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Found 21 results

  1. Hi We have just moved to a rented property (2 months now) and the landlady wants to evict us. She has said that we have deceived her to get into the property, we are in the property illegally as we have not signed her inventory dated 2012, now she is saying that the tenancy agreement was only proposed and now she is saying we have trashed the property and her representative will inspect it and if we do not co-operate they have keys and will enter anyway. Also she said it was our responsibility to register our own deposit. She will not accept phone calls and her let
  2. Hi All, My landlady told us in Feb that she was selling our house. We moved out in April when a suitable property came up, but had to pay double rent and council tax on the two properties until the end of June when my tenancy ended I did however manage to get a one month discount on the old property as I wasn't living there. Now that the landlady is renovating the house to sell, she too has applied for the council tax discount (as she's not living there) and has been declined as there needs to be a period of 6 weeks of someone living there since that last claim before she's e
  3. Hi All, Please bear with me. I was made redundant over a year ago, and as a single Mum, I've just started my own business, but am still relying heavily on benefits while I find my feet - financially. Our landlady's told us she's selling the house in June and as we've been here for 5 years and are so happy and settled, I'd love to somehow be able to buy it. The house is expected to go on the market for 220K. My mum recently sold her house and has a 30K deposit she can give us and I'm now considering the following options: 1. My ex, who earns a good wage (100K) can 'Buy to
  4. After checking out of a property about 9 months ago (after a 2 year and 5 month tenancy) we received a letter of claim from the landlady. We negotiated through the Agents and came to an amount which we both agree to be a fair deduction from the deposit. (Although we believe we were very generous). The Landlady refused any offer and said that she want to take this to court, and after 9 months send her letter of demand. She refused any input from a mediator like the TDS and did not even received our responses to the agent about a number of the issues on the list of claims. Therefore h
  5. Hi, A very good friend of mine is to help me out by renting a room from me and living with me to help with the garden, house etc. He also cooks meals etc due to my disability. My health is much improved, I still have to be careful to avoid a relapse. He is in full time work and I do not claim benefits. However occasionally he does get a small top up of UC when his wages are very low. Therefore I think I may need a formal template since he has just left his bedsit?? I do not know.
  6. Our Landlady has constantly dropped hints that this 3 bedroom house should be for a family not a couple so my Mrs and I are looking for somewhere else (daughter left home). Talking to Landlady yesterday she said she'd give us back the deposit 10 days after we leave. She's a tight bitch so I don't trust her. 1. Is that even legal? 2. Whose to say she wont just walk around the house making up stories to diddle us out of our deposit money?
  7. Hi I really need your help I have a £500 deposit and the landlady had said I have left the mattress in a disgusting condition which I have not it was not in the best of shape when I moved in...I have disputed it with her and she has said she will leave £200 in my account from the £500 deposit...the mattress was thin and rubbish and not even a memory foam which I have seen from £169 from top shops....Just get most of my money back I offered to get her a mattress....what are my rights/what can I do.... Thanks
  8. Hi there, My partner and I moved into a privately rented flat 2 months ago. We really get on with our landlady and are good tenants. The property is always spotless, bills are always paid on time and we really do look after our home. When we moved, we were asked by the letting agent if we had a pet. (At the time) the answer was a no. They confirmed that their 'standard' clause was 'no pets', however there is a clause that states we could have a pet with the landlord's written consent (and this can be broken at any time). I called the letting agent as my partner and I have dec
  9. Hi i wonder if anyone can give me info on my problem. Me and my friend was renting a flat and gave 1 months notice to leaving. this flat was recently purchased by the landlady in question. Now we were renting this flat through a company called PMC which went bust and passed our flat to McAfee just before our ex landlady purchased the flat. Now at the time of the flat being moved from PMC to McAfee and the buying of the flat by our ex landlady no one inquired about the deposit. i.e when our ex landlady bought the flat she never bothered (even thought she was warned by McAfee) getting the deposi
  10. Tenancy deposit not refunded i need a bit of help for my nephew please. He, his wife and 5 children rented a house and paid £3,000.00 deposit and an advance in rent of £6,000.00. They applied for housing benefit but could not get the landladys address as she claimed she was on witness protection, so while they were waiting for the housing benefit to be sorted, they got into arrears. Then H.B. lapsed, and they had to start a new claim. Eventually, the council gave them the address of the landlord....... Due to the arrears the landlady gave them an eviction n
  11. Hello everybody! I'm here today because my landlady informed me that she wouldn't give me any of my deposit back although I don't feel like she is in her right to do so. Therefore, I would be very greateful to have your advice concerning that issue. General informations (not sure what will be useful sorry...): - I rented a room (with furniture) in her flat, we were the only two people leaving in it. - We didn't use an agency or anything, I found the add for the rent online and dealt exclusively with her. - I stayed there from the 6th of November 2013 until the 6th of June
  12. This is complicated so I will try and make it as simple as possible. My landlady is holding my deposit and every time I answer her questions she changes the reason for withholding it. Firstly I have had confirmation from all 3 schemes that she did not protect my deposit. And my issue may come down to this in the end but I need some advice as I am taking her to small claims court and don't want any surprises once there. She gave me 2 months notice but after 1 week was pressuring me for a date as she wanted to move back into the property. I found somewhere quickly and moved out af
  13. Hi, Now I and my friend are in trouble. Please help or give us advise. We signed a lodger agreement for a fixed term tenancy (14weeks) for a fully furnished room (all bills included) with 500GBP deposit, all paid before moving in. Unfortunately, we and LL agreed to end our agreement and let her chose the right time for us to move out. We stated in our email notice that we understand that she needs time to find new lodgers. She proposed us to leave 4 weeks later after we gave her an email notice. She gave us the rest of our 5 weeks rent that we already paid (1250 GBP) when we m
  14. Hi guys, I'll just give a quick overview of my situation. I live on my own with my dog and cat in a park home. It is in a cul-de-sac with two other park homes - one houses my landlady and the other houses my landlady's son, the property I am renting used to be occupied by my landlady's mother. I have been here, under an AST, for 18months. I'm 28, with no children, and am disabled. My friend (we'll call her Jane) had a short term relationship with my landlady's son (we'll call him Dave) which ended badly when my friend discovered just how much of an a***hole he really is. Dave
  15. Hello I was wondering if anyone could help please. My Brother in law has been renting a flat in London and has been paying his rent regularly to his landlady. However today Bailiffs came to his premises saying that he is to be evicted on Friday due to non payment. It turns out that the Lady in question has done a runner with my brother in law's rent and deposit and has fled to Jamaica. So now my brother in law is broke and is going to be homeless. We were just wondering what he could do to be able to one find somewhere to live quick and somewhere to put his things as he has no money now to r
  16. Hello, This is my first posting on this site. My Landlady and I are not on the best of terms. She was given the house by her mother, my first landlady on the basis that I can continue to live here with the rent based on what Housing Benefit would pay (despite which she has in the past tried to increase it by 150%). She is not happy with me living here (despite making nearly 100% profit) and would prefer if I moved out- which I can't afford to do and do not wish to. She keeps bringing people with her for her Property Inspection who have no legitimate business being here- I find their
  17. Hello, We are currently living in HELL. Since we moved in a very ( too expensive!!) one bedroom flat, the landlady started to be obsessed by us. She started to complain constantly about everything and always via email. Then we couldn't sleep because of the noise pollution coming form the ceilings. They are not soundproofed and we ca hear every single annoying noise coming from above. Our guests couldn't believe it. It's really annoying, it's like a bunch of elephants are walking above our heads! As soon as we complain via email and calling her, she accused us of harassing h
  18. Hi guys. I put out a message yesterday outlining a part of our predicament with ex flatmates, but thought I'd just tell you the entire issue. It concerns, essentially, getting our deposit back. Below is a little description of our situation. I have been in touch with our landlady for about five weeks about getting our deposit back. Until a few days ago, she had promised to send it over to our new address, after ignoring my emails for about three weeks. However, she didn't put it in writing, she told me by the phone. I then rang her the other day (she carried on igno
  19. hi im hoping someone can help , my landlady has done so many things Because the person i rent with is friends with this woman she is taking (i feel) advantage of the fact , we wanted a property which was cheaper for us so she said she had another one and we said great and are due to move in tomorrow but she wants to : Come into the house we are at now today to rip up carpets because the new tenants want to lay new carpets down The house we are due to move into tomorrow is filthy she said she didnt have time to clean it so said we have to ! there is drawings all ov
  20. Hello everyone! I had a problem with my landlady two days ago. I left my flat on 11 of this month because she has afraid about some problems. i changed my stuff to other room and i left the place. She promised me gave me back half deposit (225 Pounds) and she told me that i can keep my stuff there till the end of the month. She changed her mind and also the lock so my stuff was inside the house and i couldn't take it. finally i spoke with her and she let me take all my stuff but she never gave me back the money. she was waiting with some people at the house trying to intimidate me. she was la
  21. Hello everybody, Basically when I moved into my flat with my fiancee, we had an independent inventory done, where they documented the state of the flat in photos as well as writing. I have a copy of this inventory, which verifies that the place wasn't in a very good state when we moved in (it basically hadn't been cleaned). Our tenancy contract basically said that we needed to leave the flat as we found it. Instead, we left it in better condition (not spotless, but clean at least). When we moved out, we couldn't find a time to meet with the landlady, so we just left the keys in
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