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  1. Has anyone experienced this company ? On the 26th April I applied for a loan on-line with a different company I then recieved an incredibly misleading text message with a link which gave me a page saying i had been accepted and saying about a fee od £67 payments would be about £10 a week which I believed was actually for a loan,when in reality all I got was a list of companies, once I realised this I sent them several e,mails via their contact section BEFORE they took the money from my card on the 6th May, On the site it says in order to cancell click on my account and then on cancel
  2. Where Do I now Stand With Getting Charges Back From Unpaid dd's Where does the ruling Leave me with getting Money back from unpaid dd's? I have looked at the ruling but it doesn't seem verry clear to me I noticed something in one report about those on a low income being more likeley to be the ones getting charges could this be another option to follow? :-|
  3. I got as far as sending the prilinmery letter to request charges back shoild i still send the letter before action ? or go streight ahead to the courts i also have a new £38 charge since my prilimerary letter what should i do about this?
  4. Hi what is now happening with the test cases and appeals etc. i sent my initial approac to Nat west and they wrote back to me reffering to a "test case" being heard what is the current situation regarding charges and refunds? and what should i do next?
  5. Hi I am going to try and take on Nat West to get My money back Where is The Best Place To start? Do i need to get a SAR or could i just get statements ? What adresses do i use? How complient are they to give back the money? anybody been sucessfull how long does it take on average and what stage did it get to before they gave in? any help would be apreciated cheers8)
  6. Hi, I am going to try and take on Nat West to Reclaim my charges, Where do I start ow do i get the info? Is it best to get a SAR or just get statements do they charge for the SAR? What is the address? anyone been sucessfull, how long did it take and how complient were they to give the money back? any informnation would be great! If its any use my account is held at South Shields branch would i need to order statements from there or just go into the nearest one:? :-? :-?
  7. Hi i have just joined this site i want to claim back bank charges from Nat west. Where do I start? anyone here been sucessfull against them? did they close account? any help tips advice apreciated
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