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Found 17 results

  1. Hi, Just after some advice. I bought a mattress online which came with a 5 year guarantee. The springs have gone at the start of the last year of the guarentee. I contacted the company I bought it from who asked me for pictures and to confirm it had been rotated regularly and used with a protector. Which it had. A few hours after sending the pics, they called to say the manufacturer had agree'd to replace under the guarentee but since they no longer make that specific mattress they wouldn't actually be able to replace. Instead I was offered £50 discount on a new mattress if bought from them. Now I'll be honest warranties and guarantees confuse me. I wanted to check that what they have done is correct. So just looking for some conformation before I accept or decline their offer. Thank you.
  2. Hi, I ordered two single beds/mattresses from Ikea which were delivered a week ago. After setting up a bed and mattress, we decided they would not be suitable for us and completed a cancellation form with Ikea within 7 days of delivery. They have advised me that they will refund the bed bases but only provide store credit for mattresses as they have been opened! They were opened to inspect and also to check that there were no undue smells, which can be associated with memory foam. The mattresses are unused, there is nothing in their terms and conditions to state that if opened they would not refund, nor in any of there pre sale advice. We would never purchase anything online without the opportunity to inspect and return for full refund if necessary, so we feel we have been misled here. The only reference I can find that may possible apply is an exception under the new consumer contracts regs with regard to items "received sealed for health protection or hygiene reasons once unsealed" I cannot think that would apply in our circumstances, we have the right to inspect as in a shop and they are unused, also they did not advise us anywhere that we would lose any rights should we open them! I have emailed twice so far and they have refused to budge in their stance so any advice on this matter would be very much appreciated, Thanks Derek
  3. Hi all, need some advice please. We purchased Ultimate Amira Healthopaedic mattress via Bed Factory (1-4 Spence Lane, Leeds, LS12 1EF). We purchased the mattress on 25.4.16 for the nursery and started using it on 8.7.16 when our daughter was born. The mattress is not of satisfactory quality due to the wearing and sagging that's occurred within weeks. I'm of light build and a mattress should last years before that type of wear occurs. The retailer advised they're not in a position to refund or exchange and referred us to the manufacturer. Basically asked us to take pictures (which barely show the issue but it DOESN'T FEEL LIKE NEW at all) to be sent to the manufacturer to'make a decision'. I decided to contact the manufacturer and the retailer's head office directly as I wasn't happy with the store manager's advice. The manufacturer advised the responsibility lies with the retailer. The retailer's head office asked for pics to be forwarded to them. The mattress was comfortable to begin with, the past 2 weeks I noticed once you get up it doesn't regain its shape. I did my best with the pics- they barely show the dents and I'm worried I'm just being fobbed off. My last email (no reply to it yet) is below: Good morning, Images attached. Would you offer a comment on why Steve advised these were to be sent to manufacturer 'to make a decision' and it had nothing to do with the store? First attachment- please also take a closer look at the left border/side- it's not straight and already dented as well. This isn't what a new high quality mattress should look and feel like. Please treat this as a formal complaint- a similar replacement product would be an ideal resolution. We used the store before and bought the mattress for our master bedroom from you-still very pleased with it and happy with the service provided at the time. This is the reason why we decided to use you again-unfortunately, at the moment this situation appears a blatant attempt to fob off a returned customer. Please include at attachment or a link to your complaints handling procedure. So any advice on where I stand with this one and who I take it up with if I get no joy with the retailer would be much appreciated. Thanks guys!
  4. Our Landlord sent us this message last night, we moved out over a week ago and were told everything was fine at that point. None too impressed guys..I made no fuss or deduvtions for lack of cleaning but just gone to make up small room double bed and just realised you turned memory phone matress which covered in 'stains' ! New mattress will be certainly to tune of 150...I trust you will send this promptly! Rosie Implying that I flipped the mattress deliberately to hide "stains" (a glass of wine spilt during a tough essay time). This was not done, I left it on its side when we left the flat. can anyone advise on how we should proceed and where we stand? Thanks in advance
  5. Hi all, I have had a mattress from Next for just under three years, we noticed a considerable dip in the mattress about six months after purchasing and contacted them, they never got back to us and after periods of time in hospital recently contacted them again. The mattress has never fit the bed, also a Next item. However an inspector came and told me the 2.5 inch dip was normal for a mattress is this age. Next told me that because the mattress had a stain this has caused the dip and was not a manufacturing fault. They said the stain has caused the pillowtop (which was less than 0.5cm), to decompress and had caused the 2.5" dip I asked them about staining on a mattress which has had the usual human activity on it and stated that the stain was actually nowhere near the dip. They now want to send another inspector out. Is this right? i feel they are just going to try and cover up what they originally said? Anyone got any advice please? C x
  6. We bought a 135cm Mattress Alexandria Ortho from Bensons for Beds last year online and received the bed on 25th of September. We pay £449.99 and the invoice number is ******. after a month both my wife and myself start having back pain. My wife was even worse as her neck was very stiff every morning. I have contacted Beds for Bensons customer service in January this year. I made a complain. I was told that someone will contact me after taking my details. Nothing happened. I made a second call and this time I was asked to email photos of the mattress and the corners. Still I had to contact the customer service again after which a technician was booked to come and see the mattress. Meanwhile some red pigment like a bruise has appeared on the corners. After the technician visit we were told that we would be contacted at the end of the week. I knew no one would contact us. i phone the customer services again after a week was gone. I was told that the report says that there is no issue with the mattress and that the "bruise" was caused externally. I was told it's only a question of comfort. I told the agent I don't agree as we are both suffering from back pain every morning. She told me to book for a second technician which I'll have to phone the mattress company and pay myself. All we want is to have the mattress exchange or a refund for the mattress.
  7. Hi I bought a mattress 2.5 years ago which had a five year guarantee.(£270) The springs have gone on one side. I emailed the place I bought it from who passed on the complaint to the manufacturer. we sent a photo of the sagging and told them we have regularly turned it, which we have. They sent sent an email saying "they do not believe the mattresses has been kept in accordance with the guidelines and will be taking it no further" as far as we know we have followed all the guidelines and rotated it regularly. Is that the end of it now? We thought it would last a lot longer than this and and very unhappy about it. Any help appreciated! Thanks Nic P.s it was bought via eBay using PayPal with a debit card.
  8. Hello I am currently in a dispute with Littlewoods catalogue regarding a Silentnight Miracoil mattress I bought from them as part of a divan set. I ordered it on 30th December 2014 and received it in the middle of January. We noticed it was quite noisy to start with but assumed this was just because it was new and would settle down. Weeks passed and come September I decided enough was enough and contacted Littlewoods to complain. They said they would send a technician out to assess the mattress. He visited on 25th September and, I have just found out this morning, apparently found no fault with the mattress. Now, my husband and I share the bed (obviously), along with our 14 month old. By September, the mattress was making so much noise that it was disturbing our sleep every time we moved or, in some cases, breathed! The mattress is lumpy and bumpy, it crunches as you sit on it, with a very audible crunch. Even to look at it it looks a complete mangled mess. I don't trust the report - I know the technician has to be impartial but when he assessed it he did indicate to my husband that the mattress did not appear to be fit for purpose. Of course, that is our word against his. Littlewoods have charged us £45 for the technician report because he did not find a fault. The mattress and bed cost £528 which has been paid off. I have told them I am not happy with the outcome and that if this is their final word, I want it in writing. This was their response: Thank you for your email please get your own independent report done if a manufacturing afult is found send in the report + the receipt for cost of report for us to view thank you littlewoods upolstery dept. (that was the way it was written, in that exact format, which is not very professional looking is it?!) Any advice would be most welcomed Thanks in advance!
  9. Recently we purchased a mattress from Duvalay as it is supposed to be Duvalay's Highest-specification, ultra-luxurious, lightweight, durable, Duvalite memory-fibre mattress is custom-made to perfectly fit your home-from-home, complimenting your leisure days with quality. As per above the mattress was custom made for our touring caravan, but now we both suffer from sore hips and end up tossing and turning all night due to the discomfort when using this mattress. We have emailed the company and part of their response was to purchase a memory foam topper from them at a discount price! We bought the mattress so that we could remove the previous topper from our caravan as it weighed 10kg. The cost of the mattress was in excess of £500 including delivery. As the mattress was custom made it appears that it may not be covered for returns under Sale of Goods Act. We have had the mattress since end of July, but have only used it on 5 different occasions for 2 night stops. We did try similar mattresses fitted in some other caravans of a different brand prior to ordering and they seem to be very comfortable so we decided to buy the next one up in the range which is supposed to be top of the range, but it is like sleeping on a mattress topper which is on a concrete floor! We have offered to take the caravan and mattress to their premises in Yorkshire, but they are not taking us up on our offer. Where does that leave us as it looks like we are going to be £500 out of pocket?
  10. Hi folks, I,m not sure if this is the right place for this post. Anyway, I have a question, I have severe back problems and due to this I am more or less bed bound. I have seen a Neurologist who recommended that I have an Orthopaedic mattress, this is in writing btw. I therefore asked my GP if I can get this on prescription, he had no idea. Has anyone on here any advice as to how to go about this, if it is at all possible?
  11. Hi everyone I was wondering is someone can give me some advice please. I bought a mattress in January of this year, it was delivered late in February 2013. Since then we have had nothing but problems with the mattress as it dips both sides and has ridge right down the middle of it. We were told by the manufacturers to turn the mattress round every week for 3 months to let it settle as it is pocket sprung. Please bear in mind that my husband and I are disabled but we found someone willing to do this for us. Now we are in June and it is still as bad as ever! We asked the company who sold it to us to change it as there is a fault with the mattress, they then spent an age and a day contacting the manufacturers and telling them it needs to be replaced. The manufacturers have said get stuffed basically as it was the wrong mattress for us!!. We have stuck to our guns and want it replaced but the company who sold it to us have said that yes they will replace it and send it back to the manufacturers for inspection BUT we must pay £60.00 for delivery and taking away of the old mattress and IF a fault is found with our mattress that we have at the moment then a partial refund will come back to us. Surely by law this is not right is it? the Sale of Goods Act must come in here. My husband and I are at our wits end and cannot lay on this mattress at all as it is that bad. Any help would be most appreciated from you. Thank you.
  12. hello, I have looked all through the advice from Which, CAB etc. Just wanted to make sure I'm right! Took delivery of a mattress this week (ordered online with a CC). Ten mins after driver left I removed the outer polythene cover to discover a dirty brown rip in fabric. Immediately rang company who were non apologetic, they asked for photos for proof. They subsequently agreed to an exchange only as I forfeited right to a refund by signing for it:roll:. I think this is incorrect as I have reasonable time to examine it surely. It still has the second polythene cover on and has not been moved from the hall where it was left. I don't want an exchange as it seems to me this company boots its mattresses round the warehouse and I'd rather go somewhere else that takes better care of its goods and customers. Waiting to hear from CAB, company have insisted today they are complying with trading standards regs. Shall I just go through my CC company now do you think?
  13. Hi guys, suffering with a really bad back which wakes me up in pain after about 4 hours sleep. I am hoping that a new mattress will help the problems and have found one on the internet which I think will be ok. If I buy it, the seller says I would have to sleep on it for a night STILL IN ITS PACKAGING and return it if it wasn't right. How can anyone try a product such as a mattress without taking it out of the packaging? I doubt it would sit on the bed frame without unpacking it first!! And anyway it might take several nights for me to decide whether its right for me. Should I take the risk of buying, unpacking and trying, then repacking and returning if not right??? Please help, don't want to spend £350 and still be in pain.:???:
  14. Hello, I just need some advice with regards to a Mattress we purchased from Mattressman 7 weeks ago. It's a memory foam one which we bought together with a new bed. The Mattress itself is fine but after just 7 weeks it absolutely reeks of stale sweat. My Husband has been saying to me for the last week that the bed smelt and I just thought he meant the actual smell of the foam...I religiously strip the bed every 5 days mainly because I love fresh, clean sheets. The mattress also came with it's own protective cover plus one I put on myself so I just can't understand how the foam itself smells soooooo bad In my head I think after 7 weeks this isn't acceptable as it smells so bad I just want to throw it out. After speaking to someone at Mattressman today from the Sales Team (customer services isn't open on the weekends) I just get the feeling they're going to try and fob me off so would like some advice before I try again Monday. I want them to replace the mattress ideally, I have no issue in having to pay extra for a different style/make but I really don't think I should have to fork out again after just 7 weeks. Any advice gratefully received
  15. I purchased an airflow sup5000 mattress on 1/8/2011 from Bensons Beds in Basingstoke and it is sagging on one edge. Less than 2 years old, I am not happy paid £499. Stay clear of this mattress.
  16. Hi I hope this is the right forum? I am looking for a mattress and I wandered into a second hand shop, and saw a new memory foam double mattress with springs in as well by Everest. My old mattress is slowly wearing out and I can feel the springs a bit now and it twangs from time to time (not often). The mattress is priced at £175.00 with £35 delivery. althrough the woman whom I next saw quoted £25. I have curvature of the spine and I do sometimes get achy hips in the morning so I don‘t want it too hard. Please can you advise me, my dad wants me to save my money and go for something a bit cheaper. But I am not going to get any better then that. I have laid on it and it felt weird because of the clear plastic covering that was still on it. I have seen one at £299 at another shop which was by a manufacturer called Viscount, but I liked that one because the cellophane wasn’t on it and I could feel it properly. Can you advise me what I should do please? Sorry if this is a silly question? Many thanks for reading this post.
  17. PLEASE, can someone help me make sense of the ‘sale of goods act’. I purchased a ‘Reylon reactafoam mattress’ from Benson for Beds in February 2009, which came with a 6 year guarantee. About 6 months ago I noticed the mattress was beginning to split. As I could’t find my sales documentation at the time I simply moved to the opposite side of the mattress, only for the same problem to develop here too. I rang Benson’s and was told to send pictures of the problem. I was initially advised they would be sending someone to investigate the problem, but a few days later was left a voice message from the same member of customer services advising me she ” had spoken with the manufacturer's and they were aware there was a design flaw with that specific mattress and they would have to replace it for another.” I emailed customer services back asking them, “if they were aware there was a problem with this mattress, why it had not been recalled before now as surely the problem was not only contributed to restless nights due to the discomfort but could also lead to back problems” and was sent a reply suggesting this was the system they had in place and they could only replace each mattress as customers contacted them. I was then contacted by a store on the outskirts of North London and advised I would have to choose a mattress from their shop (an hour away) as Bensons no longer stocked that range. As I was unwilling to travel, I checked the mattresses available online, within the same price range, only to find they all come with only one year warranty and on checking reviews for each of these found the Internet littered with complaints. Am I entitled to my money back? Many Thanks Selena
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