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Found 8 results

  1. Hi everyone, wanting some advice for my sister. In January 2016 my sister bought 2 matching sofas from the Range online website. Everything was ok with the sofas until December 2016 when her husband pushed the sofa to make room for there Christmas tree. He noticed one of the sofas arms very loose, he had a look and notice a bolt had come away from the wood frame. She rang the Range and they said they would send someone from Homeserve to have a look at the sofa. A couple of weeks ago the guy turned up and promptly told her he was independent and didn't work for the Range or for my sister. I was at her house and also heard him say this. She explained that her husband had noticed the arm loose when he tried to push the sofa a few inches to make way for the Xmas tree. He examined the sofa and told her the range would be in touch, and left. On the 18th January my sister got a letter from the Range saying it's not a manufacturing fault that the sofa is damaged. It goes on to say the damaged was caused by the sofa been dragged across a carpeted floor. This isn't the case as my sister never used the word " dragged" ........ She has rang the Range and complained and as a gesture of good will they offered to collect the damaged sofa and give her a refund, only problem been is she bought 2 sofas so she is going to be left with one odd sofa. Does she have any rights as we both think this is out of order. The sofa should not be broken after 11 months of use, there is only my sister and her hubby using the sofa( children grown up and live away) Any advice would be most welcome, thanks
  2. Hello there, New user to the forum but hoping i can get some help. I bought a dreams Barcelona TV Bed 2 years ago. Bed was fine and working until approximately 3 months ago when the TV raising mechanism stopped working. Upon calling Dreams CS they instructed me to get in touch with Homeserve Furniture Repairs and have them come and assess the issue. Last week i had the technician come to my house and assess that the motor which raises the TV is no longer working and that they would send me a quote for the part and installation within the next few days. Today, i receive a letter stating that HFR can't obtain the part from dreams, but i'm welcome to speak to Dreams directly to try and get the part and at which point they can come and install for a cost etc. I've spoken with HFR and they have told me that Dreams do not supply them with parts at all - Whats the point of using them then??? I have spoken with Dreams this morning and sent them a copy of the letter as I want to know what my next step is in rectifying the issue with my bed. As HFR have labelled the problem as an out of warranty issue, and it appears Dreams no longer sell this particular bed model, is this any recourse i have to getting this issue resolved? Thanks in advance. Tony
  3. Please advise...Thanks. Long Story: My cover With Homeserve was nearing expiry. I had a letter from them asking for £555 a year [approx.] to continue my cover. After a chat they were willing to reduce to about £32 a month. Still too expensive. I said I would let the cover expire. I then rang Homeserve servicing department and asked them if this years service was still covered. the lady said yes. I told her that my cover was due to expire. She said it did not matter as I had paid for this service with my cover. I booked a service and pointed out it was after expiry of my cover. She answered as above. The engineer duly came. he cleaned the boiler and put a new seal on the inner door of the boiler, checked the outside flue. That was it. He did not check the flue gases. I have never had any paperwork from the Homeserve subcontractors over 3/4 years! I then Joined Home Energy Service. They required a boiler inspection before the cover started. They came 2/3 weeks later and cleaned the inside of the boiler and tested the flue gases. They found it was "over the top" and was in a dangerous condition and disabled the boiler. The engineer stated he would contact his office to have the flue repaired on my cost as the boiler had to be in good condition before they would agree to cover it. He then gave me relevant paperwork. I phoned Homeserve asking them to pay for the repair. After saying that the policy had expired and I countered that I had already confirmed that the service was included, they came back to say that the company that carried out the service stated to them that a "full service had been carried out and the boiler was safe". Homeserve said they would send a copy of their worksheet and a letter confirming they would not pay. Every time I ring Homeserve they say "all calls are recorded". Do I pay £10 to get the information from them? Do I have to get an outside party to examine the flue before I do anything else please? My mother in law is a frail 97 years old person and we have no heating. Where do I stand please? I wish to go to the small claims court. Sorry it's so long.
  4. Hi, Following the latest mis-selling scandal, my father-in-law has today received a letter from Homeserve "Requesting a review of your policy sale" Enclosed was a questionnaire which seems to ask some very personal financial questions, should he answer these or just ignore the questionnaire and just submit a letter claim for mis-selling. I know that Homeserve regularly used to phone him and sell him various policies until I told him they were pointless, as he was already covered. Could this just be a "fishing letter" to find out reason to disallow a claim? Think I need to get him to SAR them and find out some more.
  5. http://www.moneymarketing.co.uk/news-and-analysis/regulation/fca-hits-insurance-broker-with-30m-fine-over-misselling/2006613.article
  6. Hi Folks I am posting for information as the elderly couple next door don't have internet never mind a PC. They bought a three seater sofa and two reclining chairs from World of Sofas just over a year ago. Two weeks after taking delivery there was a problem, a four inch strip of leather at the side of one of the cushions was cracking and peeling so they contacted World of Sofas who sent someone out to repair it, three times. Since then World of Sofas has went to the wall but the problem persisted, thinking that they would use the 5 year warranty, that they paid £200 for, to get the sofa repaired or replaced, they contacted Creations Consumer Finance Ltd as instructed who said to contact Homeserve Furniture Repairs Limited and have an independant report done but this would cost them £36. Homeserve sent out a technician and they received a letter today stating that a satisfactory repair could be carried out in their home. But they want £280 + vat to do it. On the Homeserve Care Plan 5 Year Policy Coverage it states they are covered for "Lifting & Peeling of Leather", so why doesn't the warranty they paid £200 for not cover the repair. To be honest this sofa should have been replaced after two weeks, it's obvious that there was a manufacturing fault from the start and that the three failed attempts to repair it previously should convince them that another repair isn't going to wok, how many chances do they get, is it until the five year extended warranty runs out and they can say it has nothing to do with them. The crazy thing about it is that they want this 80 year old couple, one of whom has dementia to allow a technician access to their home for five hours to do a repair and then only if they pay over £300 to have it done after paying for an extended warranty which in my opinion and their own printed words should cover this. I don't think I mentioned before but they use the two chairs, the sofa is very seldom used unless they have visitors, which is very rarely. If there is anything that makes me angry, it's a company exploiting our older community and bleeding them dry after that. I am in the process of writing another letter to them, explaining the situation and that if something is not done soon that the next avenue I will take is Trading Standards, the FSA and every review website on the internet. Any advice would be very much appreciated.
  7. Our boilerstopped working 3 weeks ago!! We have insurance with Homeserve called"Home emergency" via Churchill insurance. We contacted Homeserve whosent out an engineer, and reported that the heater exchange needed to berepaired. Homeserve reported that the engineer also said the flu was not at thecorrect angle so the claim would be void as there had been water damage to theboiler although the engineer, inform us it was the heater exchange was thecause. We were advised by Homeserve the flu had to be resolved before theywould deal with the claim. There was no issue with the flu, pointing in thecorrect position, but we made sure to be on the safe side. We contacted themagain and they would now get an engineer to resolve the boiler. Homeserve wouldget there 3rd party engineer to call us back in 2 hours, but nothing. We calledback the next day they said we are still trying to find an enginner and wouldcall back, 2 days went by and no call back. The policy only covers up to £500and apparently the call out fee for the engineer was £150!! Now our policy willonly cover £350. Spoke to them last Tuesday to see what was going on and againthey still trying find an engineer, its now Saturday and had no communicationfrom them. Called again this morning and a manager will now call us back by13:00...lets see what happens. 3 weekswithout hot water, Homeserve constantly trying to get out having to pay for theclaim. No communication. Appalling service, don't just take my word for itGoogle "Homeserve complaints" there everywhere.
  8. I hope I'm posting this in the right place but I wanted to warn people about Homeserve and the cover it provides for boilers, central heating etc. Briefly, we moved into our house about six years ago and bought cover with Homeserve for the boiler, central heating, electrics, drains, and plumbing. We noticed an intermitent fault with our central heating and reported it to Homeserve very shortly after we bought cover with the company. Namely, the boiler would fire at 15 minute intervals for about 90 seconds whether or not the system was calling for heating. Additionally, the pump in the airing cupboard would continue to run and run. But there was certainly nothing wrong with the heating or the hot water; something was obviously wrong with the control mechanism somewhere. From this point we've just had a saga with Homeserve including the company sending an engineer from Storm Heating in 2008 who recommended a power flush to the system, which I found out after I'd stupidly signed his chitty invalidated my insurance with Homeserve. Following a complaint the insurance was reinstated and I was paid £50 compensation. But the problem was never rectified. Eventually after may be a dozen workmen had looked at our system one man said that it was an electrical problem and that finding it in the system wasn't part of the cover. As the problem was intermittent we just lived with it but this year the problem became permanent. So I contacted an electrician who came and diagnosed the problem. I then called Homeserve who sent Storm Heating out again. The engineer said the system needed a power flush, complete rewiring, which isn't covered by the insurance and was too old anyway. After a fairly pointless conversation with somebody at Homeserve's call centre, I have cancelled our policy with the company. I asked, but did not receive a satisfactory answer, why having complained about this fault for six years none of the engineers the company had sent could find the source of the problem or mend it, how odd it was that Storm Heating's answer to a system control problem was a power flush, and how, having serviced the boiler only last summer, the system was suddenly too old to mend but the company had been taking my insurance premiums each month. I told the operator, you've had six years to mend it and funnily now somebody else has found its source it's too old to mend. I am writing a letter of complaint and will also be reporting them to Trading Standards as I think this is pretty sharp practice.
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