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  1. Hi,I'm new here. Without mentioning names, I bought car for 5.5k. described as"drives like new", immaculate condition" etc. Within 28days, red EML light come on, had it locally diagnosed as issue with electronic throttle and exhaust pipe seized shut. I immediately notified the trader, who largely ignored me. I consulted mechanics and was told the serious fault and I better be off rejecting it, under CRA 2015. I had written the dealer (independent garage) quoting my reasons to reject the car, gave them two weeks to issue refund, meanwhile I am without a car. They fobbed me off again, did not collect car,did not diagnose nothing. So after two weeks, I sent letter before action via email and recorded delivery. They called back asking me to take the car to nearest garage and if reasonable they'd pay. I did not agree reasonable part however I had to tow the car to another reputable garage for further diagnosis and quote. It came to 900+. After 5 days of issuing the quote, they came back saying too expensive and I should bear all costing to take car to them and they will fix it(towing would cost around 500). I obviously rejected and went ahead with repairs, now asking them to pay the bill or there is a Small claims on their way. Before you comment, please note following reasons I also rejected,apart from the cost of towing, which they asked me to pay. 1) they sold car with the main warranty provider, I did not get the document but all of their cars had their branding all over (approved dealer, 6m warranty) but I found out they lied. I had various dealings with the warranty company, who sent their staff to REMOVE all their branding trafer fraudulently was using. I have confirmation of this . 2) Autotrader reviews - I naively trusted the reviews, more than 50 ,nearly all 5*. Upon my issues, I went through one by one, and realised they are suspicious. After lengthy dealings with AT, they were found that 46 of those(including dealers responses to those great reviews) were fraudulent. Based upon the fact that they left me with no car for a month, lied to me about everything as stated above I could not be expected to trust them to repair anything to the required standard. (They must have cleared all fault codes prior to selling the car!) There are other matters that I cannot comment on due to legal reasons too. My question is : has anyone been in rotelt similar situation and any tips before small claims? TIA
  2. Good afternoon I need some advice on who is responsible for getting my car repaired please. I have a Skoda Yeti on personal contract hire. My car suffered some minor damage to the o/s/r door at the beginning of May and at the time there was no other apparent damage. The car was collected by DLG Autos Orpington on Tue 22 May and returned on the morning of Sat 26 May. The next time I drove the car was on Tue 29 May when I drove to work when I noticed that that, apart from a small deep scratch on the driver's door that there was a knocking noise coming from the front of the car, I was about 2 miles from my house at this time. The knocking noise become louder and faster as the car got faster but abated when I took my foot off the accelerator I turned around as soon as possible and took the car to the Skoda dealership. I told them the issue and history of the RTA. The dealership believe that the problem lies within the gearbox where 'something' has been forced or bent and has come loose, maybe chassis misalignment but so far are unwilling to carry out any further tests if the fault is due to the RTA, also I believe trying to shift emphasis/cause on to the n/s/f tyre that I had changed at the beginning of the month. DLG Autos are unwilling to accept that the fault was caused by them as there is no other apparent damage to the car. Well it came back with it and another scratch and a broken door guard so what else did they do to it? My insurers Direct Line have upheld DLG Autos explanation and have closed the complaint (less the scratch that they will sort). I need to know please who has responsibility for diagnosing the fault and repairing it? The car had a full service, carried out by Skoda, in back end of April and was running as smooth as anything before DLG got hold of it. Thank you very much
  3. After the bad weather a couple of weeks ago, I noticed a damp patch on the ceiling in one of the bedrooms, and upon further investigation, several smaller patches in the back bedroom. So I went outside with my binoculars and had a good look at the roof front and back... I could see no damage, loose/slipped tiles or anything obvious. I got the step ladder out and pocked my head into the loft, and discovered that a load of the roofing felt has ripped away, exposing the underside of the tiles and batons. Contacted the buildings insurance and they arranged a roofer to come out and inspect things, and give them a report. This report is looking very unfavourable, currently awaiting a copy of it and the pictures he took. From what we've been told so far, he's claiming that there has been water getting into the roof space that has damaged the batons causing them to sag in a few areas. He's claiming that this is because the overlap on the tiles doesn't meet the current 75mm overlap. But refused to answer my question about 'when' those regulations came into effect... and he's also offered the 'theory' that there could be condensation occurring. But is admittedly guessing in that regard. My house was built around 51/52 and the only building regulations I can find are the ones that came into effect in Feb 1966, these were the first ever national building regs according to my 'limited' research abilities. I contacted the national archives to see if they could help, but it's not the kind of info they store and I should try a local archive for my county. It's worth noting that the rest of the roofing material not damaged, looks in near perfect condition. The overlay on the tiles at the bottom of the roof and at the top varies between 70-85mm, but it's the areas were the batons have sagged due to moisture that the overlap is much lower... He told me in person it was as low as 45-50mm, but in the report he's claiming it's now 25mm. We are now faced with the prospect of a 4-5k repair bill if the insurance refuse to cover some or all of the cost. The tiles are reaching the end of their lifespan of 80yrs being around 66yrs old now, and it's in the best interests of the property to replace them with newer ones. So what I need to know... is what to do next if they try to avoid helping with the costs... We're quite prepared to contribute to the cost aside from the excess of about £250 we'd be happy to pay for all of the replacement tiles and even include some roof vents 'just in case' there has been condensation... Er on the side of caution rather than risk the 'theory' being correct. From some rough figures I arrived at (approx meter squared area and tile coverage per mt squared. I estimate this to be in the region of £1000 with between 1000-1200 tiles required at an approx cost of 74p per tile (if ordering more than 500).. I worked this out from the rough footprint and then added 20% to account for roof pitch. Approx footprint is 70-75m/s and around 15 tiles per m/s. Roof vents are around £15-18 each depending on type and I assume I'll need 5, 2 front, 2 back and one for the small porch. What are the procedures I need to be aware, do we have to follow a complaints procedure, should we get independent reports done... If they point blank refuse to pay anything... who do we take it too next, and because of the risk of further damage due to the current state of the roof... should we have the work undertaken to current building standards and then pursue some form of recovery of some of those costs. I'm actually lucky that I had my c/irESA claim sorted out and backdated 3 yrs recently... so I've got a little cushion to cover some of this expense. But I'd need to borrow the rest from family as a loan to be paid back. Right this moment... I'm not panicking... that could change very quickly if things look bleak.
  4. Car Issues Post Accident Repairs. Car is a Vauxhall Corsa SRI less than 1 year old with just over 5100 miles (post accident) They were the middle car of the 3 cars involved, middle car & front car were only just moving off from traffic light being on red and changed to green, middle car was hit by car from rear with such force shunted into car in front. Rear Car that caused the accident has admitted full liability so no issue there. Car came back from the Insurers Approved Repairer looking all shiny and new except in pitch darkness so they were unable to view car. So they take it to local petrol station forecourt which is like Blackpool illuminations and that's where all the issues were picked up and complained to Insurer: 1. Front bonnet you can fit your hand under (that's without using the bonnet release lever). 2. Battery Terminals covers were not fitted and lying loose. 3. Oil warning light as Oil Low. 4. No Screen wash. 5. Intermittent display on the dashboard. 6. ECU at side of battery connecting clips broken and hanging loose. 7. Constant clicking noise from engine. 8. Hand Brake to be on is almost vertical. 9. Using the foot brake completely spongy with foot on floor. 10. Due to recent cold spell having to scrap ice of all inside windows of car and seat feel wet. 11. when engine started petrol fumes coming through the cars ventilation system. 12. A lot of fuel missing from car from collection. 13. Numerous mileage added while in Approved Repairer care. 14 Both Left & Right front wings where they join the window area to roof a slight touch with one finger and you can move the wing out. There is more but will stop at that as it gives an idea of the issue with the repairs. All the above has been made a formal complaint to the insurer I have told then that they also need to not ask but tell the insurers they want the following: 1. Copy of the Post Accident Inspection Report. 2. Copy of the Repairs carried out by the Approved Repairer. 3. They wish an Independent Inspection of the car carried out before sent to there Approved Repairer. (same lot different garage) 4. They refuse the Car going back to rectify the above issue to the same Approved Repairer but a different garage. 5. They invoke there right to chose which Approved Repairer these repairs are carried out (note: this individual has a pacemaker & went through the DVLA Medical process to drive and the Insurers are fully aware of this Now as this isn't my are I would be grateful for our motor guru's advice on this
  5. We are currently having problems with an integrated dishwasher. Since buying it in Mar 2016, there have been several faults when it needed an Engineer to make the repairs with new parts. The current issue means yet another repair will be needed taking the total to 5 repairs in just over 18 months. I feel we've got a 'dud' unit and the manufacturer are trying to get it to limp over the March warranty expiry date. Ideally like to have it replaced since i have lost confidence in this machine and it's ability to be useful much after the warranty expires. What are my rights in terms of requesting a full replacement? Thanks for any help/info.
  6. I recently had issues with my gearbox which i had to take at a garage to get repaired, and the work was completed on the 1st March 2017. Now I will add the work was paid for by RAC Warranty for the amount of £1400. My receipt however doesn't breakdown the work that had taken place however just says gearbox and labor costs (At the time i remember he said it was only a small part that needed replacing). I didn't mind too much as the costs were getting picked up by RAC and trusted the garage. I have now got another issue with the gearbox however the garage don't want to take any responsibility for it and said it was 6 months warranty or 6000 miles, whatever comes first. I then asked what exactly was done to the gearbox to repair it (ie. a breakdown of the work) and they said we don't have that information anymore. RAC Warranty said they will not pay for the repair of the same part again so soon after it has been repaired. I feel this is not right. Where do I stand with this and how can I get this sorted out now as I am now unable to use my car and it's used for commuting. Please ask if you need anymore information. Thanks Aron
  7. Hope this is in the right place. If not, Admin please move. My son and his girlfriend moved into their first flat 4 months ago. They have been very happy there but now the weather is getting colder, they have tried to put the heating on and there's something wrong with the boiler. They have had various conversations with the Letting Agent who sent round their plumber last week who has condemned the boiler, saying it is beyond reasonable repair and requires replacing. The Landlord is refusing to accept this and won't authorise the repairs. The letting agent say their hands are tied until they can get an agreement out of the Landlord. Meanwhile the flat is getting increasingly damp and is freezing cold. They have tried to get hold of the CAB and the local council but to no avail. I've told them to continue to pay their rent but that I would see if I could get them any advice on what they can do. Any ideas?
  8. My son bought a vehicle approx 6 months ago. After 1 week the vehicle broke down and it was returned to the dealer for repair under the warranty. They had the vehicle over one month and then it was returned. The same problem has occurred. The warranty has now expired but the fault on the car was quite a major one and I believe the work should have had some form of guarantee but the dealer is refusing to provide information on the work carried out and where the repair was completed staying that due to data protection they can not provide this and that they do not keep records. This all sounds dodgy and I would appreciate some advice on where to go next . Many thanks
  9. Read more: http://www.mirror.co.uk/money/household-bills/repairs-rip-shame-millions-motorists-10907702
  10. On behalf of friend.. Hi all, my friend owns and lives at in one of three flats at an address in Surrey. Repairs were needed to roof as was leaking. There is no freeholder/landlord - known as 'absent landlord' and a deed of covenant for the address was signed by all leaseholders. Within this document, the process for repairs and splitting payment is explicitly relating to such an issue. i.e. majority decision rules and costs to be split three ways. In any case, all three tenants agreed to proceed with repairs after reviewing quotes. All tenants were consulted and agreed to the repairs. now one of them is refusing to pay saying there was no proper section 20 notice. My friend is c£2.5k out of pocket The non-paying tenant's solicitors have written to him saying there is no liability to pay and for any correspondence to directed to them. Letter Before Action was sent before receiving this letter directly to the defendant - and then forwarded to the solicitors too. Questions are simply: 1. Who is 'the Claimant' when using MCOL - the person or the solicitors 2. Any other advice is welcomed thank you v much for reading
  11. I bought my son an Armani watch for his 18th birthday last November. Within a few weeks it was not keeping correct time. I emailed the company who said I couldn't get a refund as it was longer than 14 days since I received it. I sent it off to be repaired. After a few weeks it returned only to go wrong again. I sent it back waited a couple of weeks emailed and got it back. Again, after a few days my son noticed the hours hand was not on the correct position particularly obvious on the hour. I contacted them and again sent it back. It came back yesterday and the hand is still not correct. This time I have included some photos to illustrate my point and asked for a refund as I feel this has gone on long enough. At each stage from purchase to now I have had to email them asking where the watch was. I've been told I would be contacted within 24/48 hours and then waited 2 weeks with no contact. I need to know what my rights are and I hope somebody here can help!
  12. Good evening, I have reported leaking/dripping taps in the kitchen, the landlord didn't want to repair them, but agreed to repair another set in the house. I also reported mould around the edge of the bath, he sent someone out to replace the beading, but, one side has remained clear, the other has come back almost immediately. Since these repairs I have had a routine inspection, where I reported the mould has returned on one side and I want to get the beading replaced deeper down instead of the top layer, which should hopefully resolve it. The landlord has refused as it "was recently repaired" the letting agent "recommends" i buy mould remover and clean it. The taps were noted by the inspection to have limescale on them, but only on the ones in the kitchen, they again recommend I clean them with limescale remover. The other taps in the house are kept nice and shiny with simple kitchen/bathroom cleaner and only require descaling if they leak. This may appear petty by some, but I have lived here for 3 years, the house is in good condition and is damp free throughout (which from what I've witnessed in the rental market is very rare) I have diagnosed problems with the heating that the LLs plumber was unable/reluctant to do, thus saving him money. I don't feel that it is reasonable for the cost/time/effort (which includes sourcing suitable products) to be borne by myself whilst the underlying cause remains unfixed.
  13. I have been having a problem with a letting agent regarding repairs. I sent a letter to the over 6 months ago with a list of repairs that need to be carried out, but no matter how many times i call or visit the office to ask, it always seems to fall on deaf ears. Any ideas on how to proceed....
  14. Hello, I am in pretty desperate need of advice! I rented a unit to use as a photography studio around 18 month ago. When I looked at the unit, there were a few leaks, which the landlord said he would repair, but never did. I carried on paying rent, but not using the unit as a studio, more of a storage space, as the leaks prevented me from having my equipment set up. Fast forward to December (my dad was incredibly ill and passed away in the August of last year, so all of the unit leaking and not being able to use it went right to the back of my mind) the landlord gave me a polite reminder that my rent is due. I, again, politely reminded him that the unit leaks and nothing has been done about the leaks since I'd been there. He apologised and told me that I wouldn't be paying any rent until he'd repaired the leaks. I then spoke to the landlord in July, him asking what was happening etc. and whereabouts the leaks are etc. so he could get them fixed. I explained that I don't use it etc. and most of my work involves me working away (or I use my garage as a small studio) and I wouldn't be back until mid August. I then start getting messages from the landlord saying that I'm owing the full missing months of rent, from the last time I paid in December. I received a letter the other day from a debt collector company saying that I owe the landlord £4248, which is the 10 months rent (£400/m) plus a late payment fee. The guy was friendly enough and I explained the entire situation and he appreciated that I as clearly not trying to rip them off etc. He said that as it's a commercial property, the fact the landlord told me not to pay until he'd fixed the leaks was completely irrelevant unfortunately. The unit still leaks next to the 3-phase 415V main fuseboard, so as far as I'm concerned, it's a death trap and I could never have clients into the building etc. He said that even though the landlord had said that (not paying rent etc.), I was still responsible and if anything, should have had the roof repaired and taken it out of the rent. Where do I stand? The chap I spoke to said the amount may be negotiable, but to be frank, I feel that I shouldn't have been paying full rent for the period that I was, let alone for the period that he told me not to pay through. I fully appreciate that although the guy I spoke to was very friendly etc., but is obviously working for the landlord and not myself, so there is going to be an issue of him biasing towards their interests and not my own. There's just no way I could afford to pay that figure, it's hard enough working as a freelance photographer at the best of times, let alone paying rent on a unit that's been unusable since I got it. Where do I stand? If anybody has anything impartial to say, that'd be great and thanks in advance. Sorry for long post.
  15. Our land lord lives on the premises, he is joint land lord with his brother who lives in Australia, The one here, is in massive debt, we are talking £50,000, he uses our front door to his granny flat but we have the run of the rest of the house, we are and have been happy for the past 12 years here, we pay minimal rent while basically keeping the house in sort of repair, we dont have the funds to keep the property as it should, we have just fitted a new kitchen and bathroom at OUR expense, along with many other repairs etc. He has been going down under to visit his brother several times over the past two year or so, I have even asked him if he was thinking of emigrating, he said no, which was obviously a lie, he told my wife yesterday he was moving to Australia on 5th Nov this year, this has come as a bit of a blow as we have lived her for 12 years, how can he just drop all his debt and emigrate....???????????????? we are talking £30-£40,000 on credit cards, which include 2 charges against the property, and about £4500 in water rates, couciil tax coming out of his ears, i mean mega debt (we have checked with the council that we are not libel for the CT arrears) he said we can still rent but we know his brother will hike the rent up to market value, but he wont do the repairs that need doing, we may have an option of buying the property, due to repair of the house that would valued at £100,000, but how would the debts that he has at the property and charges on the house if we buy it. But we think he is lying to appease us, to keep us on the good side and he will still go for good, we know the process of moving and getting accepted takes about 2 years for the application, he says it's all accepted and sorted Now, if he drops us in it which we know he will, is there any way we could put a spanner in the works for him regarding his emigration, if nothing else but to bide us time
  16. Hello there, New user to the forum but hoping i can get some help. I bought a dreams Barcelona TV Bed 2 years ago. Bed was fine and working until approximately 3 months ago when the TV raising mechanism stopped working. Upon calling Dreams CS they instructed me to get in touch with Homeserve Furniture Repairs and have them come and assess the issue. Last week i had the technician come to my house and assess that the motor which raises the TV is no longer working and that they would send me a quote for the part and installation within the next few days. Today, i receive a letter stating that HFR can't obtain the part from dreams, but i'm welcome to speak to Dreams directly to try and get the part and at which point they can come and install for a cost etc. I've spoken with HFR and they have told me that Dreams do not supply them with parts at all - Whats the point of using them then??? I have spoken with Dreams this morning and sent them a copy of the letter as I want to know what my next step is in rectifying the issue with my bed. As HFR have labelled the problem as an out of warranty issue, and it appears Dreams no longer sell this particular bed model, is this any recourse i have to getting this issue resolved? Thanks in advance. Tony
  17. I am asking this on behalf of someone else. Basically they rent a house, it is in need of a number of repairs, such as back door, living room ceiling bowing and shower room tiles need replacing. To date the landlord has not doen any of these. My question is what can be done, can they withhold rent or what actions could they take.
  18. Good afternoon everyone. First time poster so I hope I get all of the info you require to give sound advice. fI have every email and every text that has been sent between me and the mechanic which shows the scope of work, each other's understanding of the problems (as presented at the time) etc. I can make these available to anyone who wants to view them but the guts of it is as follows: I have a 2006 Audi A6 2 litre diesel with about 130k on the clock. I bought it earlier in the year for just over £4k. Overall it's a decent car with only a couple of cosmetic marks. There's evidence that it has been serviced regularly by the previous owners and I am satisfied that it's worth the money that I paid for it Typically, about a month after the warranty expired the car developed a fault whereby it wouldn't start first time. It would always start second time, but always with some kind of fault displayed on the dash. Perfectly driveable though. If you drove it for another half hour and left it, when you came back the car would start straight away, but this time without ABS or perhaps traction control. Long story short I took the car in to a local tyre / exhaust centre near where I live to have the battery assessed. It was at this point where I received a flier for an Audi specialist who works in the area. I'm not certain at this point if it's right to state the name of this company, but the trading name clearly indicates that they are Audi specialists. The blurb on his flier certainly states that he caters for 'the discerning Audi / VW owner'. So I gave him a call. Long story short (again) he picked up the car on Oct 4th 2015. A few days pass before he states that it's related to the ECU. We agree on a price for a replacement (if he cant clean up the contacts on the existing one). He insists on bank transfer. I pay him and he confirms receipt by text. We agree on a labour charge of 2 hours. The part comes on a one day delivery. Over the course of the next 3 weeks he adds a connector kit and another hour of labour. I get the car back on 25th October At this point I have paid him £555 for both pieces of equipment and 3 hours of labour. He doesn't charge VAT. Still no receipts, but he has confirmed that he has received the money in his account by text. On 28th October I drive up the country and stop off the feed the kids halfway on the journey. I come out to start the car - you've guessed it! It doesn't start first time but it does on the second try. EXACTLY the same set of circumstances before I paid £555. I text him and let him know but I have to continue my journey without ABS - thankfully I don't need to use it. Straight away he states that it will be the ECU (almost as if he knows that this would happen). I ask him again to post the receipts whilst I'm away. He agrees. I get back - no receipts. We spend the next 2 months getting a pickup date sorted. The day before he picks it up the cars fails to start at all. It's finally given up the ghost. The dash has a few warnings on it as normal, although this time it's arguing about Oil pressure. We know there's a faulty ECU at play, so it could be anything. He says that his labour and the ECU replacement will be free as its covered by a warranty. I still haven't seen evidence of this. Anyway, he states that his labour will be free and he will check the oil pressure to make sure - again for free (I have this confirmed in emails). He picks up the car on December 18th (he tows it for free as his flier states 'free local collection / delivery'). After a few days he diagnoses a failed oil pump and quotes £310 for a new pump. He continues to state that, since the first job took so long, he will continue to provide free labour on the understanding that he fits the job in around other paying work - such as a few hours in the evening and on weekends. I agree and pay him. I feel that I have no choice since the car is a non starter and the bottom end is off. 7 weeks later, and a lot of texts about progress in the meantime, he still hadn't fixed it. I had enough and said that this was getting ridiculous as I needed my car back. In the meantime I get a second opinion from an Audi VW dealer centre and their book rate hours for this job is 4.65 hours. Long story short, I said that I wanted my car back as I had lost faith in his ability to fix it (7 weeks without a result. Add this to the three weeks he took to try and fix the ECU - without a result). At this point he says that if that's the case then he will have no alternative but to charge me for all the free labour that he'd put to this job and states that it's in excess of 30! So, in my mind, he's clearly admitting his own incompetence and demonstrating that he's misrepresented his skills to me as an Audi specialist. I had the car flatbedded back to me in mid Feb as he told me that the sump had been removed (along with a few other things such as the top cover so that the internals were exposed - looks like the cams but I cant be sure - it's been a few weeks since I opened the bonnet). I didn’t want to tow it as I didn’t want dirt and grime getting into the bottom end. So I am stuck with this car that needs minor assembly, some oil and probably a few gaskets / seals. I still have no receipts or warranties, despite his early promises to get the posted. I have sought advice from Citizens Advice and they advised me to ask if he is a member of an ADR scheme, which opens up a diaglogue about his reimbursing me a portion of the money. I hold out until we agree a figure of £600 as long as I sign a form (written by a solicitor) clearing him of any future dealings with the work he has done so far. I have yet to sign anything and he hasn't given me any details of who the solicitor is or the number etc. It's now been a month since we agreed on the £600 reimbursement and I cant get him to reply to little prods asking him about the money or the form. Should I now proceed to Money Claims Online for the full amount? Should I add any compensation or interest? If you got this far, you deserve a medal. Kind regards,
  19. Hi I need the box on my wall changing, it is old and wires keep coming out the connectors cutting off the phone. The box ix almost falling off. I know that BT charge something like £100 as the fault is on my side of the property. Do they do a scheme for people on benefits or spread the cost so I can pay monthly. Thanks.
  20. Long time lurker here. I own a BMW 1 series - 2007 model. Hello All, I've got a question with regards to my car and its repairs. Basically, what happened earlier this week was I drove my car to the mechanics for him to run a full diagnostics and see whether there were any problems as the yellow light on the dashboard came on, immediately I drove it to the garage to solve the problem. The mechanic ran a full diagnostics on the car and said my chain is showing signs of wear and tear which will need to be replaced. He also mentioned that I would need an exhaust vanos solenoid (which I purchased the part from a BMW dealership on my own accord). The mechanic said to me that the job will cost £900, I mentioned to him thats out of my price range and I said to him that I will take my car back home as I'm not willing to pay that. He then thought I would take it to someone else and quoted me £650 to complete the full job to change the chain, we both agreed and he started work on the car. The next day, which was a Tuesday. I came out of work early to check on the status of the job and the mechanic just assured me that the job will be done soon and to be patient, they took the car apart and he said once they're done they'll put everything back together and he will call me, it could be later this evening. I called him up on Wednesday and he just said the same thing. On Thursday, three days later to when I took it to him. I came into the garage and sat down waiting there for a few hours with no word on my car, I noticed everything was put together inside the bonnet and the owner of the garage mentioned to me, the car was starting 30 mins before you came but now its not starting so we'll check if its a problem with the battery. I had my suspicions that something was up and they were aware of it as I was sitting there for a long time but they did not want to tell me. Just before closing time on the same day, they tried to start the vehicle to no avail. The owner of the place started mentioning to the mechanic, are you sure you put everything back together properly. Naturally, the mechanic was there defending himself. The owner of the garage then said to me, sorry mate your engine has gone, I was stood there in complete shock especially since I came into the garage with it working fine. I was really annoyed and mentioned to him what would he do about it, he backtracked a bit as he noticed I overheard his conversation where he was saying his mechanic didn't put it back together properly and he goes we're not 100% it was his fault and as its late we'll double check tomorrow. I went back to the garage yesterday and he changed his tune completely. Straight away I got the impression, he was trying to cover his tracks and he goes I've got bad news for you, you'll have to pay £1400 to fix this job. He tried to get technical and confuse me but in turn he was actually confusing himself as he seems a very bad liar. I told him I refuse to pay the £1400 and I'll only pay the £650 in which I agreed. After he disagree and told me to look for a part on Ebay so he could do the job for £1400. I said that is not my job. Before I left, I asked him one question in which he dodged by changing the conversation, I said - I drove into the garage and the engine was working fine, if there was a problem with the engine before I came to the garage when you ran the full diagnostics at the beginning wouldn't that have picked it up? He just left me and went to serve another customer, totally ignoring me which made me feel so small. I've been so worried at how the whole situation has occurred, one issue has become a much bigger problem. Has anyone faced this problem and could you please provide your advice even if you haven't, I would really appreciate it. Sorry for the long post, I just feel hard done by. Many Thanks JW
  21. Paid £300 deposit for a patio window in November 15 and promised delivery in 2 weeks but turned out to be 2 months owing to a backlog of orders and the Xmas period. Cancelled immediately I was notified of the date which was unacceptable. No T & c. were left when deposit was paid but were forwarded later when I cancelled. They came with a letter promising a refund of the deposit as a goodwill gesture minus £71.40 admin charges. This was confirmed 5 times by text. However, they have gone back on their word and will not answer any correspondence or calls. I want to take it to the small claims court, am I within my righs.
  22. Ok. I'm a HA tenant and have been for 15 years. Last year I booked several repairs with my landlord, they consistently failed to show then cancelled jobs due to "no access". I had two repairs completed on an emergency weekend call out, one of them was done twice. I wasted a weeks holiday (5 days) waiting for them not to show. So far this year they've missed two appointments which is another two days wasted holiday, they were due to arrive today at 8.30 to replace a kitchen unit that is rotten and falling apart after numerous leaks that they've failed to fix. So far they're not here and on past experience I don't think they're coming. It was arranged that they would start the job and I would go to work and they would complete and then lock up and leave. This was because I refused to take any more time off although they weren't happy with this. If they fail to show obviously I have to go through the complaints process however can I invoice them for my wasted time? When we get a gas service appointment for the boiler they threaten us with £40 charge if we miss it, can I do the same to them? Obviously today I haven't taken a day off but I have lost two days holiday waiting for them to not show. I'm just not sure what I can do to force them to stop messing about and do the repairs they're supposed to. Last years repairs were, A rotten front door that started to fall apart when I knocked it with the hoover. One complete no show, one assessment done and then door finally replaced when I got ****y. Boiler replacement that they tried to cancel at the last minute because their fitter had a sore eye, I refused to let them. One leaking radiator in the bathroom that was forcing the boiler to cut out due to low pressure.... turned up 3 days early, 2 emergency calls, bathroom light switch, turned up 3 days early one emergency call. Seal in living room window gone, turned up 3 days early, job cancelled due to "no access". The window has finally been assessed last week and surprise it needs replacing. They're allegedly coming on 13th April for that one. If I didn't pay my rent I would be homeless yet they seem to think I have time to waste, so frustrated!!!
  23. I am helping someone out. This one is abit over my head. Tenant took out a tenancy with a relative and also payed 1 months rent in advance and deposit of £900 ish. So far no payments have been delayed etc or have been held back. They moved in approx 3 years ago. As soon as tenants family moved in they took pictures of things that needed doing or proof of what condition the house was in. The landlord has been cooperative upto a point. Problems that have started to arise are : Floor boards creeking(loudly) : Steps moving up and down when used in stairway. : Several places where there are depressions as if the floor is giving way. : the carpets need repalcing in several rooms. (Every time carpet is worn landlord comes along and cuts the bit of and replaces with a small patch) There are other niggles etc. The main door which was replaced last year made of wood lets a lot of cold air in. Etc. Everytime this has been raised with the landlord he makes some sort of excuse. A week b4 xmas the cieling in the bedroom caved in due to a leaking water pipe. The land lord only took action when the tenants had a row with him in front of their children with the landlord being very very obnoxious. The landlord has now said that he is not happy and wants the property vacated. He is due to serve them with a s21 two month notice. What do they do ? There isnt a papr trail of any complaints made. The tenants would rather stay where they are than move. I am completely stuck as to what i could advise them about ?
  24. On 15th February, Talk Talk were informed that a phone line needed repair and the phone line was essential due to the 82 year old who relies on the landline to operate his emergency call system (the pendant around his neck). Response from Talk Talk: This fault will be repaired next day. Members of the customers family repeatedly phoned Talk Talk. Family friends repeatedly phoned Talk Talk. I also repeatedly phoned Talk Talk. Talk Talk gave me false information, or lies, on 4 different occasions as to when the repair will be completed. Talk Talk manager also said that the repair would be completed the following day. Another Talk Talk manager said account had been marked that day to be a welfare / emergency account and that repair would be prioritised. When asked why this had not been prioritised during my earlier phone calls explaining the situation of vulnerable customer, I was told it could not be prioritised because it had not been passed to Openreach. After a few minutes, I asked why had there been a delay of 6 days in passing account to Openreach and same manager said account had been passed to Openreach 6 days earlier. I then reminded manager about her earlier response and the fact that she had contradicted herself, adding herself to the list of lies previously told by her colleagues in this company. There is also a data breach by Talk Talk. On one occasion, I confirmed my name and that I was not the account holder. The Talk Talk employee than asked password which I didn't know. The Talk Talk employee bypassed this password (they have done so on several occasions with myself). One Talk Talk employee made me authorise an Openreach charge in respect of the landline repair. I had to authorise this charge on someone elses account when no permission had been given for me to authorise the charge. Talk Talk has left a vulnerable 82 year old man who relies on his landline for his security, safety and independence. Talk Talk was made aware of the situation and in return have provided nothing other than false expectations or lies as to when repair will be completed. Not only have Talk Talk staff told myself lies, but also 2 managers have also lied to me. I visited here last week with intention of staying for a day, waitiing for phone line to be repaired. The customers family are away on holiday. This is now a new week. I don't want to be here and have no choice. Talk Talk are just telling me lies as to when I can expect a phone repair for this vulnerable person. Apparently, there is nothing Talk Talk can do apart from tell me to wait for a phone call from a manager. My complaint cant be escalated as it is already with the manager. This is one of the 2 managers that had also lied to me which does not give me much hope. I want this phone line repaired ASAP so I can go home. I have had enough of dealing with Talk Talk as all that does is waste my time whilst they spout out their same script, their same apologies, yet do nothing. Any ideas please? This is for an 82 year old man... and for myself, so I can leave here and go to my home. Desperate.
  25. Hi, I'll keep this as short as possible, I currently live in an ex-council flat which I own, the flat is one of 12 in 3 conjoined blocks of 4 flat's each, prior to christmas the council, who act as the factor for the block notified me that a scottish government grant had been awarded to the block for the installation of external insulation/cladding and replacing the external rendering on the property, since this was all being covered by the grant made available by the scottish government no contribution would be required by any of the private owners in the block. Soon afterwards I was invited to attend a public meeting at the council offices regarding some additional proposals with regards to the renovations, upon attending the meeting the residents of the block were informed that whilst the scaffolding was up for the works to install the cladding that they would like to replace the roof on the block, whilst not essential at this particular point in time they were keen to do it to keep the costs at a minumum, we were informed that the cost per owner for the replacement would be £3425 and that a 25% grant was available, the remaining amount could be paid up by the owners in monthly installments interest free over the next 12 months, which works out at just over £200 pcm, we were informed that there would be a ballot to determine whether the works would go ahead or not, and the additional works would only proceed if a majority voted in favour, I pointed out that it was rather unreasonable of the council to expect people to just magically have a spare £200 a month to pay for this, the council officer said that we could contact the council and if we were able to prove financial hardship then they may extend the repayment term up to a maximum or 4 years, however there was no guarantee that they would. The council officer pointed out that the current roof was 56 years old, and though the factor were currently able to conduct repairs on it, that may not always be the case, and that a replacement may be come mandatory, at considerably more expense in the future. After careful consideration I decided to vote no, given whilst the payment probably wouldn't push me into financial hardship, it would eat up the vast majority of my disposable income for the foreseeable future, and I probably wouldn't gain the full advantage of the repair given I'm currently saving the deposit for a house and will be looking to move in 2 to 3 years time. Yesterday the letter I had been dreading arrived, the majority of owners have voted to have the roof replaced, so I now have to pony up the £200 pcm for the next year, this just seems a bit like extortion to me, not only am I unsatisfied with the repayment terms and amount I'm also of the opinion that the cost for the replacement is excessive as if each owners share is £3435 and there are 12 apartments, the total cost is just over £41,000, at no point has the council informed us that we have the option to have the works priced and carried out by a contractor other than the council. Basically what I need to know is where do I go from here, is there some kind of legal procedure for objecting to not only the costs by the imposition of payment terms without proper consultation, or even objecting to the fact that we haven't been offered the opportunity to have another contractor price for the works? Or is it now a case of having to just accept it and pony up the cash, or beg for better repayment terms? I'm not against the works in principle just against the idea of being forced to pay through the nose for it without any right to negotiation.
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