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Found 22 results

  1. I have a Vanquis account back from 2014..dont use it much,but made a purchase and wanted to clarify the balance as intend to pay in full and close the account as have other better high street cards. Went through security as normal over the phone,lady told me all what i asked and was just about to end the call when she said "Oh we need to speak to you regards your second account"...well i dont have a second account and you must be mistaken. I allowed her to transfer me to the "other department" and once id gone through name/address/D.O.B/phone number ect ect the chap said "You've been
  2. stayed in a decent 4 star hotel with my wife. I woke up to find my leg covered in bed bug bites.They definitely weren't there before! My wife was not bitten I complained to the hotel, who say they got a company in to check for bugs.They've come back to me and said the company found nothing. I don't accept this at all. I think they're denying it as they know if they admit it it would look very bad. I want a full refund on the room cost.Are there any other amounts I can claim? As they won't voluntarily refund, is it worth suing them? I'm familiar with county court proceedings
  3. I ordered a wooden bed frame and was promised it would be delivered today so got my old one taken away before this one was due to arrive. Only two of the 3 boxes arrived with the courier and there is therefore no way to build the bed until the last part gets here. I live in a bungalow and have osteoarthritis so am not able to sleep on a mattress only, nor is my sofa a suitable alternative. I am therefore having to stay in a budget hotel for the weekend as I have no friends or family in the area. The couriers say they have never had the item and the company (Getlaidbeds) say
  4. Hello there, New user to the forum but hoping i can get some help. I bought a dreams Barcelona TV Bed 2 years ago. Bed was fine and working until approximately 3 months ago when the TV raising mechanism stopped working. Upon calling Dreams CS they instructed me to get in touch with Homeserve Furniture Repairs and have them come and assess the issue. Last week i had the technician come to my house and assess that the motor which raises the TV is no longer working and that they would send me a quote for the part and installation within the next few days. Today, i receive a let
  5. We brought a bed from a argos just over a year ago (was around £200 reduced) the warranty has ran out by less than one month, the metal frame of the bed that holds the mattress has snapped (well its like the welding has failed) and a bracket fell off on the other side at the opposite end Made a phone call was told we would be passed onto some else and they would be able to place or repair it we was then told its over a year so it won't be replaced or repaired (by the person we was passed onto), but if we get a independent review of it like you would a washer or freezer they might repair o
  6. Hi, I am new user, I need some help with dreams who are refusing to repair my bed. I purchased a Titanium tv bed from dreams i have complain to the shop that the mattress doesn't fitted the bed and my pillows keep falling down the back of the bed i was told this so i can change the bedding. However, last month the slats broken at the end of the bed and side rail broken contacted dreams they sent out an independent assessor who couldn't even lift the mattress up off the bed my husband had to help him took a couple of pictures and send a l
  7. Hello All, I wonder if you can help. I bought a bed from Dreams 2 years ago. It's an ottoman style bed and the pistons have failed twice in the past. The second time they failed Dreams sent an independent assessor to see if the bed was faulty and he told me the mattress I had been sold was too heavy for the pistons and that's why they kept failing. He said that as I had been sent the regular pistons by Dreams for him to fit he would fit them that day but that if they failed again to ask for the heavy duty pistons which would be better and last. The pistons failed again last mon
  8. We bought a 135cm Mattress Alexandria Ortho from Bensons for Beds last year online and received the bed on 25th of September. We pay £449.99 and the invoice number is ******. after a month both my wife and myself start having back pain. My wife was even worse as her neck was very stiff every morning. I have contacted Beds for Bensons customer service in January this year. I made a complain. I was told that someone will contact me after taking my details. Nothing happened. I made a second call and this time I was asked to email photos of the mattre
  9. hi, any advice on clarifying a small matter would be helpful. we bought a bed for our son from an online store. the bed was hardly used as was in spare room just before the one year warranty it broke. they sent him a part to fix it but it broke again, same fault as before . he got in touch with the retailer and after some back and fourth they have said not their problem and have given us the manufacturers details. are they right or should the retailer sort this out as we believe the bed is not fit for purpose any advice would be appreciated.
  10. Morning all, looking for some advice before I email M and S. I bought a bed 2 years ago £350 and last night the support that runs through the centre of the bed has detached itself at the bottom of the bed. Where do I stand? I paid with m and s credit card Thank you
  11. Hi all, I'll try and keep it brief and stick to the facts. Ordered a bed online via a company based in England, bed arrived, but was damaged and missing a bunch of parts I informed them of the damage and asked to return the bed, they offered to replace the missing and damaged parts, but I asked for a refund instead. They agreed, somewhat reluctantly and this is where I need advice, they told me to package up the bed and send it back myself. I Sent it back via Parcel2go (TNT express delivery), costing me around £37, they weren't in to sign for it, so the item was taken b
  12. Finally managed to save some money towards a bed, after sleeping in the same bed/mattress for the past 13 years. Went to Bensons For Beds and seen a bed I liked 8 days ago. It was actually the 2nd cheapest in the shop but still cost £400 for a double bed. I am a rather big guy so I do need a double size (in all honesty, I didn't realize how much beds were nowadays) The woman asked me how much I wanted to pay today (at the time) and I just shrugged my shoulders and said "£100?" She ok and took the £100 from me. She told me that, my bed will be delivered after 12 days and that I mus
  13. I recently purchased a bed and (under bed) drawers for £599 plus £20 delivery as a package from 'rustic roots furniture' It arrived (a few weeks late) and to our disappointment the general workmanship was far below our expectations, and with numerous faults. * Panels not finishing flush, particularity bad and noticeable on the foot board. * Very rough finish to all surfaces. Some panels of noticeably low quality wood. * Drawers panels are split where handles attached. * Inadequate/under sized metal brackets included. * Requires a lot more assembly than anticipated, its left t
  14. Hi I really need your help I have a £500 deposit and the landlady had said I have left the mattress in a disgusting condition which I have not it was not in the best of shape when I moved in...I have disputed it with her and she has said she will leave £200 in my account from the £500 deposit...the mattress was thin and rubbish and not even a memory foam which I have seen from £169 from top shops....Just get most of my money back I offered to get her a mattress....what are my rights/what can I do.... Thanks
  15. More than 90 stores to close – but 171 shops and 1,675 jobs are being saved in pre-pack administration by owners of rival ScS Dreams, Britain's biggest beds retailer, has collapsed into administration with the loss of 400 jobs.More than 90 of its stores will be closed, but the remaining 171 shops, and 1,675 jobs, are being saved due to a £35m pre-pack administration with the owners of the rival bed and sofa company, ScS. The collapse of Dreams brings the total number of job losses in the retail sector to about 6,000 since the start of the year at failed firms including HMV, Jessops, Repub
  16. Someone i am helping has had a problem with a double divan purchased from paul simon. One side the base has caved in. Paul simon have been aware of this since september time and as of yet nothing has materialised despite them being told the replacement will be there by the end of november. We are now nearly at the end of december and nothing. what does he do ?
  17. Does anyone have an opinion on this "Bed in a Shed" scheme backed by Brighton Council? Apparently they gave the goahead for shipping containers to be used to house the homeless and dispossessed. All they need then is the barbed wire and the watchtowers and there you have it, concentration camps. Seems that in some places landlords are erecting sheds on any spare land they have and charging from £300 to £500 per month to house people. Cameron is presently over in India inviting all and sundry to move to England. He's obviously trying his best to change England so they'll fee
  18. I bought a Sleep to Live Mattress 3 years back. Initially it was ok but then it started to sag in the middle while sleeping. We wake up every morning with a backache! The bed cost us £1100 after a £300 discount. We complained to Bensons and they sent across a person to have a look. He measured the sag using a piece of thread and two small weights and stated that the bed sags only 6% and upto 25% is allowed for a bed of this age! I called up customer services at Bensons and clarified this and they reiterated the same!!! Besides this, the person used his hands to push the bed down and state
  19. Hello Need some general advice on this. Had problems with previous tenants who left the pace in a pig sty. New tenants moved in and we discovered we have an infestation of bedbugs. Have changed all the beds as advised and fumigated property. Can I claim the cost of the replacement beds and fumigating from the previous tenants? I have their deposit.
  20. Hiya All, I posted this thread post No.2568071 ( Sorry cannot put link in as I have not made enough posts) as you will see it was 2009 but I never got to finish it and apply for judgment to be set aside, I was still unsure of my position following my last post. I would like to know if I have grounds and can proceed with setting it aside Best wishes Zeb
  21. Hi I recently bought a bunk bed and two mattresses on gumtree. The advertiser told me that the bed is in mint condition and mattresses are hardly used. So, I paid 75 pounds for it, and also paid 20 pounds more for getting it to my place through a courier. After receiving it, I noticed that some parts were missing, and also the mattresses were not at all in good condition. I contacted the seller about missing pieces and he first denied that any pieces are missing. After I sent the photographs of the bed, then he agreed that some pieces could be missing and he'll search over the weekend.When I
  22. Hi I am new to this site and new to forums but really do need some advise for my friends. They bought a super king sized bed at AHF in Beales department store in June 2012 for £849.99 on a credit agreement of 0% interest for 12 months, paying 10% on the day. The AHF delivery men tried to deliver the bed on 24th July but could not get the mattress up the stairs as it was too big. They said that they could not bend the mattress as it would damage the metal springs and that my friends should refuse delivery and they would write on the paperwork that it was too big. My friends agreed and the
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