates in their back yard, it's so underhanded, anyway, thanks so much, and Ive made a donation I hope that helps thos forum thanks
  11. Hi ericsbrother, thank you, it amazes me, I wonder what people who don't know about CAG do ? its plain robbery of the less knowledgeable (like me), thanks again I really appreciate it
  12. Hi, ok, I got a letter from a "debt resolution specialist", Ultimate Customer Solutions, real company - SolutionLabs LTD, Ive put the letter in this dropbox https://www.dropbox.com/sh/hc3jk751zcwhmle/AAByuWdD2xQNlbaLyaE1yB_va?dl=0 it's up to £120.00 now, any guidance appreciated
  13. Hi ericsbrother, thank you, that's excellent, I really appreciate the advice, and thanks to the other contributors, I will post back if I get anything, thanks
  14. Hi thanks for all these replies, sorry I haven't posted the images yet but Ive just been away for a week, I did reply to them with the most basic of paragraphs, stating I was not the driver and they were not compliant with the PoFA, I addressed it to the company on the PCN, and added the director of S&K names. here's a link (hopefully I can post a link) to photo's of the minuscule signs in that car park, and a dash-cam of driving into the car park and parking without ever coming close to any one of them. I don't know if this makes any difference, but it could be of interest to you guys, thanks so much for your advice. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/hc3jk751zcwhmle/AAByuWdD2xQNlbaLyaE1yB_va?dl=0
  15. Thanks armadillo71, amazingly the charge started at £15 within 24, then 30 - 60 and yes £18 admin fee, I really appreciate your advice, I will get a photo of the signage tomorrow am, and start lifting cushions and searching pockets for the receipts.. thanks
  16. Hi, thanks for the replies. Hi, armadillo71, this was a ticket on the screen, the parking event was 4th December 2015, the PCN states: Observation from: 11:14 Observation to: 14:19 Reason for issue - 'parked longer than the maximum period permitted' the letter from PCN PArking Solutions, S&K Car Park Management Ltd, with the 'SECURE.P' logo arrived on the 26/01/2016 lots of threatening paragraphs, and £78 bill I can tell you that the car was not parked there at that start time, thanks for any advice
  17. Hi CAG people. There's a shared free car park for Costco and ToysRus at 30 Waterloo Rd, Liverpool L3 7HY allegedly, the driver of my vehicle parked there for longer than the 3 hours allowed. (by 19 minutes). S&K Car PArk Management have sent a PCN for £78.00 and have demanded payment, or to know who the driver was. I thought the action to take was - do nothing, ignore this speculative invoice, however reading more recent sticky posts, has that advice changed to "respond to them" ? it states, Parking Charge Notice to Registered Keeper, and if I do not provide the drivers details they can recover the charges and additional costs via a debt collector under section 4 of the Protection of Freedoms act 2012. can anybody please guide me ? thanks
  18. Hi Andy thanks for that very useful information, I'm looking into finding the freeholder, the lesser appears to be David Mclean Homes, however, the document is huge and incomplete in several places, time to have a proper look I think. when my partner moved in with me, the details of that apartment just went into a box, and this is the first time I'm really looking at it, I think we'll pay the ground rent, and dispute the admin fee, hinting at some of the info you've pointed out to us, let them know we're looking at it. I'm very grateful, and thanks again, I'll get back once I've made some sense of this paperwork, in case I do actually discover anything, *************** Caggers rule ! heh
  19. Thanks Stu, previously I got an alert saying I needed 10 posts, so thats why i tried to delete the image, I scanned into photoshop, and uploaded a jpg, which turned out like a thumb, I'm trying a pdf - here goes,
  20. Hi Forum, We own a small apartment which we don't live in, it used to be my partners before we became a family, and we rent it out. A company called Homeground Management Ltd collect the ground rent which is £137.50 per year, they make demands twice per year of £68.75 each. apparently they sent a demand for ground rent, which we did not receive, and so 7 days later they added £45 admin charge, however, we still didn't know about it, recently, we did receive a "note" from them, I say "note" because its definitely no invoice, informing us that we owe £113.75 and if not paid within 7 days they will add another £45.00 We emailed them asking for an explanation of the charges, and what on earth could cost hem £45 ? they sent a pre-made reply, showing us £68.75 and £45.00 in a list form, which we already knew. We emailed again and requested information and a breakdown of the charges, and how could we contact them to speak with somebody. They replied with," we have no means to talk to you, we can only be contacted by email". I hope Im not turning into a wanna-be private eye here but it all looks dodgy. and feeling a little skeptical of the company, I poked around, to try and find a number, which I couldn't, but found a list of the the ever changing directors, the main one having 43 directorships all closed except homeground management ltd: www duedil.com/company/07305337/homeground-management-ltd and another company called Long Harbour Ltd: www duedil.com/company/06905581/long-harbour-ltd and in act lots of businesses at the same address in a shopping mall, One New Change London EC4M 9AF I followed the long harbour route registered at the same address, and there is a number, so before I speak to them, my questions to the great knowledgeable Caggers are; 1 - is there no guideline, law, anything that sets out the terms under which somebody can make a "late" or "admin" charge, and is there no limit to such a charge ? this company is making a 50% charge. 2 - Long Harbour Ltd is registered as the parent company, so does that mean that they have a responsability to speak with me ? 3 - can a business send a demand with only an email address and a bank account number ? its not so much the £45 quid, but I dislike this kind of trading, its a business model for [problem]s, probably copied from car clampers !! thanks in advance
  21. Hi I recieved an email a while ago (I went on hols) from CAG regarding photos of private parking sign - warnings - locations - etc and .. I have lost the email in my recent inbox cleanup I have some photos to send, could somebody resend me the correct email / person to send them to ? thanks
  22. Hi Forum, I've taken advice from this excellent forum in the past, and I thought I'd just post this information maybe it could help somebody else, I don't know, I got a "Parking Charge Notice" when using a car park outside Blockbusters, which also services another shop ! anyway, advice from this forum taught me, ignore, ignore, and ignore, which I did, I then ignored the following Roxburghe letters, even though it is excruciatingly tempting to write and call them name s, I didn't .. ever. I thought it was quite odd that in a very quite area, on a very quite day, that "whoever was driving my car :)" got that notice anyway, I even have an account at blockbusters, people (even in this forum) seem to think there's some "warden" driving round checking on the car parks, but it didn't quite add up for me. so I asked around with friends and people I see regularly about these notices, Recently, 9am, my house phone rings, I answer, a chap asks for me by name, I asked who it was .. Roxburghe, wanting to speak with (me) about "an outstanding personal matter", he asked again was it me, I couldn't help but answer "I didnt know who I was", haha I asked who he was, he told me,I asked how he got this number, he said "from his client". I said "you have the wrong number"he replied " I'll put it down as a refusal then" I said "bye" that was that. so1, my belief is that a member of staff at Blockbusters put the notice on the vehicle, and 2, they also gave my home number to Roxburghe from my Blockbuster account. I cant prove 1, yet. but 2, there is absolutely no other way for them to have got that number, it is not registered anywhere, it ex-directory, I'm ex 192.com, almost all services - suppliers have my mobile number, Blockbusters are 1 of 2 local services who have my home number, the other is the local school. for me it just strengthens my belief that blockbuster staff are in the frame as "the wardens" ! lol but I'm sure I'll be put right .. any second now
  23. Thank you I shall not communicate with them any further , I'll post anything they send here though, incase its of any use for reference Thanks again
  24. Haha, Conniff it s not a thanks just for parking eye, theres a goldmine of info in here but I will go to the naughty step right away ! Yes, BankFodder, it looks like I blinked first, but I wont be giving in, even if pressed, thanks for your advice
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