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  1. Hello. This is my first post here, and I was hoping I could pick the brains of this forum for some help. To cut a long story short, I have in the region of £15k credit card debt from MBNA, which has been sold on to PRA, who have started getting in touch for payment. I don't/didn't have any sort of payment plan set up - I stopped paying anything last year because I simply couldn't afford to do that, while also having enough money to feed my family. I'll be honest, I tend to see these DCAs as parasites of human misery, and my main inclination is to pay them a
  2. I have a mobile account with o2, my bill is late by 1 1/2 months at this point as ive had a few financial issues this month. I am expecting a bit of a cash boost into my account this week due to selling a few items and the money being transferred via paypal. I expect to have it in my account by monday. However in the space of this month 1/2 I havnt paid my bill ive had a disconnection notice last week on the Thursday saying the account had been disconnected but if action is taken that can be reversed if the monies owed are paid, thats happened slightly fast (because its not
  3. I work for a subsidiary of a large company that has been bought recently by a larger international company. In their restructuring it is looking like our subsidiary is no longer of interest to our new masters, so they'll be selling it on. When this happens will we be made redundant with the old company and 're-employed' on new & undoubtedly sh1ttier contracts, (based on this company's reputation) with the new one or will we just be TUPE'd over seamlessly without issue? If this new company just decides to sell to a company I don't ethically respect/want to work for, then if I refuse t
  4. Hi, My partner has got herself into 9k's worth of debt with a credit card company. She kept it secret for years and has been paying £300-£350 minimum amount per month, but the interest keeps coming and she's missed payments because of other debts and outgoings. We don't have any joint savings to throw at it, I'm disabled and not working and we have a child of 4. She works full time. I'm not sure what further details are required, so please let me know and I'll add them. I would really appreciate some guidance as to what our options are. My first thought w
  5. Same old story I'm afraid..... We had a loan via GE Money/Home lending for £5500 and had only managed to make a few payments on the account when i lost my job. We spoke to GE and advised them of the situation, that the problems were only temporary and that we would make arrangements for the arrears to be cleared as soon as possible. The call taker insisted we make a payment arrangement but as we were living off thin air I was unable to do this. I offered £5 a month token payment which was refused and advised i couldnt do anymore at the present time. The debt was subseq
  6. I have a case with PRA, made a CCA request for information and deeds of assignment, they only write a letter to say they have requested for the information from OC and the deeds of assignment is a confidential information consisting of their business secret, but they agreed in the letter that they will bring it to the CCJ set aside hearing but they said they will blank out confidential info. What defence options do I have in this scenario ? No CCA request was honoured What happened in case the deeds has been altered as stated Also the fact that I have not been given oppor
  7. Hi All, Please bear with me. I was made redundant over a year ago, and as a single Mum, I've just started my own business, but am still relying heavily on benefits while I find my feet - financially. Our landlady's told us she's selling the house in June and as we've been here for 5 years and are so happy and settled, I'd love to somehow be able to buy it. The house is expected to go on the market for 220K. My mum recently sold her house and has a 30K deposit she can give us and I'm now considering the following options: 1. My ex, who earns a good wage (100K) can 'Buy to
  8. My wife purchased a Logik TV from PCW 31/08/2016 for £79-99. Yesterday 13/01/2017 there was a "pop" and the TV no longer switched on - browsing the internet I find it is a common fault with Logik TV for the power supply or motherboard to fail in this way. Visitng PCW in Coventry I was told I HAD to allow them to repair the TV and COULD NOT ask for a refund on the grounds the TV was "not fit for purpose". Their policy is that they MUST attempt a repair . Is this true that under the SOGA I HAVE to allow them to try a repair before I am allowed a refund. I remember once
  9. Hi, We are in IVA since 2014 July, due to change in circumstances the variation meeting with creditors arranged resulted in their refusal to accept the completion of IVA. Having gone through various posts , as every individual has different case, I am getting confused Having left with no other alternatives, I have couple of options for myself to accept the DRO and for my wife above £20000, go for BK, I am not sure as to what happens to the income as we are totally within the state benefits and my question is how are the funds managed on daily basis until 3 years of the BK, do we
  10. Good Afternoon, Firstly I appreciate everything you guys do on here, I'm a first time poster and would appreciate any advise you can give me - I'll give as much detail below in relation to my situation however if you have any questions let me know; So, at the moment I have a defaulted loan outstanding with Tesco Finance to the amount of - £ 8,900. I defaulted from the loan in October 2013 and haven't been in contact with Tesco Finance since. In January 2013 I moved to Australia to complete a two year working VISA, at the time I had enough money in my UK accoun
  11. I purchased for 15,000 euros for a market sales wagon (a Fiat Ducato van, fitted with cooling units, shelves and such). Prior to the purchase I paid for a "car inspection" and purchased the van on the basis of a generally favorable review. However, the review missed the fact that the van was completely rusted underneath. It was purchased 2-3 weeks ago. I do not see how the inspection missed this. As the inspector's request, the van was taken to a garage so that he could see everything underneath (this was expensive as the license plates and insurance had lapsed, so needed to buy for short
  12. Hello, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this but I wanted a little help about this apparent debt I have from a company called JUICE PLUS who have passed on the debt to OCC(Options Credit Consultants). The back story: A friend was selling JUICE PLUS weight loss packs and I thought I'd try one out, the deal was £20 for a month of supplies which are given all in one go. And it was a locked in 3 month contract. However I never used the stuff, my friend had been fired for a ridiculous reason, I pursued Juice Plus asking them to cancel the contract and
  13. Hello all, I've spent the last couple of hours reading various threads and I have learnt a great deal. However, I need some advice and opinions from you good people. I was involved in a non-fault accident last month. At a four way junction, I was travelling straight ahead and the third party was travelling the opposite way indicating to turn right. At the centre of the junction, where the third party should have stopped and waited for me to clear his path, he did not and hit my car on the front drivers side corner. Dashcam is installed in my car, shows the accident clearly. Also
  14. I started an Access to medicine course (level 3, basically A levels, but a bit easier than A levels) in September last year. I received the highest possible grade in all my modules except one. The possible grades are as follows: pass, merit and distinction. In general for these types of course a pass = above 40%, a distinction = above 70% and a merit is in between. However, instead of % grading they have very subjective grade criteria, from which the marker gets to choose a grade for each criteria and then average them all for the final grade. The module in question was a research pa
  15. My story is a long one but I will try to keep it simple as possible. I have a couple of unsecured credit card debts. The largest is for £1184.20. My debts I believe are from pre April 2007 and if I'm honest are a result of a serious gambling addiction. My partner was understanding and supportive to a point and to combat my addiction I no longer work or earn any money at all and have no access to any money. I look after my children full time and have done since late 2009. I'm not married and I am not on the tenancy agreement for our home bu
  16. Hello, I have a friend (female) who is in a bad relationship and wants very much to walk away from it. Unfortunately, as a single mother of 2 young children, she struggles financially. Last year when her car became to uneconomic to repair, her partner pursuaded her to take on a HPA for a new car. All the legal side of things are in her name, but he pays the monthly installaments. She feels like this HPA is a huge anchor keeping her in a relationships that she hates. She cannot afford the monthly payments on her own, and is desperate to find out if there is anything she can do. I kn
  17. Just when you thought things couldn't get any worse.... An investigation by BBC News has uncovered several of the benefits under consideration for change: Industrial Injuries Compensation Scheme - could be replaced by companies providing industrial injury insurance policy for employees. Any that did not would become members of a default national industrial injuries scheme, similar to the programme for asbestos sufferers. DWP predicted saving - £1bn Carer's Allowance - this could be restricted to those eligible for Universal Credit. Leaked documents suggest about 40% of claimants
  18. Cabot purchased an old (circa 2010) credit card debt/default from RBS. A few months ago, having sent all communications to an address I left over a year ago, they won a CCJ as I had no idea this was in progress. Court has now sent me the attachment of earnings form ( this was handed to my old neighbours who I've kept in contact with , by the occupiers of my old house (rented property) as they noticed 'it looked legal'. That's how it got to me. The "must return by date" was 17th March but due to sending to my old address I didn't actually get it till 19th March. I r
  19. I have a Debt collector chasing me for a debt that they bought off credit card supplier back in September2012 as soon as I got the DCA first letter I started the three letter process and a sent a fee schedule, since then and have sent them around 17 invoices. They then passed the debt to another debt collection company, so I started the three letter process and sent fee schedule and 1 invoice. All of a sudden I get a court papers from Northampton money claim on line with a solicitors firm on the paper work, claim for the original DCA who bought the debt. afte
  20. Has anyone experienced this company ? On the 26th April I applied for a loan on-line with a different company I then recieved an incredibly misleading text message with a link which gave me a page saying i had been accepted and saying about a fee od £67 payments would be about £10 a week which I believed was actually for a loan,when in reality all I got was a list of companies, once I realised this I sent them several e,mails via their contact section BEFORE they took the money from my card on the 6th May, On the site it says in order to cancell click on my account and then on cancel
  21. Hope this is in the right place Has anyone dealt with this company? A family friend signed up with Loan-Options.net recently and had £64.75 debited from his bank account. (£34.75 registration fee and £30 (£1 per day for 30 days) membership fees. They appear to offer access to payday loans and other services but deny they are Credit Brokers or intermediaries. Immediately this was discovered we emailed the company and cancelled the "membership" and asked for a refund. The company refused a full refund and only offered a refund of the 30 day membership fee. I phoned t
  22. Hi peeps, I put in writting a formal grievence to my employer and gave them 14 days to respond, (this is after they had 3 months to respond informally to a enquiry) and basically I keep getting told it's been shown to this person then that person but nobody has got back to me. I've been told a manager intends to arrange a meeting with me but they haven't as yet contacted me, 5 days after my deadline. Do these notifications of who it's been passed to count as a response? What are my options now please? Many Thanks
  23. Hi all, My boiler (Ideal H30 - 6 years old), has been ruled beyond economical repair. They tried to sell me a new install, cost = £2900. I have their formal quote in writing. They recommended a Wocester Bosch (model 30si) for this house in quote. After this - I did research. We infact, do qualify for a free boiler replacement. We meet all the conditions. Spoke to them - they confirmed, you are entitled to free boiler replacement. My question: For the free replacement, they want to use a different boiler than the one recommended in the quote. As my current
  24. Hello I resigned from my job last June as I uncovered alot of dodgy dealings that my Manager was doing. I had been singled out and had not been given voluntary redundancy when requested. I used the Companys Whistleblowing procedure to air my views and to expose what had been happening. The Manager has just been sacked and the investigation has just finished. Am I able to take my employer to Civil Court for compensation at all? I know im out of time for the employment tribunal route and wondered what my options were?
  25. Hi all, hoping someone can help with our current situation. My husband has recently been diagnosed with BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder), and has thankfully been put on the waiting list for a Psychologist. However, in the mean time a few things have cropped up that we could use some help with. Briefly, BPD is a disorder that causes overwhelming feelings of distress and anxiety, problems self-managing feelings without self-harm, problems with being impulsive. Firstly he's been let go from his work. He was working long term through an agency at a public recycling centre, and they
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