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Found 10 results

  1. Hold my hands up I parked in a permit area after getting lost in Doncaster after sat nav problems and late for a course....long story. Just received a PCN for £100 reduced to £60 if paid within 14 days from a company called Debt Recovery Plus trading as Parking Collection Services Ltd on behalf of their client "creditor" JD Parking Consultants Limited who manage the land. The letter states that the parking charge was issued following the use of warden operated camera system. I presume the stated system is therefore operated by JD Parking Consultants Limited? As I understand, a company is required to register with the ICO if it intends to process personal data and failure to do so pursuant section 17(1) of the Data Protection Act 1998 is a strict liability criminal offence. If the matter was to proceed to court, the photographic evidence, i presume, would be inadmissible.?? Not sure of any other way to challenge this. Any Thoughts? dont they need to register with the ICO for a camera system as long as it doesn't take photos of any individuals. However, JD Parking must be included on the ICO register to process personal data.
  2. I've been asked by a neighbour to see if I can find any contact details for a mortgate broker called Key Consultants, who I'm told provided advice and / or an intruduction prior to her obtaining a secured loan and PPI from a company called National Home Loans. She's been advised she may be able to claim PPI compensation, however the mortgage company has rejected her initial approach and stated that a 3rd party provided advice upon which her application was based. I've serched for 'Key Consultants' online and on the companies house website, and come up with a large number of possibles, but nothing conclusive. Can anyone point me in the right direction ? Many thanks in advance.
  3. Hello, New member, first post. Have any other businesses users used a Utility Broker/consultant before and found things to be not quite as honest as they should have been? In particular, has anybody found that they claim a secret commission that affects your unit price, and feel they mis-sold a long term contract on way higher rates than they expected to pay? I am, speaking to a law firm about this as we speak, and it would be beneficial if I could pass on a few details of some other people from businesses that they could take a testimony from which they say would help them to claim all commisions back and release me from my contract, let me know. Thanks
  4. Hello, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this but I wanted a little help about this apparent debt I have from a company called JUICE PLUS who have passed on the debt to OCC(Options Credit Consultants). The back story: A friend was selling JUICE PLUS weight loss packs and I thought I'd try one out, the deal was £20 for a month of supplies which are given all in one go. And it was a locked in 3 month contract. However I never used the stuff, my friend had been fired for a ridiculous reason, I pursued Juice Plus asking them to cancel the contract and never ever received a reply. I received one letter for them stating I owe them £60 (Even though I paid £20 upfront). I replied to them via email saying that unless I receive a breakdown of the cost of it in writing and why they never replied to my first enquiry then I will not be paying and I'm happy to return the goods unopened. They never replied. ..two weeks later I received a letter from OCC, who said I had now owed £65. I replied via email, stating that JUICE PLUS had never proven I'd taken out a contract (Which I had asked them in the email I sent) nor have they sent me a breakdown or even tried to resolve the issue with myself. They never replied.... I now receive this letter (I've written it below the bottom post as I cannot post links to photos for some reason) Now I've NEVER received a letter in my life stating immediate court action, and I have a general understanding that most of the time this would be a scare tactic to make you pay. I've only ever received letters asking to pay now or etc etc but never a letter like this. But what worries me is the statutory interest at 8% a day which has no end date would leave myself in a hell of a debt. Also noting they also saying I will be responsible for the court fees and also that they will get a levy execution on my property, which for me is great because I don't own anything and I've always had my parents keep receipts of everything in the house so it's their property not mine. Just wanted some advice on what to do next, I have a short temper and was literally going to call them and give them a mouth full but, I was hoping for some advice, as that is probably the smartest thing to do. Thanks
  5. Has anyone had any dealings with these? in August I closed a bank account and forgot to pay the final month on this. Left a £30 amount owing, I thought no problem i'll pay it. Forgot all about it and canceled the insurance before the renewal date for which I have confirmation. Forgot all about it . Today I've had a letter from Regal asking for £52. This is more than £30 and the extra charge must of come from somewhere. Now we know you never ring debt collectors but its a small amount and I had some anger to vent. Firstly he told me it was because I cancelled after the renewal date (which is rubbish as I've got an email confirmation) and it was in the contract so I asked him how can a contract be in force after the end date?, surely a contract ends the last day unless you renew it which I didn't. Then he started on about some revolving charge relating to credit interest charged because I broke the agreement and the creditor being allowed to charge a fee. What an absolute load of rubbish. I told him I won't be paying a penny till I've got a full written statement detailing all payments and a detailed breakdown of where they came to the figure. To which he replied "we are just collectors that get given a figure to collect". I asked him how they can go around writing to people asking for money without knowing what they are demanding money for and also asked how he knew that I had not renewed when he didn't know what he was collecting?. Gave him a telling off for the way another unrelated company spoke to my mum over a phone bill which was paid and he put me on to his manager, sounded like he was going to cry. Manager told me they will hold the file till they can get they can get the info from the client. Im not a nasty person or anything but this was sort of my experiment knowing that its a very small amount that I'm not disputing that I owe the amount and will pay it as soon as they come back with a correct figure but the lie spouting just shocked me and the fact he admitted he didn't actually know anything about what he was collecting is baffling The idea that in the UK in 2015 a company can sit with a list of addresses and phone numbers + a figure then harass them into handing over money is outragious. I can easily see how they intimidate people into paying what they can't afford or more than they owe, his tone was condescending and a bit agressive + he would not take anything I said as truth.
  6. July 2007 Myself and my partner joined Kleenze, coming up o around june 2008 we packed it in as we were making no money. Now we tried to send goods back to them that was ordered but I think we were just outside the returns peroid, after charges were added the total debt grew to £208.81 This debt was passed to the Debt Collection Agencys, now I know this has went on for a but and it's my own fault but now it seems to have gotten out of hand because I have no idea who owns this debt, let me explain. Now i think I've kept all letters from this year. 24/03/2009 - recieved a letter from Gothia informing me ignoring them is not in my best itnerest yet I spoke with them on the phone on many occasions. 06/03/2009 - I recieve a letter from Regal Credit Consultants LTD informing me that they have been instructed by theor client to demand the immediate settlement of the debt. 08/04/2009 - Recieved a letter from Gothia With a big bold bit saying "NOTICE OF INTENDED COURT ACTION" yet letter only says that if the account isn't settled by 5:00pm on 18/04/09 the following action may be taken: BANKRUPTCY PROCEEDINGS. COUNTY COURT JUDGEMENT. ATTACHMENT OF EARNINGS DOORSTEP RECOVERIES. 23/04/09 - Recieved a letter from Resolution Legal Servies telling me that I have not resolved this matter and the sum of £208.81 is long over due". 29/04/09 - Recieved a letter from Regal Credit Consultants LTD saying "Final notice, account must be settled immediately". 04/06/09 - Recieved a letter from Regal Credit Consultants LTD saying "Legal Notice, your account has been passed to us in view of the above amount remains overdue" and goes on about what leagal thing they can do. 06/06/09 - Recieve a letter from Corporate Financial Services LTD saying "We would like to inform you that wehave been appointed as an authorised collection agent for Gothia LTD and we have been instructed to recover the outstanding monies due to our client." Now you can see why I'm confused! I recieved a communication from Kleeneze telling me it was getting passed on to the DCA, I have recieved nothing from any of the agencys telling me it's been passed on to any other companys. I called Regal Consultant and they say the debt has been passed to them, I called Corporate Financial ansd they say that Gothia passed it on to them. I have also contacted Kleeneze and they said it was out of their hands. Now I've asked Regal Credit for this in writing and they keep telling me to call Kleeneze and Gothia. I'm at a loss as to what to do next, Regal Credit called today (15 June) and I told them that untill I recieve some form of communication in writing from Gothia I wont be dealing with them, I was told that they had contacted Gothia on the 03/06/2009 and confirmed that the account was passed on, yet I called them on the 6th and was told different. At the end of the call the guy I was talking to them told me that he will just get a Door-to-door collector to pay me a visit and hung up. I'd like some advice as to what I can do about this as it's clear Regal Credit dont seem to care that there are other DCA's trying to get this money of me as well as them. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi All, I'm not sure if this is in the right section Anyway some time ago my wife was working a large company (cannot name them). After been relocated to an office in Leeds they then decided that after a year or so they needed her back in Bradford as they suggested there was no longer a position required in Leeds as they were managing from a central hub. When my wife moved to Leeds they also served notice on her company car so she would have to get public transport. At the time my wife saw this move to Leeds as a good career opportunity and we have a direct bus route at the end of our road although not ideal as we were back to one car. So after a year or so the company said they wanted her to move back to Bradford doing a role she did when she first started at the company some years ago. Her argument against taking the role was that it was a step back in career from what she was doing in her current role. Also due to the location of the office she would have to get three busses or pay for a car to get to work. With this in mind we would actually be financially worse off as we would need to buy and run another car however the company were not willing to offer any financial incentive to assist the change. Anyway my wife had no option to go off sick as by working the role was informally accepting it. After a lot of discussions between the parties a negotiation was underway for a settlement offer. During this time my wife approached a recruitment consultants to try and ascertain whether her skills would be required in the current market or whether she is likely to be unemployed for sometime. Obviously from our position this was important information with which to base the settlement offer on. Anyway after a visit to one recruitment company they made an error by sending my wife's CV to her current employer who she was negotiating the settlement with. Her current employers view was that although off on sick she was actively seeking work which was not the case. In this instance they drastically reduced the settlement offer by approx 25% suggesting she was fit for work etc. So my question is do we have any come back on the recruitment company for sending her CV to her current employer? Can we put a small claim in to recover the 25%?
  8. Hi guys, Need help on this scary letter i've had from regal. I've wanted to cancel my car insurance over the phone but they wanted in writing so i've argued over they can start insurance over the internet or phone so why cant they cancel it same way? in the end ive sent a letter with my canceling request and put a date on the letter of the day i've phoned them first time. Unfortunately they didnt accepted it and passed £107 debt to this nasty regal consultants which they think they've got Country Court Judgment against me and if i dont pay by 7 day they will send bailifs and all tha. Sounds too quick and bulls.t to be honest So do you guys think i should pay it or just defend my case? Thanks in advance
  9. Hi, Sharing my experience of PH Travel Consultants who also have a golfing arm of their travel business. Unfortunately PH owes us £6,000 from a holiday that didn't materialise due to Barwell's collapse. Not his fault obviously, however he failed to communicate this to us in the first place, provide us with any tickets(even long after Barwell's collapse he hadn't even informed us just kept promising tickets that day, the following day, each day we spoke to him...) Even up until the day before we were due to fly he kept saying he was 'working on it'. We lost our money and had to book a whole new holiday. We are now trying very hard to communicate with PH who either refuses to answer the phone, does not reply to emails, has never called back when promised and only occasionally sends a text. We are being fobbed off with excuses left right and centre, were told 2 weeks ago that the money was due to be in his account that week but nothing since then. We are now in the process of taking legal action over this and PH's stance - after sending 3 emails asking for an update and a final one stating my intentions on I finally had a response telling me that he would get his solicitor to have me for slander! Fortunately I have evidence of all factual information I've passed on about this company (and it would be libel!!) Would hate anyone else to go through this or be in the same situation so please proceed with caution!!!
  10. Hello and apologies if I'm posting to the wrong section. For the past 4 months, I have been providing consulting services to two individuals wishing to set up an investment managerment company. There is no company as yet, but it has been in the process of being set up for several months (hence I am consulting for the individuals). Here's the problem: I have not been paid despite constant reminders. Every time I ask (by email or verbally), I have been given assurances that 'the money is coming'. I have no written contract detailing terms of consultancy but I have verbal (with witnesses), email and text messages that I believe offer ample proof of consultancy. I have also attended several meeting with them or on behalf of the individuals. I have now issued an invoice (for the 4 months of consultancy) to the two individuals (one of whom lives in Italy). However, I don't believe they will pay. What should be my next step? Do I need to issue a Statutory Letter of Demand (SLD) now or do I need to wait until a reasonable amount of time has passed (from the date that I issued the invoice) before I can send the letter? Is there anything else I should do? One final thing: I have issued an invoice to cover up to the end of June - obviously the month of June is not yet in arrears given that we are only half way through it. But the other three months (March-May) are. Does that make a difference as to when I can issue the SLD? Any help would be hugely appreciated. Thank you
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