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  1. Hi all, quickish one hopefully, Friend quit a job last year and has just heard that her boss had been dipping his hand in multiple places shall we say (he's sacked). One of the ways was telling the employees there weren't enough hours available to him to staff the shop properly (and pocketing the "extra" hours himself without doing the hours). This had staff volunteering to come in to cover as needed due to literally stuff not being done. I know my friend used to go in on their day off to cover so people could take their 20mins break etc, they'd come in to stock check and date check. It's past the 3 month deadline for employment tribunal but I'd love to tell them there's a way for them to get some justice now the company has realised whats going on and the staff have realised they've been stiffed by that boss.
  2. From what I remember from working in car insurance from almost 10 years ago, this wouldn't be allowed by most (all?) insurers. The reason being it can be used for fraud purposes. A person has multiple policies for the same vehicle, has an accident, and then claims on all of the policies for one piece of damage, getting 2 payments meant to cover one piece of damage. Like everyone else, I'd talk with Motability and see if there is a work around you can do with them. Maybe there's a process you can 'top up' the standard insurance they use.
  3. I've called in sick at 10:30 this morning to work for a shift starting at 2. Had a reply about an hour ago (that I've only just seen) saying they've got cover for the first 2 hours of my 9 hour shift. They've got no one to do it, and I'm just to tell the other person what to do with regards to work, but I'll still be expected to work with the customers. What do I do?? When I drove home last night from the shift I also tried to call out for I was not 100% safe on the roads, and had 2 bad moments. And I wasn't as bad yesterday as I feel today. I just... there's so few of us at the moment that are trained. More and more pressure is falling on a select few, while others seem to get away with all sorts. The rota is always a mess, if you've got a spare hour you're expected to be on call and available to go in at a moments notice for when other people are sick... but only for a select few.
  4. Luckily all our income goes into a separate account already, the Nationwide was our dedicated bill account. Prior to this there were no penalty charges, except the odd one or two from years ago when the account was our only account. However because of this I think they've charged me for 2. Now one e-mail from a woman had said any charges would be refunded as I've been in contact. I've yet to get the current man I'm speaking to to comment on them but I have bluntly bought them up in the latest email to them so here's hoping I get a straight answer back. As to telling them about my husbands health in what way could I see a tangible benefit? At the moment I am writing letters in my husbands name (with his full permission, he would rather I sort this out for us), and with how easily 'confused' these people seem to get I dont know if I want to muddy the water with them getting confused as to who they can/are talking to.
  5. Hey there, the I&E was fairly in-depth and yes had everything like TV Licence etc listed. I'll shoot off an email to them outlining CLEARLY that their suggestion would leave me around £20 short each month. They don't seem to read everything I say at once, which ends up with me repeating myself a few times.
  6. Hey again, just wondering if anyone can help me with wording an email back to Nationwide regarding this. I've sent them an Income and Expenditure statement stating that my income is £300 after all our outgoings except debt payments. I f we take the Debt payments into account it leaves us with 31.50 'spare' each month (actually less as I've miscalculated something but we can work around it in the short-term). I've offered them £25 but they're asking for £50. I could just bluntly say to them that their calculations are likely to leave us in problems but does anyone have a suggestion on how to get them to take notice? I seem to repeat myself alot with these people.
  7. Even if the reason behind the disciplinary would not be a factor in the new job? Such as going from a Driving job to a desk job, so the new job would not involve anything similar to the situation going on at Company B? I can't actually say what he's being taken to disciplinary for specifically because they've not told him (except in vaguest terms) but they have cancelled the hearing twice now with rather short notice.
  8. Hey all, my Brother-in-Law went to an interview today with Company A. He is currently suspended pending a Disciplinary at Company B (over an accident in the workplace that severely injured my Father-in-Law). At the interview the manager conducting it said they would not be able to offer him the job because they know that he's under investigation at Company B, and went on to say he knew of it because he knows someone that works at Company B. Is he allowed to do this??
  9. Bah, looks like the T&C says Any overdraft that we give you can be immediately reduced or withdrawn by us and all overdrafts are repayable on demand. We will aim to give you not less than 14 days’ notice before reducing or withdrawing your overdraft or demanding repayment. The person I'm emailing regarding this does not seem to be on the ball. She forgot to attach an income and expenditure form, and seems to be under the impression that having the 250 come out of my account was fine by me and that the reducing overdraft was to reduce it even further afterwards. Not what I said. So, questions going forwards. I will be happy to enter into an arrangement with them, do I HAVE to fill out the Income and Expenditures form with them? Or can I say that I am able to repay X amount a month? I entered into discussions with them by writing (email) before the deadline, and the person I'm speaking to has read into the situation incorrectly, thus now placing me into a bad position finance wise (they've taken away what overdraft there was still available, meaning if anything tries to come out of the account its gonna royally muck everything up), will they have to re-evaluate whats gone on already and make things fair (ie give me a chance to arrange the reducing repayment)? I'm asking them to return the limit to £1000 until an arrangement is in place, am I able to do so and should they be taking note of it? There probably is more I should ask or say but it's 4am, I should sleep.
  10. Hello again, sorry I've not been responding, I havent been getting alerts to new posts it seems. I'm also in talks with them trying to get them to agree to a reducing overdraft arrangement, I'll post more tomorrow but for now I'm going to try and find where in their T&C that 21 days bit is. Is it working days? Even if its 3 weeks from writing the letter the deadline should make it Wednesday and they've adjusted the OD 2 days early on Monday. I'm sure I'll be back here soon
  11. Hello everyone hoping to get some more wonderful help from someone that can help My husband has received a letter from nationwide today saying they want to reduce our agreed overdraft limit on the 7th of November. We do not have the fund available to us to do this and if they do it we will have to leave the overdraft at what it is now and will start to (I assume) incur fines, which will quickly spiral out of control as there is little chance we'll get it to what they want any time soon. I would, if the situation was better, ask family for their help in the matter, but we already owe several hundred to my parents and we are already living mostly rent free with his parents (who are also having money problems, so much so they could really do with us giving them more). Can anyone advise me on what my options might be? My husband also has a mental health illness that things like this certainly don't help (under treatment) so what can I send to them so they speak to me only and not involve or worry him? Many thanks to all and I'll try and answer any questions I can
  12. Did he receive any training for working on this new machine? When the new machine was installed they were instructed on its normal use. They were never shown what to do in the event of a jam. Was a risk assessment carried out for that job? Unknown, how would we find out? Did they report it to RIDDOR (he must have been off over 7 days because of the accident): It has been reported to HSE, if this is the same thing. I called HSE not long after posting and they said they were aware of the incident and if he wanted he could put in a request under the Freedom of information act to receive what they have so far. They said that some cases take years. I said we hadn't heard from them at all and, while I didn't get a direct reply, she seemed like this was normal. Maybe slightly evasive but maybe because I wasn't a person involved...? ...did he tamper/remove/alter any safety devices, ignore normal or written safety procedures to do what caused the accident? No to the safety device question, there is a hatch in the side of the machine that they can open to try and shift things along when there's a jam, but no actual safety device he would have to circumvent. He dealt with the jam exactly the same way he or any colleague would normally deal with it. There was a pole used that had been used for this same purpose for over 6 years. A pocket tape recorder may be handy so things can accurately be written up afterwards. If they record it do they have to state they are recording it? If the worry now is that they're trying to get away with it then I wouldn't put it past them to say something 'off the record' and then deny it ever happening :-\
  13. He feels like he's got no blame in this anyway so no fear on that He's laying the blame entirely on the company and the situations they got put in. In his words 'This would never have happened with the old machine'. (Old machine was replaced with this model within the last couple of years).
  14. Hey all, hoping I can get some more experienced views on some things. My Father in Law was involved in a very serious accident at work a few months ago. He survived, although he may not recover full use of an arm or leg (he was at risk of loosing them). He was dragged into a machine and crushed while trying to clear a jam. He's now received a letter from his work saying that their internal investigation has concluded and that he will be invited to a Disciplinary Hearing (date to be arranged). Government Health and Safety officials were there on the day, however he hasn't heard anything from them since. Is this normal? He was called by another member of staff on his day off and went in to help as this person was working alone and he knew how dangerous a jam like this could be (and indeed was). He was stood on a tiny platform with no guard rail and had to put his head and shoulders in the machine to poke at the jam until it came loose. While doing so the pole he was using was grabbed by the machine and he was dragged into it, then being crushed by the rubbish that was previously jammed. He's very angry that he's now got this hearing as he feels they're to blame for poorly designed equipment and unsafe practices (one person on their own). They have put a stop to the machine ever being worked alone since this happened. I'm trying to let him know that the hearing will just be a meeting to establish what, if any, responsibility lies with him (and the other worker). What are the likely outcomes though? Should the work be waiting until H&S have even spoken to him?
  15. Yeah I thought I'd follow it up as I've been back on this site recently, and it was playing on my mind tonight.
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